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    • Usually, when we think about cats, we think about how easy their lives are - eat, sleep, and play, all day long. But have you ever thought about the actual struggles they face? Especially first world cats.

      From feeling absolutely crushed after their human closes the bathroom door to spending all day catching a mouse yet their human still doesn't eat it - the struggles are real.

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    • Street art is there to surprise and inspire us, to shake up the often dull urban environments in which it can usually be found in order to give us a fresh perspective on our otherwise familiar neighborhoods and streets. But sometimes street art goes one step further than that by not only altering the world around it, but actually interacting with it. Check out the pictures below to see what the mean.

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    • If anyone tells you that posing near a sculpture is boring, it's only because they don't know how to do it properly. The sculptures are alive, and you only need to turn on your imagination to see that. To illustrate what it means, they have collected this list of funny images showing how creative people can be. The sculptures are taking selfies, shaving their armpits and even beating the poor tourists.

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    • PETALING JAYA: If you are ever in California and see a four-wheel drive go by with a “Kopi O” licence plate, relax.

      He’s not that kind of “kopi-O licence” driver Malaysians are all too familiar with, but someone showing how much he loved his time in Malaysia while announcing his favourite drink to fellow motorists.

      After returning home from a round-the-world trip, 29-year-old Scott Burkhalter decided to register the personalised plate, or vanity plate, because he developed a taste for kopi-O (black coffee) on his visit here and also as a reminder of his travels.

      “I love coffee, and since my car is black and the new vanity plate is in California’s classic black, I thought black coffee would be the most suitable.

      “Getting that in English would be fine, but I thought it would be more unique to get something related to my travel experiences. ‘Kopi O’ was the perfect choice!” said Burkhalter, a tow truck driver for a police department.

      During his 26-month trip, Burkhalter and his girlfriend visited Australia, South-East Asia, India and Europe.

      They visited peninsular Malaysia last year and wanted to leave after only three weeks as they did not feel a strong connection to the country.

      However, things changed when they were invited by outdoor travel company Radak Adventure to volunteer at the company’s guest house in Gopeng, Perak.

      “We helped prepare the Gopeng Guesthouse for its opening, worked at the riverside camp for the company, enjoyed observing Ramadan with our crew, and had plenty of kopi O,” Burkhalter said.

      “Two months went by and I grew to love Malaysia. I made lots of new friends and developed a deeper understanding of local life.”

      Radak Adventure founder Mohd Hasrol Kamis, who introduced the drink to Burkhalter, said the adventurous American drank kopi-O every morning.

      “Today he texted me. He said he just got a new car, a new job in the US, so he will put ‘Kopi O’ as his licence plate to show that he really loves and wants to come back to Malaysia,” Mohd Hasrol said.

      Burkhalter said his relationship with kopi-O was love at first taste.

      “Beverages, and how to order them, are unique to Malaysia. The first time I ordered kopi-O, I didn’t know exactly what I would get, and like all the other drinks (in Malaysia), I loved it immediately,” he said.

      After leaving Malaysia to continue his travels, he felt a need to return to Gopeng to see his friends and savour the food again before going back to California.

      “We returned to Malaysia once more before ending our long trip to see Gopeng Guesthouse open and running, and reunite with our friends, and of course indulge in the amazing food!”

      Burkhalter may have left Malaysia, but with “Kopi O” on his car, he will always have a reminder of the country with him wherever he goes.

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    • They’re beautiful when alive but once they shrivel up and die, things get a bit creepy.

      Meet the Snapdragon flower seed pod which bears the stark appearance of a human skull (or a human face screaming in agony).


      The Snapdragon flower (aka Antirrhinum or dragon flower) can be found in many household gardens and gets its name from its flower which resembles a dragon’s head (squeeze the snapdragon flower and the “dragon” mouth will open and close making it “talk”). Yet once the flower has died it leaves behind a seed pod with the macabre appearance of a human head

      The Snapdragons name (Antirrhinum) comes from the Greek words “anti,” meaning like, and “rhin,” meaning nose.  Many years ago, people thought the plant possessed mystical powers and would place them around their homes to shield the house from curses and witches. In Victorian days, the flower was a symbol of deception, suspicion, and mystery. Legend has it that concealing a snapdragon in your clothes makes a person appear fascinating, gracious, and cordial.  Today they are a favorite in gardens around Europe, United States, and North Africa because, well, they look like dragon heads!

