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    • Thundery showers to persist in 2nd half of Nov; a few warm days ahead: Moderate to heavy thundery showers are forecasted to happen mostly in the afternoon on six to eight days, and may extend into the evening on a few of these days. http://bit.ly/2jva5sc 



      The mercury is also expected to rise to a high of around 34°C, with a few warm days in the last two weeks of the month. http://bit.ly/2jx3ugT 

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    • 六扇门 is so damn cool. 2 separate murders were committed by 2 different murderers for separate agendas. The 2 opposing sides (each side responsible for 1 of the murders) are both of course aware of this, but yet both sides, each out of their own deceitful manipulative agendas, both attempt to sell the same lie that the same murderer is behind the 2 murders (so as to pin the blame of their own side’s act of murder onto the opposing side), to the Investigator (Shen LiXing), who is getting increasingly suspicious at both opposing sides.

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    • Originally posted by CZT:

      I like how u say as it breaks down like now hahaha

      Actually, DTL is the only line that hasn't broken down in the past 2 days.

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    • Originally posted by SG5064X:

      SMB1470E SMB1473Y

      >>KJDEP 67

      Likely replacing SMB3098J and SMB3099G... SMB1470E has the President's Challenge ad, probably taking over from SMB3098J.

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    • Cameo 16/11
      SBS6048A 5 (BBDEP SP)
      SBS6567T 5 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS5066D 18 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS8497Z 18 (BNDEP 8)
      SBS3726X 28 (BRBP 88)
      SBS8222A 29 (BNDEP 293)
      SBS8723X 31 (BRBP 90)
      SBS5033Z 39 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS8170R 39 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS8667A 39 (BNDEP 21)
      SBS9685R 51 (HGDEP SP)
      SBS8692B 56 (AMDEP SP)
      SBS8828C 56 (AMDEP SP)
      SBS2806E 57 (BBDEP 95)
      SBS3817S 69 (BNDEP 65)
      SBS8850L 73 (AMDEP 22)
      SBS9815H 88 (BRBP SP)
      SBS3696Z 90 (BRBP SP)
      SBS3165P 94 (HGDEP 64)
      SBS5237C 100 (HGDEP 151)
      SBS8236K 105 (HGDEP 156)
      SG5446C 107 (HGDEP 165)
      SBS3799K 129 (BNDEP 28)
      SBS6581B 130 (AMDEP 24)
      SBS6123R 131 (BBDEP SP)
      SBS6242E 131 (BBDEP SP)
      SBS6597G 133 (AMDEP SP)
      SBS8187T 138 (AMDEP 133)
      SBS8291A 142 (BRBP 155)
      SBS8849S 142 (BRBP SP)
      SBS3824X 147 (HGDEP 132)
      SBS2817Z 151 (BBDEP 175)
      SBS2833B 151 (HGDEP SP)
      SBS8079Y 151 (BBDEP SP)
      SBS3940T 153 (HGDEP 89)
      SBS8050D 156 (BBDEP SP)
      SG5416P 168 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS3601Y 197 (BNDEP 19)
      SBS8660T 197 (BNDEP 222)
      SBS8663K 222 (BNDEP 197)
      SBS8793T 222 (BNDEP SP) replace 6165U
      SBS8350M 238 (BRBP 26)
      SG1108E 262 (AMDEP 269)
      SBS6677J 292 (BNDEP 9)
      SBS8417E 298 (BNDEP 39)
      SBS8996A 298 (BNDEP SP)
      SBS5137H 506 (SLBP 193)
      SG5348C 506 (BNDEP 168)

      SG5748G 180 (KJDEP SP)
      SMB5076J 854 (AMDEP 963)
      TIB1138M 854 (AMDEP SP)
      SMB5046X 857 (AMDEP 963)
      SMB5892U 857 (AMDEP SP)
      SMB281R 860 (AMDEP SP)
      SG5798L 963 (AMDEP SP)
      SMB1639L 966 (AMDEP SP)
      SMB3541X 966 (AMDEP 963E)
      SG5760U 969 (AMDEP SP)
      SMB1482X 970 (KJDEP SP)
      SMB113T 980 (AMDEP 853)
      SG5131K 985 (KJDEP 983)
      SMB2E 985 (KJDEP 172)
      SMB1573S 985 (KJDEP 983)

