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    • Meet the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018

      Imagine a school where children and their parents face the horrors of gang violence right outside the gates.

      Imagine a school where 35  languages are spoken.

      Imagine a school where students share their homes with five other families.

      What would you do in such a school?

      How about working with the police to prevent gangs recruiting pupils as they wait for the bus? How about teaching yourself the basics of numerous languages, just to communicate with your pupils and their parents? How about redesigning an entire curriculum to resonate with an ethnically diverse student body?

      Our Global Teacher Prize Winner 2018

      Andria Zafirakou has done all of this – and so much more – at Alperton Community College.

      The school is in Brent, an inner city area of London. It’s one of the UK’s most ethnically diverse – and disadvantaged – places.

      The winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018 faced a daunting task when she joined the school. The challenges of poverty, gang violence and engaging young people from such a diverse range of backgrounds were all too clear.

      But throughout the school and on the streets she is driving change.

      Speaking without words

      Andria is an art and textiles teacher.

      “They’re powerful subjects,” she says. “They help the students unlock all of their language barriers.”

      Art transcends language, she believes. Through art, she’s able to develop pupils’ skills, improve their confidence and help them achieve something. As part of this, she introduced an ‘artist in residence’, who helps the students on a technical level, but also offers an outlet for what can be challenging and difficult home circumstances.

      Thanks to her work, Alperton has been awarded ‘specialist school’ status in visual arts.

      Heading off the gangs

      Her own classroom is just the beginning, though. After school, walkie-talkie in hand, she’s outside the school gates, getting pupils safely onto local buses and heading off recruiters for the local gangs.

      Gang violence is a major problem in the local area. She works closely with the police to identify potential issues and recruiters.

      “You can’t let that come through the school gates,” she says. “We have to protect our pupils – at all costs.”

      Giving pupils a fighting chance

      She has also set up a boxing club for the times she can’t be there.

      Pupils learn to protect themselves and have a safe place to let off steam. It’s great exercise, and stops them from being out on the streets in the evening.

      She also reworked the school’s timetable to allow girls-only sport, important in a conservative community. The result? A cup-winning girls’ cricket team.

      The next generation of teachers

      But, she knows she can’t do it all alone. She leads the professional development initiative for the school, building the talent of other teachers for the future.

      It’s not just skills development with her fellow teachers, though. Her endless and unwavering commitment inspires others to work just as hard:

      “You grab onto that enthusiasm she has,” says colleague Nicola Hazley, “and it drives you forward.”

      It makes a difference

      The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

      Alperton is in the top 5% in England and Wales for improving pupils’ achievement

      It’s one of fewer than 10 schools to win the Institute of Education’s Professional Development Platinum Mark.

      The maths department won TES 2017 maths team of the year, thanks in part to real-life situations she helped introduce to the classroom.

      Staff are constantly learning, adapting and becoming better educators.

      But, most importantly, students are driven to succeed, to achieve, and to forge a better life for themselves.

      “My calling in life is to make sure that every single child reaches their full potential.

      That I unlock that.

      That I make sure, whatever it is that they need to achieve, I make it happen for them.”

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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:


      An 11 year old girl realized that she started to have hair growing between her legs. She got worried and asked her Mom about the hair.

      Her Mom calmly said, "That part where the hair has grown is called a Monkey, be proud that your Monkey has grown hairs."

      Next morning at breakfast she told her sister, "My monkey has grown hairs."

      Her sister smiled and said, "That's nothing. Mine is already eating Banana."

      Their Mom fainted.

      See the source image

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    • The Anegada Ground Iguana

      This iguana, native to the British Virgin Island of Anegada, is an herbivore that can weigh up to 6 kilos and measure over 60 centimetres and live in the tropical dry forest. Unfortunately, cattle breeding and agriculture make their habitat shrink and feral cats and dogs find them quite tasty

      The Cao-vit Gibbon

      This ape is one of the rarest in the world. Despite weighing between 5 and 10 kilos, the Cao-vit Gibbon can swing from branch to branch with great agility. This gibbon can be found in a forest located at the border of China and Vietnam, where deforestation reduces its habitat.

