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      Manchester United vs Stoke   

      Saturday, 20 September 2012

      Time: 10:00pm  -  (Live)  

      Mio Channel 102 in HD

      EPL Game 08





      Manchester United :  

      De Gea, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evans, Rafael, Evra, Buttner, Nani, Valencia, Carrick, Young, Giggs, Scholes, Fletcher, Cleverley, Anderson, Kagawa, Hernandez, Rooney, Welbeck, Robin Van Persie, Powell, Macheda, Bebe.

      Injured :

      Vidic, Jones, Lindegaard.




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    • Arsenal are top of the league again... when it comes to the most expensive match day


      Missing out: Young fans are not getting into habit of going to the match

      Missing out: Young fans are not getting into habit of going to the match





      The sharp rise in the cost of football over the past year has been called 'unacceptable' by the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF).

      The average price of the cheapest adult ticket to watch English football has risen by 11.7pc - five times the rate - while the cost of match-day Premier League tickets varies from £15 to £126.

      The average price of the cheapest ticket at a Premier or Football League ground has risen from £19.01 to £21.24.

      FSF chairman Malcolm Clarke fears this will price younger fans out of watching live games.

      He said: 'There's a danger of alienation between fans and players at the top of the game. Younger fans in particular are being priced out and if they don't get the live football bug at a young age, they might not become season ticket-holders.

      'If you compare prices to other countries such as Germany, there are huge disparities. Season tickets at Borussia Dortmund start from €225 (£183), which includes three Champions League games - at about £8.90 per match - and free public transport. In comparison, our prices are simply unacceptable.



      premier league prices



      'This is an industry with eye-watering amounts of money going into it through media rights at the top, and this should be reflected in cost for the match-going fan.' 

      The BBC survey looked at 166 British clubs in 10 divisions, including the Conference and Women's Super League.

      Arsenal have the most expensive season ticket - £1,955 - and Wigan have the cheapest in the Premier League at £255.



      championship prices graphic



      Remarkably, Kidderminster Harriers, in the Conference, charge the most for a match-day pie at £4, but the club explain they are homemade. Three Scottish teams - Alloa, Albion and Forfar - charge the least: just £1.

      The most expensive teas are £2.50 at both Manchester clubs and the cheapest (50p) can be found at Alloa and Brechin in Scotland.

      The most expensive programme at £4 is sold at Leeds United.


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    • EPL - Match 08 - Oct 20 / 21 Fixtures






      Matches on Singtel Mio Tv :     





      Saturday October 20


      Tottenham v Chelsea      7:45   Mio    102

      Man Utd v Stoke       10:00      Mio    102

      Liverpool v Reading      10:00    Mio    103

      West Brom v Man City      10:00    Mio    104

      West Ham v Southampton      10:00      Mio    105

      Fulham v Aston Villa      10:00    Mio    106

      Swansea v Wigan      10:00     Mio    107

      Norwich v Arsenal        12:30     Mio    102




      Sunday October 21


      Sunderland v Newcastle         8:30     Mio    102

      QPR v Everton       11:00      Mio    102




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    • Caught on CCTV: The moment Liverpool chief met the man behind Twitter prankster Duncan Jenkins amid sensational claims of threats and paranoia that could spark fresh image crisis at Anfield



      Bully claims: Chang, who joined Liverpool in the summer, denies allegations made by 'Jenkins'

      Bully claims: Chang, who joined Liverpool in the summer, denies allegations made by 'Jenkins'



      Headlines: Duncan Jenkins (L), followed by thousands on social networking site Twitter, posted about Liverpool






      This is the first picture of the meeting between a senior Liverpool official and a fake blogger that is at the centre of a potentially-damaging investigation at the club.

      Liverpool have started a probe into the background behind the extraordinary claims from a fan - written under the Twitter alter-ego Duncan Jenkins - alleging serious harassment by the club’s director of communications Jen Chang. 

      Chang is pictured on the left in this CCTV image taken from a Manchester restaurant, where he met Sean Cummins - the man behind the Twitter feed that has caused a fresh headache at Anfield.

