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    • Originally posted by iveco:

      Possible candidate for Seletar contract.

      There are dozens more A95 without company logo

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    • Serangoon-Eunos Package (Kim Chuan Depot)

      Serangoon Central Int(Anchor operator)

      100,101,103,109,158,315 & 317.

      Eunos Int(Anchor operator)

      60,61,63/63M,94,150,154 & 1 new feeder for future Eunos Cres.

      Sims Place Ter(Anchor operator)

      64,134 & 1 new svc.

      Lor 1 Geylang Ter(Anchor operator)

      11,140 & 141.

      Bishan Int(Tenant)

      53/53M,55,58 & 59.


      Clementi-Kent Ridge Package (Ulu Pandan Depot)

      Clementi Int(Anchor operator)

      96,99,166,175,196,196e,282,284 & 285.

      Kent Ridge Ter(Anchor operator)

      33,95,200 & 201.

      Buona Vista Ter(Anchor operator)

      48,91 & 191.

      Jurong East Int(Tenant)

      51,52,105,160 & 197.

      Boon Lay Int(Tenant)

      30 & 30e.

      Bt Panjang 



      Bishan-Toa Payoh Package (Ang Mo Kio Depot)

      Toa Payoh Int(Anchor operator)

      26,28,88,90,139/139M,142,145,231,232,235 & 238.

      Bishan Int(Anchor operator)

      50,54,56,57 & 410G/W.

      St Michael's Ter(Anchor operator)

      21,124 & 125.

      Ang Mo Kio Int(Tenant)

      73,128 & 136.

      Ang Mo Kio Ave 8





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    • Hi everyone!

      On the same topic but different niche, is it possible for a foreigner moving to Singapore to buy an EC?

      I'm moving to Singapore and will be renting a condo unit at Siglap Singapore. However, i'm also interested to invest in property here, and was looking at some upcoming condominiums termed Executive Condos.

      Where's a good place or bank to approach for financial loans for properties? Also are PRs able to purchase ECs'? 

      Thank you.

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    • but u have to let them be unreasonable or else u will be videoed and stomped and people call u disrespectful and CSIed where you live, where you study, where you work and where you shit

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    • Woodlands-Woodlands North Package (North Coast Depot).

      Woodlands Reg Int(Anchor operator)


      963,963E,963R & 964.

      Woodlands North Int(Anchor operator)

      925/925M,926,950,951E & 2 new svc.




      Tampines-Changi Business Park Package (East Coast Depot)

      Tampines Central Int(Anchor operator)

      4,8,10,10e,19,20,22,23,31,37,38,65,67,69,72,81,127,291 & 293.

      Tampines Concourse Int(Anchor operator)

      18,39,129,292 & 513.

      Changi Biz Park Ter(Anchor operator)

      47 & 1 new svc.

      Pasir Ris



      Boon Lay-Joo Koon Package (Soon Lee Depot)

      Boon Lay Int(Anchor operator)


      401 & 502/502A.

      Joo Koon Int(Anchor operator)

      182/182M,185,253,254,255,257 & 258.

      Tuas Ter(Anchor operator)

      192,193,247 & 248.

      Jurong West



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    • an old auntie just cut my Q when exiting mrt station gantry

      dun think old means by default we have to 让 them or let them be unreasonable

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    • yet another senior citizen goes on rampage


      altho this video is 3 years ago, i observed more older people have poor upbringing but choose to berate the younger generation for any 'mistake' 

      i still stand by my perception that baby boomers are the bane of this nation

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    • Sembawang-Yishun Package (Mandai Depot)

      Sembawang Int(Anchor operator)

      167,859,882,883,980,981 & 1 new feeder.

      Yishun Int(Anchor operator)

      171,800,803,804,805,806,811 & 812.

      Woodlands Reg Int(Tenant)

      169,856,858,965,966 & 969.



      Pasir Ris

      NR4(renumbered from NR7)




      Sengkang-Hougang Package (Hougang Depot)

      Hougang Central Int(Anchor operator)

      27,74,74e,89,89e,102,107/107M,151,151e,153,161,165,324,325 & 329.

      Sengkang Int(Anchor operator)

      80,86,87,156,159,371 & 372.

      Compassvale Int(Anchor operator)

      84(extended),163/163M,374 & 1 new svc.

      Kovan Ter(Anchor operator)

      112,113 & 115.




