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    • Just realized WRI feeders dont park at WRI anymore ah? sgwiki stated all of them 'sleep' at WLBP.

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    • My (now deceased) dad had a collection of vintage banknotes. I'm not into collecting and thought about spending the SG notes but my wife advised I should look into selling them. What's a realistic offer we should expect for our $1k note?

      Front: http://i.imgur.com/6oYqDjk.jpg

      Back: http://i.imgur.com/GDTmmRF.jpg

      $500 ship series note also available.

      [email protected]


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    • Originally posted by SBS3004X:

      2 days before on 27

      just want to say this bus icon_arrow.gif HG dat all .

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    • I hope it will still be there when I return. Been overseas forever and missing the nightlife there.  

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    • 18 OCT 2014   SATURDAY

      SBS 954Z   ON 109 (HGDEP 158)
      SBS 6767H ON 109 (HGDEP SP)
      SBS 6812K ON 109 (HGDEP SP)
      SBS 8147J ON 109 (HGDEP 34)
      SBS 8648E ON 109 (HGDEP 151)

      SBS 3850U ON 147

      SBS 6239R ON 159 (HGDEP 372)

      SBS 3258E ON 161 (HGDEP 101)
      SBS 7385U ON 161 (HGDEP 51)

      SBS 2747S ON 325 (HGDEP SP)

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    • Take one of those redeye flights to Incheon (those leaving before midnight) So dark outside that he will not notice the height. 

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    • Had some at Thailand's Siam Paragon Mall. Good to have KK closer to home. Got to watch the extra kg. So difficult to say no to KK + good coffee.

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    • Been using CCleaner for 4 months now. Only good things to say. There's a paid version. Not sure what added advantage is offered when upgrading to a paid subscription.


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    • SMB145B SMB157S with new Burger King ad. 

      Look out for other buses that have this including those buses that used to have BK ad i.e 793C,335U,199X

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    • I predict Singapore will reclaim more sea and expand to twice as large as it is now.

      Go motherland. Missing SG. Be back next year.

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    • Originally posted by SBS8676Z:

      I suspect SBS1688K might have been laid up together with the MK4 batch that is deregistering in Jan 2015...

      Great! SBS1688K is back on sv84 again!!! its on sv tdy. hope it gets lifespan extension.

      Edited by SBS3688Y 18 Oct `14, 6:30PM
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    • Today (18 October):

      TIB823A (KJDEP 970) on 188 (188AM04) - Home > Choa Chu Kang Int

      SMB212R (KJDEP 307) on 307 (307AM06) - Choa Chu Kang Int > Opp Choa Chu Kang Stn

      TIB740E (KJDEP 307) on 307E (307TQ1, Malay BC) - Opp Choa Chu Kang Stn > Choa Chu Kang Int


      SMB3045L (KJDEP 302) on 300 (300AM91?) - Choa Chu Kang Int > Blk 277

      TIB1119T (KJDEP 190) on 188 (188S201) - Blk 277 > Choa Chu Kang Int


      SMB1443J (KJDEP SP) on 188R (188RPM01, first PM trip) - Choa Chu Kang Int > Seah Im Food Ctr


      SBS3607G (CGBP 10) on 10 (33T, last trip) - VivoCity > HarbourFront Ctr

      SBS7671T (CGBP 10) on 10 (28P, first PM trip) - HarbourFront Ctr > Home

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    • 324's guides on SBS5011L (HGDEP 113) and SBS5013G (HGDEP 113) are all wiped out by bus fans in a few days.. Now SBST replaced them with different brochures

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    • Today (18 October):

      10 (timetable eff 13 October):

      Note: Technically this timetable is updated from today (18 Oct), but SBS Transit’s timetable shows eff 13 Oct instead…

      *SBS3607G on SBS9667T slot (33T)!

      SBS3801L (BNDEP SP) – spotted at Heng Mui Keng Terr at 12.01p.m, on duty 17A/25P…

      *SBS7661Y on duty 29S!

