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Psychotic After Breakup?

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  • tictac's Avatar
    118 posts since Nov '99
    • Here's a victim of modern technology toking. This guy fren whom I rejected hacked into my email and send out insulting msgs abt me to my frens!
      Now wat has this world come to, I wonder? Is rejection so hard to take? Or is the thirst for revenge too hard to resist?
      A fren of mine once kena a guy send defaming stuff abt her to all her neighbours, even worse rite?
      Guys, puhleesee.. we expect u to be more sensitive and caring, but not obsessive! Is revenge really that sweet, that u have to go to the point of ruining a gal's reputation?

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • yes! guys are always doing crap like this. why the hell for?? guess it’s same revenge thg… arghhhh. rejection’s a blow to their ego and this is their petty lil childish attempt at getting it back. why the hell do you guys do this??

  • Clausius's Avatar
    45 posts since Nov '99
    • It is because of the blows to our egos… and your mind sort of gets screwed up after u get rejected…. actually, when i was rejected, i was thinking of how to get back at the girl also… but then common decency (and the fact that it’s nobody’s fact) dictates that I don’t do anything… except mope in private…

  • zappy125's Avatar
    169 posts since Nov '99
    • well, for one thing, it is revenge.
      perhaps he is scared that his friends will find out abt it and in some way look down on him and this is a way to somehow defuse the situation. "i hacked into someone's e-mail, see how great i am?" it is his way of getting back at you.
      but as ataraxia said, that is a very childish thing to do.

  • Spy's Avatar
    201 posts since Nov '99
    • If he even hack into your computer again, call me. I'm a "certified" computer specialist...

  • tictac's Avatar
    118 posts since Nov '99
    • Then can u teach me how to hacke into his email instead. I wanna know wat other rubbish he wrote to his frens. :O)

      Guess it might be beta if I rejected him outrite at first and refuse to tok to him from then on. But I had chose to continue contacting him and even tot that we may remain frens. Wat a joke!

  • PlainTom's Avatar
    19 posts since Oct '99
    • wait a minute here... "guys are always doing crap like this"? I think u've over-generalized here ata. not all guy have such huge egos and not all gals are lacking in them too. perhaps i would like to ask tictac how u've broken up with ur bf. did u do it upfront without tact, depriving him of a chance to make up to u for mabbe something(s) wrong he's done or otherwise? if it's the former, then i think dat's the only way he can get back at u, although it's not too gentlemanly.

      but i would like to stress again dat there are vengeful gals out there too. for those who missed it, there was this TNP centerfold story quite some time ago of a gal who was rejected by an IRC guy after they met up. she actually plotted a revenge by changing her nick and getting her "better looking" friend to impersonate her during meetings with dat guy. this went on for quite some time b4 she dropped the bomb on him.

      so who says guys are the only creeps with oversized egos?? juz like to add dat revenge is only sweet when the person treated u likewise b4. but if tictac is not such a person, then we've got to admit, that guy IS one of those (and only one of those) creeps and his actions only enforces your decision to break up with him. Smile

  • Clausius's Avatar
    45 posts since Nov '99
    • I think no matter how small (or big) one's ego is, when one gets rejected, it's a big blow anyway...and then one's mind/perceptions gets a little distorted and takes a while to get back to normal... (speaking from personal experience Razz) Whether it's done with or without tact, usually you'll feel very bad...

      And I think the case of tictac is that the guy probably asked her to be his g/f and she rejected him, and not that they were gf/bf...

      but I think the guy muz be pretty good to be able to hack into her e-mail....

  • www's Avatar
    17,852 posts since Oct '99
    • plaintom, i think tictac did not mention that the psycho was her boyfriend...but I agree that tictac is over-generalising this issue.

      i believe all of us understand how you feel and symphatise what you had encountered. still, it gives you no reason to assume all guys normally react in this manner when they are rejected, especially when you went, "Guys, please....".

      i apologise because my opinion definitely didnt help much. but my point is, shouldnt you translate what you wrote in the first mail to the exact person instead of us, who dont even know you in the first place? :>


  • tictac's Avatar
    118 posts since Nov '99
    • Thanx Clausius and www, for that hawk-eyed detail u spotted, yeah, I wasn't even his gf to begin with!