      It is the latest PR crisis to engulf the club after their handling of the Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra race row last season.

      Managing director Ian Ayre is due to speak to Cummins as well as Chang and others involved in an unseemly episode which began when Jenkins started publicising information Chang believed must have come from inside Anfield.

      Chang describes Jenkins’s allegations about threats made at a genuine meeting in Manchester as ‘fictitious nonsense’ but his position looks vulnerable if Ayre decides otherwise.

      Cummins published his version of his communication and meeting with Chang in an explosive blog post on Friday.

      In it, he claims that Chang demanded to know who his alleged mole inside Anfield is. Cummins has denied that he has an insider at the club leaking information - instead pointing out that all his information was lifted from fans’ forums.

      Chang set up a meeting with Cummins at the Evuna restaurant in Manchester in August - but Cummins alleges this was the start of the meltdown in the relations between the pair.

      After accusing Cummins of costing the club £300,000 extra in the Fabio Borini transfer from Roma this summer because of ‘information’ posted on the Jenkins Twitter feed, it is then alleged that Chang demanded he tweet under the fake account to ‘confess’ there was no mole and the whole account was made up.

      At this point, Cummins asked Change what would happen if he didn’t agree to the deal.


      Caught on CCTV: Liverpool Director of Communications Jen Chang is pictured meeting 'Duncan Jenkins' - fan Sean Cummins - at a Manchester restaurant

      Caught on CCTV: Liverpool director of communications Jen Chang is pictured meeting 'Duncan Jenkins' - fan Sean Cummins - at Manchester restaurant Evuna in August


      Internal investigation: Liverpool's managing director Ian Ayre will now probe the claims

      Internal investigation: Liverpool's managing director Ian Ayre will now probe the claims



      According to the blog post, Chang claimed he would be banned from Anfield along with the other man he shares a season-ticket with.

      Chang, it is claimed, also threatened to hand over his dossier on Cummins to journalist who could ‘run smear stories on me in the tabloid press’.

      And, perhaps most shockingly, Chang is also alleged to have told Cummins: ‘You know how crazy football fans are. You’ll have dog shit coming through your letterbox, you’ll have to take your Facebook page down, you might even have to move house.’

      Chang, who has confirmed that he did meet the self-styled Slam Dunc in Manchester, has already denied the claims.

      He said: ‘I will not be responding to total nonsense. The contents of my tweets that are included in the blog bear no relation whatsoever to the false accusations made by a fictional character. There was never any investigation by Liverpool over the tweets.’

      However, that has not stopped Liverpool launching an investigation into their own PR chief.

      Chang was brought in to Liverpool this summer to boost their PR drive after last season’s troubles with the Suarez affair. He replaced long-serving Ian Cotton, who was forced out after 16 years at the club.




      Duncan Jenkins is followed by thousands on social networking site Twitter



      @DuncanJenkinsFC is an amusing fake Twitter account of a wannabe football journalist.

      It is the work of Sean Cummins, a 35-year-old who lives in Manchester. The Duncan Jenkins character originally started on Facebook - someone who was inept and delusional in equal measure, as well as being obsessed with The Bill.

      Just under a year ago, he relaunched on Twitter as a 'perspiring journalist'. Dotted with misspellings and dodgy cliches, it also oddly predicted the correct Liverpool team well before anyone else ahead of each game.

      Cummins later admitted he just pinched it off a fans' forum and published it instantly, as he had done with transfer gossip.



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    • Taiwanese animation of Aaron Ramsey killing famous people with his goals

      Aaron Ramsey  

      Ramsey's celebrity death goal curse



      By now you have probably heard of the tenuous attempt to link Aaron Ramsey's occasional goal-scoring to several notable deaths that have happened in the days that followed.

      Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Muammar Gaddafi and, most recently, Whitney Houston have all coincidentally died in the days after a Ramsey goal for Arsenal (his goals for Wales apparently do not have fatal powers). And now, the bizarre news team at Taiwan's NMAtv have given Ramsey's "kick of death" their animated treatment.

