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    • SG5513S,SG5514P & SG5515L spotted along BKE..

      SG1023R-SG1027E>>BUDEP Storage>>SMRT AMDEP

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    • Originally posted by AJQZC:

      Why bother reviving dead bus routes?

      If there is really demand, have a proper bus service introduced.

      If you're talking about premium services that only run twice a day, go suggest to the private bus operators.

      Not all past services were withdrawn because of low demand... Many were due to duplication with MRT (even when they had sufficient demand), mergers/amendments with other services that are later proven to be unwise or no longer effective today, or even for the purpose of forcing people to switch to other underutilized bus svcs/MRT lines.

      And note that loading patterns / route planning decades ago may not be the same as today, considering new MRT lines, increase in population (hence limitation of MRT's capacity) and especially new estates/flats. So some services with low demand in the past may do pretty well today.

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    • 1) You must be an active status full time student in Temasek polytechnic.

      2) Check that you have met the minimum entry requirements and last aggregate scores of your new course. http://www.tp.edu.sg/admissions/course-intake-and-last-aggregate-scores

      3) Visit Temasek polytechnic's website at Student Services section. Download a copy of the course transfer form in PDF format.

      4) Print, fill up and submit to Student Services @ Administration Block 9, Level 2, Lift Lobby C.

      5) Wait for reply.

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    • If You've Got Big Boobs, Here Are Some Tips For Buying the Perfect Sports Bra


      Activewear is an investment, and your spending shouldn't be limited to the most visible items you workout in like cool trainers and snazzy leggings, because your undergarments matter just as much. This is even more important for bustier women.

      The size of your chest should never stand in the way of your active lifestyle and fitness pursuits, so if you're struggling with ill-fitting sports bras, or having to double-bra your way through every workout, the following tips will make your next sports bra shopping trip a complete success.

      Get Measured

      Workout gear is made from technical, durable fabrics, so instead of reaching for your regular underwear size, get measured so that you're wearing the right size. Due to the fact that brands tend to size their bras differently, you can't rely on your size in one style to be the perfect fit in similar offerings from different brands. To take the tediousness out of getting measured for each and every sportswear brand out there, head to a department store that stocks a variety of different brands, get measured, and ask for recommendations.

      Prepare to Pay More

      Unfortunately, due to the nature of manufacturing, bras for bustier women tend to cost more. If you're used to paying more for your regular underwear, don't expects your sports bras to be any different. While it may feel like a con, paying more for the right fit is important to supporting your back, minimizing the strain on your neck and shoulders, holding your bust secure, and preserving your delicate breast tissue.


      Function Over Fashion

      Sacrificing style for fit and comfort can be hard, because let's face it, we all want to look good, even if it's just while jogging in the park. But, if you're on the bustier side, then function should be foremost in your mind when shopping for a sports bra. While you have options with fabric and color ways, be mindful of important features like comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, supportive cups, and durable fastenings.

      Wear It In

      If you aren't used to wearing a cupped sports bra, it can take some getting used to. High-impact support bras are required to hold you secure without squishing you down while you're being active, and to do that they usually have a snug-fitting band and high cups. If your bra feels a little constricting to begin with, try breaking it in by wearing it around the house for a few hours before you work out in it.

      Handwash It

      If you pend enough money on your activewear, you'll appreciate it enough to want to wash every item correctly. While there are arguments for both hand and machine washing, we suggest the former. The agitation and high temperatures of machine washing can contribute to the breakdown of the elastic fibers in your sports bra, while hand-washing allows you more control of the temperature, force, and amount of detergent you use to wash your delicates.



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    • Changi Airport, which handled a record number of travellers last year, retained its position as the world's sixth busiest for international passenger traffic.

      The top three airports were Dubai International Airport, London's Heathrow Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

      Changi grew faster than both Heathrow and Hong Kong, with traffic increasing by 6.1 per cent year-on-year to 58.2 million passengers, based on data compiled by Airports Council International (ACI) - a trade body that represents airports.

      In an update on Monday, the ACI said globally, airports handled almost 7.7 billion travellers last year, registering increases in all regions except Africa.

      Asia again led the charge, accounting for more than a third of the total traffic.

      The air cargo sector held its own last year, with markets experiencing a "revival" in the second half.

      This was despite a backdrop of economic uncertainty regarding trade policies in the United States and United Kingdom, two of the world's largest aviation markets, the ACI said.

      "When we look at the traffic data over the last two decades, we get a sense that aviation has entered a new era of unprecedented growth," said ACI director-general Angela Gittens.

      Historically low jet fuel prices and affordable air travel on account of low-cost carriers on many short and medium-haul routes have acted as catalysts in stimulating air transport demand, she said.

      Rapid urbanisation has also played a key role in the growth.

      Still, the industry must be aware that there are impediments that could curtail the rise in demand, Ms Gittens said.

      "Specifically, these are related to geopolitical unrest, terrorism and threats to security in certain parts of the world.

      "Physical capacity considerations and potential bottlenecks in air transport infrastructure also pose challenges in accommodating future air transport demand," she warned.

      Airports like Changi are already preparing for the future with capacity investments, experts said.

