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Explain why employment rate in Singapore is low.

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    • Hi all, below is a write-up about the true story that happen to me about the irresponsible side of a company in Singapore which explain why till now employment rate does not improve much.

      I am desperate on getting an IT job, as I just finish my NS. After a year or so, I finally saw a job ads which my qualifications and experience matches their requirement, most of all is a job that I had been longing for, so I apply to the ads on 29/04/03. After few months later just before my ICT, I received a call from a recruitment firm saying that they had went through my resume that matches to what they looking for, asked a few questions on my experience and my IT technical skills, lastly brief me on the job as well. After the tele-conversation, the recruitment firm send me an email, to acknowledge the conversation. At that time, I thought that is just another recruitment firm to call and found out certain information, as I had a few calls from such before but after that nothing happen.

      During my ICT, I received a call from the recruitment firm again, saying that their client (hiring company, NCS) had short-listed me for an interview, and reveal the name of the company and other job details. After my ICT on 23/12/03, a day before Christmas I attended my 1st interview. I met up with Teo Kheng Hwa (Technical Services Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure). The interview went fine, which I was granted for a 2nd interview with Vivian – HR / Jerand Seng - Snr Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure on 02/01/04.

      Again the interview went well, that on 07/01/04 I received an SMS from one of the senior consultant from the recruitment firm: “Good News! NCS short-listed you. I will be working out the rest of the details with HR then inform you. Give us till next week.” Upon receiving this SMS, I had not been attending any interview or apply to another jobs ads. On 20/01/04, I called the recruitment firm to found the outcome of the details with HR, since it had been a week, and I had not received any calls or email from them. When I called, the senior consultant then told me that NCS HR had new changes on my benefits as I am consider as a contract staff. Instead of having the standard 7 days annual leave and 14 days sick leave based on the employment act, I will only be entitled 12 days where they combine both annual leave and sick leave together. At that time, I agree to the terms verbally to the senior consultant, thinking of the current economics and low employment rate, too picky might end up with nothing.

      10 days later (30/01/04), I received an SMS from the senior consultant: “Jeff, KH has settled all issues, will come back to us on your starting date by Tue”. Again on 04/02/04, I called up the senior consultant to found out the outcome, as I had not received any calls or email from them again, from there he reveals that I am able to start work on 16/02/04 saying that the HR need at least a week to prepare the legal document which is between the recruitment firm and NCS. On 13/02/04, I called up the senior consultant again to find up when I will be able to sign the appointment letter as 16/02/04 was supposed to be my start date, the senior consultant told me that the legal document is not out yet. On 17/02/04, I called again, which no news again. 18/02/04, I called again the senior consultant told me that one of the NCS HR consultant (Judy) called them up saying that I need to go for an 2nd interview which I had already had. The senior consultant, which is quite unhappy with NCS as well, which they had sent an email to hiring manager (Teo Kheng Hwa), and most of the HR staffs in NCS that the firm itself doesn’t want to get involve with this contract anymore. On the other hand, the senior consultant reveal Teo Kheng Hwa’s mobile number to me, asked me to check with him directly whether the company is still keen of employing me and whether to employ me directly as I am free agent.

      On the day itself, I called him and inform him about the situation, and he respond that is a mis-communication, will check with HR but will not get back to me on the day itself. Till then (20/02/04), NCS had not get back to the recruitment firm after they had received the email from them, so instead I called up the manager (Teo Kheng Hwa) again to find out the outcome, he respond that he was sorry that the company last minute had announced head count is freeze and is unable to take in new staffs. He himself is keen to employ but due to that he is unable and said that if in future there is new opening he will ask me come for another interview again.

      Finally, I fully understand till now why employment rate in Singapore had not improved much, as companies like NCS such a high-tech company, a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel had such inefficient working rate and irresponsible attitude to the job applicants. I did what the government had been telling us, don’t be picky about jobs (where I do mind that I getting less annual leave and sick leave), upgrade your skills (which currently I am pursing a part time degree with SIM) and is this what I get? Just imagine that I had my 1st interview before Christmas 2003, 2nd interview after New Year, short-listed before Lunar New Year, promised to start work after Hari Raya Haji and till on 20/02/04 NCS told me that they having head count freeze, thus unable to employ me anymore. Within this period, almost two months I had not been attending any interview, and apply/respond to any jobs ads. With such an irresponsible company like NCS, is it fair to me?

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    • There are actually many vacancies in Civil Services (including Polytechnics) if golden handshaking is implementing.

      But only IRA and PA have adapted this scheme. You may give PSD your view to speed up the golden handshaking

      PSD is the largest emplyee. I believe the jobless rate will go do down by 2 % if golden handshaking is adapted by all Civil Services

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