      In NMA's version of events, each person's death is literally caused by a football.

      They show Steve Jobs' life support machine getting smashed by one and Whitney Houston gets hit in the head while she takes pills on the edge of a bathtub.




      Ramsey scored for Arsenal against Olympiakos less than 2 weeks ago in a champions league match...

      Cambodia ex-king Norodom Sihanouk died after suffering a heart attack in Beijing on Monday.


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    • Kos: Suarez is a diver and a cheat

      Luis Suarez and Laurent Koscielny get to grips with each other last year
      BATTLE ... Luis Suarez and Laurent Koscielny get to grips with each other last year

      LUIS SUAREZ was under attack again last night after being branded “a cheat” by Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny.

      The French defender insists the Liverpool striker - voted the Premier League's worst diver by Sun readers - goes down incredibly easy.

      Koscielny said: “He is a cheat. He’s annoying to play. He grabs the shirt, gives some small kicks.

      “You always want to give some more but you have to be careful not to get a red card.

      “It’s a player who really likes to fall as soon as you touch him.”

      Suarez has left a trail of furious players and managers in his wake.

      Stoke boss Tony Pulis called him “an embarrassment” and demanded he be banned after appearing to dive during the teams’ 0-0 clash on October 7.

      And he was booked for diving during Liverpool’s 1-1 draw at Sunderland last month.

      But Anfield chief Brendan Rodgers said: “Luis hasn’t dived and yet he hasn’t got penalties and then he was booked for diving, while players have dived against us and got penalties for nothing.”

      Koscielny added: “On September 2 against Liverpool, we were in the penalty area, we jostled with each other a little, he fell.

      “He started talking to me in English, saying it was a penalty. I replied instantly but in French.”

      The Reds striker tried to win a penalty by going to ground too easily and FIFA vice president Jim Boyce was also quick to condemn him.

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    • Seeing Red: Liverpool director Chang forced to deny allegations he threatened a supporter

      Anonymous blog claims Chang harrassed an unknown fan for revealing transfer screts on a fake Twitter acount

      <!-- Can pick up the first element because is searching for author name -->


      Denial: Jen Chang, Liverpool's director of communications
      Denial: Jen Chang, Liverpool's director of communications



      Liverpool director of communications Jen Chang has been forced to deny allegations that he has harassed an anonymous supporter for revealing accurate transfer knowledge.

      Allegations made on an anonymous blog claim that Chang had promised to ban the unnamed fan for life, threatened that supporters would put dog**** through his letter box and make his living a 'living hell' while newspapers would ruin his dad's online business.

      An mystery fan who uses the alter ego Duncan Jenkins claims that Chang made these threats at a meeting in Manchester after details of the signings of Fabio Borini and Nuri Sahin were revealed on a fake Twitter account.

      An anonymous blog also accuses 'paranoid' Chang of  bombarding 'Duncan Jenkins' with phone calls and telling him that the club investigation into the tweets had diverted money from charitable projects.

      The blog states: 'Everything I've written is 100 per cent true. There is not a single shred of embellishment in this account.'

      While Chang confirms he met with a mystery fan, he said: 'I will not be responding to total nonsense.

      'The contents of my tweets that are included in the blog bear no relation whatsoever to the false accusations made by a fictional character.

      'There was never any investigation by Liverpool over the tweets.'

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      Liverpool comms chief denies intimidation claims

      Liverpool director of communications Jen Chang has denied claims that he bullied and intimidated the man behind a Twitter parody account.





      'Duncan Jenkins' is an inexplicably popular parody of journalists and bloggers, specialising in intentional grammatical errors and supposedly funny other sundry mistakes.

      Jenkins, created by an unnamed blogger who supports Liverpool, would often post 'scoops' about the Anfield club, including news about transfers and team selections, some of which would turn out to be accurate.

      This led many to assume that he was in fact a journalist close to the club, but according to a blog posted by the man behind the account, they were simply punts based on tweets and stories from other journalists, and word taken from Liverpool fan forums.

