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    • Several firms on US Myanmar blacklist linked to Singapore
      Three companies with strong links to Singapore are among seven firms blacklisted by the United States under fresh sanctions against Myanmar after its deadly suppression of pro-democracy protests.

      According to President George W. Bush's order the companies which are either based in or linked to Singapore are: Pavo Trading Pte Ltd, Air Bagan Holdings Pte Ltd and Htoo Wood Products Pte Ltd, which is also listed as being from Myanmar's main city, Yangon.


      The sanctions were announced Friday and are designed to target organisations with ties to Myanmar's ruling junta in the hope it will pile more pressure on the regime.

      "It's about time the US did something like this," said Dave Mathieson, a consultant on Myanmar to Human Rights Watch in Bangkok.

      He said the sanctions "actually go after the money" of the junta, adding they also served as a "wake-up call" for Singapore.

      Also named is Air Bagan Ltd of Myanmar, which last month made Singapore its second international destination. The airline's chairman, Tay Za, arrived on the first flight.

      Tay Za has "very, very strong links to the junta," said Sean Turnell, an economics professor who specialises in Myanmar at Australia's Macquarie University.

      Tay Za is not among 11 individuals named by Bush as senior regime officials in Myanmar who are also subject to the fresh sanctions.

      The directory at a building in Singapore's central business district lists Air Bagan Holdings and the two other blacklisted Singapore-linked firms as operating from a suite on the 24th floor.

      But the suite carries no sign and workers in neighbouring offices said they knew nothing about what type of company operates from there, although they have seen people coming and going on weekdays.

      An opaque blue sticker covered the door and obscured the interior. Phone and email messages to Pavo Trading were not immediately returned.

      "We can't really comment right now," said Zaw Nay Oo, Air Bagan's corporate affairs manager, who works from the airline's sales office in a city shopping plaza.

      Government spokespersons in Singapore also could not be immediately reached for comment.

      The website for Pavo Trading says it is a sister company of Htoo Group of Companies and was established in 1999.

      "The company's main interest lies in export of timber and timber products from Myanmar," says the website.

      It says the group's flagship company, Htoo Trading Co Ltd, is a logging firm established 17 years ago.

      "Htoo Trading is run by Tay Za," said Debbie Stothard of the Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma, a human rights group.

      Bush's executive order cuts off the designated officials and organisations -- and those acting on their behalf -- from the US financial system, the US Treasury Department said.

      It means that "any assets these individuals and entities may have that are within US jurisdiction must be frozen, and US persons are prohibited from transacting or doing business with them," the department said.

      Singapore is chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and has led regional criticism of the junta's crackdown last month, which killed at least 13 people. More than 3,000 were detained.

      Observers say Singapore's tough words against the junta must be matched by economic action given the city-state's extensive links with the regime.

      Human rights activists and other experts allege -- without providing direct evidence -- that junta funds have flowed into, or at least through Singapore, a regional financial centre.

      Singapore strongly denies allegations that it allows banks based here to keep illicit funds on behalf of Myanmar's secretive generals.

      Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told CNN television recently that the country does not take "dirty money" and does not condone money laundering.

      The city-state was among the regional countries Bush praised Friday for their response to Myanmar's upheaval.

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    • Originally posted by reyes:
      aiya.. we should talk about facts not personal attacks. it will cast a bad image on PAP bashers.

      anyway, i also dont respect ppl who work for the Japs during WWII.

      I hate these people!!! Son on the beach!!! Evil or Very Mad

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    • Why not PAP pass the Law by imposing penalties on patients who admitted to hosiptal for more than 3 times. Fine 20 K or confiscate all the Medisave or whichever in lower.... or, put the person to sleep....if he or she have insufficient fund to live on? Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

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    • Rapid raise of crimes such as; violents, prostitutions, Bankruptcies, Money Laundry Hub, selfish society, hypocrisy society and many bad influences of foreign cultures.

