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    • GBP/JPY Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

      Today we’d be looking at the GBP/JPY pair. Overall, the GBP/JPY seems to be doing well as it shows a clear bullish movement on the chart. If we consult the relative strength index of the pair, we’d see it’s showing us that the pair has a good potential to keep growing. That would likely be the case, at least while the GBP/JPY pair manages to remain above the important pivot point at 144.50.

      This is the case we can observe right now as the pair is located above 144.50. This bodes well for all traders who are hoping to see the pair rise further. If the GBP/JPY keeps this up, then we can open long positions and use the two nearby resistance levels at 145.20 and 145.45 as our targets. In case the opposite happens and we see the pair drop below 144.50, then we would probably see it sink further down; in this situation it’s recommended to go short and use the support levels at 144.05 and 143.75 as targets.

      As of the moment of this article’s publication the GBP/JPY is trading around 144.87. This is clearly located above the pivot point, so it leans towards the first scenario described above.


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    • Rides 25/5
      SBS7408M 14 Bedok North Rd to Bedok North Rd
      SBS6083Y 222 Bedok North Rd to New Upp Changi Rd
      SMB132M 854 New Upp Changi Rd to Changi Rd
      SBS8451E 24 Changi Rd to Geylang Rd
      SBS8411X 13 Geylang Rd to Kallang Rd
      SBS8336E 33 Kallang Rd to Victoria St
      SMB1413X 851 Victoria St to Bukit Timah Rd
      SG5156P 960 Bukit Timah Rd to Jelebu Rd
      SMB1418H 979M Jelebu Rd to Choa Chu Kang Dr
      SMB3086T 979 Choa Chu Kang Dr to Choa Chu Kang Dr
      - Layover @Yew Tee MRT Station -
      SMB3598H 979 Choa Chu Kang Dr to Upp Bukit Timah Rd
      SMB1599T 961 Upp Bukit Timah Rd to Jln Bukit Merah
      - work -
      SBS7367Y 14 Lower Delta Rd to Bedok North Rd

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    • Originally posted by carbikebus:

      I would he hoping for this

      3:3 DD in 3 SD out.

      6:2 DD out 2 SD in.

      17:1 SD out 1 DD in.

      34:2 SD in.

      36:1 SD out.

      43:3 DD out 3 SD in.

      43M:2 DD out 2 SD in.

      62:3 DD out 3 SD in.

      82:1 SD out 2 DD in for peak hours and weekends since frequency quite long.

      83:4 DD out 4 SD in.

      85:4 DD out 4 SD in.

      119:1 DD out,Left with 2 peak hours DD.

      136:2 SD out 2 DD in.

      359:3 SD out 3 DD in.

      I will rather not have 43M at all.

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    • Events like the Olympics have lofty underlying ideologies uniting the world and whatnot, but in practice and in reality, it's just a colossal waste of money of Olympian proportions. With each Olympic games, that's US$12 billion dollars, ie. US$12,000,000,000 down the drain, that could potentially have profoundly changed the world for the better if invested wisely in cosmoethical projects that have far-reaching benefits across the world, eg. medical research into cures for cancers.


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    • For comparison, here is one of Coco Lee's best songs, 我依然是你的情人. Coco (an American-Taiwanese) once seriously considered immigrating to Singapore (around the time Gong Li and Jet Li took up Singapore citizenship... but you won't see Jet Li in a hawker center anytime soon, he's never around in Singapore anyway, in fact it's possible Donnie Yen visits Singapore more often).

      Coco Lee's 我依然是你的情人


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    • Really hoping for the new A95 to replace those A24 on S176 & S188 respectively..Those 5 A24 can transfer to Wldep for the feeder usage.

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    • A repeat post, but felt like sharing this again. This is one of the few covers which could arguably be even better than the original in some ways (doesn't mean Xu Haixing is a necessarily a better singer than Coco Lee for all songs, but for this song specifically, Xu Haixing did an incredible cover).


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    • 25052017 Thursday













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    • Pedra Branca judgment: Singapore files written observations to ICJ

      SINGAPORE: Singapore has filed its written observations on the admissibility of Malaysia's application to revise the International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s judgment in the case concerning sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday (May 25) in a media release. 

      "Singapore’s written observations are a comprehensive rebuttal to Malaysia’s application. Singapore is confident of our case and our legal team. The next step is for the Parties to present their oral arguments after the ICJ has fixed the schedule for the oral proceedings," MFA said. 

      Singapore had said in March that it was confident of its case against Malaysia's claim over Pedra Branca, as they do not satisfy the criteria laid out for a revision of judgment. Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan said in Parliament on Mar 2 that Singapore will submit its rebuttal to Malaysia's application by Jun 14. 

      In 2003, Singapore and Malaysia had agreed to submit the case concerning sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge to the ICJ. The ICJ  ruled in 2008 that Singapore had sovereignty over Pedra Branca, while Middle Rocks was awarded to Malaysia and South Ledge belonged to the state in whose territorial waters it is located.

