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Singapore Men are Looney Looking Losers?

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    • Hi all,

      I have always been a loyal fan to this forum. I would come online at two times a day to see the great articles posted by firewire, enigma, Eck, ataraxia, musicwhiz and etc…

      But I had hardly contributed anything to this forum because I feel that my England is not as powerful as anyone of you guys here.

      However, after reading today’s (07 Nov 99) Newpaper, I find it quite hard to resist myself not to voice out my opinion.

      Just in case anyone of you did not wake up early (or late) enough to purchase a copy of the Newpaper, the title of the article is “Singapore men are LOSER says Singapore women”. The story was about how Singapore women think the local men are a bunch of Looney Looking Losers.

      After reading only a few paragraphs of that column, I almost killed myself with laughter. No, I am not a female but one of the “Looney Looking Losers” that these women had concluded. No, I am not a gay or someone who intends to go a sex-change in the coming days. In fact, I was actually laughing at how these women commented on us men without even looking at themselves in the mirror. These women don’t even dare to show their pictures to the public after making such daring comments, probably because their looks more or less explained their massive failure in relationship with local men, resulting them with such conclusion. What’s more, in order to support their lame accusation, Newpaper had to choose a disgusting guy with such unpleasant posture, when most of the Singapore men can look ten times better.

      Conservative, is one of the features identified on Singapore men. How open-minded are these women anyway? Why don’t we take the western countries as a prototype for open-mindedness? Most western women won’t even hesitate to take the first step when they meet someone they like. And asking a guy to a prom is nothing to be ashamed of even when they are rejected. In Singapore, most women don’t even dare to look at direction of the gorgeous man standing right across the bar. And you call this open-minded? And while hoping for miracles to happen, they wont even give a glance to those average-looking male who would offer her a dance. So they ended up eating themselves (in Chinese). So who is the loser here? Hehe.

      Selfish. What a negative word to use on this cruel world where winner takes all, especially places like Singapore. How generous do they want men to be? Abandon their career and give them all the time in the world for their girlfriend who they know for like eh..three weeks? Would these women act likewise in such situation?

      I have to agree to firewire when he said love stories are fatal. These women are too obsessed by the love stories they read from book and seen in movies. Grow up please, not many people can afford those happy moments seen in the show where they tour around the world, as if air-ticket cost cheaper than bus-fare. Guys are different. We are already a few steps behind women after wasting our time in National Services, and finding a good career is no more a simple task, especially when women want a share of our pie too. Many women can afford to brag about love is on top of career, but the priority changed immediately when the relationship is almost established for marriage.

      Insensitive. The definition of this word in my dictionary is: Not kind to others because one does not understand how they feel. So, is hurting men’s feeling by naming us as losers proves that you are sensitive? Is it sensitive to laugh at us with all your friends around when we approach you with lame pick-up lines? (Although I am not very supportive about using lame pick-up lines).

      “Plan for career, plan for money, plan for wife, plan for flat, plan for children, plan for children, plan for children’s education, plan for retirement. Plan for tombstone even. A certified Dead Beat.” Huh? When is the ability to plan act as a feature of losers? BIAK!!! Sounds like they are slapping themselves. THESE WOMEN ARE THE REAL HARD-CORE LOSERS WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAN!

      Gays, Married or Dead. This is the result they got when searching for good men in Singapore. I still don’t understand how they conclude gays as one of the good men. If they are so good, why did they become gays themselves? This shows that these women don’t even know how to classified good men. BIAK!!!!

      They claimed that good ones are taken. If they themselves are so good, why didn’t the good men choose them in the first place? BIAK!!!!

      Lesbians , Married or Dead. This is the answer even my nephew can tell me. BIAK!!! Wah dan, think their face are all covered by fingerprints liao.

      Childish. I hate it when someone uses this word on me. But when you call a girl childish, it doesn’t sound wrong at all because female can act cute anytime. When men are serious about things, they say you do not have a sense of humor. When you have a sense of humor, they will say “oei, don’t act cute leh”. Hahaha, and when you act cute, they say you are childish. Wah Lau, what you want?