      True Blue Local breed Singaporeans wil be very very rare!!! Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

      Singapore will have to build high walls around the island for risen of sea water.

      Most of the rich, elites and high ranking officials will be living on higher ground of sinkapore like Mount Faber or Bukit Timah Hill.

      The average and poors will have to live on lower ground in the horror of if the walls might collapse........... in the event....... if there's a giant tremor or nearby super earthquake!!! Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by blackhat007:
      Sorry i had to cut short because just now when i tried to submit the long article, this stupid forums asked for my login which i did just now.Knn make me had to make a short one now.

      This case happen like this...,a fren of mine was not very highly educated but was hardworking.He got one mother who was in the old folks home and need to pay to the old folks home 3 hundreds plus amonth.
      His monthly pay is only 8 hundred plus.So, with that kind of low salary, he had to pay his house, his daily food and expenses.

      Now, the problem is, his company located in AMK industrial park, don't want to extend their contract once their contract ended.Reason is because those workers from China employed by their company can do two jobs, like operating the machines and repairing the machines if it's down.Not only that, their take home pay is only 6 hundred and below only.

      Now he complain to me what our government had done to help them out?
      And then, even with the old folks home subsidie, he still need to folk out afew hundreds dollars to pay them.

      I quite pity him, as no one is born equal in life, be it education and families support.Well, too bad i told him, we got a government who is only concern of making their salary fatter year by year but forgotton about the old age folks and those needy people.

      I tell him straight, you serve the N.S, help to defend the country, help to contribute to the CPF fund so that all the government ministers can get to enjoy their fat fat salary yearly and in the end the government will just tell us this:
      "Don't always depend on the government to help you."

      Now, after listening to what my fren had told me about his problem... i got something here to tell the government and those PAP dogs... be it ISD and the police.....

      Listen up now:


      Sorry for my broken English!!! Have a nice day guys!

      Not Only the above!!!

      The taxes that we had been paying are in vain!!! Mad Mad Mad

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    • Originally posted by Seven_Dragon:
      we can have SM & MM... but cannot take $$$ one... must be voluntary one
      they must not be greedy and keep taking taxpayers' money...
      so old liao... work for free also can... since they have so much $$$ liao

      They should have the spirit of sacrifying of repaying their tributes to Singapore by providing free services. Instead of still..................drawing ridiculously high salaries from tax payers. Haven't they got enough to maintain their twilight years?

      What's the morale standing of these two men? Mr. Green Shocked Confused Confused Confused Confused

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    • Originally posted by qlqq9:
      Much as we want to know, I doubt the ruling party would want to reply. It is to their advantage not to reply. To them transparency does not serve their purpose, and they just ignore the fact that they owe us the responsibility as our govt to be transparent on these.

      Exactly..... All these questions are still pending. Waiting for Sky to fall. Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

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    • Sir Stamford Raffles should the Father of Sinkapore!!!

      The other ''two'' ??????? My foot!!! Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by 4getmenot:
      ITS STATE SECRET.. Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

      And how much were paid to Chairman, vice-Chairman, CEO and etc?

      Oh yeah... I forgot. The only genuine and loved by us President Ong Teng Cheong couldn't even smell it.... So what are we!!! Evil or Very Mad Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad

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    • Whatsoever seeds they(papgovt) sowed today........ We will get to see the consequences............ I hope they live and sleep well. Evil or Very Mad

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    • Originally posted by maurizio13:
      The average annual return in the US stock market from 1990 to 1999 is 18%.

      US Stock Market Average Annual Return

      Now they pay CPF members 4%, means they pocket the other 14% (18%-4%).

      I think they should pay us the somewhere near the average returns in the Singapore stock market, I think that would be fair.

      They used our low interest funds, invest some stock market, then give us measly 4% while they pocket the 14%.

      We had been taken as a fool.