      SBS8038R (ARBP 16) – on duty 2A/6P, behind SBS7671T (20A/28P)

      Partial sequence = SBS3801L (17A/25P) > SBS8621G (18A/26P) > SBS3812E? (19A/27P) > DM3500 (3A/7P) > SBS3087G (T shift) > SBS7661Y (29S) > SBS3607G (33T) > SBS7671T (20A/28P) > SBS8038R (2A/6P)


      SBS3048U (BNDEP 87) – spotted at Westvale at 5.06p.m.


      SBS3752U (HGDEP SP) – spotted at West Coast Road > Pasir Panjang Road junction at 12.07p.m.

      SBS9669M (HGDEP 163) – rimguards! Spotted at Heng Mui Keng Terr, before SBS3752U


      SBS7727S (SLBP 79) – spotted at Blk 284 at 12.24p.m.


      SMB1461G (KJDEP 700) – spotted at VivoCity at 4.10p.m.


      SMB224G (KJDEP 188/188R)

      TIB882D (KJDEP 190)

      TIB1134Z (AMDEP 969)

      TIB1177A (KJDEP 180)


      SBS3764K (SLBP SP) – spotted at Bef CC Chr Chapel at 4.53p.m.


      SBS6122T (HGDEP 317) – spotted at VivoCity at 4.28p.m.


      SBS6646Z (SLBP 502) – with new ad… Spotted at Opp Blk 288D at 12.27p.m.


      SBS6218B (ARBP 195) – spotted at VivoCity at 4.13p.m.


      SBS3076M (SLBP 183) – spotted at Harbourside Ind Bldg at 4.58p.m.

      SBS3128Y (SLBP 79) – spotted at VivoCity at 4.29p.m.

      SBS3784C (SLBP SP) – spotted at Heng Mui Keng Terr, before SBS7361M

      SBS3844M (SLBP SP) – spotted at VivoCity at 4.18p.m.


      SBS7387P (BBDEP 196) – CDGE cameos are not that rare, but 196 perms are hard to find on 166…


      *New livery MAN (KJDEP/BUDEP)

      TIB899G (KJDEP 188)

      TIB1128S (BUDEP 106) – unusual, but not rare…


      TIB807Y (KJDEP 189)


      SBS3835P (SLBP SP) – spotted at Opp Blk 127 at 12.35p.m.


      TIB528C (WLBP 75) – spotted at Blk 146 at 3.28p.m.

      TIB725A (WLBP 963) – spotted at Opp Currency Hse at 4.59p.m.


      SMB345R (WLDEP 587) – spotted at Bukit Batok West Ave 4 > Ave 7 at 3.19p.m.

      SMB1390C (WLDEP SP) – possible perm? Spotted at Bukit Batok Road > Choa Chu Kang Road junction at 3.14p.m.

      SMB1479G (WLDEP SP) – spotted at Blk 331 at about 12.40p.m.

      TIB1125A (WLDEP 962) – spotted at Bukit Batok Ave 1 – Bukit Batok East/West Ave 6 junction at 3.29p.m, towards Woodlands Int


      SMB68R (KJDEP 176 or 190?)

      SMB86M (KJDEP 970) – spotted at Fac Of Engrg at 12.09p.m.

      SMB202U (KJDEP 700) – on SMB201Y’s slot again (AP02)… Spotted at Opp Blk 288D at 12.27p.m.

      SMB1408L (KJDEP 700) – second day… Spotted at Opp Blk 133 at 3.11p.m.

      SMB1419E (KJDEP 190) – spotted at Aft Clementi Swim Cplx at 12.13p.m.

      TIB823A (KJDEP 970) – on duty 188AP07…

      *TIB988H and TIB1065P on Weekend slots…

      TIB1119T (KJDEP 190) – on duty 188S201…

      Fleet = SMB86M > SMB1419E > TIB891C (AP01) > SMB202U (AP02) > SMB203S (AP08) > TIB1119T (S201) > TIB1101T (AP10) > TIB988H (AP11?) > TIB1065P (AP12?) > TIB823A (AP07) > TIB1082P > Unknown > Unknown > Unknown > SMB68R


      SMB218A (KJDEP 188)

      SMB220S (KJDEP 188)

      SMB1329G (KJDEP 971E/307) – spotted at Jurong East Central > Toh Guan Road junction at 12.29p.m.

