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  • greygoon's Avatar
    41 posts since Oct '99
    • Hahaha, no i dont use that phrase in RL, but it's fun to say it nevertheless.

      Anyway, Hey ha, recently the board a bit the boring ya... nothing spicy, no new pics, etc etc, seems to me spy is the topic, poor 16 year old. I've been 16, and all I can say is, regardless who, all guys at the age of 16 are total morons, yes I was one myself, I look back and laugh, and no, nobody escapes this fact, we're all morons back then, even 16 year olds now or in the 80s, all morons mmkay! tee hee hee, dunno why I bashing away also, mabye it's because I'm now upgraded to an asshole? hahahaha, werd.

      Gee, really, I think khakis or fitting jeans are just about the simplest choices for clothes for guys, of course u better make sure you FIT into your fitting jeans, the more muscles and butt that show, whoah the better, so jealous of guys whom are capable of that, better eat more and exercise more just so can be like them, noler, not gay, just that, all the girls tell me whoah, look at his butt, then i go *sigh*, hahaha, get it?

      to ataraxia: eiAH? 15 only? so young! but mind so active! you know, I know we know nothing about you, but it's just a feeling that you're a girl who doesnt try a lot of things, you're a girl who's very conscious of your every descision, you're a girl who isn't the bubbly fun fun happy happy cheecky type...you might just feel lonely sometimes, etc, and all that is going to come back and slap you right in the face someday... tee hee hee, nola, all this general psychology, pbeh :p , but I wonder if it holds true.

      you know, you're so lucky to be a girl, i mean, at least u have guys fancy'ing you or something like that, and guys approaching you etc, which makes it all much much easier, us guys, so sad, if carry a viewpoint like yours, we'll never get to know a girl whom fits our requirements, always viewed as scary, weird, silent. it's very hard to get a girl :p, basicly actually, it's just that we always focus on all posibilities and all the possibilities some people just cannot accept and then they're scared of you, cause u make them worried etc etc, make them think, yeah, basicly I'm surrounded by whateveryoucallthem people. so it's very hard to get around when you don't speak at the same frequencies, a lot of girls i know just don't want to hear what I have to say, because they really feel useless/dumb/silly after i have opinioned or something cause they dont know what to say etc, all they wanna hear is all that sweet talk, well not so much of it, or stories etc, actually yeah, kinda figured it out, but somewhere in my head I'm still telling myself I'd rather settle for someone who talks at the same frequency as me, but that just wont happen would it, wahHHh I'm crapping too much, saying things that make no sense! hahahahahaha! woooooo! shit man, too much stress I think :p

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • hmm.. ahem. honestly, to date, that's the wildest analysis of me ever. and i've had a lot done on me... no one can figure me out. Razz but i thk most of my frens wld disagree with you. ALOT. i'm the crazy one always dragging them into loads of.. well, crap. i'm the kinda person who can and does thk logically, but... i nv follow my own advice. Smile which is why i have a grp of frens ard tt prevent me frm straying TOO far.

      15.. is tt tt young? age is relative. just like maturity. some ppl may live to 60 and nv fully mature, others become adults much too fast due to circumstances. *shrug*

      abt being lucky as a girl.. haha, i dont deny tt. i'm enjoying every min of it. guys.. sometimes the pressure is what you put on your selves. stop worrying so much and have fun! someone said in another thread tt if you're conscious abt somethg, even the simplest thg like walking can go wrong. and we gers can always tell it if you're acting wierd.

  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • Hey Greymoon,

      I msu say that my analysis of Atarxia is acyually the total opposite. I haven't had any private exchanges with her or met her before, but I kind of figure alreayd that she wasn't the Suaku type. Which was why I asked if she wanted to come tom Wong San's with me...Obviously I wouldn't ask someone who never been to those kind of places to follow me...What with all the drinking, and phisical body movements,.....it would give people like Musicwhiz a good stroke....ha ha...hope ur reading this Whiz...just having fun at ur expense...:-) Hope u don't mind too much.

      Yeah, anyway, like I was saying, I think she's crazy but in a logical way....Like she knows she's being crazy and doing really weird stuff, but she understands what's happening you know.... and I always envisioned her as the type that's really fun to be around...quite bubbly...that's just my own assumption...

      hmm, what else? i thinkt that she's not overly tall, quite short i would guess. I hope I'm right about the phiscal thing here Ataraxia....Don't worry, I'm just using u as a springboard to sshowcase my highly analytically pschic mind.....:-)

      Hmm, some of ur friends(girls ) must be a bit geeky also right? hmmmm?....not all, but alot....

