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    • Originally posted by TTan65:

      You can qualify for Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) Scheme if you:

         A) are a Singapore Citizen;
         B)are 35 years old or over on 31 December of the work year;
         C) work at least two months in a three-month period;
         D)earn an average gross monthly income1 of not more than $1,900 for the period worked;
         E) live in a property with annual value of no more than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December        of the preceding year;
         F)    do not own two or more properties; and
        G) have completed the necessary income declaration and Medisave contribution requirements;

      If you are married,

       1)  you and your spouse together must not own two or more properties; and
       2)  the assessable income of your spouse must not exceed $70,000.

      Your age in work year 2013     You can get up to ( gov will give you )
      35 - 44                                        $1,400
      45 - 54                                        $2,100
      55 - 59                                        $2,800
      60 and above                             $3,500


      CPF Call Centre ( Hotline Very Very Hot )

      Must pay medisave,if not never give u!

      I only earn $1k per month,,,,48 yrs old,so medisave around $3xx,,,!

      i just appeal to them n top up $ into medisave to get my workfare $!

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    • http://xcloudgame.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=147384

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    • I'm not eligible for the ECF because my husband declared bankruptcy. I read through your suggestion and I wanted to try the CPF top up grant. Do you know the estimated sum I will get if my top up grant is approve? And how do this scheme work? Thanks a lot.

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    • In comparison, the contract to install a similar system for ACTION Buses of Canberra is AUD$12.5 million, which works out to be roughly S$35,000 per bus!

      There is one thing the critics do have a point, though. Any new system takes time to implement, including this S$68m project. A similiar system implemented in Canberra for ACTION buses was awarded in 2011, and yet their real-time information system (NXTBUS) is still under testing.

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      • This morning, at around 10:30 am, I saw a SMRT bus (in the new livery) driving at Jurong West Street 81. 
      • I felt strange when I saw it, because isn't Jurong West under SBS Transit instead? 
      • That SMRT bus had the words "Training Bus" on its LED display panels. 
      • Inside that bus, there was one driver and a few people accompanying him in the bus.

      There could only be three posibilities:

      1. 1. That was a new bus driver testing out NR5.
      2. 2. SMRT is preparing for a new bus service in Jurong West.
      3. 3.SMRT is taking over 243W from SBS Transit. 
      • I guess there will be a new SMRT bus service coming soon that will run from Bulim Bus Depot to Jurong West that would loop at Jurong West Street 93 and Yunnan Crescent.
      • There is a new bus depot coming up at Bulim Drive that will be for SMRT to use.
      • Recently, OneMap included 'Bulim Avenue' and 'Bulim Street' into the website. I have not went to that area to check, but this might indicate that the 3 new roads are now open for the general traffic. 
      • If there is indeed a new bus service coming up in Jurong West, I guess there will be a new roadside bus terminal, similar to the one at Taman Jurong - since Boon Lay Bus Interchange is already full and there is currently no other bus facility in Jurong West other than the bus stops. Since this bus service would be run by SMRT, there may be a temporary roadside terminal set up at Bulim Street to park the SMRT buses deployed to this service, before the route is extended further from Bulim Street to originate from Bulim Bus Depot when it is ready. 
      • The interim measure could be for it to loop at the roundabout of Bulim Street.
      • The interim measure could be that the buses would be supplied from Kranji bus depot, until Bulim bus depot is ready.
      • This is how I think the new SMRT bus route would be:
      1. Bulim Bus Depot
      2. Bulim Drive
      3. Bulim Avenue
      4. Jurong West Avenue 2
      5. Jurong West Street 23 (to avoid the bottleneck at Jalan Bahar. Those who commute on bus services 199 and 172 towards Boon Lay in the morning would know what I mean.)
      6. Jurong West Street 22 
      7. Jurong West Avenue 3
      8. Jurong West Avenue 5
      9. Jurong West Street 74 (to maximise coverage to HDB areas
      10. Jurong West Street 75
      11. Jurong West Street 82
      12. Jurong West Street 81
      13. Jurong West Street 71
      14. Jurong West Street 61
      15. Jurong West Street 63
      16. Pioneer Road North
      17. Upper Jurong Road
      18. Jurong West Street 93
      19. Yunnan Crescent
      20. Jurong West Street 93
      21. Upper Jurong Road
      22. Pioneer Road North
      23. Jurong West Street 63
      24. Jurong West Street 61
      25. Jurong West Street 71
      26. Jurong West Street 81
      27. Jurong West Street 82
      28. Jurong West Street 75
      29. Jurong West Street 74
      30. Jurong West Avenue 5
      31. Jurong West Avenue 3
      32. Jurong West Street 22
      33. Jurong West Street 23
      34. Jurong West Avenue 2
      35. Bulim Avenue
      36. Bulim Drive
      37. Bulim Bus Depot
      • This new bus service would complement service 181 to serve Bulim area.
      • Probably because the new industrial area (since the factory buildings there are all multi-storey) would provide employment opportunities for larger-than-normal size of workers, there has to be more than one bus service serving the area. While 181 brings the workers to Boon Lay MRT, this new bus service would bring them to Pioneer MRT.
      • This new bus service would improve bus connectivity to Pioneer MRT Station from Jurong West Street 93, 61, 71 and 81. 
      • As mentioned, there are new (healthcare) developments coming up at Jurong West Street 93 and 61. This new bus service could provide bus connection to these new developments from Pioneer MRT Station and the rest of Jurong West Extension area.
      Well, this is my take on my sighting of a SMRT bus driving along Jurong West Street 81 just now in the morning.

