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    • Traffic and parking offenses got no criminal record unless police case involved.

      Can pay and get over with it is best. Why waste time fight in court unless u really jin rich and free? If lose end up paying more or go jail for a few weeks if u cannot pay up. Have u been to court before or not? The subordinate court cases rarely take more than 3 minutes for the judge to read out his judgement. Then next offender gets called. Some days u see long queue of hand-cuffed offenders waiting for their turn. Want to argue your case? You will need to hand in a written submission and then wait for next hearing. On the day, he glances thru and if he is not convinced, within 1 minute he reads out the new judgement which could mean an increase in the fine or sit in jail for longer in default of payment. The judge is not a fool. You cannot argue with him. There are ten to twenty police officers hanging around each court room to ensure your obedience.

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    • I have also heard rumours that GP grade C is hard to get the interview even, for NUS. Then interview is the key afterwards. NTU should be less hard to get, and if you are going through NS now you should continue to try for the next 2 years lah.

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    • LTA loads of bull

      9 months back in evening(weekday PM peak) around 1745hrs, bus stop at M Parade Rd(in front OCBC bank) still has freqs for 196A, 196E, 853, 401.

      Wats more interesting is that the time arrived is counting down ie 5 mins, 4 mins

      Called LTA, some OIC returned my call say info supplied by SBST, SMRT, n gave me lotsa bull tt building signal affect the correct, actual arrival time. Trying to smoke me coz the 4 mentioned services dun run wkday evening peak...

      Most timer boards around SG are screwed up...

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    • if some one,decides to fight a traffic offense in court(now call state court) and if he loses the case,will it affect his renewal of TDVL?is it classify as criminal record?

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    • 29 July 2015

      Sv 2: SBS3931U
      Sv 5: SBS7388L, SBS8189M
      Sv 7: SBS3034J, SBS7359X
      Sv 19: SBS9484D
      Sv 21: SBS3972B, SBS8777R, SBS8778M, SBS8786P
      Sv 30: SBS5001R
      Sv 59: SBS8690G, SBS8691D
      Sv 60: SBS3971D
      Sv 80: SBS3983U
      Sv 81: SBS8540G
      Sv 87: SBS3409L
      Sv 123: SBS2807C
      Sv 132: SBS3921Z, SBS9473K
      Sv 141: SBS6470M
      Sv 165: SBS3714E
      Sv 168: SBS3966U
      Sv 175: SBS6779Z
      Sv 182/182M: SBS3953G
      Sv 183: SBS3445G
      Sv 185: SBS3936G
      Sv 195: SBS6026M, SBS6507S
      Sv 196: SBS2783L
      Sv 198: SBS7333U, SBS9639A
      Sv 222: SBS3839D
      Sv 225G: SBS9608P
      Sv 225W: SBS5073H
      Sv 240: SBS6695G
      Sv 246: SBS3646T
      Sv 249: SBS9670H
      Sv 272: SBS6389R

      Sv 75: SMB1621L
      Sv 106: SMB1546X
      Sv 167: SMB1476P, SMB1507J
      Sv 169: SMB3070M
      Sv 172: TIB963D (AM)
      Sv 187: SMB1521S
      Sv 190: TIB963D (PM)
      Sv 855: SMB1600Y
      Sv 856: TIB1205C
      Sv 858: SMB1445D
      Sv 911: TIB1180P
      Sv 925: SMB5Y, SMB1403A
      Sv 950: SMB287A, SMB299R
      Sv 960: SMB1617A
      Sv 963: SMB3591B, SMB5068H
      Sv 969: SMB5023L, SMB5059J
      Sv 970: SMB91Y
      Sv 980: SMB158P, SMB338L
      Sv 985: SMB47B, SMB3505B

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    • Cameo 29/7
      SBS6883E 15(BNDEP SP)
      SBS8183D 17(BNDEP 21) replace 8330X 19S
      SBS8777R 21(AMDEP SP)
      SBS6867C 27(HGDEP SP)
      SBS8381Z 35(BNDEP 60)
      SBS8597T 59(AMDEP 73)
      SBS7415S 72(AMDEP SP)
      SBS8402Y 72(AMDEP 59)
      SBS6318X 73(AMDEP 57)
      SBS3246P 74(BBDEP 165)
      SBS3849A 76(AMDEP SP)
      SBS3409L 87(BNDEP SP)
      SBS3348D 109(BNDEP SP)
      SBS6397S 116(HGDEP 141)
      SBS7626A 151(BBDEP 74)
      SBS3084P 165(HGDEP 89)
      SBS3966U 168(BNDEP SP)
      SBS6660G 222(BNDEP 9)
      SBS8779K 261(AMDEP SP)