      Furthermore, the blog claims that Chang, hired in the summer by Liverpool to be the club's communications chief, believed the Jenkins account was harming the club, even to the extent of costing them money in transfer negotiations.

      Chang then supposedly met with 'Jenkins' to ask him to stop, making assorted threats about both him and his family, which you can read about in the blog itself here.

      However, Chang has strenuously denied the accusations, despite admitting to The Daily Mail that he did in fact meet 'Jenkins':

      "I will not be responding to total nonsense," he said, responding to the 'total nonsense.'

      "The contents of my tweets that are included in the blog bear no relation whatsoever to the false accusations made by a fictional character.

      "There was never any investigation by Liverpool over the tweets."

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    • Ten years ago a wonder goal heralded Rooneymania... and English football was never the same


        Wayne Rooney celebrates with Kevin Campbell

        Boy wonder: Wayne Rooney celebrates with Kevin Campbell



        This Friday marks the 10th anniversary of Wayne Rooney's wonder goal against Arsenal, the moment a 16-year-old kid announced himself as the natural heir to Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham as the most talked-about and talented English footballer of his generation.

        The world was stunned when Rooney, recently out of school, controlled a long pass from Everton's Thomas Gravesen in the final minute before firing past England keeper David Seaman from 30 yards to earn a 2-1 win against the champions, ending their 30-game unbeaten run.

        Arsene Wenger said Rooney was the brightest British talent he had seen and, in many ways, the striker has not disappointed; winning four League titles, playing in three Champions League finals and having the chance to break England records for appearances and goals. But with the fame have come stories about smoking, gambling, womanising and fitness issues. He has failed to score in two World Cup tournaments, leaving his legacy as a world-class player in doubt.

        However, nothing can detract from how Rooney became a superstar overnight. JOE BERNSTEIN speaks to five men who all knew the young lad from Croxteth back then and will never forget the impact he made.



        'He was shy but loved the banter and just fitted in. We had senior pros but he didn't need protecting'

        David Unsworth

        David Unsworth

        It wasn't a case of if Wayne Rooney was going to make it, but when. We'd got used to him doing ridiculous things in training so it wasn't a shock to us that he could score a goal like that against Arsenal. I won a header to set the attack going.

        Thomas Gravesen pinged a ball to Wayne and I was right behind the line of his shot. I thought it was going over but it dipped at the last moment. By the time I got over to celebrate, it was a melee with everyone jumping on Wayne. The dressing room afterwards was noisy, euphoric, plenty of testosterone and players jumping around.

        Wayne wasn't singled out, though. It was a victory shared by the team. I think he just went back with his friends and family to Croxteth after the game.

        Wayne was one of the best trainers. He'd be out at half-past nine, an hour before we were due to start, and he'd have to be dragged off at the end. I think he's still the same at United.

        I also remember he loved going in goal, he was even good at that. He was shy at 16 but loved all the banter of being with the first team. He just fitted in.

        There were good senior pros around but he didn't need protecting. I saw him on holiday in Portugal recently and he hasn't changed. 




        'He went straight from school to training with the first team, which is unheard of, but he handled it'

        Alan Irvine youth development at Everton

        ALAN IRVINE (Everton No2)

        Wayne didn't need to be coached, he had such a good understanding of the game. He went straight from school to training permanently with the first team, unheard of in my experience. It was a case of sink or swim - and Wayne swam. He could handle it physically and mentally, whereas other talented young players couldn't. He coped.

        Everybody knew he had that volatile side to his game, a lot of successful people have that fire and passion, never mind just in football. I remember having a conversation with him about records, I said: 'Let's make sure you're breaking them in 10 years' time!'

        Wayne at 16 wasn't lots of trouble, but it was clear he was going to get money thrown at him and a lot of distractions. Like with any young boy, we were just saying, 'be careful', the challenge was controlling that volatility.