      Terminal 4 will open on Oct 31. Meanwhile, a third runway is being prepared for commercial flights and new measures, such as reduced separation between flights, are being rolled out to increase air traffic capacity.

      Changi is moving in the right direction, said Mr Ramanathan Mohandas, head of the diploma programme in aviation management at Republic Polytechnic.

      Apart from expanding capacity and investing in service initiatives, the airport has also been reaching out to airlines to launch new routes and products, he pointed out.

      This month, European carrier Norwegian will launch flights between London's Gatwick Airport and Singapore - the longest budget flight ever operated.

      The 10,841km trip will take just under 13 hours for those travelling to Singapore, and about an hour longer from here to Gatwick.



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    • SBS Transit Ltd

      Buses:Boon Lay-Joo Koon/Bt Merah-Kg Bahru/Bishan-TPY

      AMK-YCK/Hougang-Sengkang & Woodlands-Woodlands North.



      SMRT Corp Ltd

      Buses:Clementi-Buona Vista/CCK-Bt Panjang/Serangoon-Eunos &

      Bedok-Upp East Coast.



      SUB (Pte) Limited (Spore Urban Bus)

      Buses:Pasir Ris-Punggol/Sembawang-Yishun/Bt Batok-Jurong East.


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    • Cabby and Grab driver hurl vulgarities at each other


      A video of a Grab driver and a cabby engaged in an expletive-laden shouting match has been circulating online.

      Stomper Edros alerted Stomp to the video, which All Singapore Stuff also uploaded on Facebook.

      According to the video caption, the dispute occurred at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal though its cause cannot be ascertained.

      In the clip, the two men hurled vulgarities at each other. 

      When one of them was about to leave in his taxi, which had the Grab decal on it, the other guy said, "Why? No strength already ah?"


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    • Should be the feeder BUS SERVICE from eunos interchange to  

      Two weeks ago saw the bus service on test bus service route 

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    • Originally posted by Ajen:

      new bustops along Kaki Bukit industrial estate. 
      saw one along Kaki Bukit Ave 3.

      Saw at K.B ROAD 3 too.

      Should be loop service around Kaki Bukit area as only one shelter constructed (at one side and not both sides of road).

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    • Don't touch the 9-topics: further threats to information freedom in Tibet

      13 September 2017 Yeshe Choesang, Tibet Post International

      Dharamshala — Chinese authorities have apparently ramped up efforts to even further threaten freedom of information in China and Tibet, as authorities issued new regulations on Instant Social Media Networking on Thursday, September 7, warning group chat owners to take full responsibility for their activities and ordered them to: "Stay away from nine topics in online group chats" on WeChat, QQ or Baidu Tieba.

      "In the past few days, many Tibetans have come into the focus of Chinese police attention, as Chinese authorities have ordered the crackdown of large parts of China made social media users in Tibet and Tibetan areas, where foreign journalists are still banned from visiting the region and where almost all Tibetan websites, blogs and forums run by Tibetans were permanently closed down," says Yeshe Choesang, editor of the Tibet Post International.

      Tibetans who participated in group chats ordered to leave groups and those who having photos/texts related to Tibet or His Holiness the Dalai Lama in their mobile phones were ordered to delete them from their mobiles— an extreme and counter-productive move. Intensifying control over freedom of speech activity presents a further threat to freedom of information in Tibet with the issuance of these new rules for group chats on WeChat, QQ and others forms of social media.

      After mobile tracking by Chinese authorities, Tibetans who had participated in group chats were called in to government offices and police stations and questioned about their involvements, with officials wanting to know which social media sites they had used, what software they had installed with cell phones, and with whom they had spoken. After careful investigation, police warned them, saying: "Stay away from nine topics in online group chats on WeChat, QQ or Baidu Tieba," among the apparently forbidden topics are Tibet and any sort of 'political dissidence.'

      Group chats on WeChat, QQ or Baidu Tieba have become popular in recent years, not only among Chinese, but also among the Tibetan public, serving as online forums. However, Beijing is now taking action to tighten controls over the messaging apps.

      The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released a statement (in Chinese) on its website saying that the managers and owners of the group chats will have to be responsible for the management of the groups. Also, online chat providers must now verify the identities of the users and keep the blogs and logs of the group chats for at least six months.

      Additionally, the rules also require the service providers to set up credit systems. Users who break the rules will have their credit score lowered, have their management rights suspended, and be reported to relevant government departments to keep them on file, said CAC on its website.

      CAC especially highlighted in its statement that "whoever sets up the group should be responsible," and that "whoever manages the group should be responsible."

      The new regulations will cover platforms provided by the country's internet giants and budding startups, such as Baidu's Tieba, Alibaba's Alipay chat, Tencent's WeChat and QQ, Sina's Weibo, and the group chats in the rising dating app Momo.

      Self-censorship is kicking in fast on WeChat as China's new rules on message groups casts a chill among the 963 million users of Tencent Holdings Ltd.'s social network.

