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    • Yeah well, the point I was driving at is that Singaporeans are not likely to take up this job the way it stands.

      And there is no reason to hamtum them for it.

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    • Originally posted by TIB868X:

      I fully sympathize with BCs but are you 100% sure his day lasts from 4am to 9pm?

      Yup. He does have a lengthy break in afternoon. So it won't breach the union's thing.

      And unless the express bus he drives early in the morning is a ghost bus, and the normal bus he drives during off-peak after that also ghost bus, and then the evening express route also ghost bus, then I am pretty sure it's him.

      It's a rather strange question to ask.

      Akin to saying: Are you sure it's 5 o'clock and not 5pm...?

      Though to be fair, it's hard to believe.

      Until you get a BC that drives you to work, and then drives you home from work practically almost everyday, and then bump into him even on Saturday mornings, I really don't think you have a sense of how tough being a BC may well be.

      I have taken his buses this way for 2 years already. But according to him, he has been doing this routine already for 10 years. And I don't see why I should be cynical at that.

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    • I chatted with a BC once. He told me his typical week-day begins at 4am (wake up), and ends at 9pm (reach home). 

      He works 6 days a week.

      Don't say Singaporeans weak, but when Singaporeans feel they have a choice, do you think they would take it up?

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    • What is the purpose of this thread?

      Do you guys even stop to guess why the predictions turned out wonky? Data processing and data supply hold a fair bit of answer.

      And why suddenly talk about QoS?

      Wa, like that I should talk about train signalling upgrade here?


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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      he's not bad

      he's just suay



      anyone put in tt position is just suay

      Actually I am inclined to beg to differ. I would say he played his cards well.

      To be fair, he wasn't a lazy slouch, and yes, he "suay" to kena this portfolio.


      How many who had served as MOT can have claimed to:

      1. Over-turn a long-standing policy of SG govt in not subsidising public transport (in terms of paying for bus and bus driver). 

      2. Over-see a radical change in bus industry structure to contracting model.

      3. Do so many upgrades to the existing NSEWL all at once and in haste following the major train disruptions.

      These are the 3 off the top of my head and I imagine these are like shining medals on his CV. Not to mention, the transport industry has always been, and will always be a major mover of the economy, and people also forget MOT deals with AIR, LAND, SEA.

      In short, the MOT portfolio is more zai than what most people perceive it to be. That perception won't be the case for the industries. They will be ready to pounce on him.

      If I were him, I would have demonstrated to others (using CV) what I am capable of. I would sell myself after serving 2 terms (no mean feat ok!) for the people, and I would call it quits, while I can do so gracefully.

      And then I head to private sector for a not-so-xiong life (compared to MOT). Really, I dont know why people say chenghu life is keow kar. 

      Lui Tuck Yew is suay? It really depends on how you use the "suayness" and make it work you eventually.

      He decided time's up and left, and I would say fair winds and following seas to him.

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    • 1. Skip lessons.

      2. Procrastinate.

      3. Work the minimal amount.

      4. Surf sgforums frequently.


      That's what I did in uni.

      I found it effective.

      Moral of story: You have to find your own way. 

      During this year’s Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting, Buffett also told a curious seventh-grader that the key to making friends and getting along with coworkers is learning to change your behavior as you mature by emulating those you admire and adopting the qualities they possess.

      So stop asking to be spoon-fed and learn to learn by learning!


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    • It may be just you. But the current flavour of the newly introduced services lean heavily towards shorter routes.

      This is in sync with the tune of hub-spoke and last-mile concepts. 

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    • I propose we have bus-stops every 30 metres because of the precedence that is distance between Clementi Interchange and the MRT bus-stop.

      Going by what you say, legs will no longer be needed as walking was not what was aimed for.


      That aside, it seems likely that this legacy issue will have to be resolved soon because the jam is extremely bad and the taxi stand directly behind contributes also to the jam.

      However, they seem to be expanding the bus-stop, who knows? Maybe they increased the size specifically for this issue (i.e. the services won't be removed).

      If dupdup's strange logic applies, we may as well make the HG Int services call at the 101/72/80/87 bus-stop as well as people should not be made to wait 2 min or walk 20 metres.

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    • I have heard about the bad name that these people give, especially when they give endless "feedback" about these that. A lot of them contain a huge dose of self-righteousness and a number are rude.

      Spare a thought for the poor fellows who have to entertain you at LTA.

      It's not as though they have too little work especially now.

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    • Originally posted by sgbuses:

      It is true that the competitive tendering model has no guarantee of being better. You are right that compliance involves costs, and there are risks involved in GCM (including bankrupcy and labour disruption). There is no shortage of literature out there arguging for and against this model.