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    • Originally posted by tanjun:
      True. I agree. But to put it in a better way, the salaries of cabinet ministers are high so as to attract more people to venture into politics and prevent corruption.

      Think again, without PAP, we may still be living in kampung under Malaysian rule and become second class citzens.

      Who says so???

      What about Taiwanese??? Aren't they are better than us.

      I really appreciate their technologies and ways of life there as compared to SG!!! I hate SG govt!!!

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    • Anyone knows how many percent of Temasick or GLC profits gone into our reserve and payout to all expenses?

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    • So far… all my unit trusts are making good $$$ far better than bearing of interests in CPF!!! They got no right to stop me!!! Fart them all!!!

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    • Originally posted by maurizio13:
      Lately, the Thais have gone to the polls to vote on a draft constitution to limit the length of the PM's term to 2 years. The USA has a similar policy to limit the term of it's President.

      Do you think such a policy will be beneficial to Singapore if Singapore chooses to adopt it?


      Do you think that the Lees are the only ones capable of ruling Singapore?

      What are the advantages and disadvantages?

      No one is indispensable!!! Mad

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    • Why some people like to say '' We are Assets Rich and Cash Poor''?

      I would consider ourselves '' the desperate working souls for the govt''

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    • Some suckers like say things in SG are good on this or that. But... in reality, they know nuts about the actual situation over there as compared to SG. Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by venny:
      liddat we shld get more sia..... got so much growth this yr, shld get more.... Razz

      Are you a Malay ? Is that why you like to use the word '' sia'' at the end of your sentence. Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by wave24:
      Why the hell they need so high pay for?? Half of their salary should go
      to the lower income workers pay or to the charity to help the needy.
      Its not as if the minister hav eat 10kg of rice at one go...At the end of the day,
      how tired,hungry or stress they are,they can only eat the same amount or quantity
      of rice their stomach can take...??

      Talking about charity,did they ever donate b4??
      Anyone remembered them doing so..??
      OOOh I forgot,after all the donation will go back to their salary!!

      Oh no!!! You cannot pay them too low....otherwise, they will all become corrupted. They are all indispensable Gods of Singapore. Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

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    • Originally posted by strangeangel:
      Our Ministers get a lot of perks too - they are civil servants too and if i recall correctly civil servants get alot of perks (e.g - medical bills etc.) And yes, unlike Bush, our Ministers are transparent about their pays - but the extent and degree of transparency is still questionable. I believe most Heads of State in general get perks and other freebies which they may consider unimportant to let the public know about, but which may actually be of some importance to the public.

      Did they (SG govt) announce their 12 months bonus????? Mad

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    • Originally posted by photo_seeker:
      Yes, there is a possibility of rise, but it won't be so soon.

      However, if you are to look at the whole picture, Singapore have NO natural resources, hence where do the government get their income? It's via taxes and investment. Don't you get it? Or you want to pay 17% instead, like Sweden?

      Who says SG have no natural resources???? The person who said NO.... must be an idiot!!!

      Our Natural deep sea port and SG is situated in the best location where all Vessels will have passby...whether the vessels are going to East or West.

      This port had generated tonnes of money!!!!! Without the GOD gift of the port....Sg would not be what it is today....even with 10 LKY!!!!


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    • Originally posted by caleb_chiang:
      Tell her that they are just really trying to close the income gap among the country mate... So, with so much money in the vault, they decided to award themselves by further increasing their pay and thus increase the gap again...

      Then the vault go low and they increase tax to refill it again. This cycle would start again soon... Laughing

      Or I should say.....our govt is so.....pathetic and deserved multi-million dollars salaries. Because, if compared with Mr Bill Gates or Li Kah Shing; our ministers and the elites are really...really very humble and poor............

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    • Originally posted by :
      Mai kong jiao wey lah!! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Your 12 YO niece knows what is high and what is low? Shocked Shocked Shocked

      Want to bluff oso not liddat mah......... !! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

      F............ You !!!! Twisted Evil

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