      SMB249K 169(WPDEP 187)
      TIB1230D 169(WPDEP 963)
      SMB1332X 169(WPDEP 965)
      SMB1602S 811(AMDEP SP)
      SMB1326P 851(AMDEP SP)
      SMB179D 852(AMDEP 853)
      SMB171A 853(AMDEP 855)
      TIB1135X 854(AMDEP 67)
      TIB1174H 854(AMDEP 811)
      SMB1553A 856(WPDEP 969)
      SMB143G 857(AMDEP 855)
      SMB3130Z 904(WPDEP SP)
      TIB1019Z 911(WLDEP SP)
      SMB1478J 912(WLDEP SP)
      TIB997G 913(WLDEP 912)
      SMB261Z 925(WLDEP 950)
      TIB902E 964(WLDEP SP)
      SMB1465B 965(WPDEP 969)
      SMB3560R 969(WPDEP 966)

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    • Rides 29/7
      SBS3689U 17 Bedok North Ave 4 to Tampines Ave 2
      SBS8843H 38 Tampines Ave 2 to Tampines Ave 7
      SBS7603R 168 Tampines Ave 7 to Woodlands Regional Int
      SMB319S 969 Woodlands Regional Int to Woodlands Ave 7
      SMB1508G 965 Woodlands Ave 7 to Lentor Ave
      SMB1339C 852 Lentor Ave to Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
      SBS8286R 86 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
      SBS8127S 74 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 to Hougang Ave 2
      SBS9454R 25 Hougang Ave 2 to Eunos Link
      SBS8430R 45 Eunos Link to Bedok North Rd
      SBS6660G 222 Chai Chee St to Bedok North Rd

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    • Originally posted by Twentyfive:

      Hi! Anyone waiting for offer call gotten any response yet?

      Still waiting for it, @Twentyfive.. how about you?


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    • ... Flick. With Argan Oils. (Feat. Eunice Annabel, Mediacorp Artiste) (5th Gen: Pink) Former:  Ministry Of Health (MOH) - MediShield Life: We Can Enjoy Better Protection For Life. www.medishieldlife.sg. SBS6243C (AR 273) Current: BL: Allswell ...

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    • looking at my pikature of istana

      i felt like a voyeur

      many couples romantically hold hands sit on benches picnic mat enjoying view, then i behind take pikatures of them

      even in the shaded Japanese Garden in the Istana ground

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    • last yr and this yr thrown out so many freebies liao 

      better 打铁趁热

      if delay further ppl will "forget" liao


      but then, we are the ones who rber where these "freebies" come from and what they entail.........

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    • M1 just pulled a surprise out of its hat with a new range of plans. Dubbed mySIM, the new plans are attractive for two reasons. Firstly, there is no need to commit to a two-year contract to get this plan. Secondly, the monthly subscription starts from S$30 and gives you at least 3GB of data.


      However, if you commit to this plan for a year, you get 5GB of data per month. In comparison, M1’s existing plans start from S$41 and gives the same 3GB of data. Do the maths, and you’ll realise that it doesn’t make sense to sign up for the older Lite+ plan which costs more for the same data bundle. That is, if you aren't getting a subsidised phone.

      Now, the question is, would you be able to purchase a subsidised handset with the new mySIM plans? M1's spokesperson has confirmed that the mySIM plans won't be bundled with a smartphone purchase. Essentially, this is an option for you to purchase a mobile plan at a lower monthly cost.

      That said, considering how you’re saving S$11 a month, that's S$251 you don't have to pay over two years. If you're in urgent need of replacing a smashed up phone, you can buy an affordable Xiaomi Redmi 2, get a mySIM plan and save your two-year contract for a bigger ticket item like an iPhone 7 when it's launched.

      Or if you were to get, for example, the OnePlus One (which isn’t officially available from the telcos here) or even the upcoming OnePlus 2, it’s a matter of buying the phone and signing up for a mySIM plan. None of the hassle of signing a two-year contract, selling the subsidised phone that comes with it and using the money to subsidise your personal purchase.

      More importantly, you have the freedom to switch to another telco any moment.


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    • SMB5057P [WL 857].
      Former: SMRT New livery
      SkyTeam - Korean Air Lines • Excellence In Flight: Our Airline Is All About You. www.koreanair.com.

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    • i think our manpower resources put to the test

      one event after another

      still can tahan 12 Sep erections meh



      only person i want to see is Yam Ah Mee