      Ms Angeline Ng, “Guys have been taught since young to look after their families. Now with women becoming more independent, they don’t know how to react. If he asserts himself, he’s a MCP. If he doesn’t he’s wimp.” Wah lau, this point how to fight? One way or the other still kana bash. I choose not to argue this point because she has got to be a lesbian; since she only thinks men are MCP or wimp.

      Ops, got carried away. Think I should stop here for today. Will continue tomorrow after hearing comments from you people. Boy, I just like to see how many BIAKs I can make out of these women’s stupidity.

      Till then.

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    • Wah lau, too bad I am not in Singapore to grab a piece of this shit and read about it man!


      Is that enough or not? The woman who make this article is definitely pethatic (can't remember how to spell).

      But on the other hand, I think that we do need to show our gratefulness to this "kind" lady that demonstrate her own shallow thoughts. Guess she belongs to the group of gals that never look into a real mirror before. Maybe that mirror she used is the magic mirror that will, somehow or rather, tell them that they are the prettiest and cutest lady in Singapore.

      How sad, to know that Singapore actually produce such shallow, selfish, self-centered, egocentric species.

      And we are still fighting to become one of the most advance country in technology? Start from within, I should say. Something must be wrong with the education.

      Guys, lets not be easily provoked by these kind of articles, although I am quite. If we start to argue with her, that only shows that we are bringing down our own standards to be with the same level with her.

      Think on the brighter side, she may represent only a small part of the female population in Singapore. Majority are still not, I believe.

      And I still have faith in it!

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    • WWW: Good man! I like what you said!

      True! Those women "losers type" represent only a small part of the "head in the sand" or "tunnel vision" mentality thinking.
      Living in a western country myself, I know that some, not all, Asian women think that we Asian men are not good enough for them. In their minds, "we are too fucking boring lah, too fucking unromantic lah, too fucking closed minded lah, too fucking unliberal lah, too not tall enough lah, and too fucking blahblahblah lah! Excuse my language. The reason is that I am venting. I am dissapointed at how some us Asians are "looking down" at Asians" Even some of them think that we can't fuck them better than western men.

      All I can say is that those type of women have superficial thinking. And of course, this can't get any better when those women are being brainwashed by the western media who always potray us Asians as undesirable.

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    • Boy boy....how I wish I had read that New Paper article...I would have straightaway started whacking the keyboard and pasting something on it ! As it is, maybe www could scan in the article and Email me ?? Hahaha Just kidding ! Wink

      Singaporean women who are successful, attractive and vocal would probably think about Asian men as mentioned in the article. It's the kind of mentality where they think :"I have already got all the good qualities and am quite desirable, so why should I settle for less ?" Therefore these women would go and look for broader horizons a.k.a. ang moh men ! As the media has portrayed Western men to be such great lovers and romanticised the whole affair, of course these women are "smitten" by them. The fact that Western men look bigger sized and taller does not help to dispel the impression either !

      I would say some men in Singapore are clueless about BGR, how to treat a girl and are also conservative to the max and narrow-minded. But the same can be said for the girls too ! It's not only the guys who are like that...in fact there may be more girls who are like this than guys are ! It's just that we tend to notice the more "happening" and vocal ones who stand out from the rest of the mundane majority (no insults intended).

      Just walk around Orchard Road or Suntec City (where I like to hang out hehe)...and I see lots of Singaporean couples together and happy. Obviously if so many Asian women find Asian men repulsive, then why do I observe this ? Furthermore, most of my University friends would like an Asian Chinese guy for a husband too. Character may differ of course but the race is almost always indefinitely chinese (local).

      Planning ahead may seem like the guy is very stuffy and unoriginal. But look at it this way, it is still better than "not knowing what's your future like". Never knowing where and when your next dollar is coming in. If women in Singapore like to live for the day, then they are welcome to do so...but see where they end up in 10 years time !
      Singapore men are good planners, and supposedly women look for guys who are stable in career and have a sense of security. So do i see a contradiction here ? Geez...

      Women still are not too open about men in general. They THINK that Western men are more open, and maybe they truly are. But they never give the Asian man a chance to open up and talk, and Asian women also don't open up to the Asian men. So it's a vicious cycle.......! Sad

      I know of girls who are more selfish than guys when it comes to relationships. She takes him for granted while he carries her bags, pays for her and treats her like a queen. She in turn, treats him like a spare tyre for monetary and emotional support. So are girls more selfish or guys ? Some guys are sweet to the girl to the point of stupidity, because the girl doesn't even appreciate !!