      Bedok-Upp East Coast Package (Bedok North Depot)

      Bedok Int(Anchor operator)

      7,9,14,14e,16,17/17M,32,35/35M,40,66,155,168,222,225G/W,228,229 & 401.

      Upp East Coast Ter(Anchor operator)

      13,42/42M,45,46 & 1 new svc.

      Bedok North





      Choa Chu Kang-Bt Panjang Package (Gali Batu Depot).

      Choa Chu Kang Int(Anchor operator)

      172,188,188E,188R,190,300,301,302,307,308,927,928(BPS1),983 & 985.

      Bt Panjang Int(Anchor operator)

      180,184,920,922,972,973,975 & 979.

      Gali Batu Ter(Anchor operator)

      170M,700,970 & 971E.

      Queen St Ter(Anchor operator)


      Bt Batok West


      Bt Batok


      Jurong West


      Choa Chu Kang



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    • Hope LTA can consider to revamp bus packages

      Bt Batok-Jurong East Package (Bulim Depot)

      Bt Batok Int(Anchor operator)

      77,173,177,189,941,945,947,990 & 2 new svc.

      Jurong East Int(Anchor operator)

      41,49,78,79,97,97e,98/98M,143/143M,183,333,334,335 & 506.

      Boon Lay Int(Tenant)

      157,174,174e & 198.


      Pasir Ris-Punggol Package (Loyang Depot)

      Pasir Ris Int(Anchor operator)

      5,6,12,15,354,358,359,403 & 518/518A.

      Punggol Int(Anchor operator)

      34/34M,43/43M,62,82,83,85,117,118,119,381,382G/W & 386.

      Changi Village Ter(Anchor operator)

      2 & 29.

      Changi Airport(Joint operator with SBST)


      Tampines Int(Tenant)

      3 & 68.


      Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Package (Sungei Seletar Depot)

      Ang Mo Kio Int(Anchor operator)

      24,25,130,133,135,138,261,262,265 & 269.

      Yio Chu Kang Int(Anchor operator)

      70/70M,76,162/162M,268,825 & 2 new svc.

      Yishun Int(Tenant)

      851,852,853,854,854e,855,857 & 860.




      Bt Merah-Shenton Way Package (Ayer Rajah Depot,Expansion)

      Bt Merah Int(Anchor operator)

      123,131,132,271,272 & 1 new feeder replacing 131M.

      Ghim Moh Ter(Anchor operator)

      92/92M & 111.

      Harbourfront Int(Anchor operator)

      93 & 126(Replacing 123M).

      Shenton Way Ter(Anchor operator)

      106,186,400 & 402.

      Marina Centre Ter(Joint operator with others)

      75 & 195.

      Kg Bahru Ter(Joint operator with others)

      120,121 & 122.


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    • Originally posted by TIB987K:

      Latest bus registered: SG5818M and deployed to Service 806

      Possible candidate for Seletar contract.

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    • 124 will do well with DDs. With new flats coming up in Telok Blangah, loading will increase to HF and loading to Chinatown is alreay heavy. Instead of adding more buses on road, will be good to have a mix of DDs/SDs once trees are pruned.

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    • lunch done

      now chillax at starbucks


      the c0ck up something in my app so i got 1 fwee drink w00h00~

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    • Originally posted by wuggles:


      I'm waiting for a call from them too! My medical follow up was on 30th June. No news is good news I guess :/ 

      What is the date of your first medical before the follow up? Mine was in May, only had 1 medical, didn't get called for any follow up.

      Edited by yk12345 20 Jul `17, 2:24PM
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    • Singapore has a greatly decent education system yet it is exceptionally testing you must be extremely constant and devoted to do well. Paper Writing Service Additional curricular exercises are emphatically empowered and relying upon which school you go to the offices can be cutting edge. Since Singapore is such a multicultural nation, vegan sustenance is effectively gotten to at schools and in the city.

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    • Originally posted by TIB 585L:

      SG5835M > SBST FIRST A95

      Inside info. Idk wich depot

      Seletar package la,Not suprised if LG SG A22 also transferred over

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    • Quite high chance it's Seletar depot, because if SBS Transit has a MAN A95, it's probably for the Seletar BCM package.

      To see whether there's a MAN A95 at Seletar depot, take bus 965 from opposite Khatib MRT, or Sengkang Bus Interchange. Along the way, you can see the bus park of Seletar depot.

      No guarantee that the SBS Transit MAN A95 is at Seletar depot, but there's a possibility that it is there.

      Edited by gekpohboy 20 Jul `17, 7:33PM