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Singapore Men are Looney Looking Losers?

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  • MsSeuss's Avatar
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    • hmm i think there is such a word as "nascissistic". e.g. nascissistic personality... it would qualify as an adjective. Can someone check the dic? the dog chewed mine to bits.

      anyway the pt abt guys being looney looking losers, well i certainly hope its not true. And anyway, from what i have seen/heard experienced, sp guys aren't looney looking. Maybe not as polished as their western counterparts, but hey, who died and made them the epitome of a cassanova? frankly, if i like a guy, i like him for who he is not what he looks like. ok, so maybe looks do play a part in the initial stages, but c'mon who wants to date a brad lookalike airhead if in the end all the conversations you have go like this:
      "uhh.... hi... uhhh... uhhh... soo... uh..."
      or even a narcissist who does nothing but preen in any surface that reflects? Neither do we go for anyone who reeks of affectation

      ok the standards imposed by girls on guys are quite unrealistic, but i was thinking maybe its cos of all those years of match-making, having no say in the choice of their husbands at all, now that all that is gone, they're like venting their pent up feelings by going all out to search for "THE PERFECT MALE SPECIMEN"... which of course does not exist, but then again neither is there a perfect female specimen now is there? OR as mentioned in one of the posts, its a fetish or, the could just be taking a bit of everything and then deciding what they want.

      Whatever it is, i don't see why you guys are soo affected by the NEW PAPER (of all things! I mean c'mon its probably as reliable as "The SUN!" If you're really disgruntled, write to those reporters! Slam 'em!! ask them for proof, statistics etc, write to the Straits Times Forum Page, petition to amnesty international... okok going overboard here. But then again, maybe (just perhaps, very miniscule chance of being) the paper was reflecting what is hapenning in singapore? i mean if its TOTALLY untrue, they cannot possibly print it right?? Newspapers do practice self-censorship (esp in s'pore)... i mean they have a concience (I hope) after all, give them credit for being humans...

      the bit abt stuffing our bras, SOME of us have small chests cos of our genes... Its also cos most gals are trying to conform to what seems to be the "barbie doll" vital stats (imposed by GUYS mind you!) :] heh heh yes its pretty funny when its really obviously stuffed with tissue paper, but you can't blame them for trying (ok maybe you can!) but they have to live up to the expactations of both GUYS and other GIRLS. you won't belive how bitchy/catty girls can get sometimes. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"- the Shakespeare dude i believe...

      HOWEVER, in the case that it is true... or if it applies to a growing minority(eh?) of guys who are looney looking losers, what ARE YOU going to do to rectify the situation?

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    • hmm.. i thk angeline ng's statement wasnt as much an expression of her personal view but rather, as a comment abt the double standards you guys have to face now. Smile

      but abt girls and their standards? tt high meh? i know you guys out there arent tt much better either..... Smile but i definitely agree w ms.suess there.. after being forced for so many decades, we're finally able to CHOOSE and boy, are we choosy!

      and abt bras and padding. excuse me?? what ever gave you the idea tt we want larger boobs? hulloooooo? most of my friends are desperately exercising to get their boobs smaller. which is of course, a futile exercise, but still.... yeah, most of us are flat-chested.. and proud of it! who gives a damn abt freakin breasts sizes cept you guys? talk abt double standards......

  • EcK's Avatar
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    • HELLO?? Girls don't care about breast sizes? Then whats all the wonder bras, silicons and paddings for? And please don't say its for the sakes of all malekind... coz its been made rather clearly on this forum that the gals dress up for themselves and not us... Smile

      And as for guy obession with breasts... its quite a normal thingy lah... but of course there are guys with other fetishes like legs, hair, fingers, lingerie, leather, etc, etc....

      And anyways I'm perfectly hppy with the breast sizes of sg girls Smile And no, I'm not some kinda closet perv who likes to use the word breasts in my sentences Smile But anyhow, if all sg males were really THAT bad, I think all of our female counterparts would have packed their bags and headed to the western lands of the hunky dory, humorous and romantic ang moh friends.

      So give the sg males a chance first, if you don't like them, feel free to try out other 'exotic' flavours. But, still there's no place like home is it? Smile

      Why? Why me?

  • bishamon's Avatar
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    • Hey!
      I never finish reading all the replies here. But my guts feeling tell me that "no need lah"! Why does those Singaporean woman can say all these, then ask them to go and married those taiwanese, china, wherever they are from chinese guys(if they prefer). When we guys ALL stand together and STOP going after them. When ugly or pretty, fat or slim, gorgeous or not, then I believe these Singaporean woman WON't say these kind of things anymore. Of coz if they like non-chinese and like to be those ang mo and want to be label as SPG, then go ahead. Probably then they can setup international family!