      SMB1415R (KJDEP 188)

      SMB1443J (KJDEP SP) – suspect first ever Batch 3 MAN to perform on 188R… On duty 188RAP01 (TIB754R slot)

      Fleet = SMB1443J (AP01) > SMB220S (AP02) > SMB218A (AP03) > SMB1415R (AP04) > SMB1329G (AP05)


      TIB560H (BUDEP 106)

      TIB1157H (KJDEP 190) – before TIB1151Z.


      SMB3011J (KJDEP BSEP or 985)

      SMB3045L (KJDEP 302)

      TIB1209S (KJDEP 190)

      TIB1212G (KJDEP 190)

      TIB1236M (KJDEP 176)

      Fleet = TIB764L > SMB3045L (AP91?) > TIB892A > TIB896P > TIB1236M > TIB1031L? > TIB1212G? > SMB3011J (AP90) > TIB873E > TIB1209S > TIB887R or TIB1027A


      TIB874C (KJDEP 176)

      TIB880J (KJDEP 67)

      TIB1202K (KJDEP 300)


      SMB109G (KJDEP 985)

      TIB785B (KJDEP SP) – on an A/P duty between SMB212R (AP06) and TIB740E (TQ01), suspect new slot…

      Fleet = SMB215H > SMB211T > SMB109G > SMB214K (WAB logo) > SMB212R > TIB785B (A/P) > TIB740E > SMB210X


      SBS8047P (SLBP SP) – spotted at Opp Blk 288D at 12.27p.m.


      SBS2800X (BBDEP SP)


      TIB751Z (WLDEP 856)

      TIB826S (KJDEP 970)


      SMB1467R (KJDEP SP)


      SMB1425L (WLBP 965) – behind SMB341B…


      TIB752X (KJDEP SP) – behind TIB702R…


      TIB549S (KJDEP 300)

      TIB738M (KJDEP 307)


      TIB618B (AMDEP SP) – suspect temp perm till deregistration…

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    • Hey guys, 

      Could you help me out with my posting?


      You are posted to HQ RSAF 2. Your vocation is DVR(TRAINEE) 3.  Your are to report to: Gombak Base, Mindef Building, Air Manpower Dept, #B1-55A   Reporting Date/Time: 20/10/2014 at 0800 hrs   Person to report to: Admin Clerk   Contact Number: 67683015 4. Special Instruction:

      No Camera Handphone is allowed. Do not bring along the SAF issued items given during BMT. Report in proper Uniform (or in a collared shirt and pants with written excuse from SAF MO). No jeans are allowed. Change pass at Pass Office.


      I received a call by Airforce Manpower Dept to report to Chong Pang camp for vocational trainee course. I understand that Chong Pang or Sembawang camp has a transport operators (drivers) training centre somewhere. 

      Is HQ RSAF considered my permanent NS unit once I passed the vocation course?

      Am I expected to stay in at Sembawang camp as the caller told me not to bring my Army BMT items? Will I be issued brand new Airforce items since I'm being transferred from the Army to the RSAF?

      Edited by eac 18 Oct `14, 7:47PM
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    • Selling Takashimaya vouchers too. 5 X $10 at $40. No expiiry date for the vouchers. Please pm me.

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    • HI everyone,

      I have sv 128 dated 2013. Anyone wants?

      Anyone have the following guide 42, 92, 191, 200, 400, 402, 502 (latest)


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    • Originally posted by Diablo9898:

      TS, u very contradicting leh... on the other thread you call those drivers who don't use 3rd party apps as loser... some more 100% losers .... on this thread you said take call no good strategy. .. so which is which??? Me now relly need to retire liao... make me till gong gong...

      Well it all depends, If morning rush hrs,not wise to take call at heratlands,of course after fetch pax to town ,there is call fr town must take. LIkewise in the evening rush hrs,take call fr heartlands ,but not fr town.