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would u date a person that is taller than u?

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  • zappy125's Avatar
    169 posts since Nov '99
    • just asking, would height really matter in a realtionship.
      esp for boys, all your friends would most probaly rib you for dating a girl who is taller than u(i know mine would)
      crap question, perhaps.....but i would like your opinion on this

  • Rinoa Heartilly's Avatar
    881 posts since Nov '99
    • seriously...I would not date a guy who is shorter than me but if friends is alright but look kinda weird..but guys always give me the classic example.."Dun NIcole and Tom look great,,?"yeah right..."I might be Nicole but u are not Tom.."..but i guessed if two of the party are totally in love..age height..ethnicity does not matter...it is just that I have not found someone that is so attractive that is shorter than me..I am that tall either..only 167cm...so..not that bad,,,


  • EcK's Avatar
    485 posts since Oct '99
    • Hmmmmm.... should be no problem lah.. as long as she's not 2 metres tall or sumthing Smile

      Why? Why me?

  • RiffRaff's Avatar
    12 posts since Nov '99
    • Hey, isn't the ideal dream babe slim, big eyed, nice curves, legs up to heaven and err.. Tall?
      Taller girls are fine by me. I know many of my friends with taller gfs especially after the 12cm killer platforms that every woman seems to be wearing these days!
      hell, I even saw an ah Soh in platforms!
      Women's emancipation?

  • bishamon's Avatar
    761 posts since Oct '99
    • Why bother how others think and say? You are with her for yourself or others? I know a couple whom the wife is more than a head taller than the guy! If both parties is happy with it, so be it.

      Others LIKE to say things. Comments remark like "why is SHE with he?", "why he chose her?", "wah lau, eyes tak stamps" etc

      why, bishamon? why bish?
      coz he's God of War!!
      But I'm a peacelover! Smile

  • Hetero5exual's Avatar
    253 posts since Nov '99
    • Actually yeah, if both of you don't mind, who cares what strangers think?!

      If your friends are the ones ribbing you, and they take it more than a joke...can they, or rather, should they still be considered your friends? Surprised

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • i thk those ppl who pass those bitchy comments are merely acting out of jealousy. it's like, he's so short but chiobu still want, i no matter how tall also cannot get..... heart pain. Smile yeah. so they start dissing the couple. personally, i wldnt mind a guy my ht. but since i'm only 168.. ahem.

      [This message has been edited by ataraxia (edited 15 November 1999).]

  • MsSeuss's Avatar
    166 posts since Nov '99
    • Hmm... since this is from a girl's pt of view... i would date a guy shorter than me, if only they would actually get round to accepting the fact that height really DOES NOT MATTER!!!!! geee whiz...
      Trust me in this, all the guys i've liked are vertically challenged... ok on the other hand, they're abt ave height (abt 1.75m?)... hmm ok so i'm the freak here....
      BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! (ok then again maybe it is...) Usually, when guys find out i'm taller than them, they go "what! how can?" and i'm like "what the hell am i suppoused to do??", its only a couple of centimeters (in most cases)... I already LIVE in my sports sandals and nikes, i don't wear 9 inch heels, what more do they want me to do?? Go for "shrink" therapy??
      Anyway, right now, i think height actually does matter... esp for guys, ego and all (and we have already decided that the EGO is a good thing), so if i ever date a guy shorter than I, i'll let you guys know, only then can we (or at least I) dis-prove this motion. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, with this i bade adieu!

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