      I won't analyze ur going home by 8 when ur parents say so, because that doesn't really prove anything...I used to go home almost all the time when my parents told me to...not that I'm a mamma's boy or anything...ha ha...but I thinkt hat u won't break rules just for the reason of breaking them....must be a good reason right????

      Damn!!!!I'm good!!!:-) proabbly the most talkative or animated of ur friends right? or if not, u always got the most insightful thing to say...

      Ur usual hangout: Lido/Orchard cineplex? Wisma? Coffee bean? East Coast?....I can't really picture u as the Far East type....

      Possibly a Borders type....yeah....!!!!:-)

      Am I right so far Ataraxia....
      man u must be really freaking out right now....That's because I'm standing above ur window!!!bwahhahaahahah....all 7 floors up!!!!bwasahahaha....Sorry, just felt like being crazy....

      hope U can confirm my assumption of u.

      Oh, yeah....as for ur looks....must be shoulder length hair right? Sometimes tie up in one ponytail right?

      Average/sweet approachable look...something like a girl next door face right? but with a hint of animal in it.....

      That's why i said somewhere that u must be living large by the amount of guys trying to mob you....ha ha...I kneww u liked it....who wouldn't. I know I would. :-)

      and given a chance, u'll more than be happy to try out pubbing or disco...if u haven't already....maybe just as an experiment, but I would have to say that it wouldn't be something that u would indulge in on a regualr basis. Curiosity sake.

      Ok, Ataraxia, I'm finfished...How did I do...?

      [This message has been edited by firewire (edited 13 November 1999).]

  • musicwhiz's Avatar
    90 posts since Oct '99
    • Firewire, no offense taken. I would REALLY probably faint if there is too much physical contact because of the movement of blood to my head and none to my legs ! Very Happy

      No more long posts for me ! Haha....I don't really even wish to imagine what ataraxia looks like. I hope you are right Firewire, for your sake ! Clearly I also hope that all this increased attention won't scare her off before the 20th.

      Smile Cheers !

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • firewire, you're scary!!!! Smile most if it's pretty true.... oh man. ahh!!!!but the physical part.. i'm 1.68, which is... pretty average huh? and i USED to have shoulderlength hair. for all of a year. took me a whole yr to resist cutting it and growing it out. but.. i succumbed to temptation and now it's short again. damn. Razz i guess my friends are kinda geeky.. some lah. cos of my class... triple sc. so... i guess to those who dont know them well they are geeky. BUT they're the greatest ppl to be ard cos they cant be bothered w image, to go to places to see and be seen and we do allll kinds of childish thgs. which makes my class very fun!!!!!! Smile haha.. what can i say? i guess i'm still a child at heart. Smile

      as for curfews.. well it's more like i have no choice. i either come hme by eight or dont go out for the rest of the hols. not more of a choice to make huh? Smile i am the noisest in my grp... most of the time. Smile talk a lot, use my hands alot, jump, skip, run.... hyperactive. Razz hahaha.. not exactly lah, but i'm nv still. as for hangouts.. i basically like to WALK. i'll walk frm one end of orch down to the other, just cos i wanna walk!!!! Smile the only time i sit is when i get blisters or i'm hungry. then we'll sit and gab. Smile but you're pretty accurate (creepy!) cos it's always between cine and lido and the places between. dont really like FEP tt much other than for the shopping. Smile

      but for looks... haha. sweet and approachable? hahahahaa. my frens wld die laffing. i've got a very dao look, very rich lil brat kinda look. Smile haha.. and my frens say i act like a rich taitai. which is my goal in life.. to become a rich taitai!!!! Smile hahaha. yeah.. like anna nicole smith. ahem. but tt's just a lil fantasy.... Smile

      as for pubbing/clubbing.. you're right(again!). love to try it but.. the curfew thg again. Razz my frens have been bugging me to go try it, but havent had an excuse to try it out yet. damn. but my mom was ok with me going there when i'm 18! haha. which is gd in the sense tt at least she didnt freak out immediately.

      damn. firewire, you are creepy!!! Smile haha. almost all correct... congrats i guess? Smile

  • bishamon's Avatar
    761 posts since Oct '99
    • How come we are doing so much analysing of Atarixia now? She's probably one of the most active gal here! I dun think she's one of the freak out type. Probably she will find it adventurous, after firewire done a CLEAR and almost correct analysis of her.