      If you are itching to grow one, know that they are cold-season plants that do best in the sunlight. You can plant them right before the spring season starts. Keep them well watered for the first few weeks and after that, give them about 1 inch of water every week. When grown, they stand from 6 inches up to 3 feet tall. When dead they’ll leave behind the creepy tokens you can collect for display.

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    • Shocking images show people turning into ‘zombies’ after taking drug Spice

      Men and women in a comatose state are believed to be victims of a dangerous new strand of the former ‘legal high’, which combines a mixture of herbs and potent chemicals.

      A bus driver, Gavin Rodda, took the images at Wrexham bus station in Wales last week, where he described the people like something out of the horror series ‘The Walking Dead’.

      ‘They are clearly not in control of their body while under the influence of this drug and they are within a few steps of moving buses in a busy bus station which sees around 11,000 people pass through it each day’, 

      The 27-year-old said he started noticing an increase in drug users hanging around the bus station two years ago, while Spice was still legal.

      Earlier this week shocking pictures emerged of people passed out in the street after allegedly taking the drug.

      They were filmed in Manchester where there has been a surge in emergency admissions to hospital as a result of the drug.

      One man who said he took it said: ‘I have used it for about two years. It’s cheap in bundles and they are going for daft prices.

      ‘Heroin users are saying it’s the worst stuff going. It’s dangerous.’

      However, there are fears that a more dangerous strand of the drug is now circulating on the streets of Manchester.

      A blanket ban was imposed on all legal highs in Britain, May last year. This included Black Mamba which has similar side effects to Spice.

      Senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Manchester, Robert Ralphs, told Mail Online that the drugs have the ‘physically addictive qualities of heroin and the psychologically addictive qualities of crack.’

      Spice and Black Mamba is described as a ‘crumbly, green mix’ that can be smoked or made into a tea.

      Former user, Carl, told Mail Online he became addicted after buying a packet from a shop selling legal highs.

      He said: ‘It’s awful to come off it — you rattle. I’ve tried to get off it, but it’s harder than gear [heroin].

      ‘I smoke this because it’s better for me than injecting with needles — better for my health.’

      Police are said to be patrolling the streets at night looking for potential users.

      Video footage emerged yesterday allegedly showing a prisoner getting high in his cell at HMP Buckley Hall in Rochdale by smoking Spice through a makeshift pipe.

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    • New Delhi - Shakeel Ahmad wanders the cramped alleyways of Old Delhi offering water from a goat hide canteen slung over his shoulder, a centuries-old service welcomed by thirsty vendors toiling under the baking Indian sun.

      Ahmad is one of last Bhishtis, a community of water carriers fading into history after generations of quenching thirsts in Delhi's old quarter.

      Bhishtis have been supplying businesses, pilgrims and passersby with swigs from their swollen canteens since the Mughals ruled India, an era before piped water sounded the death knell for their trade.

      "I spent my childhood doing this. My ancestors too spent theirs," Ahmad told AFP at the footsteps of Jama Masjid, a towering mosque built at the height of the Mughal empire.

      "Now I am the last. I'm not sure if my children, if the next generation, will do this or not."

      For centuries, Bhishtis have sourced water from an underground basin deep beneath the warrens and Mughal-era monuments of Old Delhi -- a bustling quarter hidden away from the modern Indian capital that grew up around it.

      Inside a small Sufi shrine, Ahmad -- like countless Bhishtis before him -- draws water from a deep well, filling his large goat skin canteen known as a mashaq to the very brim.

      "The water in this well hasn't stopped since it was dug," said Ahmad, gesturing to the murky depths of the pit below. 

      "It dried up just once when construction began on the Delhi metro... But then it just came back on its own."

      It is back-breaking work hauling a full mashaq around the crowded, cobbled streets in the blistering Indian summer, where daytime temperatures regularly exceed 40 degrees celsius.

      A full canteen carries roughly 30 litres -- enough to earn a Bhishti a mere 30 rupees ($0.50), a pittance for the hard labour involved.

      "My children will find it difficult to do this job. I am the last (of my family)," Ahmad said.

      The advent of piped water, and cheap bottled options, has decimated their business, but there's still a handful calling out for Ahmad as he treads the lanes with his dripping flagon.

      Old shopkeepers, parched in the midday sun, cup their hands for a mouthful of water, while street vendors have him fill cooling units and drink buckets to ward off the worst of the heat.

      Problems with the piped water supply -- not an unusual occurrence in the creaky old neighbourhood -- is a godsend for Ahmad, even if a nuisance for everyone else.