      The Saola

      These shy and solitary herbivores lead a quiet life in the forests and mountains of Vietnam and Laos. But their survival is threatened due to intensive poaching in the area, making the saola one of the only large mammals in critical danger of extinction.

      The Sumatran Tiger

      This carnivore, which can weigh up to 100 kilos and measure up to 2 meters in length, lives in Indonesia. It is genetically distinct from other territorial tigers and constitutes a subspecies in itself. Nowadays, the main threats it faces are poaching and deforestation.

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    • The Kakapo

      This flightless, nocturnal parrot with yellowish moss green and brown plumage is native to New Zealand and can measure up to 60 centimeters. The male kakapo produces a strange and powerful ‘boom’ call to attract females. It is an endangered species mostly because of its very low reproductive rate.

      The Vaquita

      The Vaquita, or Gulf of California porpoise, is a solitary sea mammal that enjoys swimming at a leisurely pace in shallow waters. It weighs around 48 kilos on average and measures 1.5 meter in length. It is a critically endangered species due to shrimp gillnets in which it can get entangled.

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    • The Javan Rhino

      Javan Rhinos are very rare, quiet and solitary animals. They are now only found in Indonesia, under the protection of the Rhino Protection Unit, both in plains and rainforest. They are endangered because of their low reproduction rate as well as intensive poaching for their horns.

      The Northern Sportive Lemur

      This primate measures just over 50 centimeters from head to tail and weighs around 800 grams. It can be found in the dry forests of Northern Madagascar. Intensive poaching and the destruction of its habitat for agriculture and deforestation make it a critically-endangered species.


      The California Condor

      With a wingspan that can reach 3 meters, the California condor is the largest flying bird in America. Its bald head is red orange while its large body is covered in black feathers. Its survival is threatened by lead poisoning and human-induced garbage that pollutes its natural habitat.

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    • The Burmese Roofed Turtle

      The future of this spectacularly-colored freshwater turtle native to Burma looks rather dark. Rampant egg collection for local and distant consumption, easily predictable nesting sites and reproduction periods make it an endangered species with man as its first predator.

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    • Lacoste, a world-famous French clothing brand, replaced its iconic crocodile logo with endangered animal images to spread awareness about these species and dangers that they are in.

      In a collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste presented ten new designs of their iconic polo-shirts. Each of the ten featured animals are on the brink of extinction. The number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild.

      By purchasing the shirts, people are participating in helping IUCN and Lacoste in the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide.


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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:


      Three drunk guys entered a taxi.

      The taxi driver knew that they were drunk so he started the engine and turned it off again.

      He told them, “We have reached.”

      The first guy gave him money and the second guy said, “Thank you.”

      The third guy gave the driver a slap.

      The driver was shocked, thinking the third drunk guy knew what he did.

      The driver asked, “Whats that for?”

      The third drunk guy replied, “Next time drive slowly.”

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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:

      A plane did an emergency landing on the water. The stewardess wanna let the passengers slide down to the lifeboats but the passsengers refused.

      The stewardess seek help from the captain. The very knowledgeable captain said…

      “You tell the Americans this is an ADVENTURE. Tell the British this is an HONOUR. Tell the French this is ROMANTIC. Tell the Germans this is the LAW. Tell the Japanese this is an ORDER. And all shall be sorted out.”

      The stewardess asked awkwardly, “Then how about the Chinese?”

      The captain laughed.,.”Easy, just tell them it is FREE.”

      The stewardess suddenly recalled, “There are a few Singaporeans!”

      The captain patiently explained, “You need not tell Singaporeans anything, they will follow wherever there is a Queue.”

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    • Miranda Gibson was an unlikely candidate to break Australia's longest running tree sit record. She'd never seen a forest until her early twenties.

      Growing up in Ipswich, the shy Queenslander admits she was a "wussy kid" afraid of climbing her backyard treehouse.

      In 2011, she overcame those fears and endured 449 days in the Tasmanian treetops of the Tyenna Forest.