      On Feb 2, Malaysia applied to revise the judgment, claiming to have found “a new fact” unearthed from three documents discovered in the National Archives of the United Kingdom between Aug 4, 2016 and Jan 30, 2017.


      Source: CNA/dl

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    • Singapore economy seen improving, but there are still headwinds

      SINGAPORE: The outlook for Singapore’s economy seems to have become less gloomy since the turn of the New Year, with first-quarter growth beating estimates and the Government expecting a higher gross domestic product (GDP) figure this year. 

      But even as brighter prospects beckon after a rollercoaster 2016, challenges remain.

      One niggling concern is the uneven recovery in the economy, where renewed strength appears limited to certain trade-related sectors – specifically, the electronics and biomedical manufacturing clusters.

      Echoing the Ministry of Trade and Industry's (MTI) view of “a certain unevenness” in the economy, experts told Channel NewsAsia that the outlook for other sectors beyond manufacturing continues to look lacklustre.

      For one, the services sector, which makes up two-thirds of the economy, remains stuck in low gear. While it expanded 1.6 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter, the sector contracted by 2.1 per cent on a quarter-on-quarter seasonally adjusted basis, with the drag coming from wholesale retail trade, accommodation and food services and financial services.

      “A lot of the weightlifting is coming out of manufacturing, especially the semiconductor industry which has been extraordinarily strong, but once you exclude all of that, it is not a picture of a healthy economy,” said Nomura economist Brian Tan. “The question now is how long this uplift from manufacturing will continue.”

      Alluding to the moderation in first-quarter growth, economists agree that the resurgence in the local manufacturing sector will likely take a pause in the coming quarters.

      DBS senior economist Irvin Seah said there are increasing signs that the manufacturing rally could be coming to an end. “PMIs (purchasing managers' indexes) in US and China and recent NODX (non-oil domestic exports) have all fallen in the latest April data set, suggesting that the run-up in global consumer demand could be waning.” 

      Singapore’s exports posted a surprise 0.7 per cent year-on-year drop last month, halting five consecutive months of growth, on the back of a downward swing in pharmaceutical exports.

      This could throw up uncertainties for the economy moving ahead.

      “We are expecting manufacturing growth to moderate gradually as we get through the rest of the year and if the broader economy does not benefit from the pick-up by then, we could get significantly lower GDP,” said Mr Tan.

      The local labour market will likely stay weak, weighed down by a patchy economic recovery and structural challenges.

      “If you look at the job cuts in the first quarter, they were concentrated in the manufacturing and construction sectors. This may seem like an irony given the growth in manufacturing, but it’s really by design as the Government looks to reduce labour-intensive jobs and head towards advanced manufacturing and precision engineering,” said Maybank Kim Eng economist Chua Hak Bin.

      “Some of the indices suggest that hiring may improve but I suspect that any recovery will be like the economy – slow and uneven.”


      Meanwhile, Singapore’s trade-reliant economy remains sensitive to uncertainties in the global economy.

      On Thursday, MTI said that while it expects global growth this year to be higher than that in 2016, key risks such as rising anti-globalisation sentiments, political risks and economic uncertainties in Europe and the US remain.

      In Asia, the possibility of tighter monetary conditions in China, which is a major trading partner for Singapore, may derail growth.

      “The fact that an essentially more optimistic outlook statement came with the usual caveat of risk warnings about anti-globalisation (and) protectionist threats, as well as monetary conditions tightening and slower-than-expected growth in China, suggests an improved but still cautious perspective,” OCBC's head of treasury and strategy Selena Ling wrote in a note.

      This means that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will likely be parsing second-quarter growth indicators for clues before it decides on its next policy move. Last month, the central bank opted to stand pat on its neutral policy stance of zero per cent appreciation of the S$NEER (Singapore dollar nominal effective exchange rate).

      “The current recovery pace suggests that they may stay on a neutral bias,” said Dr Chua. “MAS may move to a slight appreciation bias but only if the numbers for the second quarter confirm that recovery continues to strengthen and broaden.


      Source: CNA/sk

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    • 25th May 2017

      SBS3631K on svc 9 (Simei St 3 icon_arrow.gif Airline Rd)
      PA9829Y on Alps Shuttle (Airline Rd icon_arrow.gif Alps Ave)
      SBS3780M on svc 35 (Alps Ave icon_arrow.gif New Upp Changi Rd)
      Train on EWL: Tanah Merah icon_arrow.gif Simei (127/128)

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    • robinsons cc asking me to pay subscription fee again
      they nvr waive 1 sians i procrstinating to call
      becos i dunno shd i say cancel if they no let or what

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    • [South Korea] - A South Korean female naval officer apparently killed herself after being allegedly raped by a senior colleague, a defence ministry spokesman said Thursday.

      The victim, a lieutenant, was found dead in her single-room apartment on Wednesday, where a message was found reading: "Tomorrow, I won't be in this world any longer."

      "The lieutenant appeared to have committed suicide," a military spokesman told AFP.

      She had reportedly told her boyfriend that she had been raped.

      Military police have arrested a navy captain as a suspect. He admitted to having sex with her but denied the rape allegation, the spokesman said.