      For all we know, this might simply be a new driver doing test-drive on the Night Rider NR5 bus service. icon_confused.gif
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    • Originally posted by BanguIzai:

      Can we use 娆颵 (hiau tsh'io) to refer to "sexy" in Hokkien?

      I coined this term one, which is a combination of  ( hiau / hiao ) (風騷) and   ( tsh'io / chhio )  (性感之美).

      It is better than importing the Mandarin 性感 as the above Hokkien term can convey the nuances much stronger than the Mandarin word.

      So far, I have not seen a better word than mine.

      old days we will say the person toh huay siow.


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    • Originally posted by BanguIzai:


        That are just different ways of saying the same thing in Hokkien , what has it to do with you being limited in Hokkien  confused.png


        It is just like saying I would be confused because some English users refer to "sofa" while some refer to "couch",  even though I already know what both of them means,  and also I already know that I only use "sofa" more often in my culture.
              So I should not feel confused about understanding them, because I already know what they mean is the same thing, just that it belongs to regional difference or personal preferences.
              I should only feel confused when they keep referring to different things everyday, and there is no way that I can determine the actual meaning of those terms.


        Communication is all about making yourself understood, and understanding the other party. There is no point to keep making yourself confused by staying in a confusion state.


         If you feel confused, you can just choose 1 usage to adopt and just drop the rest.  Other Hokkien person will be able to understand you.


        Actually I am confused why you are confused about ??


      Probably you will not understand what some PRCs trying to say some words that sound unfamiliar speaking their standard Mandarin.


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    • Whats the difference between GCC and GAIT? Is it the same syllabus or is GCC tougher?

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  • 我很cute的,我不会咬你的
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    • see jesus come back ler woots
      plus eat at the coast use the entertainer

      later go out again

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    • Weekend is not say drive for company, you break even, then the rest of the day, can bring family out in taxi, can go makan, seaside, picnic, watch movie, shopping, buy grocery, yet using company cheap diesel, so convienent, you go rent a car on weekend and see?? at least $150 for a small old Altis, and on holiday, cannot even get one.

      Personal usage of taxi is already a gain for you, think that way, and be positive. Once you throw key, no vehicle liao, unless you rich, got private cars like most of them here