        And as the years have gone on, he has got a lot better controlling that. It doesn't surprise me, though, he always had good parents and people around him. I use his goal against Arsenal as part of the presentations I do now as Everton's academy director. I've shown it to everyone from the Chinese FA to UEFA. That commentary: 'Remember the name … Wayne Rooney,' has become a special line.

        We knew Wayne was capable of a goal like that, so it wasn't a massive surprise. We were aware there would be massive interest in him. David Moyes had seen how Ryan Giggs had been protected by Sir Alex Ferguson and the feeling was why would we do anything different.



        'As a kid he showed me a T-shirt - Once A Blue, Always A Blue - that his cousin had done for him'

        PETER McINTOSH (First agent)

        Wa yne always had great support from his family. I drove Wayne Snr (Rooney's father) and grandad Billy around the country for youth games.

        One trip to see Wayne play for England U-16s took us three or four hours to get from Liverpool to Rushden - and another hour to find the ground.

        All three of us went on the supporters' coach to Southampton in April 2002 because Wayne had just left school and was on the bench, so it was going to be his debut. He warmed up six or seven times, we all thought he was coming on but Moyesie never put him on!

        Another memory is sitting in Wayne's house in Huyton with his parents and Wayne came down to show me a T-shirt - Once A Blue, Always A blue - his cousin had just done for him upstairs in the house that afternoon.

        I thought something was up that summer [before he lost Rooney to Paul Stretford]. I went to Wayne's grandmother's funeral and a few people were a bit distant. Then at a match at Goodison, Billy gave me a big hug and said: 'Sorry, it was nothing to do with me.'

        By the time he scored against Arsenal, everyone in the game knew his talent - it was the worst-kept secret within football.




        'Even at 16, he had this aura about him and as a keeper what struck me was his shooting'

        Richard Wright of Everton

        Richard Wright of Everton

        RICHARD WRIGHT (Team-mate)

        I'd joi ned Everton from Arsenal in the summer of 2002 and David Moyes used Wayne as a selling point, even though he'd not played for the first team by then. We were chatting about the club and the manager said: 'We've got this 16-year-old kid Wayne Rooney, he's going to be special.'

        You hear this about young players from time to time, but once I'd started facing him in training, I knew what he meant. As a goalkeeper, the thing that struck me was the strength he had in his shooting.

        I'd played for Arsenal and England but the only comparable striker was Alan Shearer, and Wayne was only at the very start of his career. Usually the guys who hit the ball hardest might be defenders who don't have the balance on the ball, but Wayne had both power and poise.

        He was a great trainer and I'd often help out after regular practice to keep goal as he practised his shooting. Or just as likely, he'd want to take the gloves from me because he loved throwing himself around in goal, and he wasn't bad.

        Wayne had this aura about him, even at 16 nothing fazed him. I was desperate to beat my former club so when the ball hit the back of the net, I couldn't have been happier.

        I was possibly the only Everton player who didn't go up to jump on his back - running was never my forte and it was a long way away!

        I've bumped into Wayne since then and he's still the same guy. He never got too big for his boots, and always stops for a chat, like he always did.




        'As soon as the goal went in, the cat was out of the bag. It was Rooneymania'

        DARREN GRIFFITHS (Everton Press officer)

        I was in the stands commentating for Radio Everton sat next to another Everton player, Steve Watson. When Wayne scored, we lost it completely. Steve ripped the headset off and started jumping up and down - I don't know what the listeners must have thought! It was surreal.

        Of course, all of us at the club knew about Wayne. Even at 13 and 14, he stood out - a boy in a man's body.

        The previous season, in the FA Youth Cup, a journalist asked me if there was any player to look out for. I said: 'The boy Rooney isn't bad.' He smashed one in from distance and the journalist just sat there open-mouthed.

        Wayne made his first-team debut for Everton against Spurs in the first game of 2002-03, and the irony is that there was more attention on Li Tie, who was also making his debut as the first Chinese player in English football. But it was only a matter of time for Wayne to make headlines, and the Arsenal game was it.

        As a Press officer, the manager made his intentions quite clear that Wayne was to be protected because he was only a few months out of school. We told Wayne if people approached him directly, to be polite but to say "No".