      As for the way I rejected him, I did tell him outrite that its not going to be possible, coz I wun be able to commit to him. He's been a fren for 2 yrs then, and I got a rude shock when he confesses his feelings. After declaring my stand, we still go out together, until I got the feeling that he's treating me like a gf.

      So I cut down on the outings (which used to be on the avg of 3 times per week!), use excuses etc. Then he started bombarding my hp, pager, everything that I got so fed up. Even my parents can't tahan. All these harrassments went on for almost 3 months!

      Its true that I may be over-generalizing here, and I apologize to all of u "gentlemanly" guys out there. But this probably wun include plaintom Razz for no gals deserve to be degraded through such insults no matter wat she has done. In case any of u are wondering wat this guy said, well... think of the worse possible insult that can probably be directed at a female.

      I believe there are still great guys out there of course. But gals (and guys) be really careful, dun trust pple too much. Know person know face dunno heart.

      Btw, he managed to noe my password through answering the hint question. Yeah, u can boo me on that!

  • bishamon's Avatar
    761 posts since Oct '99
    • atarixia:
      hehehe....how could you say "guys alwayz do crap ...". It is only normal for person to get angry but NOT everyone will do that.

      for the hacking part. If you want revenage, then ask some expert hackers to help you. But in the end, you will never know what will happened. IT's is ILLEGAL to hack into other systems!!!! If not call up the NCB lor! Smile See if they can do anything about it. Probably SPY is willing to do it for a date!! hahahahahahaha

      *wink at SPY*

      why, bishamon? why bish?
      coz he's God of War!!
      But I'm a peacelover! Smile

  • www's Avatar
    17,852 posts since Oct '99
    • Firstly, I think you kinda misjudged plaintom for what he had said. I believe there were no offensive substances in his comments and definitely he didn’t mean to insult anyone back there.

      Imagine yourself coming home one day, trying to relax yourself and read what is new in the forum when suddenly, someone just barged into the forums and accused you or your gender for something which you didn’t commit at all. Confirm tulan right? Probably this justifies why plaintom replied with slightly unpleasant tone in return of your provocative opinion. Still, I read his reply for about three times and I don’t see him degrading anyone back there, instead he was just stating a few possibilities that land you in your current situation. Peace?

      Hmmm, did you ever consider calling the police? Although I am not very sure if such acts can be classified under sexual harassments but the police would definitely give him a piece of your mind. Guess what? The reports might even publish your story in those evening newspaper and no girl will ever accept his date anymore! Rofl!


  • Spy's Avatar
    201 posts since Nov '99
    • :-P

      Too old for me lah.

      <b> It's a federal offense to spy, but not for me... </b>

  • tictac's Avatar
    118 posts since Nov '99
    • Spy:
      Hey! how u noe I so old.. Hee, neber mind lah, perhaps I can offer u some dating advice oso, from the view of a "mature female" of course *ahem*

      Sorry if I offended u in anyway, but xiao3 nu2 zi3 juz being a bit work up here over that small percentage of irresponsible guys. No implication intended for u gentlemen here.

      Tot of going to police, but dun think I want publicity of this kind. Think I'll prefer being featured on this website instead (hint hint) :O)
      But then again, can someone give me a hint as to the next stake out point for the photos? I'll prepare myself for that.. no no.. dun go... hey..gimme a chance...wait! :O)

  • Clausius's Avatar
    45 posts since Nov '99
    • Couldn't wait for this forum to get back upRazz

      Tictac: Boo!

      That reminds me.... better change my hint question to a more difficult one... Smile
      and I thot he was a computer whiz.... Razz

      maybe you can try answering his hint question as well... SmileJuz kidding lah... u probably wouldn't do that even if you can... that'll might make u as despicable as him...

      But it happens lor, as in guys juz being good friends with girls with the intention of going further than friendship... that's why I don't really believe in good platonic friendships between guy-girl.... anyway, the girls out there with good platonic guy friends may juz want to take note... although it isn't always true that all guys have the intention beyond friendship...

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