      I am more inclined to think that all these changes are highly driven by national politics. Public transportation is one of the hottest political hot potato in the last election (and the most visible impact of Singapore's immigration policies), and the government probably felt the need to just something about it to placate the voters.

      In a way it's a political gamble, and so it will be very interesting to see how this eventually plays out.

      P.S. I don't like mytransport either. It gives me a lot less information than I could get out the previous publictransport.sg portal.

      Unfortunately mytransport will be THE land transport portal.

      As evidenced by the sheer amount of things stuffed into it.

      The saving grace however would be the new data mall, which allows developers to get hold of some critical data (such as bus routes) to develop minor spin-offs.

      Those who had learnt IT-related engineering stand to benefit from these recent events. The new systems such as the IBMS and beeline.sg are clear trends towards the use of big data in many of the public transport problems.

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    • Ya - there is no harm in rocking the boat now.

      And it isn't really like the PTOs will die. If anything, these incumbents have the advantage of having experience running the ops, as evidenced by them having the lowest bids for Bulim.

      They will also be happy (I may stand to be corrected), in being able to shake off the revenue risk and the need to hold (and think about) fixed assets.

      With the consolidation of the bus industry and the fact that the buses will be owned by LTA, LTA will have a significant clout over the bus manufacturers.

      From that perspective, it will certainly make sense now to rock the boat a bit by calling for new bus concepts. They can then learn better about what is good/possible, and call for appropriate tenders.

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    • Originally posted by SMB145B:

      ...omg what is wrong with you? i find you so funny lor. You know our govt is good at something. the 12.4m DD with lift is the main thing not the 23.5m bendy. lol

      Non-compliant bids are not funny.

      Imagine you are the project manager and you managed to smoke your bosses and really put a bendy up as proposal, which is eventually ruled as non-compliant by the Authority. 

      Are you prepared to face the music from your boss?

      If not, then you have zilch credibility and I have no qualms in being that slightly more rude.

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    • My opinion is for LTA to stop the "we should not be operating buses but we know better than PTO" mantra.

      It is contradictory and counter-productive, especially at this transition point. The PTOs are not going to be particularly cooperative, and the public will suffer.

      Anybody noticed that with the upgrade to the bus arrival times to mytransport, the estimations have gotten even worse?

      My guess is that the data supply is now controlled by LTA. Not from PTOs, and the algorithms are not as correct as previously before.

      Will the PTOs help sort this out? I doubt it.

      I would like to see the industry nationalised - the true cost may become more transparent, and there would be less oddities such as having "packages" on this rather small island.

      And yes, GCM or nationalisation, the bus-fan hobby stuff will be dead very soon either way.

      And bendies will be gone. As simple as that. The signs have been there for so long.

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    • Ya - if you hadn't scoured (I presume you had) GeBiz, then few if anybody at all, would have seen this.

      I can only say that LTA is getting increasingly aggressive in wresting control of the public transport industry back.

      But is competitive govt model the way to go forward? For all the talk about big govt being inefficient, people tend to forget that the cost price of the tender doesn't reflect the true cost of the model.

      The true cost actually includes: writing the tender, answering feedback, audits etc etc. These costs are borne by taxpayers eventually.

      These costs aren't reported obviously, which under-states the true cost of GCM, and over-hypes the supposed benefits of lean governance.

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    • Originally posted by JurongWestresident:

      just wondering. why must have mock-up? why not just do everything inside computer?

      I think got something to do with capacity. I think they want to see how many people can be inside the bus... how fast can alight, etcetera... 

      maybe they want to experiment seat layout, etcetera... 

      Simple - when they use computer to see your commuter pattern, you all say never get hand dirty.

      Now get hand dirty, you all will say wayang and too arrogant.

      Case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

      I may also add that the mock-up can be used for bus fans to give their hundred and one opinions. Can open up to public to touch and rub and poke and give comments ma.

      Wasn't that what good sgbuses had already mentioned in an earlier post??

      Sgbuses - I can never understand why you wanna share such tasty news nuggets to these people. Clearly they don't bother reading carefully whatever you post.

      I don't care about being popular, but it bothers me slightly when people try to share good things, and it gets very underwhelming responses.

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    • Originally posted by SBS351M:

      If they are really looking for a 3 door configuration RHD bus, with a one month tender period, it really shows how much they know about buses (or the lack of knowledge). There are very few products in the market that suit that requirement, in fact all the big European manufacturers don't have it and it will take many months to come out with such a product. I can only think of the NBFL and the 3 door Optare Tempo, the former made possible with a small engine, and the latter having a design which will not solve the issue of people not moving back, whilst taking up more space where seats could have been, in fact the door position of the 3rd door doesn't look significantly further back as compared to the rear door of the A22.