      SBS3344P 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3381G 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3418K 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6313J 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6345S 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3513C 41 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3369T 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3403C 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6335X 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6350B 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5024L 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3501L 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3506Z 49 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6302R 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6303M 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6326Y 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6327U 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6328S 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6364L 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6356K 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6376C 66 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3028L 77 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3053M 77 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3326S 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3353M 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3360S 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3364G 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3402E 78 (BUDEP 663)
      SBS3423U 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3432T 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6318X 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5017H 78 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3331B 79 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3356E 79 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3373E 79 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3422Y 79 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3535P 79 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3352R 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3383B 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3397L 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6340E 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6372M 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6380P 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5037A 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3566A 97 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3324Y 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3339E 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3367Z 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3372H 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5001C 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5032M 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5033K 98 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3332Z 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3355H 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3365D 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3387R 143 (BUDEP 663)
      SBS3391C 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3430Z 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5010B 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5018E 143 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3361P 143M (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6314G 143M (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6329P 143M (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6390K 143M (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3045L 143M (BUDEP SP)
      SMB3073E 173 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3370M 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3375A 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3379P 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6322H 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6338M 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6348J 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5011Z 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5022S 183 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6333B 333 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6339K 333 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6343Y 333 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6386Z 333 (BUDEP SP)
      SG1002B 333 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3395S 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS3419H 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5006P 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5008J 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5009G 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5019C 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SG5029Z 334 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6321K 335 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6332D 335 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6352X 335 (BUDEP SP)
      SBS6389R 335 (BUDEP SP)

      SBS6539A 3 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6562G 3 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6420H 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6427P 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6436M 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6470M 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6486T 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6523U 15 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6450X 34 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS3506P 62 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS3308U 118 (LYDEP SP)
      SG5082T 118 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS6435R 136 (LYDEP SP)
      SBS3303H 518 (LYDEP SP)

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    • Rides 16/11
      SBS7346H 14 Bedok North Rd to Bedok North Ave 3
      SG5573T 67 Bedok North Ave 3 to Bedok North Ave 3
      SBS5173C 228 Bedok North Ave 3 to Bedok Reservoir Rd
      SBS6523U 15 Bedok Reservoir Rd to Jln Eunos
      SBS8705Z 59 Jln Eunos to Lor 6 Toa Payoh
      SBS8551A 57 Lor 6 Toa Payoh to Jln Toa Payoh
      SMB3541X 966 Jln Toa Payoh to Whitley Rd
      SG5131K 985 Whitley Rd to Bukit Batok Ctrl
      SMB317Y 178 Bukit Batok Ctrl to Jurong Town Hall Rd
      SG5029Z 334 Jurong Town Hall Rd to Jurong East Temp Int
      SBS6313J 41 Jurong East Temp Int to Jln Jurong Kechil
      SMB2E 985 Jln Jurong Kechil to PIE 
      SMB74Y 985 PIE to Jln Toa Payoh
      SBS6798T 90 Jln Toa Payoh to Airport Rd via loop
      SBS6189B 93 Airport Rd to Braddell Rd
      SBS6051P 93 Braddell Rd to Braddell Rd
      SBS6730M 163 Braddell Rd to Yio Chu Kang Rd
      SBS6784H 138 Yio Chu Kang Rd to Ang Mo Kio Int
      SBS6435R 136 Ang Mo Kio Int to Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
      SBS6756P 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 to Lor 4 Toa Payoh
      SBS6614R 56 Lor 4 Toa Payoh to Thomson Rd
      SG1000G 57 Thomson Rd to Beach Rd
      SMB113T 980 Beach Rd to Thomson Rd
      SBS3361P 143 Thomson Rd to Jln Toa Payoh
      SBS3940T 153 Jln Toa Payoh to Lor 2 Toa Payoh
      SBS5155E 129 Lor 2 Toa Payoh to Tampines Concourse Int
      - Meal @NTWU Tampines Concourse -
      SBS6450X 34 Tampines Ave 5 to Tampines Ave 5
      SBS6877Z 69 Tampines Ave 5 to Bedok North Ave 3
      SBS8793T 222 Bedok North Ave 3 to Bedok North Rd

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      SBS7686B was seen with a faulty display on card reader at entrance (plain white screen).

      ~1993rd post on this thread, time for a new one soon :)~

      Edited by JKYY 16 Nov `17, 10:14PM
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    • I've written about this before on Quora. Basically, there's like a million reasons against conscription, conscription being something that a country is supposed to impose due to abject desperation as in the case of Israel and South Korea where the threat is very real, substantial, serious and ever-present. Otherwise, there's North Korea, where it's due to authoritarianism and dictatorship.