      "When they have their regular supply, no one bothers to call," Ahmad said.

      Business may not be booming but tourists and pilgrims still double take when they see the elderly Bhishti in his white Muslim tunic and prayer cap carting his water skin, a flashback to a bygone era.

      "Many people are amazed to see that this profession still exists... that something from the time of the kings still exists. They are surprised and happy to see us," he said.

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    • £9k will get you a pair of 24 carat gold Aussiebums – or you can win a pair.

      Australian brand Aussiebum has just designed and manufactured what they claim is the world’s most expensive underwear.

      The 24-carat gold yarn was created in Germany, knitted into a fabric in Queensland, and now it is on sale for the princely sum of AUD $14,695 – nearly nine thousand British pounds – or a few hundred 3 pacjs of Calvin Klein briefs.

      The trunks were designed by Aussiebum founder Sean Ashby, and one pair has already been sold, to a “huge fan of the brand” who wishes to remain anonymous. Sean Ashby, perhaps?

      “The Gold Rush era was one of the most exciting and prosperous times of Australian history. I’m mesmerized by the thought that people travelled from around the world to seek their fortunes in Australia. Now, people don’t have to travel down under to find their fortunes, they can find it online at aussieBum.com.”

      Says Ashby.

      And still feel great “down under”, no doubt

      “If you doubt yourself, wear something else”, is the company mantra. Don’t think you can pull off 24 carat gold undies? Us neither, even if they do come with special “ENLARGEIT” technology, which sounds kind of handy, and should you win, the trunks will be tailor-made to fit your waist.

      Aussiebum say they sold more than one million pairs of underwear in the last financial year – they won’t be selling a million of these however.

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    • Claw machines are one of the most popular arcade games in China.

      However, a shop has put live cats in one of its claw machines, sparking an outcry among the internet users. 

      A recent video clip shows the machine, located in an unspecified city, allows customers to try picking up the cats and dropping it into the funnel.

      The footage, which captures a man playing the claw machine, has drawn extreme comments on the social media.

      The machine has a sticker near its funnel, which said 'Master, bring me home'.

      One man can be seen moving the claw towards the white cat.

      As the video continues, one of the cats sitting at the back was alerted. It looked scared when the claw started to move towards it.

      The claw hit the neck of the white cat, but it failed to pick it up.

      The cat escaped, but the cats in the machine seemed to be frightened.

      It is unclear whether or not the machine belonged to a pet shop. 

      Web users have different opinions towards the video. 

      Some web users were tempted to try the machine with live felines as they were interested to see the cats' reactions.

       'Look at the cat's shocked face, how cute,' said  web user with the screen name 'Songhua107s'.

      'I want to try! Tell me where is this and I will bring some toys,' said another user 'k1ng'.

      But animal lovers disagreed and blamed the owner of the machine for the animal rights.

      'The sharp claw will hurt the cats! I am scared,' said user 'Auztheplanet'.

      'The cats were scared!' Another user, 'fantassyso', commented

      Other people felt such a marketing stunt has already brought negative mental impact on the cats.


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    • When it comes to pets, people around the world don’t always mean dogs, cats or birds — few have a love of exotic animals too. From iguanas to lizards and even snakes, people love adopting unusual animals, including tarantulas! Yes, the creepy, scary hairy arachnids. Well, now imagine living with not one or two about 1,500 of them.

      Meet 28-year old Ming Cu, a woman from Indonesia who has been collecting tarantulas since 2010 as a hobby. But with time her interest grew and now she shares her home in Bandung City with 1,500-odd spiders. She even started out a website called Spider Lover Pet Shop to sell the unusual pets online in 2012, and has a large base of consumers.

      According to reports, Cu’s obsession with tarantulas began when she found a beautifully coloured tarantula in her backyard. She only took some photos of it, but the more she looked at the pictures, the more fascinated she became with the eight-legged creatures. She started looking for sellers online and finally got her first one and before she knew it she had built quite a collection. With so many pets, came great care and a proper setup to nature and store her pets and in the past seven years, Cu has spent over $55,000 on tarantulas.

      The business venture started out with a friend who has quit over time, but Cu still is in awe with the insects, even though she has been bitten “several times.”

      Cu also breeds the eight-legged creature and admits there are difficulties. “The challenge in breeding and keeping thousands of tarantulas is that I’m actually doing it alone, at first, and so it takes me time, personal time, there is no me time at all,” she told Ruptly.