      I got a "not-too-bad" friend studying in Ireland. She told me that chinese girls over there are well-like. The ang mo over there actually prefer the chinese girls coz they are smaller in size! Smile

      Anyway, this is not the first time Singapore got this kind of discussion. I know a few ladies some years back, they actually said Singaporean guys is one of the lousy bf. Don't what how to surprise them or give them romantic presents!

      And lately in the papers, more and more woman are leaving Singapore coz they marry those ang mo and leaving with them lor! So the government seems to be a little concern about this problem.

      So what are we doing here? Do we need to prove anything? If they have so much complaint, why at the end of the day, they still get married to Singaporean? Forced to? No other choices? Whatever the reason is,why compare? Never heard of the chinese saying, " Comparing people to people can *kill*"!!!!

      Yesterday I was on the bus on the way home, saw this couple. A chinese guy with an ang mo lady. Then there are some other ang mo from the other bus looking into bus, staring at the lady. They look like "what is she DOING with a chinese"! But then the chinese guy is really handsome though. But dun look like local born. Got this America-borned look! In army, we call them "eat kan tan grow up one, not mee poh tah"! Smile

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  • firewire's Avatar
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    • Ok, another point I'd like to share is about women's past and present status...

      I think that it's pretty irresponsible to blame the reason for women's high & double standards on milleniums of past servitude to man. Young women have no idea what it was like back then. It's just a useful and convenient excuse for lack of a better one....

      No, I'm not attacking here so I hope u don't see it as one..:-)

      It's just like the black people in the States, they are always blaming their actions and predicament on Everything but themselves and their own society. The most common, and most idiotic excuse they like to make is that they are fucked up and feel bad because they were slave and abused by white people ...over a hundred years ago....:-p huh?

      I know that it's only been quite recent that they have started to be treated equally, but most of these idiots don't even know what it was like. How can they blame things they do on events that never even happened to them. It's just an easy way out, that's why. It's easier to blame the bad white people than themsleves....then u have a group commanded by minister Frakhan who wants a separate stae for black people only...Bullshit!!!! and they even tried to organize it so that all followers could go back to Africa from where they were kidnapped....My answer to that is: Go back and see what happens. i'm sure half of them would die of starvation and another percent would get attacked by lions and tigers....Africa is even worse than where they are now....I'm not racist, but this is just an example of the kind of blame that we shouldn't start giving for being the way we are...and a note, it's also well known that a lot more black people are more guilty of being racist than anyone else. And they especially are racist against asians, but Asian American don't care. They just don't care what anyone else thinks....They just want to make $$$. There was an article recently, in Time magazine i think, That states that Asian Americans are the most successful immigrants to America. They come with no money,m but end up getting more money than they can use....Why? Because instead of complaining and blaming other people for things that don't go right, they go and do something about it.

      Sorry a little off point....I hope noone sees this as a racist post...just an example to make for the girls who think that they can blame their standards on the past.

      The fact is that women are raised to believe that men want them(and it's true). If people are hunting u, u don't have to do anything what?....Just sit still and they will come anyway. Where got guys can just sit quietly and end up with a chio girl...or any girl at all. never. Most likely the women's high standards come from the fact that they don't have to do much to get anything. Go anywhere and u'll see most people paying for things are the guys, not hte girls....and how many girls do we know that have a few BF who always pay for everything for them. If it's like that, then why go for anything less right. The fact is that women are treated as royalty, and it has spoilt them....As with everything in human nature, give someone too much and they will expect more...and it just keeps growing. And then when they get more educated, they say, Now I have a right to look for even better guy who can do more for me....

      No, most don't say this to themselves, but the general gist of it is there in their belief and mind. As for guys, how can we expect much when we are the ones searching. When u r searching, u have to take what u can get, and we don't have the luxury of choice...as many people would like to think...WE don't!!! Really.

      When we talk to girls or like a girl, it depends whether the girl wants to go with us. just because we choose doesn't mean we can get. For girls, if they choose, their chances of getting is much, much higher. For the person who has people coming to them, they can choose....It's indisputable.

      It is a matter of being spoilt and taking things for granted. Obviously we will always look for better and better. Who would want to go and settle for something less than what someone else is willing to offer....not many people. Beleiev me, 10 year from now, the standard that women have for men will go even higher....and you know what else?

      They will still claim inequality. Women don't have it worse off than men. What they don't have, they have in abunddance in other areas. men are in positions with power and earn more money because we need them to do what we do for women. If we made less than women, I can seriously tell you that many more peopl than now will NOT be getting attached. And it has nothing to do with people not giving women a chance or equal rights.

      Take the Asian immigrants in the USA again. Did u know that Asians have no laws to protect them from whatever racial biasor anythign like that. Even for schooling, every other race has government sponsorship and scholarships while the asians have the most few. Yet the Asians are the majority to go in College/university, and they can still come out making more money than their counterparts who had tons more help from government bodies......