      And if they are still trying to see which layout of buses are best suited for this country, I suggest that they look closer at SBS and SMRT. It just reeks of arrogance that civil servants think they can find a better choice than what SBS and SMRT have; what makes them think SBS and SMRT haven't been trying their best in terms of configuration - especially when LTA did nothing to improve the situation until they came out with BSEP, the bus companies are a step ahead, I'm afraid.

      Tender open =/= tender implementation.

      The idea of a tender is for submission of rough proposals and cost and evaluate based on proposed deliverables.

      Existing ideas can be combined and re-packaged to make an awesome proposal. But the proposals aren't 100% cast-in-stone and are usually intentionally made vague at times to allow flexibility. And there is always requirements-gathering as well to further refine the design.

      Before you keep saying LTA CMI LTA CMI LTA CMI, just hold your horses and see la, alamak. LTA isn't some demi-god, but neither are the PTOs. 

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    • Originally posted by SMB145B:

      Hard to say here. We have three types of buses. For SBST, B10Ms, KUBs are Single Decks (SD) while CDGE, Wright, VO2x, VO3x are Double Decks (DD). As for Tibs, O405s, OCs and A22s are Rigids; O405Gs and A24s are Bendies; E50s and A95s are DDs. SMRT Taros are Rigids but the SBST one are SDs.


      You can go and register a company under GeBiz, bid for the tender with a bendy, and then you come back and tell us whether you win or not.

      If the Authority is really bandy-ing words as you seem to imagine, then good for you.

      If not they will just call your bid non-compliant and out you go.

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    • Originally posted by SBS351M:

      If they really needed to evaluate different choices of buses, they wouldn't need to come out with a concept for buses. What they simply needed to do was to wait for whenever they need the buses, come out with a tender, then evaluate from there, which is what most bus companies and transit authorities are doing now, and even if they really wanted to see how different buses perform before making a purchase, they could have gave their specifications and asked for demonstrators.

      You don't see a lot of other cities with concept buses. Coupled with the fact that the main issue with public transport now is connectivity and overcrowding, a concept bus ala NBFL is really just a waste of money then, its simply a prestige project for certain civil servants to show that they have done a part to improve public transport, when they really haven't touched the root issues.

      PT236 Concept Bus Mock-up 

      Calling for: One single deck or double deck Concept Bus mock-up or both

      Closing date: 3 June 2015

      Delivery date: 17 September 2015

      Source: http://www.lta.gov.sg/apps/tender/


      See highlighted. Simi London simi NBFL so cheem.

      I see mock-up = not real bus.

      You mean everyday mock-up buses come and pick us up?

      I see no reason why the Authority wants to try new things without commiting themselves to something more serious like a demonstrator (who in the Authority will drive the bus?). 

      I would be very curious to see what creative designs the bidders will give, without thinking about simi lift in bus la, horse-powered bus la.

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    • Originally posted by JurongWestresident:

      I agree. Unless this increases the capacity OR (AND) reduces operating costs (eg. more energy efficient), the time is not yet right for us to manufacture our own buses.

      Nonetheless, haven't we already manufactured our own buses before, by Comfort Delgro, ST, etcetera.?

      Anyway, besides capacity and operating costs, I think what we need/want is either more bus services, or some campaigns/programmes/schemes/initiatives/measures to change some travel patterns to spread out the loading across more time periods. #justsaying

      Nothing in that excerpt that sgbuses has kindly provided in the lead post suggests manufacturing buses remotely.

      You think what we need/want is either more bus services, or some campaigns/programmes/schemes/initiatives/measures to change some travel patterns to spread out the loading across more time periods. 

      I think what we need will be more discerning minds.

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    • Originally posted by SBS351M:

      They should focus on improving the bus network, especially with connectivity, instead of doing this kind of prestige projects.

      What is a "prestige project"?

      And how is this "prestigious"?

      The simple mind of mine only conceives it as a way for the Authority to evaluate and assess options for purchasing buses.

      Perhaps you could fire up my imagination and then I can somehow "contribute" to this forum. 

      Or not.

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    • Those who registered with GeBiz, will keep to themselves...

       And yes - articulated buses will die out. It didn't really matter how many years it took for proponents to see it, but this is not confirmation enough?

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    • Price is never the best indicator for winning the bid.

      Unless price is the main component to evaluation.

      Want to find out more? wait for results. Or work for LTA.