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how to chase a 'girl' friend's girlfriend

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  • alex's Avatar
    988 posts since Oct '99
    • u know, when u meet a girl from nowhere, get to know her sometime, than she introduce some of her friends to you. her friends thought you’re after her, but probably not. instead, you are attracted to one of her friend and thinking ofd ‘hitting’ her. what or how should you do. any comments????

  • Enigma's Avatar
    791 posts since Oct '99
    • Well, to hit her, you would first need to get hold of a real hard object, say a baseball bat. Then hold it with both arms with elbows slightly bent....

      Duh... who gives a damn whether they think you are interested in the first girl? If you're really so concerned, just declare your lack of love for the girl(with tact and as a joke) and make a pass on the girl you really like.... why bother playing stupid games??

  • Killjoy's Avatar
    81 posts since Oct '99
    • Well hit with something very hard so that she will not hit you back.

      But really you better start by not leading the girl that you first know on..otherwise the others will think that you are conning them.

  • bishamon's Avatar
    761 posts since Oct '99
    • hahaha...........

      why alwayz got this kind of troubles???

      Just be careful on dealing the situation.
      Like killjoy put it, muz rememberz not to mislead the first girl. Itz very impt. Then try to make it clear who iz it u are interested in....

      Once you got that, take a most solid bat and HIT real hard. Then prepare for HOME RUN!

      why, bishamon? why bish?
      coz he's God of War!!
      But I'm a peacelover! Smile

  • winger_tag's Avatar
    24 posts since Nov '99
    • Tats the way bish.......just like you say HIT>>>>>>>>>>AND>>>>>>>>>>>RUN......always make your intentions known.

      Just Do It...... Smile

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