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Wat on earth is this?

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  • nanny's Avatar
    5 posts since Oct '99
    • Hey, wat on earth is this sg-forum bout? I’ve dropped in here now and then….but still quite clueless bout wat it’s all bout. A dating centre ? A plain intellectual conversation site? A place for sexuality? A place to promote girls and guys? Pretty sure is fun with so many people but what was the main objective in the first place?

  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • Talk about anything u want here...anything u want, but mostly people are only interested in relationships, differences between Guys and girls...sing girls and sing guys....and more sing girls....

      Some sex, and some nudity...so wash ur eyes before leaving here...:-)

  • onnap's Avatar
    11 posts since Nov '99
    • I'm new here but i must say this forum is kinda...not kinda it is one of the best. You pratically can talk about anything here, but if you got nothing to post up, try reading the posts here. Maybe one can learn from mistakes made by others, share a joke or even enlighten others if you have sismilar experiences.
      So nanny, best of everything to u.

  • Bravehart's Avatar
    95 posts since Nov '99
    • Officially, this forum is open to any issue under the sun, but a quick scan through the topics and it is quite apparent that BGR issues take an unofficial centrestage here.

      Must admit its quite a good place for a laugh to destress a buzy day! Very Happy

      I do not embrace my dark side, but I do acknowledge it;
      else I can never be whole

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