      I could empathise with Singapore in the 60s and 70s for having NS, because back then, things were still turbulent. But now? A lot of countries which used to have conscription have already abolished conscription long ago, leaving oddballs like Singapore and a few others clinging onto NS like it's the key to paradise. And I can tell you, a lot of countries without conscription have similar population sizes as Singapore and yet more land and resources to protect - yet they didn't put their citizens out there like cannon fodder.

      You can easily search Quora for all the reasons you can possibly want against NS, plus all the desperate reasons for NS.

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      SBS8850L on 73 (AMDEP 22)

      SBS8107A on 74 (BBDEP 170)

      Edited by JKYY 16 Nov `17, 10:11PM
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    • 16/11/17


      SBS8135T on 112 [Blk 639 to Blk 670 (>> Hougang Ctrl Int via Hougang St 92)]

      SBS8107A on 74 [Blk 502 to Blk 632 (>> Buona Vista Ter)]

      SBS7686B on 165 [Opp Blk 634 to Opp Ang Mo Kio Stn (>> Clementi Int)]

      Set 276/277? on NSL [Ang Mo Kio Stn to Newton Stn (>> Marina South Pier Stn)]

      SBS8154M on 48 [Newton Stn Exit C to Balmoral Plaza (>> Buona Vista Ter)]

      SMB15T on 700A [Anglo-Chinese Sch to Newton Stn Exit B (>> Bukit Panjang Temp Bus Pk via Marina Centre)]

      Unknown set on NSL [Newton Stn to Ang Mo Kio Stn (>> Jurong East Platform D)]

      SBS8448R on 165 [Ang Mo Kio Stn to Blk 634 (>> Hougang Ctrl Int)]

      Edited by JKYY 16 Nov `17, 10:10PM
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    • Prisoners kills inmate who beat his baby daughter to death

      Authorities said a man serving a life sentence for murdering his two-day-old baby was found dead in his U.K. prison cell over the weekend.

      Liam Deane, 22, who was jailed in October for punching, shaking and squeezing his baby girl to death after she wouldn't stop crying, was found dead in his cell at HM Prison Leeds in England on Sunday, The Yorkshire Evening Post reported.



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    • Hi , I am a Spanish citizen resident in Singapore and I'd like to start selling on Amazon USA , problem is : there's a discrepancy with regards to countries supported for banking and direct disbursement so I don't actually know if Singapore is supported or not : 


      this page (https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_left_sib?ie=UTF8&nodeId=200497820)

      says that it is , in fact one of the supported countries and currency.


      while this other page ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200285610#bank_required )

      says that I'd need a bank account in either US , UK or the eurozone countries  . In this particular page there is also no mention of many other countries which were (along with Singapore) deemed as supported countries in the first page ( namely : Lichtenstein , Bulgaria , Monaco , Canada , Australia , New Zealand , India , San Marino , Denmark , Croatia , Hungary , Morocco , Philippines , Hong Kong , Switzerland , Romania , Norway , Poland and Montenegro which is not part of the EU but uses Euro as a currency). 


      Now to my question :


      Is there someone in here who sells or plans to sell on Amazon.com who knows if Singapore is supported as a country and MOST IMPORTANTLY if Singapore based banks are supported by Amazon for payments and disbursements? 

      Edited by Ernestdezoe 16 Nov `17, 9:41PM
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    • Originally posted by AntiDennisLance:

      o.O;;; but any vehicle or human being from Sembawang will still need to pass through Yishun before they can hit Lentor or SLE rite??

      difference is 117 go through yishun east and seletar instead of hitting eway directly

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    • Originally posted by BusAnalayzer:

      Really?? But there is 133 to help out there + 262. 

      ya can easily get 40-50 ppl from amk

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    • Originally posted by SMB145B:

      117 has to go to Yishun to proceed to Punggol

      o.O;;; but any vehicle or human being from Sembawang will still need to pass through Yishun before they can hit Lentor or SLE rite??

      Edited by AntiDennisLance 16 Nov `17, 9:17PM
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    • 16th November 2017

      Train on EWL: Simei icon_arrow.gif Bedok (087/088)
      Train on EWL: Tanah Merah icon_arrow.gif Simei (027/028)