      Using a solar-powered computer, she connected with people around the world, and her activism brought attention to deforestation in Tasmania, culminating in a world heritage listing.

      Putting 'bodies on the line'

      Ms Gibson began to take an interest in conservation as a teenager, but it wasn't until she was at university that she discovered forest activism.

      "People can go in there, put their bodies on the line and the logging literally stops," Ms Gibson said.

      Her interest in conservation compelled her to fly to Tasmania during her university holidays.

      "The first thing I saw was the biggest tree I'd seen, and it was cut down — it was a stump. That really hit home to me what was at stake," she said.

      Over the following years, Ms Gibson returned to the Upper Florentine Valley blockade to protest logging. Eventually, she decided to move to Tasmania to protest full time.

      Ms Gibson lived at the blockade for four years. But by the time she reached the end of her twenties she was disillusioned.

      "What I saw was massive amounts of forest fall. It felt like we couldn't stop it, no matter what we did," she said.

      "It was a devastating process. I was at a point where I was ready to quit. What I thought we needed was international pressure to put the nomination in and get the world heritage listing."

      Living outdoors in wind, rain and snow

      The idea behind Ms Gibson's tree sit marathon dawned on her after she discovered there was an internet connection in the forest scheduled for logging.

      It would allow her to livestream logging to the world.

      "I thought if other people see it, they'll know what's at stake — they'll know it's real," she said.

      On December 14, 2011, she climbed up a tree onto a makeshift platform 60 metres in the air.

      Ms Gibson made a promise that she would not get down until the Tyenna Forest —and surrounding areas — were protected.

      The media coverage was effective, and within days the loggers moved away from the eye of Ms Gibson's camera

      People became fascinated by her story, including the logistics of her action.

      "The longer I was up there, the more interest it got. People were like, 'she's really committed, or what's going on?'" Ms Gibson said.

      The wooden platform wrapped around the tree, but was only a few metres long and 1.5 metres wide.

      Keeping dry proved a challenge — with a see-through tarp her only protection from rail, hail, wind, and snow.

      Most of the food she ate was raw, and a small walking machine kept her active.

      Then, there was the question of her bathroom facilities.

      "I just went to the toilet in a bucket. Nothing fancy. Then I just had some lovely, supportive ground crew who were responsible for emptying the bucket and sending it back up," she laughs.

      The ground crew were critical to Ms Gibson's survival and would hike two hours over difficult terrain to bring stocks of food and water.

      'I started to feel a bit forgotten'

      The experience was lifechanging, but the good times were always evened out by the challenges of isolation, boredom, and the extreme conditions. For Ms Gibson, it was a constant struggle.

      "I would often feel this complete sense of frustration," she said.

      "I would just want to walk somewhere — or I'd just like to see something a tiny bit different, even for half an hour, just a different view."

      At the one-year anniversary event she was flooded with attention.

      It was at this point she realised her grand public action was defining her.

      "All these people who were like 'I love you Miranda', but I was there all alone," she said.

      "[It was] this weird contrast between all these people knowing me, but also only knowing one part of me.

      "I just felt disconnected from my life outside this tree, and the people. I started to feel a bit forgotten.

      "Eventually what I had to do was say, 'my life out there doesn't really matter right now, and just forget about it and be really present in the tree.'"

      "You've just got to keep fighting"

      Ms Gibson's commitment paid off.

      In February 2013, the Australian environment minister announced a world heritage listing nomination for an extra 170,000 hectares of Tasmanian forest.

      It was a big win for Ms Gibson's cause, as well as various other Tasmanian environmental groups that had fought for decades in forest wars.

      Ms Gibson wanted continue the tree sit until the area was officially listed.

      But one month after the announcement, a fire was lit near the tree.

      "I had to stay awake so I could keep an eye on it. I could see all the trees falling into it, it was that close," she said.

      While she clung on to hope it would pass, the hot and dry weather made it too dangerous to stay.

      "I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the tree. I felt I was breaking that promise by getting down," she said.

      A few months later, the World Heritage Committee livestreamed their decision.

