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Payment using I/C Combined With Biometric Eye

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    • To reduce or eradicate criminal activities, all the countries should use identity card combined with biometric eye identification. The reasons are:

                              1. Nobody can steal from another person without being caught 
                                                  2. Drug dealers,  money launderers,  pimps, crooks, etc.  cannot transact without being caught as it would be easier to track the flow of funds
                                                  3. Any person who are involved in bribery can be traced
                                                  4. Hackers can't sell the stolen information  without being caught
                                                  5. Con people also would be caught easily 
                              For this type of payment to be effective the following must be implemented :
                               1.All other forms of payment like cash,  crypto currencies,  QR code or payment in kind must be abolished
                               2. All the countries in the world especially 3rd world countries otherwise the crooks will use 3rd world countries to commit the crimes. 
                               3. Police station will be the department to issue lost identity cards
                               4. An app has to be designed for a tap of identity card and the use of biometric eyes be feasible so that individual can also pay to one another. 
                              Benefits  are:
                              1.Low or no crime.  Even if there are crimes the mastermind can be caught as ultimately the money will be transferred to the mastermind's account. 
                              2. Banks, government do not have to issue additional cards.  All the organisations just need to activate the identity card for whatever benefits or handouts.  Cost of card issuing can be saved.  
                              3. Terrorists' funds can be traced.  It seemed that the terrorists have unlimited funds to spend on the horrific attacks.
                              4. Can preempt violent crimes as the purchasers of weapons can be traced. 
                              If the world is going cashless why not use a system that makes crime impossible to commit without getting caught.
                              Crytocurrencies or any virtual payment is the greatest loophole for any syndicate or masterminds of crimes because such payments are not regulated. People who support such mode of payment are unknowingly supporting the big time crimes committed by the terrorists, drug dealers.  Imagine the masterminds can laundered their ill-gotten money by ramping a new virtual currency any time they want to launder.  One dollar of the ill-gotten money can become $20 000! Wouldn't the masterminds have more money to commit more crimes? The best thing for the crooks is nobody can catch them because there is no regulation on virtual currency.
                              Extracted from my manuscript
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