      Singapore women also have double standards for Asian men. They expect the perfect combination of MCP and SNAG. They expect the perfect equality of sexes. And they also expect to be treated as women, but at the same time being able to assert their rights on equal with men. Women are expecting too much, and ignoring the GUYS' expectations of them !

      Romance novels have contributed to an idealised state of mind, and this is to the detriment of Singaporean guys. girls expect romantic gestures, love letters and what-nots in the game of love. Though these may seem sweet and romantic, it's the guys' true character inside of him that matters, and the girl may not be aware of this after being "blinded" by the gifts and nice treatment.

      To conclude, let me just say that women can be more insensitive and less vocal than men. Less opinionated and less verbose. Basically, if Asian men are that bad, then I've seen the female "version" too. Suffice to say that I now claim that I am "bored" with Asian women and wanna have some fun with Western Women because of a few such girls ?? How totally baseless and preposterous !!

      Just my 2 dollars worth of comments...haha...I charge by the paragraphs I type ! Very Happy *Grin*

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    • Good work WWW,

      Interesting artical u wrote here. And I guess that even though we don't want to be so affected by such idiocy, and narrow-mindesness, we can't help it...must be a self-defense mechanism or something...

      ...But anyway, Money and Power is correct...Even our own people can look downm on us. Frankly speaking it doesn't say very much about asians in general. A lot of it is also Hollywood and media where they always portray the demure asian chick always ending up with the muscle-bound, handsome ang moh guy as the savior of all. He swings around, saves people left and right, while defending goodness and showing respect and love for his girl at the same time...In real life where got?

      So a lot of little asians grow up believing such subliminal messages. Dohhhh!!! But unfortunately a lot also has to do with the perception that a lot of asians are somehow involved with secret society or yakuza. The we hear about how Korean guys like to beat up their GF and are supremely MCP.. (whther it's true or not I don't know, but a lot of them tell me it's quite true)...So our whole race gets stuck with stereotyping....hmmm, not good.

      Hollywood is only now just beginning to see asian people in a new light. They are just snatching up asian actors/actresses now a days. But still, a lot of the way we are portrayed is still as kung fu fighting, acrobatically enhanced, splits enabled, high kicking, fast punching, zen speaking, wisdom abilitied people, short, lean, or fat and stubby(in BOBO's case:-). and for women,...kung fu fighting, leg splitting, lip parting, demure, sexy asian broad who has insight into human emotions.....

      huh? Really? Where got? I don't know one asian guy or girl like this....

      My question is: How do we break away from these stereotypes? How do we educate people, our own, that we don't have to or we musn't live up to these ideals set by oter people?

      I don't know...I guess it starts from the individual....

      As for the woman who said what she said....well, I'm sure she must not be getting enough every night...or maybe the local guys don't see anything special about her...so she must say like this....:-)

      ha ha...but in reality, we know we're not such sever cases of the asin male.

      Long live our self-esteem!!!

    • I just had to write again after reading ur message Whiz...

      How true it is...It is always a case of what can my BF do for me today? How is he going to surprise me today? Where is he going to take me today? etc...

      It's never what can I do for my BF today...Or What can I do for my man toady....

      "ASk not what ur man can do for u, but what u can do for ur man..." :-) a little adjustment on the original JFK quote.

      I don't know, maybe women just automatically beleive that they are the superior species and men are basically here to please them...and we must please them by how Britney Spears or whatever those damn authors names are....I don't know.

      But they also need to look at themselves first before asking for so much from guys...

      ...Just a scary thought here....

      What if they already heave looked at themsleves and come to the conclussion that we still must treat them like littel princesses? Dohhhhh! We're doomed!!!!


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    • Great post www! Ermmmm were you the same www I saw in the chatroom coupla days ago??? And... Whoo hoo~! I'm a looney looking loser!Bah! Who cares anyway! Smile

      But... IMHO its just another sad case of our local media stirring up a storm in a teacup.

      Why? Why me?

