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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create links in posts? The link icon in the editor is faded and I can't click on it.
Type some text, select the text and click on the link icon to turn it into a link.

How do I insert a picture in my post?
In the WYSIWYG editor, click on the icon of the picture in a frame.

How do you sticky / unsticky / close / delete threads?
When moderators view a topic, there will be an 'action cog' next to the topic title at the top of the page with moderator actions. The sticky / unsticky actions are found in the 'edit' page.

How do I refresh the shoutbox without having to refresh the whole page?
Just click on the button that you use to send messages to the shoutbox. Or the 'refresh' link if you're not logged in.

I forgot the email I used to register my account and can't login
There is a link at the bottom of the login form that says 'what email did I use?'. Click on that.

Why must I use email to login now?
We will be adding more web applications in the future (like perhaps... a Classifieds site?), we want a centralized login / authentication system where existing users will only need 1 account and register or login once to use all our sites. As such, the login system is 'separate' from the forums and 'does not know' your forum username, or any of your other profile details.