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    • Ok so I've just started in a new school and found out that one of the girls in my class was staying at the block next to mine. As such,  we've been going to school together.....

      Recently i started to feel that maybe she doesn't want to go to school with me anymore.... Like if I don't ask her when she's leaving her house she'll just leave for school alone without me... There are a few other things she did which made me feel like i'm a bother to her.

      However, when we are together I feel that we are really hitting it off... there's laughter... endless common topics to talk about and never had an awkward silence before.

      So..... what I really want to know is:

      How do I tell her that if she wants me to leave her alone and she rather travel alone, It's ok, I wont be offended one bit and that i respect her decision 100%? I just want to know how she truely feel and I don't want to be that pest bothering her every morning.

      Thanks in advance!

      (Ps: I post in this forum because i think girls are more sensitive to other people's feelings and since it's concerning a girl's feelings now, I think it's best to ask here!)

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    • Here is the thing. And it will not be new. You only know if you take risk. I don't mean to ask "if she like you or not". Because when you ask questions like that, she will most likely want to be freindly and then tell you "of course she is not bordered by you". And then guess what, the next time she will avoid you because you are being too serious and invested in her. When the truth is there is really nothing between you guys yet...AKA. In her mind, she will be thinking, "OMG...Stalker alert!"

      You take risk by maybe asking her out. Such as, since you guys are going to school together, maybe along the way can get her to have a meal or bubble tea or ect...you get the point. Thats what i mean by risk.

      Other than that, you are just over analysing and speculating. Which I think is a dangerous path to be in. You are bascially analysing how she acts towards you to gage wheather she likes you. What happens when she show signs that she like you? Then you will take action??? Basically you are doing that because you want to minimize your risk of rejection. But how long will that take? There are hundrads or different variable that can cause her to act in a certain way to you. Her world does not revolve around you (YET)..so stop thinkning that what ever she does is for you!!!

      Take ACTION and then the RESULT will come.   


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    • Treat her as you would any other human being and ask questions directly, politely and without forcing her to accept your point of view.

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