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    • wish i had read the article meself....probably would have more things to scream about

      suggestion to www or any one who has the aritcle....type it out for us please??

      wat women expect of us men nowadays is simply........#$^$%&@#[email protected]$#^$#%#$
      i cant find the right word..perhaps symbols would be betta...a picture paints a thousand words.
      i mean dey expect us to be nice to dem, treat dem as the fairer(r dey really fairer?)sex, n yet be tough n stand up to everything dey dunt like.....which quite commonly include our friends....dey expect to rule our lives yet still argue for equality.....the female freedom movement is hipocrasy at its best......i tink i betta stop before i go really nuts...
      i really hope she is just a minority of a minority.....or else i tink i might give genocide a new meaning.....

      Your Rights Will Be Read At Your Funeral - Max Payne

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    • Hi all.....

      Wow....so we are looney looking losers huh?? Well I dun really see too many CATHERINE ZETA-JONES walking around Orchard Road either!!!..... I think being a student in another foreign country, I am in a good position to judge for myself how singaporean gals compare to babes from other country.... my verdict....

      Singapore gals 0 Australian babes 1


      Have a nice day!

      [This message has been edited by alfyboy (edited 09 November 1999).]

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    • For all those ladies who go for ang-moh men, and ang-moh men who go for asian ladies, well guys, lets just let them be lah. Methinks both of them (majority) are probably in love more with the exoticness of such cross-culture relationships than being in love with each other, the person.

      Miss I-have-all-the-looks-and-status wants to have burly blondie to flaunt around; and burly blondie just wants to f..k a pretty asian gal.

      Notice this fetish (and it is a fetish) happens only one way. Caucasian men and asian women. Very rarely the other way round. Its fashionable. Luckily some ladies do recognise this irrational fetish. Few weeks ago, ice-queen Lucy Liu (Ling in A.Mcbeal) was in the S.T.... just a shorttake ,that she don't date Caucasians cos she thinks their in it for the fetish. And i'm also glad to know a couple of female frens also have seen thru them and gained nirvana....telling me they agree that some of these angmohs are just attracted to the exoticness of it all.

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    • Hello everyone,

      The fact that both us males and them females are just as preoccupied with looks, exotic or otherwise, has more or less been confirmed in previous topics.

      After reading the last few postings I just think that we don't have to stoop to their level about this. We should attack their views instead of their looks, because thats irrelevant in this case. By discussing their actions is the only way we can come to any conclusion. If we start discussing about looks, e.g. saying how pretty/ not pretty someone else is, the winners and losers have already been decided. No point talking further.

      Maybe because I like to think that I might not have the looks but I still have the other qualities to play in the game. Call me a looney looking loser with pride.

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    • I agree with most of u but would love to see wat a gal would say to our comments.

      And Singapore Gals 0 Australia Babes 2

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    • 1) can we drop the use of the word "ang-moh", i personally find it more racist than using "chink" or "nip"... and we call ourselves a race-tolerant society Smile

      2) i do admit that some caucasians have a fetish for asian chicks, and some asian chicks have a fetish for caucasian guys, but this is really rare! of all the people i know, i know of only one anglo-saxon, an indian, a south-american and a greek with asian fetishes, and one asian chick with a 'white' fetish! but isnt that the same as an asian guy with an asian fetish, who WON'T date anyone who isnt asian? or an italian chick who will only date mediterranean guys?

      3) i know asian chicks who are going out with an anglo-saxon australians, and croatian-australians, these guys are genuinely attracted to these girls for their personality, not race! its not the "exoticness of such cross-culture relationships" that is keeping them together, its love.

      4) for those who are afraid to date outside their race, or those who do it only for the "exoticness of such cross-culture relationships", i'd just like to remind you that cross-culture relationships with genuine intentions usually face the most problems, esp with really conservative family backgrounds, BUT, they are usually the most beautiful... 2 ppl setting aside one of their biggest differences and crossing the boundaries of race and culture to celebrate the common purpose of love!

