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    • Originally posted by Chicagoexpresslimo:

      The difference is huge as taxi are called normal transportation while Limo is a luxury vehicles and you wont hire taxis for birthday parties, Proms and weddings definitely you go for limousine serivce for your memorabe events

      No leh, recently my buddy married a Viet woman (buy), we use normal taxis, 12 taxis parade all the way, seibei saki, from red to blue to white to silver. Later he paid each half shift rental...lols

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    • Higher mileage than $$ normal lah, moreover, fuel price drop liao…higher mileage, no problem.

      How can everyday $1 per km, even lau gui like my bro CT and hammer also cannot alway achieve it..they can chiong from woodland to AP one hor..mileage chow chow 100km above per $1 earning

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    • Not bad lah, morning morning, many from jurong side going to perumal and sri maniam temple, only got one kiam siam indian going to jurong east Indian temple..no need to go smlj WTA women tennis…those are for 眼观四面,耳听八方 taxi drivers

      Sent indians girls with flower smell…wha! seibei song, somemore..all bak bak one…then afternoon, wait there to send them back, some change temple, from tank to perumal, perumal to maniam..maniam to yishun, seranggoon north..must know all these indian’s temple hor.

      Indians during depavali period seibei good mood one…this one TD must know, can pick them during this period..all other times, try to avoid.

      Not bad, can make more than my $30 net, somemore, less traffic, but lots of red taxis around..phuixx

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    • Boon tong Kee at balestier. The chicken is smooth and fleshy. 

      jurong west market Blk 501. It's a corner stall. Always long queue. And it's $2. Big bowl of soup!

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  • 我很cute的,我不会咬你的
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    • Some of Ex LV fan call me.

      310 what the FxxK is going on in  2 Stadium Walk, why so many call from there.

      哈!哈!哈! 2 Stadium Walk is indoor stadium La.

      Why, so many call ?       Bcos of WTA Tennis Finals La. !


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    • Originally posted by Taxilim88:

      Double whammy.  Exam period + haven't take month end salary yet, money all finish liao.

      Originally posted by Taxilim88:

      Double whammy.  Exam period + haven't take month end salary yet, money all finish liao.

      OK  La !. A Bit su said La.

      As I mention, TD need to know what is going on in Singapore 眼观四面,耳听八方

      Yes, "Double whammy.  Exam period + haven't take month end salary yet, money all finish liao." 

      But there is a Chinese saying : 适者生存 

      I start MDT @ 0719pm, Sweep one Pax from Lot 1 to Mi Casa 
      @ S$3.40 + $0.85 => $4.25 (@#$%?%$#@ Meter even never Jump)

      After Pax alight, 有油钱了,start heading east (A/P) ==>> Change shift Tampines.

      My 80286 (PC XT) Mind start scanning 。。。。。。。。。

      OK !  20 Oct 2014 -26 Oct 2014 - Indoor Stadium -  WTA Tennis Finals

      If a Pax can spend so much $$$ to watch a game, 
      should able to pay for taxi fare to go home.

      So basically, the whole night I am cruising around one place : Indoor Stadium and A/P

      From about 0800pm to 0450am, Beside Khooning and Makan at Bedok 85 HC.

      Total, I did 13 trip, Total take 3 GT and Swept 5 Pax around Indoor Statium. 2 A/P Pick up. (One to Yishun and One to Kembangan).

      When have chance to take call, try to take a call to near A/P.

      When need to sweep floor, try to get a Pax to nearby area, so call  fly back to OHQ A.S.A.P

      Hired distance : 198 Km, For Hire distance: 88 Km .

      Total earning, a bit su said 10% lower than Norm.

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    • Details: white in colour, used a year but fully protected hence negligible dents or scratches, screen is clear and scratch-free, phone is working perfectly fine, full set including charger and battery etc. (Once you contact me i would provide you pictures of the condition of the phone for reference)


      Free gifts: 1 bumper case, portable battery charger which really comes in handy when you need it 


      Price has been reduced to $440 and is the best price I am offering hence interested parties please only contact me if agreable to the price. Do not mind going anywhere to deal.


      Contact me at 84992294, whatsapp or me

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    • Mugen, you are looking for a cure for your low self esteem.

      Instead of focusing so much on what you can't do , focus on what you can achieve.

      A hostile environment is not a nurturing environment. 

      I have heard plenty about the sufferings of NS.

      A place where they glamourise the strong , enforce conformity and mocks the weak , is not a place for creativity, innovations and growth.