      How many do you think will turn up on the 20th? That is interesting....but can't join you guys anything early than 9 coz I'm working! Unless you guys pick a place really near to funan, then I will be there fast....

      are you guys going pubbing later on? If so, then I can ask a friend or 2 along. If there is not pubbing, I don't think they will come. Chiong too much ain't good for health too.

      are you into music or this is just a nick for you?

  • EcK's Avatar
    485 posts since Oct '99
    • 1.68m at 15? Wah... you are making me feel short man! Lemme see... I think I was only 1.65 at 15! And for a girl, I think at 1.68 you should be considered pretty tall already lah. As for character analysis.... ermmmm no comments lah. I just think you are pretty brainy for a 15 year old. Smile

      Hmmmmm.... ever considered being a model? Very Happy

      Why? Why me?

  • Hetero5exual's Avatar
    253 posts since Nov '99
  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • Why the extended analysis of Ataraxia?

      Well, because of Greymoons post what? Or else I wouldn't go to the extent that I did...i'm sure I scared the bejesus out of her already...he heh heh...:-)

      I was just moved by Moons post(interesting analysis of her) because he saw her in a certain way and i wrote in becase I had a differeing perception of her...

      Same with anyone else who analyse someone from this board, I would be inclined to give an analysis also...mainly because I like analysing people...:-) It's fun...And u get to freak out girls....hehehehe(very childish:----) heheheeh.:-)

      Anyone want to analyse me? But it would be unfair because u people already know what I look like.:-) and it's pretty clear what I'm like just by reading my postings....

      ...uhhhh...What does a tai tai look like? Foreigner ok...Don't undrestand....:-)

  • greygoon's Avatar
    41 posts since Oct '99
    • HAHAHAHAHA... uhm, gak...
      Ok, actually, most of the analysis, is based on myself! I was just wondering if we were REALLY alike, so would it be "I GUESS NOT?" then opposites attract? haha! :p

      ok, no one can figure me out too, so it's nothing special, well, could be because you're a girl, and anything you do would be considered crazy to your gfs, I mean, when it comes to a guy like me, my friends jumps off every cliff before I do, only because I take my time, so when I do, they're like, "Eh? greygoon smoke grass? wah! kua jai smoke grass!" (not that i do, just example) I never say no to any challenges, but I like to take my time, see people do it first, well, being a guy, it's not hard to have a lot of crazy friends already. So I guess I have never considered to analyze you from a girls viewpoint, whoops.

      15? young lo, not that it matters when it comes to maturity, mindset etc, I believe you quite a level of those qualities, but still, experience, how to say, build over time, and wise people are built out of experience, and no matter how mature or smart you are, you cant be wise enough. so how also i still wiser than you la, *brag* *brag* :p

      you walk a lot, does that mean you aint no fat fat chubby baby fats girl?

      Whart is DAO??? rich taitai?? OH NO! my most dreaded err...whatever

      It is? it's actually a cheap analysis of myself just to see if we're the same kind of people, does that mean we're opposite? (opposites attract) etc etc! WOW! thats a lot of SMILEY FACES IN ATARAXIEs reply! u badasss wolf!

      moved by my post? ah?

      I'm like thinking, if on the 20th atxie turns out to look BEAUTIFUL, then well, she'll immediately be the queen of the board, everybody will want her, and if she chooses one guy, the rest will have their egos destroyed because it seems that atxie is everyones dreamgirl and your dreamgirl means she believes you're the most handsome etc etc guy in the world.

      BUT, if she's like umm ok ok only la, or ugly or worse, then ah, people will reply less to her posts, bother less about her etc, it's so lousy, life sucks, keke..

      ok anyway in the end I'm bad at analyzing girls, cause, I dont know any sg girls, ok let me break it to you'll, I'm not from singapore, I'm a malaysian! Razz, staying in the city of course, so anyway, Guess I cant make it to the 20th meetup Smile Smile Smile hahaha, I got beng beng car too you know! Wink Wink , you know, loud and noisy, honda civic, poor mans car, nothing much, beng bengs car ler Wink, hahahah... yeah hor, now that I think of it, when I go sg shopping, atxie can bring me around??? pls pls pls :pppp kekeke, haih, crappin too much, bad bad habit, ciao

  • Fellowes's Avatar
    10 posts since Nov '99
    • The hypeis all about anataraxia now Smile
      So...since shes just 15...why are all these "old"(compared to ana)people buayaing her??
      Anyway...just curious as to how these ppl become senior members?Anyone enlighten mi?