      5) excuse the last phrase, i dont talk like that in normal real-life conversation! :Þ

      6) killjoy -- i am a chick so there ya go! :Þ

      7) to answer the question posed in the topic, well, judging someone by their looks and nothing deeper is deciding whether or not they are a 'loser'... i admit i do that sometimes... and well... i haven't met many singaporean guys that i thought was absolutely gorgeous, and many australian babes of all races, but well i dont go to singapore all too often! maybe this december! :Þ

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    • Anyway, I personally feel if they had used my picture, no one would be labelling us "Looney Looking Losers"....more along the lines of "Humourous GOODlooking Hunky Hunks...did I mention hunks?" Very Happy

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    • Hi everyone again,

      Actually I was intending to continue on where I left off the other day, but after reading what you guys had written…I think you had said more than I can provide.

      Like what musicwhiz had mentioned, many of these women just refuse to settle for less. I must admit that women nowadays are getting smarter and more independent; a handful of them are achieving much more than what a normal man can usually accomplishes. In fact, this is good sign because they are learning how to express themselves better and know what to ask for. But here’s the bad news: Many of them are overdoing it.

      Note that most women are smart, but those who aren’t, they try to act like one. People like who leh? Ahhh…you got it, those idiots who produced all the hot air in that Sunday’s Newpaper. Obviously, if they belong to the smart category, they should know what to ask from men and what are men capable to provide. Basically, I doubt if they understand what exactly they are looking for, and just cry out the same things because their friends told them so.

      God made earth, and he rests.
      God made men, and he rests again.
      God made women. All ceased to rest.

      Think most of you heard of the above joke. Doesn’t it sounds like criticizing females as nothing but trouble? Not really. The majorities of our mothers cook, tidy our bed and work so hard so that we are able to get proper education. Are they pain in the ass? I don’t think so. In fact, their existence allow us to rest more than without, and I am truly grateful for what she had done for me. So who are these “women” mentioned in the above discriminative joke? Ahhh..you got it again. They are the same bunch of idiots who claimed that planning is part of a loser’s qualities and a certified deadbeat.

      I am only 24 years old and might not have experienced life more than any one of you here. But somehow, 30 years down the road, I can foresee many of these want-it-all (WIA) women banging their heads because they used to reject their “insensitive, conservative, childish, always-plan-ahead and selfish” Singapore male admirers who turn out to be the ideal husbands. Guess what, there is even comics which make fun of these women:

      Good friend: What kind of husband/bf are you looking for?
      At age of 20
      Lady: My husband/bf has to be a handsome, rich, intelligent, romantic and caring guy.
      At age of 30
      Lady: My husband/bf has to be a rich, intelligent, romantic and caring guy.
      At age of 40
      Lady: My husband/bf has to be a romantic and caring guy.
      At age of 50
      Lady: As long as he is a guy.

      Ops, got carried away again, but let me add one more points before calling it a day hehe.

      Elaine Cheah, 23, actress in TCS 5’s upcoming series Spin: “Actually, about a year ago, I used to think Singapore guys are TOTAL losers. But I’ve learnt to sympathize them. Yes, Singapore men are intimidated by the new Singapore woman. When I was in NUS, the guy used to go for the sweetie-pie types! So boring. I guess, if you’re boring, you’d prefer to go out with more boring people so they won’t outshine you. What a boring life! That’s why I think the Singapore woman, though she now has so much going for her, has to be a bit patient when it comes to the Singapore man.”

      Hmmm…this one how to argue leh? Somemore she quite pretty in the picture. Heck care, cover the face and attack hmm…I mean…her say first.

      Sweetie-pie. Which guy, regardless of nationality, dislike sweetie-pie types of girls? (excluding those psychos, gays and perverts, please).I always tell myself that if you cant win them, join them. And if the process of joining them sounds kinda difficult, the least you can do is don’t attack them, especially in this case, these so-called “boring people” are among your gender.

      The main reason of guys attracted to sweet-typed of girls is not because boring guys enjoy the company of the boring ones. I believe these are the girls who spend time to understand guys better and deserved all our respect. Most importantly, they are unlikely to go around sympathizing Singapore men as LOSERS. Maybe this is why stars like Vivian Chow, Gigi Leung and Beauty Ho are so popular among guys.

      In some way, I think women like Elaine deserves our sympathy instead.

      Think I stop here for today.

      Till then.


      Yeah Eck, I was the one you met the other day. Like to hop into the chat room every now and then after I am done with the article. But I am cutting down my trips because there are too many you-know-wat-kinda-people in the chat room nowadays.