      Regulations released Sept. 7 made creators of online groups responsible for managing information within their forums and the behavior of members. The prospect of punishment for the actions of others has led many administrators to disband groups while others circulate self-imposed rules discouraging the spreading of rumors or unauthorized information about Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some are turning to alternatives, such as encrypted messaging apps, to avoid government scrutiny. The regulations are the latest in a series of moves carried out by authorities, as China ramps up for the politically sensitive period of the 19th Communist Party congress.

      As a follow-up to the new set of regulations (in Chinese) on online groups unveiled by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) last week, the country's Public Security Bureau issued an urgent warning (in Chinese) on September 11, declaring that online discussions on WeChat, the all-encompassing and most popular messaging platform in China, are subject to the new rules, and that a few group chat administrators had been detained as punishment.

      In the statement, the police department reiterated the core message of the regulations that all group chat members, especially organizers and administrators, should be responsible for their comments in cyberspace. In addition, the police listed nine taboo topics that every online chat group user should steer clear of. What the most surprising thing about the new regulation is that Tibet considered as China's so called "most sensitive area", is excluded among the nine topics.

      Following are the banned topics in China, include Tibet, South Mongolia, East Turkestan and Manchuria:

      Politically sensitive topics


      Internal memos

      Content related to porn, drugs, and terrorism

      News regarding (Tibet), Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau that hasn't been published by official sources

      Military data

      Information containing state secrets

      Seemingly fabricated video clips that defame or insult the police and are released by unknown sources

      Any other content that violates related laws and regulations


      The Chinese authorities also warned many across China, including Tibet and Tibetan areas. In one instance, many Tibetans from Qinghai and Sichuan Provinces, claiming discontented with being caught while investigating, spread insulting content against the police and consequently were held in detention for five days for creating a disturbance. In another instance, some local residents in the city of Qianjiang, in Hubei Province, were criticized and educated by the local police after being found circulating petitions in a WeChat group to oppose a local government's project. Although the group's owner wasn't involved in the dissemination of protest posts, he was approached by the police for not promptly stopping the group members' acts of expressing inappropriate content.

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    • 20/9 Wednesday 

      SG5561C 241

      SBS8074K 99

      SG5381E 241

      Edited by Kira™ 20 Sep `17, 8:08AM
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    • Originally posted by TIB 585L:

      Night time 4002G not operating. Suspect S

      Evening do 2 trips due to technical error

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    • DIABETES is in essence a chronic caloric excess problem; marked by high glucose levels, insulin resistance caused by high visceral fat (fully saturated adipose cells) due to relatively insufficient activity (exercise) resulting in excessive caloric accumulation (visceral fat etc).

      (Just like traffic jams are harmful to Singapore).

      Both fat cells and muscle cells are instructed by hormone insulin to absorb glucose from blood. However, fat cells and undeveloped (atrophied+ fat saturated) muscle tissues have limited glucose absorption capability either due to fat saturation or else poor function (muscle volume lack due to lack of regular aerobic and weight bearing exercise) respectively.

      Marathon runners consume pure glucose during competitions as an instant energy source but all Olympic standard Marathon runners have minimal visceral fat (and ostensibly no insulin resistance) due to their high metabolism lifestyle in running long distance in training everyday.

      Due to the ready availability of high caloric food in Singapore and the encouragement to eat more ("cashless" payment options), Singaporeans need to exercise more to build more muscle volume and function to increase their calorie burning capacity vz increasing both their resting as well as maximum metabolic rate, as well as reduction of visceral fat so that glucose produced from food can be absorbed by muscles and unsaturated adipose (fat) cells.

      Singapore has done well to make our roads free from traffic jams by limiting the car population with limited COEs, scrapping cars with expired COEs so that roads are optimally used. Calories too can be controlled vz effective supply and demand adjustments: more non-digestible vegetable matter, complex foods: unprocessed natural fat and protein can lengthen the duration of digestion (satiety) and thus reduce between meal hunger pangs whilst increased exercise and measurable volumetric increase in muscle mass can increase baseline metabolic rate to allow unsaturated adipose cells to do their rightful job in responding to insulin and absorb glucose from blood.

      A high glucose level due to supply + demand imbalances is like a road jam-packed with cars causing road damage (excessive start-stop vehicle motions) and environmental damage due to air pollution due to excessive vehicle volume and travel duration).

      Diabetes is a disease of chronic caloric excess and sedentary life resulting in fully saturated adipose Cells and atrophied fat saturated muscle tissue: insensate to insulin due to physical limits in caloric storage being exceeded/ reached resulting in insulin resistance and consequent blood glucose excess which is self-destructive and in the long run, the cause of many diabetes related complications like blindness, cancer, kidney failure, impotence, heart failure, amputations, frequent infections and stroke (/dementia).

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    • Originally posted by dupdup77:

      Hi mr carbikebus, yes. For mrt contracts, only open to Sbs transit and smrt. The rest, NO. Cheers. Thanks.

      I think either should be getting all of MRT system to operate as one.

      Edited by SMB145B 20 Sep `17, 12:27AM
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    • new bustops along Kaki Bukit industrial estate. 
      saw one along Kaki Bukit Ave 3.

      Edited by Ajen 20 Sep `17, 12:24AM