      My point?

      If women want to be equal just go out and be equal...work for it..dont' strike for it...that's the easy way out....and it makes people hate you more for putting others down to raise urself up.

      Even ur own Woman embassador to the USA says that she got to her position because she worked damn hard for it...and nowhere did she ever encounter situations where she was in the losing end of anti-female people....She said that she never cared about it and even said that it is just an excuse for women to be lazy. (Something to that degree..can't rememebr the excat words)....So there u have it.........anyone care to argue?:-)

      Sorry girl, Didn't mean to blast u, wasn't my intention, this post is simed at the general populace and not u in particular because I know ur great anyway Ataraxia:-)..and u'd never go and be feminist on us right?

  • MsSeuss's Avatar
    166 posts since Nov '99
    • ok, the reactions here are getting a little overboard don’t you think? I mean look ard you there are still LOADS of S’porean gals with S’porean guys. NOt everyone is fleeing the country with a foreigner. so relax, please, and i do want to see what the guys have to say in tomorrows paper. If this is all a ploy to increase sales, i think its certainly working…. :] till tomorrow then!

    • Ouch firewire. Even if you didn't mean to attack, sure felt like it. Anyway, i was the one who brought up the thing abt being supressed, but yeah it was a "tongue-in-cheek" suggestion, you know, one of the many reasons & possibilities. i'm really sorry if it offended you (as it seemingly did judging by the thesis you just posted!).

      OK, so let me get this straight, all women are lazy, snivelling, bitches who want to be treated like royalty and at the same time, want equality. They practice double-standards, live off men like parasites, are overly critical and make use of their position as the "weaker specimen" to take advantage of men.

      And men on the other hand, have to slave away, working to feed the needs of women, and they are at all times, subjected to the crap and high standards (which are getting higher) that women impose on them? correct?

      ok then, it seems like a perfectly symbiotic realtionship to me! :]

  • firewire's Avatar
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    • MsSeus,

      Really, I wasn't angry, I just voice a thought only, but I guess sometimes what I have to say does sound very....atagonizing....but it wasn't meant to be...

      But it was meant to be effective in pointing out my view....:-) Guess it worked...:-)

      Of course not all women are like this, but there's no doubt about it that more and more modern women are demanding more and more. I still feel that men really don't have that high of a standard for women...I feel that it has remained constant as in any decade (in modern time)....It's true when u see it like that. Look bvack at the 70's, 80's or early 90's, and men's demands for a woman are basically still the same with minor changes...While women, ......they just keep raiing the bar...and that's due to affluence? Tehn there's the mentality that one must keep up witht the next person. If she can get a guy like that, I won't have to settle for less than that....Then the feminists(who do more bad than good for women) come in with the equality thing and then it get's more complicated. I think that many would agree that 5 or 10 years down the road, the expectation from women for men will get even higher and we will be expected to do more.

      Where in history or modern society have u ever seen men now working and taking care of the household/family while still supporting the working wife who shops and goes out with friends.....of course this is a extreme example....but it stands...

      No matter what, even if the woman is working, she will still expect the man to give her money...u can deny it now, but when u get married it's a different thing. Most women would expect the man to take care of things...and now he also must be able to cook, clean and wash/iron clothes as well as have a carreer to woo a woman. It has come to this...and a lot of women are getting really slack...I'm not saying all mind you(But I know enough who can't even cook rice and are over 20 yrs already), but the small amount that are like this is just a sign of the times and of things to come....

      Men are slobs, we hate change, all we really want is someone to make us happy...the prettiness is almost secondary...almost...ha hah:-) In the end, we will settle for almost any person as long as they make us happy and we love them....like I said, we have very little choice.

      Oh boy, I said too much aleady....

      Anyway, I'm sure ur not like this or else u wouldn't get so affected by the comments...:-) Yes, I'm trying to apologize...:-)

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    • itz all quite stereo-typed
      u can find both good gals and bad ones in all countries
      doesn't necessarily mean
      Singapore Gals 0 Australian babes 2 means Aussies r better
      wat the idiotic Newpaper did was just to voice out the opinions of some bimbos or ****** and make it seem like a general view.
      itz hard to find the one who clicks with u, but when it does nothing else matters.

      have a lickin' dae

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    • Hi Licker...totally agree wif u that the stupid remark that "Singaporean men are looney loking losers" are most probably made by some bimbo "lians" or SPGs...but what I can't comprehend is what could possibly lead those miserable gals to utter such remarks about us singaporean guys.. well sure most of us aren't ricky martins but I can say for most of us that we guys are definately presentable... you will most likely not hear some aussie gals utter such nonsense to their counterparts... not wanting to sound too judgmental or bias here but I think most aussie gals DO look much better than our "gems" of Singapore.... no offense to any gals out there.... just pissed off wif that remark.... cheers!

