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    • Jang Nara~!~!~!~!~!~!

      me like her in kai lang shao nuu cheng gong ji......

      she is those not bery chio but bery bubbly type........

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    • dn realy watch korean dramas.. v v dragging.. actress look similar face (mostly plastic surgery) , no yandaos...........prefer japanese dramas.. Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by thinker:
      Did anyone watch Channel U sat night Korean Show:

      [b]My Love Patzzi
      - AKA: In Love With Red Bean Girl
      (Hong Dou Nu Zi Lian)
      Jang Na Ra - Yang Song-er
      Kim Jae Won - Cheng Jun
      Kim Rae Won - Xian Cheng

      I find this show nice, innovative and attractive. I like to watch it. This is one of my fav. show so far. I think it only got 13 volume.

      Anyone else?[/b]

      yea.. i also love that show.. the ger and the kiim jae won so cute.. Mr. Green

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