      Let go of that past in that horrid place and seek your place elsewhere.

      If anyone can do what you do, your marketable value will be low. 

      For now you need to find your self-confidence, then find your niche and expand on them.

      As long as you keep an open mind and be receptive to constructive criticisms, you can learn and be better at what you do. 



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    • Originally posted by SBS3688Y:

      since sg is so tiny and cramped up and we cant afford to let everyone own a car; hence got high COE and high costs to buy and maintain a car. take taxi also prob coz sometimes when u need find a taxi but cant? people get pissed up. So the govt should try their best to make public transport as attractive as possible yet reasonably cheap. otherwise lots of people esp the low-income and sandwiched class will get really fed-up. the govt should allow some of the revenue from vehicle owners to be used to subsidise public transport; and not find such excuses to increase fares.

      That is a challenging problem to solve my friend.

      Cross subsidising which you mention is one way out, but the question is whether it will be sustainable. Just for SBST alone, the daily ridership is 2.8 million trips. Just a 10c subsidy in fares would equal 280k per day and 100 million in a year. That is not including SMRT's ridership and potiential growth. How much money is going to come out of COE just to fill up this gap?

      I believe to LTA, it's a catch-22 situation. Bus service standards are poor = low ridership = more private car usage. So their solution is to improve bus service standards (which increases fares), while providing fare subsidy to the needy.

      However, my opinion is that the solution lies in a overhaul of the entire bus services framework (including changes to the distance fare system) so that buses can operate more effectively, while matching current fares, as well as raising service standards. This however is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever.

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    • Screen protector & casing since day1.
      No dents as never been dropped.
      Also no scratches & no cracks.

      Original lightning charging cable ; power adapter & box.

      COD. To deal in Admiralty MRT.

      Sms me at 90050925 thanks

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    • 221014 (Wednesday)


      **TIB886T on 172AP06 (57Y)










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    • Originally posted by 23ispolo:

      Anyway, I think that the newer buses with Voith gearboxs tend to suffer from turbo lag... I've noticed that when I take a SBS Transit Citaro or Wright with Voith gearbox, as well as SMRT's MAN A24 (SMB388S), they tend to acclerate slowly before the turbo kicks in and the bus gains pickup... It is different when you take a ZF Wright or a MAN A22.

      Whenever I take a ZF Wright or a MAN A22, the turbo kicks in almost immediately, so the bus gains pickup quite quickly, especially when the BC presses the acclerator down hard. I'm not too sure about the Enviros though... However, I do find it interesting that the older Volvo B10M MK IVs gain pickup easily, which questions why the newer buses cannot gain pickup faster despite more horsepower. Note that SMRT's O405s and O405G work on the principal of using the turbo to pickup quickly.

      I suspect the older buses do not suffer from turbo lag as much as the newer buses today (Voith Wrights and Citaros), which explains why these older buses with lesser horsepower acclerate faster than the newer buses... Not trying to sound like an expert here, but I just think turbo lag is responsible for slower new buses today.

      the gearbox has no relation to 'turbo lag', although power transmission through the gearbox (through its design philosophy and implementation) can amplify 'turbo lag'.

      the bigger suspect, i believe, is the engine torque curve. 'turbo lag' kicks in when the engines enter the max rev band.

      Pull the D9B and D2066 torque curves off the internet and it becomes apparent why 'turbo lag' sets in. In comparison, the OM447/457 engines have a much flatter torque curve (that gives you fairly consistent torque across a very wide band).

      Strictly speaking, its NOT turbo lag but engine torque mapping that gives a STEPPED rather than FLAT torquer curve prior the max torque rev band.

      to quickly and briefly answer the topic matter -

      ZF - during takeoff, TC (torque converter) non-lockup multiplies torque on 1st gear, which hence masks 'any 'turbo lag'. multiple lower mechanical gears (1 to 3) favour acceleration once TC lockup is achieved. 

      Voith - TC operation radically differs as TC is not directly involved in takeoff, but instead multiplies torque to faciltiate takeoff via closing clutch on first mechanical gear (zf gear 3 equivalent). the higher staroff gear ratio, coupled with a closing clutch amplifies 'turbo lag' as torque multiplication is consistant across the rev bands.


      PS: Voiths are VERY CAPABLE of torque multiplication, to the point torque multiplication can be as high as 5x input torque during takeoff.


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    • Originally posted by j007:

      breakeven and close shop

      Double whammy.  Exam period + haven't take month end salary yet, money all finish liao.