  • worm's Avatar
    466 posts since Oct '99

    • Greygoon...u noe..Most pple are wild beneath dat facade..Sumtimes, u juz need to bring dat wild nature out..Be it guyz or galz..we're the same...It's juz dat sumtimes pple feel self-conscious or sumting...I mean they hav their personal reasonz for being a goot sensible person..I admit thou...sumtimes geeky pple are a dead bore..but den..everione is born differentli..
      As for the pubbing and curfew stuffz...personali i dun tink dat if u dun go to pubz or hav curfews mean u r a nerd or sumting..It means dat ur famili iz concern about u..thou they sux...hehe..Aniway..too much pubbinG iz no goot ya?!

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • hahaa. i'm half hoping 20th wldnt come rite now. Smile

      abt my height thg, i'm pretty tall (slightly taller than average only lah) but modelling? nah. my dad wld throw me out of the hse. yeah. strict parents.

      i'm pretty much a very extreme person. very frenly, very dao (proud/cold/arrogant). very talkative, brooding. swings frm one end to another. honestly, i dont know myself sometimes too. :/

      well, the pressure is building here. but i'm sure none of you are out to buaya ppl rite??? Smile let's just wait for the 20th and see how thgs go frm there yeah? Wink

  • Clausius's Avatar
    45 posts since Nov '99
    • ataraxia....
      one of the most common reasons guys go to such gatherings is to buaya... and if you're the only girl there... good luck Smile

      Personally, I would advise u not to go for the gathering (the guys would probably be cursing me now...)... not ideal for a girl to meet such a large bunch of (male and older) strangers at one time... of course if you were a guy and a large bunch of females were willing to meet up, well, that's different... SmileIt's like if my brother were going for such a thing, I wouldn't say anything... but if my sister were going, it's different...

      Anyway, juz my 2 cents...

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • erm, i guess tt's true, but let's juz hope for the best yeah? Smile my "kor"'s getting more and more worked up so it's really up to him now whether he'll "let" me go... sigh. guys.

  • zappy125's Avatar
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  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
  • zappy125's Avatar
    169 posts since Nov '99
    • it was quite easy; first of all your command of english is good(that is a understatement) for a sec 3 girl

      another other point to note is that to note is that you are able to "analyse" a certain situation quite well. that can be seen by your responses to some of the threads posted here.

      if you were taking history or geography(you are triple science right?), it would be a waste of your err... abilities Wink

      lastly, a eng lit student can recongnise a eng lit student in no time Smile

  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
    • thank you, i'm honoured. Smile but i'm also taking hist.. cos i love hist!!!! Smile i prefer arts to sc, my arts generally pull my grades up while my scs pull them downnnnn.

  • zappy125's Avatar
    169 posts since Nov '99
    • lol Very Happy
      your welcome.
      i used to like history, but a series of events changed all that. first of all i did really badly for my sec2 history, getting a 60 for the midyear, although my end of year grades pulled me up Smile
      the next factor which made me not take history was the sec 3 history textbook. words, words, words and more words. totally scared the hell out of me.

  • Hetero5exual's Avatar
    253 posts since Nov '99
    • Haha zappy, which book isn't made up of words words and more words anyway....

      I hate maths.

  • musicwhiz's Avatar
    90 posts since Oct '99
    • I guess that due to the overhyped up event on 20 Nov, I probably won't be going. I prefer to keep a low profile, and anyway who really cares what I look like in real life ? Razz

      For ataraxia, I would also advise against going. It's just a little risky for a young girl meeting so many older and more "experienced" guys. You never know what kind of trouble you might get into...and I similarly won't let my younger sister go for such an event.

      Let's just all remain friendly and blissfully anonymous over this forum ! Very Happy

      Cheers everyone ! Smile

  • greygoon's Avatar
    41 posts since Oct '99
    • Haiya,
      Not good to always hide behind the monitor, must also go out when can, I mean, you dont have to go there and shout out "Hi! I'm M00zIKWeeZe!" or "HeLLo! I Am AtZie!" just go there with friends, sit down somewhere, and just look for firewire (everyone knows how he looks like mwuahahah) and see the people around firewire! hehehe, thats it, if they act/seem decent, then it's up to you.

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