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    • Originally posted by SinkTel:

      SBS2720T (AR 91)

      Current: No ad
      Headhunt Executive Jobs Bank

      That's short...

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    • Originally posted by Mr Simple:

      Probably around 55. If too early retire, savings must have a substantial amount.

      How substantial is good enough for you?I remember when I was in lower secondary school my teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up.... Many said 'teacher'or 'Doctor' and some like me said' lawyer' then one boy said ' I want to be able not to drink or eat and still stay alive ' and we all cracked up

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    • Hi iszilliana, I thought no one here is with me . I'm same as you . I've private diploma cert . During first SA, they mentioned to me that my private cert doesn't recognize so they used my 5 passes N levels as well . I understand from them is you have to serve 3 years non renewable contract with them in SOC , and get your certificate . Another way I guess is since you are only in first SA, process will take up to 6 months or less for you , when you graduate in March , you can send them your cert and being a normal JPO . I guess why they asked for cert is because in SOC, fitness must be up there . Hope it helps !

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    • just now 1 enviro on sv966 turned wrongly into paya lebar rd. the bus was on right lane prob trying to u-turn back.

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      We are looking for a postive attitude and cleanliness oriented cleaner.

      Welcome all to apply. Looking for LONG TERM commitment only.

      Prefer Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

      Weekly / Quartely / Monthly Paid through GIRO or Cash.

      SGD $8/ hour.


      Basic cleaning responsibilites:

      Making sure that office is clean and tidy.

      Requires vaccumming and mopping only when needed.

      Making sure bins are emptied daily.

      Keeping surfaces cleaned.

      Washing of washrooms daily.



      Physically healthy.

      Positive attitude.

      Willing to work as long term part time.


      Working Hours:

      8am to 12pm (Alternate timings can be discussed)


      Interested parties please SMS 9176 0848 or email to [email protected] .

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    • The new taxi information system is not the only tech item the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is rolling out. Next month, it will launch a new crowd-sourcing taxi application called Taxi-Taxi@SG, which will show the availability and location of taxis across the island and better match these taxis to commuters.

      Through an integrated platform map, commuters can locate the number of available taxis near them and broadcast their own positions, so drivers can identify the exact locations of potential customers. Taxi drivers can use this app to reduce time spent on the roads looking for customers.


      haha.... you know why pinky and team decides to regulate the 3rd party apps??

      Hearsay, their GIC temasek holdings got shares in 1 of the apps, which i am finding out.

      Currently, so many apps like GRABTAXI, UBER, EASYTAXI ...etc... all flooding in singapore to eat this piece of huge cake.


      @ the end of the day, u happy can liao la.

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    • SMB68R and SMB107L

      (KJDEP 176) > (KJDEP SP)

      May be true that SMB68R is 190 perm instead after all... SMB107L no longer spotted on 176 recently, though might be perm on Bukit Batok service (61 or 77)...


      (KJDEP SP) > (KJDEP 176)

      Very sticky to 176 recently...

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    • Cool. Good to know thinking student is encouraged. I read an article which I'm not sure if they're same with our context. Which is, that there are schools which talks about critical thinking yet they practice and culture rarely enables that. The system stays the same way, expect people to obey and follow because they have to...

      I see, but why people may not want to pursue their passion if they can look for ways to be paid for passion? Artists are paid. Designers are paid. Just not as how school taught. That's why need people to be entrepreneurial (not about having business) but about taking initiative to find ways to be paid for passion. People usually have this funny thing that says children have energy no money, workers have money no time, elderly have time and money but no energy. 

      If we keep our passion after we're done with our career, when will it be? Because from my own journey i've pushed it back for years, it's only want i started to dive into it and find ways, and slowly I see the potential..

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    • jb u call far......


      things dirt cheap....cheap cheap cheap!!! haha.....

      go there also worth it. Of course price to pay is 1 day's duration, if not bo hua....

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    • ya. $500 for 1st deposit, follow by $42.80 for admin fee ...WTF!!!

      and a few months later by installment... well i dint ask the counter girl when is the exact date TC is going to collect.... hmm.

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    • MUST do Settlement on the MDT at the end of your Shift

      Any problem。。。。。。。。。

      Please contact 

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    • Nets Payment

      1) Press NETS Button on your MDT

      2) Swipe Psx Nets card on your NM

      3) Get Pax to key in the PIN No.

      4) Once Payment Approved, Your MDT will show "APPROVED" then you need to press the OK button.

      **** Experience : If the Pax Nets Card come with CHIP, then you will realsie even you Swipe the card oso Mui Jalan, So the BEST is for ALL Nets card with CHIP, just do like credit card, insert the CHIP into the NM. *******


      Nets FlashPay Payment

      1) Press NETS FLASHPAY Button on your MDT

      2) Put the SNETS FLASHPAY card on your NM Screen

      3) Once Payment Approved, Your MDT will show "APPROVED" then you need to press the OK button.

      **** Experience : Most of the Pax that Card have NETS FLASHPAY 100% SURE will ant to use NETS FLASHPAY mode, Reason : They will have 5% Rebate *******


      Credit Card Payment

      1) Press Credit Card Payment Button on your MDT

      2) Insert the CHIP into the NM.

      3) Get Pax to Sign on the receipt (奶奶的,他们给我们麻烦,我们当然也要让他们麻烦)

      4) Once Payment Approved, Your MDT will show "APPROVED" then you need to press the OK button.


      **** Try to don't get Credit card payment more than $40 per transaction, Because any Credit card payment more than $40, you ned to submit the Sign receipt to TC Finance Dept.

      Or else 。。。。。If Credit card payment more than $40 but don't have Sign receipt than it will take you 天长地久 to get the $$$$ *****


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    • OK, Here are a simple procedure for use TC Vx680 V2.4.0 (New Version) of Nets Machines.

      1. Make sure MDT and Nets M/C both are power off.

      To power off your NM, you need to unplug the NM cable, then press the RED button to shut down the NM.

      2. 1st to Power up your NM till you see "Logon" 

      Then Power up your MDT

      3. Log in your MDT

      4. After Login your MDT, the MDT will start establishe a connection with your NM.

      You will see Connecting。。。Follow by Receving。。。your NM start synchronizing with the MDT.

      5. Once your MDT shows your identity, Your NM is ready.

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    • Bros, anyone out there know how to use this machine?????? My hirer don't know, he took the cab for personal use.

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    • emmm.....good topic to discuss actually.

      so, where can we find the best burger in Singapore?

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    •   Based on my own experiences, being thinking students, instead of being robot-students, is getting more encouraged in school. 

        Surely an education system where children can strive for their passion and purpose in life is good, but many people will rather want to keep these goals behind or after their purse for a financially yielding career; or keep these goals as a hobby.


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    • Hey Pandasukasusu! thank you for the advice and tips.

      However i have a few questions to ask and if anyone have any experience on this please advice..

      first of all let me tell u guys that im a Nlevel holder(5 passes),NS as a firefighter.

      my SA lasted from 830am till 430pm and it includes the panel interview( WO from SPF, Major from Singapore Prison and the third guy wearing civillian,dont know from where)

      What kept me thinking is that during my panel interview,the 3 officers did not mentioned about my qualification or anything about my studies!! Most of the questions asked was about my Personal Training experience as im a certified internationally as a certified personal trainer. however i did told the pregnant lady who collected documents that im currently studying part time higher nitec and completing in march next year..so im wondering why they ask so much about my personal training experience as a trainer with fitness first??