      The Indonesian spider enthusiast, who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in Product Designing, keeps her hairy pets in jars and glass terrariums and sources them from around the world.

      Her bizarre obsession has also earned her fame and is known as “Queen Tarantula”, a nickname she’s quite proud of it.

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    • Birdy & Roades - Let it all go

      Jasmine Sokko - 1057

      Within Temptations & Tarja - Paradise

      Eclipse - Never look back

      Sandro Cavazza - What is feel like, Don't hold me

      Louisa Johnson - So good

      Honey Blood - Super Rat

      DNCE - Cake by the ocean, Kissing strangers

      Jojo Siwa - Boomerang

      The Unity - No more lies

      Rimi Natsukawa - Nada sou sou

      Rock Goddess - It's more than rock n roll


      If music is the food for the soul, play on.....


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    • A resident of England was able to take a picture of an albino squirrel, living in a city park. But the image of the small mammal with a rare mutation does not look as nice as you can imagine. Instead, I remember that they are often compared to conventional urban mice.

      Tim Clifton from Sussex was able to take pictures of a rare albino squirrels, which they have seen several times in the Hastings town park. When the man realized it, he at first did not understand what kind of animal, and rodents mistaken for a seagull. Identified a protein, Tim took some pictures while she begged the man for a meal (like the usual urban protein).

      -When I saw him, I could not believe it. I thought how big he is. I sat down on the bench, and he came up to me. He looked at me as if to say, “You have something for me-Mr. Said Clifton’s publication.


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    • Do you have any idea about when calla lilies started to call Zhuzihu home? Do you know that japonica rice was first successfully cultivated in Zhuzihu? What are the tips to pluck calla lilies? Interested in finding out more stories about Zhuzihu and the flower? The Department of Economic Development (DED) has joined hands with Beitou Farmers’ Association in presenting the Calla Lily Festival between March 24 and April 23. Flower enthusiasts should not miss out on the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful plant.

      According to DED Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh, most of the farms at Zhuzihu have been shifted from rice- and vegetable-growing farms in the early days to recreational farms today. Accounting for over 80 percent of the island’s total calla lilies production, Zhuzihu has seen somewhere between 30 to 50 percent of the flowers blossoming, with some areas reaching as high as 60 to 70 percent. The months of March and April are prime time to appreciate calla lilies. DED invites the public to visit Zhuzihu in Yangmingshan and experience the romance permeating the air, and to participate in a wide range of activities and events spanning ecological tours, hands-on flower picking sessions, and more.

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    • Season 7 had came to an end. No spoiler here, so not going to say who got killed. Will be waiting for season 8. Meanwhile, have a break from the walkers and start mixing with the living.

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    • Looking at these lush succulent desserts anyone could easily mistake them as being real, when in fact, the lush succulents are actually made from butter!

      The talent behind these absolutely stunning creations lies in the artist called Ivenoven, who is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. "My baking passion and journey started one fine day when I was sneaking around in my godma's house trying to look for her baking recipes", writes the artist on her Facebook page. She started baking for other people in December 2013 and since then her bakery grew from just her and her husband, to a small business of 12 talented bakers.

      The lush succulent terrariums are made using  butter, powdered sugar, food coloring, and sometimes some additional flavoring as well, all of which give them that velvet-smooth texture.

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    • Oreo, the cat who somehow found her way into a nursing home – and decided to work there. “She’s like the family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her,” said Carmen Delgado, receptionist of St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio.

      Everyone appreciates the kitty’s presence. “Most of the people we serve here had pets… so to have Oreo here, for them to be able to come out and pet the cat and see how the cat is doing… it brings… those feelings of home,” Dana Carns, director of advancement, said.

      “I’m always getting pictures, even on the weekends or at night that the staff are taking. ‘Oh look, Oreo is at the reception desk, answering the phone, because it’s after hours’, or ‘she’s sitting on a bench with a resident who’s waiting for her ride.'”

      “The residents were so excited to have Oreo around. They all love her and seek her out for a snuggle,” Carns told Meow News.


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    • SINGAPORE — They loiter around void decks at night, swooping in when they spot a prized catch. No, it is not Pokemons they are hunting – these “collectors” are after pregnant queen ants to kickstart their own ant colonies.

      Keeping ants as pets seems to be slowly catching on among a small community here. Since last December, at least 30 local enthusiasts have banded together.