      Have a nice day!

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    • hihi all, Smile
      1st time writing so here goes nothing.
      Ain't gonna reply to anyone's post here but to voice out my own..
      actually i tihn women are on the losing side ever since the Adam %$^%$^$% Eve
      Woman expects like so much from sg men, the pt is do they need man?
      i dun think so, they are singing their voiceboxes off abt man should be like this like that when they need security from men, its like u need to borrow some $$ from me and u dun want to act humble. Man doesnt owe woman anything ok?
      Am i doing fine? Smile
      i tihnk guys dun need woman too
      yes they dun
      they just need sex
      yah i know
      kinda irresponsible.. sex driven beast wifout a single thought of appreciation of the GREAT power of LOVE
      these u all may think
      but what i said is really part of the truth
      What really pisses me off when i meet girls is that they think they can throw guys around, they keep tihnking 'this guys wants to fool around eat my 'tofu''
      so in the end they think ALL guys they meet wanna eat their tofu so they treat all guys like shit when in reality i tihnk almost all guys these sicko met are realy nice, intellectually attractive guys and can kick the bimbo studs in those should-be-burnt love novels' a$$ anytime everytime anywhere everywhere... the funniest thing is when they met this guy they like alot and its like woah life is so good i have someone i love so much! i WANT HIM!!!
      that guy is not interested MUAHAAHA
      so she becomes like.. any suggestions?
      i dun know
      other kinds of girls really hate guys with egos
      why cant guys have egos??
      i tell u why guys must have EGOS AND BIG ones
      girls sometimes when things arent doing well.. ya know need to turn to a guy to look for some security ya knoe? abit of hug.. mushy words etcetc
      but guys have times like this too
      we dun turn to other guys for this..
      we can handle all these and give u somemore security coz we have egos to keep us going
      its what that makes us strong
      to bring hope and strength so keep going on down the road, to fight on ya know??
      i know there are some jerks who think girls need them.. blahblah
      these onli means that they are immature and dun not know how to respect girls and admit and be responsible
      a REAL egoistic man is someone who is mature, admits things, be repsonsible and doesnt matter if he cant get things done
      i used to know a girl who really hates the so call egoistic guys
      she said they(her egoistic x-bfs) dun allow her to do this do that. So she prefers foreign bfs to sg guys erm... foreign guys arent egoistic???
      anyway in the end she ans all guys rudely thinking that ALL of them are like her exs
      i tinhk this is a kind of female ego too right???
      anyway i got so pissed of
      i cursed her that she will get screw by all egoistic immature men in the world and she will love to get screwed by them
      not onli sex but got tricked into losing $$ to them and live her life in shithouse
      erm.. sorry
      got out of hand?

      anyway thx for reading my 1st post
      how was it?

      We should be Happy when we meet the worst situations, coz right after that things WILL get BettA~

  • firewire's Avatar
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    • Wow, that is some post...R u trying to hang with the top 5 essay posters on this board? ha ha? I guess it would be a hella resume.

      Eat their tofu? Ha ha :-) That is the funniest way of putting it....I think I like that phrase..

      Congrats on a good post.

  • ForeVer's Avatar
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    • Hihi
      yeah me again
      i guess i was blown over by the injustice that happened so much
      i guess its just a business conspiracy to make us guys read more papers
      aint much of a futile attempt yeah?
      this leads me to having the next thought
      what kind of girl is the REAL sg girl?
      not the what SIA airline stewardress la
      but the true attractive singapore girl...
      This is kinda difficult.. maybe the whole idea's impossible coz i usually get blown over wif tons of thoughts and opinions and cant straighten my thoughts, so maybe there really is no singapore girl

      The image of the singapore girls are so tarnished by the postings by us fabulous guys here.. makes me wonder is the real sg girl these kind of women? or what?
      hm... understand desu ka??

      Brings me to the next thought
      remember asians in US being banana? yellow outside white inside

      being singaporean doesnt onli mean by our food tastes, our country song, our childhood funs and scares etc
      but maybe a new member of this family is our opinions thoughts of our fellow opposite-sex countrymen

      when i read teens, teenage. i always get this impression that these mags are trying a futile attempt to makes us tihnk we live in a LA type singapore.
      u ppl think so?

      maybe i tinhk too much..
      m(_ _)m

      whats a true american teen? i'm sure almost all of them have a similar freq
      whats a true singaporean teen?
      i tihnk we are too diversed

      Me getting too personal?
      This posting full of shit?

      another thing.. i have a good mind to send this over to the editor of the local papers and make them post this topic up

      yeah? ;]
      ok for now
      ciao.. Winners

      We should be Happy when we meet the worst situations, coz right after that things WILL get BettA~

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