      "It was an absolute relief when the little hammer goes down. That's done; 170,000 hectares — including my tree — world heritage. Never been logged and hopefully never will be," she said.

      Ms Gibson is satisfied her personal sacrifices were worth it.

      But it wasn't the end of the fight.

      In 2014, the Federal Government attempted to have 74,000 hectares of the forest delisted. Ultimately, the government's bid failed.

      However the moment was symbolic for Ms Gibson, who believes logging in Tasmania will always be contentious.

      "You've just got to keep fighting, there's still a lot of forests that need protecting."



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    • A dedicated Georgia doctor was not about to let snowy conditions stop him as he walked a mile to get to his patients at a local hospital last week.

      Dr. Dean McKenzie, the chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Children's Hospital of Atlanta, made the trek after roads in the area were inundated with snow and ice.

      "When I heard that he walked, I immediately was like, ‘Of course he did,’” said Laura Beckwith, whose son is one of Dr. McKenzie's patients. “It exemplifies the type of person he is.”

      When icy roads prevented Dr. McKenzie, our Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, from driving to work yesterday, he walked a mile through snow and ice to get to the hospital. Thank you to the men and women on our staff who made it possible to continue with surgeries, procedures and exams as winter weather swirled outside this week!

      The highly unusual snowfall in the region left roadways tough to navigate. In addition, local schools and non-essential government offices were shut down, but not hospitals.

      Beckwith’s son, Madden, has congenital heart disease and Dr. McKenzie performed open heart surgery on him in December. Beckwith said she met the doctor at 28 weeks and something about him made her choose him as their physician.

      “Something about his presence made us trust him with our son’s life,” Beckwith said. 

      Beckwith posted a photo of Madden and Dr. McKenzie after hearing about his journey to work.

      “When everyone else is calling out, he walked to work. It spoke volumes about his character,” Beckwith added.

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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:

      THE MAIL

      A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in his room, so he decided .to send a mail to his wife.

      He accidentally typed the wrong email address, and without realizing he sent the mail to a widow who has just returned from her husband's funeral.

      The widow decided to check her mail, expecting condolence messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message she fainted.

      The son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor and saw the computer screen which read:

      "To my loving wife, I know you are surprised to hear from me, they have computers here and we are allowed to send mails to loved ones I've just checked in. How are you and the kids? The place is really nice but am lonely here. I have made necessary arrangement for your arrival tomorrow. Expecting you darling. I can't wait to see you."

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    • A photo of a boy who was left with frozen hair and eyelashes after he walked to school in sub-zero temperatures has gone viral.

      Wang Fuman was pictured with icicles on his eyebrows, hair, eyelashes and his thin jacket after he made it to class in temperatures of -9C.

      The photo was taken by his teacher after his daily 4.5km walk to school in China's Yunnan province.

      Behind Fuman, who is thought to be eight years old, are his classmates laughing at his icicles, red cheeks and frozen hands.

      The headmaster of Zhuanshanbao primary school in rural Zhaotong said it takes Fuman more than an hour to walk to school each day.

      He revealed he is a "left-behind child", whose parents have to work in cities away from home for economic reasons.

      He lives with his older sister and grandmother and has never left his village.

      After the headmaster posted the photo on social media, thousands of people around the world shared the picture.

      One Chinese user said: "I'm crying. Left-behind children are all on their own."

      Another said: "What you are suffering now will light up the road of your future."

      Fuman told local media: "It is cold going to school, but it's not hard."

      He said he dreams of visiting Beijing one day.

      "I want to see how pupils study there," he added.

      The boy said he wants to become a police officer "because police can catch bad guys".

      Yao Zhaozhi, his grandmother, revealed the family eats mostly vegetables because meat is too expensive.