      Like in Pokemon Go, there are varieties to collect and “hot spots” where more-prized species can be found. More than 50 ant species can be found in Singapore, including a rarer one called the trap-jaw, characterised by its ability to open its mouthpiece up to 180 degrees wide and shut it in a snap.

      Jurong Bird Park assistant curator Angelin Lim, like most local hobbyists, got intrigued after stumbling in February upon a YouTube channel called AntsCanada, which has been promoting the cultivation of pet ant colonies using queen ants since 2009.

      The 32-year-old told TODAY: “In my workplace, we feed our baby birds with ant eggs, so I started out wanting to see if I can cultivate them.”

      But her plans were soon scuppered as she fell in love with the six-legged critters.

      “The more I learnt, the more amazed I got at how they take care of one other, how they take care of their queen, and the hive mindset. Their world is not me, I and myself, but me for the entire colony,” she said.

      So whenever it rains or when there is increased swiftlet, bat or lizard activity, Ms Lim gets excited – as these are harbingers of a queen ant flying out to mate – which increases her chances of nabbing one.

      Her biggest colony is made up of more than 10 worker ants, all of which were laid by one queen carpenter ant.

      Her newfound hobby, however, is not appreciated by many around her. “My parents said: ‘What? You have nothing else to do, is it?’”

      The draw, said Ms Lim, her fiance and other hobbyists, is they can relive their childhood adventures of catching spiders in the field and guppies in the drain.

      There is also joy in being able to build a colony big enough to observe how the castes work – workers tending to hive’s daily needs and soldiers protecting the queen.

      Designing the formicarium (or ant’s homes) can also feel like playing the once-popular computer game SimCity.

      (Above) Member of the Ants Community Singapore Facebook group, Joshua Tan, holding up two 3-D printed formicariums of varying sizes he built at his workplace. He printed them using a 3-D file of the design that's available online. The smaller one is his prototype.

      Ms Lim holding up a formicarium she built using plaster of Paris fitted in a small fish tank she got for about S$5. Below is a photograph she took in the process of her making it.

      Above) A formicarium made of a mix of clay and fine sand built by Member of the Ants Community Singapore

      While ants might seem like hardy creatures, a whole colony can be wiped out by one wrong move, as Mr Muhammad Iskandar Riza Bin Noor Affandi found out.

      His six-month-old colony of seven workers and one carpenter queen died last Monday (March 27) for reasons unknown, devastating the 29-year-old lifeguard who started keeping ants eight months ago.

      At the peak, the founder of Facebook group Ants Community Singapore had a colony of 20. He suspects they might have suffocated because he used a cover that’s too thick to keep them in the dark, which they prefer.

      Antkeepers who want to get a head start without hunting can buy their queens from suppliers. Listed on AntsCanada’s website are seven ant “farmers” in Singapore, offering 44 colonies for sale.

      The biggest and most expensive at S$2,000 is a nest of over 1,000 yellow crazy workers with four queens, kept in a 0.6m enclosure. A collection of 50 to 100 weavers is also going at a high price of S$800, as queen weavers are harder to catch than trap-jaws since they mate high up in the air.

      Mr Chris Chan, a former shipping executive, started ant-keeping a year ago. He supplies schoolboys starter carpenter ant colonies consisting a queen with at least one worker for S$15 to S$30. His biggest ant sale to date is a trap-jaw queen with five workers in a small formicarium for S$250.

      In what the 29-year-old said is a sign of the growing trend here, he also managed to sell five formicariums he designed in recent months for between S$40 and S$300.

      One room in his rental home is dedicated to housing his collection of at least 10 formicariums – each built differently – and about 40 recently-caught queen ants, six of which are trap-jaws.

      His largest colony consists up to 1,000 red fire ants, known for their stinging bites, housed in a large fish tank lined with a paste of talcum powder and alcohol at its mouth to prevent them from escaping.

      Mr Chan’s dream is to be the region’s go-to for all things ants-related, as it is an “in-thing in the US and Taiwan” at the moment, but has yet to catch on in as big a way locally.

      Even so, not all ants are pets to Mr Chan. Pointing to pharaoh and ghost ants crawling across his room furniture, he said: “Because of their size, they can squeeze through tight spaces, steal all the goods and kill my whole colony.”

      One reminder he has for beginners: “Keeping ants is as big a responsibility as keeping dogs and cats; if you release captive ants back into the wild, it can affect the ecosystem. Give them a home, or don’t home them at all.”


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