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What to do?

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  • ~( .Y. )~'s Avatar
    5 posts since Nov '99
    • What do you do with your girlfriend when your girlfriend "says that you spend too much time and most of your time under a car and over the bike" that she wants you to choose between the bike and her?

      No (. Y .) is better than the real (. Y .)!!

  • The 7th Son's Avatar
    29 posts since Nov '99
    • Hmm... dump her and marry your bike? Wink

      Seriously. Maybe she doesn't understand how much the bike means to you, but try putting yourself in her shoes and perhaps you will realize why she said those harsh words.

      Hope everything goes well for the two of you.

      'yah, it's just a phase --- those terrible guilt and struggles in life before finally coming to terms with yourself and admit that you are GAY'

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