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    • Yelle- A cause Des Garcons/Je Venx Te Voir

      Rammsteins - Mann Gegen Mann

      WASP - Heaven's Hung In Black

      Nightwish - Last of the wild

      Mozart Heros - Enter sandman

      Dua Lipa - Hotter as hell

      Son of Apollo - Coming home

      Perfect Circle - The Doomed

      Danzig - The last rite

      Epica - Immortal melancholy

      Mastodon - Steam breather

      Samael - Red planet

      Ensiferum - Way of the warrior

      Kreator - Hail to the hordes

      Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence


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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:


      At a wedding ceremony the priest asked if there was anyone who had any reason why the marriage shouldn't go on, it was time to stand up and speak, or forever hold his or her peace

      The moment of utter silence was interrupted by a young beautiful woman carrying a baby.

      She started slowly walking toward the pastor.

      Everything quickly turned to chaos.

      The bride slapped the groom and stormed out of the church.

      The groom's mother fainted.

      The groom's men and bride's maids ran away in all directions.

      The priest asked the woman, "Can you tell us why you came forward? What do you have to say?"

      The woman replied, "I can't hear anything from the back...so I am moving to the front seats."


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    • (USA)

      A firefighter has made headlines after revealing the story of how he adopted the baby girl after delivering her in an emergency and saving her life.

      On 14 November 2011, Marc Hadden was called to an emergency with a woman experiencing abdominal pain.

      Before he knew it, Marc was delivering a baby girl, who was immediately put up for adoption after the birth mother said she couldn’t care for the infant.

      And just 48 hours later, Hadden brought the baby home as his daughter.


      Marc, now 48, and his wife Beth, 39, already had two sons (who are now 15 and 13) but after having complications with the first two pregnancies, the couple had been hoping to adopt a third child for years.

      The birth mother was a single mum struggling to raise a teenage son by herself. And when Beth learned this, she decided to go and visit her in hospital the day after the baby was born. 

      When it came to start the adoption procedure, the mother said she didn’t want to give the baby to someone she’d never met.

      “Suddenly the opportunity was there for me to say that Marc and I had been praying about adoption for years,” Beth told People.

      “And she looked over at me and said, ‘I want you to adopt my baby.’ She had the nurse bring her in and I was able to hold Gracie for the first time. I called Marc and said, ‘I think we just had a baby.’”

      The couple signed temporary custody papers that day and brought their new daughter home just 48 hours after she was born.

      Beth and Marc never hid the story of Gracie’s birth from her - they even took her back to the ambulance where she was born.

      For the family, it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

      “She is what we prayed for,” says Beth. “It felt like winning the lottery.”

      Gracie, now six, even likes to tell people the story of how she was born, with her father delivering her and helping her take her first breath.

      “I never envisaged having a daughter,” Marc said. “We are truly blessed, for sure.”


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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:


      A man hated his wife's cat and he decided to get rid of it.

      He drove 20 blocks away from home and dropped the cat there.

      The cat was already walking up the driveway when he approached his home.

      The next day, he decided to drop the cat 40 blocks away but the same thing happened.

      He kept increasing the number of blocks but the cat kept coming home before him.

      At last he decided to drive a few miles away...turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right and so on until he reached what he thought was a perfect spot and dropped the cat.

      Hours later....the man calls his wife at home and asked her, "Jen is the cat there?"

      "Yes, why do you ask?" answered the wife.

      Frustrated the man said, "Put that damn cat on the phone, I am lost and I need direction!!!"


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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:


      The young chicken asks the older Chicken: “How come we don’t have individual names like the human beings like John, Charlie, Peter…We are all Chickens”.

      The older Chicken: “when they are alive, they have names. When they are dead, they are all Corpses”.

      “We are the opposite, when we are dead, we have our names…........Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Chop and many more”.

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    • Lori Jones, who works at the gas station at Horsetooth Inn and RV Park in Stout, said she was on duty about three weeks ago when a doe fearlessly wandered into the store. Jones captured deers on  the sunglasses and junk food sections.


      “I lured her outside with a peanut bar,” Jones said. Jones said it wouldn’t be the last time she saw the doe. Mama deer returned later in the day with her children in tow. OMG! What a blessing! I love deer and this story and photos were just too adorable!


      Jones said, “Later, I was in the office checking the store stock,” Jones said. “I walked out and there she was with her twins and a lone buck that she nursed. I just used my phone to snap the pics. I laughed so hard!”


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