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If you are upto what u read inside...shoot me a message...

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    • Your first email will intrigue me,
      The first time we speak on the phone, I will be enchanted
      We will talk, and talk, and neither will want to hang-up.
      The first time we meet, I will be captivated
      I will admire you for your poise and confidence.

      When you are going through a difficult time, and ask for my help,
      I will be too glad to be there for you.
      When you tell me how glad you are that I have come into your life,
      I will float with the joy of knowing that I am appreciated.

      I will make mistakes along the way, I am human with human feelings
      But I really believe that despite it all, You and I will be moving forward.
      You will be sensitive and refined, not worrying about appearances..
      Comfortable with kings and beggars alike....

      I’m in my forties with a variety of interests,
      Music, reading, cooking, gardening.
      Taking 3 hours over a leisurely meal or a movie or two
      Are some of the things I like to do.

      I am committed to my kids, but not married to them...
      Making sure that there is also time for outside activities
      My life might get hectic from time to time,
      But you will support me, as I will support you....

      I look forward to meeting you, because I know you out there,
      We will know when we speak on the phone, or meet,
      That we have found what we seek....

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