      MusicWhiz and Swiftwing, I went to newpaper.asia1.com.sg, but seems like they don’t usually publish the Sunday edition. But I am trying to debate what the article had said, so you guys are almost getting the whole picture here. Hehe

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    • harrows!

      u noe this is one topic i wanted to post myself when i first read about it in the papers. interesting topic. just want to add one comment. i think www has not been fair to angeline ng. when she said "If he asserts himself, he’s a MCP. If he doesn’t he’s a wimp", i don't think she was bashing the loony looking losers but actually defending them. what she means is that women aren't being fair to men cos he can't assert himself and can't afford not to either. so she's really on our side here, fren! want to hantam also hantam the rite person mah! don't mean she wear skirt only means she is on the OTHER side!


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    • Gosh! i really really wished i had gotten my hands on those papers... no use regreting cos it seems i get a much fuller picture here! hahaha

      Noticed that we seem to go for the extremes in the cases that we give....lets remember that everybody is unique and special in its own way.....maybe there is a guy out there who needs a women like Angeline Ng... Razz
      who knows??? >:^)

      my 0.000001 cent worth
      if you think i'm talking crap...well,maybe i am Razz

      Knowledge is to speak, Wisdom is to Listen...Jimi Hendrix

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    • My opinion on Spore gals are that generally speaking, they are snobs.. especially those who are higher educated. They would make friends with you with an objective in mind, either you got something they want or just for the period when they need some companionship. I really wonder how many cases of true love still exist.

      Having stayed abroad for a few years, I find that western girls are truly more spontanous and real in the way they treat you. At times, I feel that local girls tend to put up a false front. Does spore girls deserve the love we had showered them? I doubt so.

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    • Are Singaporean men truly loony looking losers??
      I think not.
      In the looks department,Singaporean men are certainly not lacking in it(although the last 2 star search winners are non-Singaporeans).Just look at Manhunt or when u walk down orchard road or even simplier just look at ur schoolmates.Most of them aren't loony looking.In fact the loony looking ones are the minority in the Male population in Singaporean.If the woman interviewed in the papers think that all singaporean man are loony looking then they must have missed out on alot and lived their 30 odd years with their eyes closed.Yes.Men in Singaporean are definitely not loony looking.
      As for conservatism,it has always been an Asian trait and i should say Singaporean men are much more open then say our malaysian counterparts.Singaporean men are opening up.U would often see guys carrying huge bouquets of flowers for their girlfriends.Anyway,would u feel safe if u have a really super liberal guy as a boyfriend?Who knows what he would do on the first date?What he would be thinking of on the second date?Is sex constantly on his mind?And being super liberal,he may be intimate with many girls but still can say that he loves u only.Would these woman want such a man?I dunno.
      Its really sad that our own country's woman are looking down on us.Seriously sad that it has come to such a state because i think Singaporean men are one of the best that u can get.Heh.

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    • Fadingstar:

      My initial comprehension to her statement was that she assumes Singapore men are totally incapable to handle situation where women are becoming independent. By hearing “If he asserts himself, he’s a MCP, but if he doesn’t he’s a wimp”, I translated as “Look here, Singapore men, it is more advisable to keep your mouth shut if we ever call you a loser. One way of the other, we can still choose to call you either a MCP or wimp”. Hehe.

      Perhaps she was really in favour of Singapore men back there and I apologise to misinterpret her well intention in a foolish manner.


      Trust me, I got to re-sit my ‘O’ level because I flunked my English.
      But I would like to say Thanx if you think otherwise.
      Furthermore, I don’t think forums welcome narcissistic people like Hetero5exual, so it’s better to be humble.


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    • Admit it Singapore girls,your breast are small means small. There is no need to stuff toilet paper and pads into your bra.It makes us guys thinks that you are a very very disgusting living being.

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    • HAHAHAHA! That's funny and crude, wheeloftime.

      All I say is that if women are constantly demanding what they want in and from us, then we men should do the same.

      This means that we should be as picky as they are and raise our standards higher. Then we won't be perceived as some cheap looney looking losers or deperate perverts.

      I am still very pissed off at that whoever person who made such remarks about Sg males even though I am not a Sgrean. Really really pissed me off!

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