        As soon as the goal went in, against the champions and the England goalkeeper, it was one of those moments when you're sitting there realising nothing would be the same again.

        The cat was out of the bag about Wayne. It was Rooneymania.

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      • Don't be chicken! Singh the enforcer vows Blackburn's a good job for somebody

        Bring it on: Shebby Singh does not want anyone to be discouraged from applying for the job

        Bring it on: Shebby Singh does not want anyone to be discouraged from applying for the job




        Shebby Singh walks over to Steve Kean’s old desk at Blackburn’s training ground and points to a motivational magazine’s tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson pinned up on the noticeboard.

        ‘What an interesting article — pity he didn’t put any of Ferguson’s methods into practice,’ said Blackburn’s mischievous global advisor.

        That is the beauty of Singh. Every conversation, no matter how serious or light-hearted, always has a sting in the tail.

        Singh is the eyes and ears of Blackburn’s owners, Venky’s, director of football in all but name and carrying the responsibility of restoring the club to the Barclays Premier League.

        A former professional player in Malaysia, he quit as a TV pundit in Singapore with ESPN to take up his Ewood Park role in June.

        In the mornings he looks like one of the coaches, marching on to the pitches at Brockhall Village in Blackburn-branded training gear, bearing his initials, and muddy boots.

        ‘When I got here it was like a holiday home,’ he said. ‘Too many fat cats who were overpaid and underperforming. That’s changing.

        ‘I watch training but I don’t want to be the manager. I’m here to support the players.’

        After lunch, he puts on a suit and drives over to Ewood for an afternoon of conference calls and emails with his Venky’s bosses at their enormous chicken plant in Pune, India.

        ‘Everyone knows there has been a situation between the owners and the fans and the previous manager, but they are on our side now,’ he said.


        Discussion: Neil Ashton with Singh

        Discussion: Neil Ashton with Singh


        Gone: Steve Kean has left

        Gone: Steve Kean has left



        ‘You cannot insult the owners because they are chicken farmers. You will always get people with their sick minds and silly jokes but it does get upsetting. You do not insult someone’s profession or make fun of it, that is unacceptable.’

        Singh himself has been fair game since he told Blackburn fans Kean would be sacked if he lost three games in a row in the Championship and referred to Morten Gamst Pedersen as a ‘pensioner’. He is aware of his reputation but his enthusiasm and passion for this unusual role rubs off on everyone with whom he comes into contact.

        He stops, smiles, shakes hands and talks to everyone, from bumping into caretaker manager Eric Black in the corridor to the ladies working on reception.

        ‘The atmosphere around the place has been lifted, there is a feeling of relief,’ said Singh. ‘Against Wolves in our last game there were 4-5,000 extra fans and they are behind the team again. I haven’t heard a single grouse or complaint from them and they are more understanding.

        ‘I can safely say the worst is behind us. We went through a difficult period in the club’s history but we are over that.’

        Kean left the night before Blackburn drew 1-1 against Charlton on September 29 and Singh has the power to appoint the next manager.

        Tim Sherwood, who captained the team which won the Premier League title in 1995, tops a list of possibles that includes wild card Henrik Larsson.

        Singh said: ‘We don’t want anyone to be frightened or worried about coming here. The objective is to build a team but it’s not like going to a supermarket and picking a manager off the shelf.

        ‘They don’t have to worry, I’m not going to be the manager, I wouldn’t insult other managers or coaches. I am in a supportive role. I’m not here to breathe down the new manager’s neck, I’ll be his biggest supporter.

        ‘The new manager must understand he will not have two or three seasons to build the club — he will be under pressure straight away.

        ‘If he doesn’t get it right we will have a chat about things. He doesn’t have to worry about losing three games in a row at the start — because he’s new we will give him a few more.’

        Managing Blackburn should be a prestigious job but Kean’s replacement will inherit a team playing Championship football for the first time in 11 years.

        Last year’s £49.9million wage bill has been swollen by the £40,000-a-week contract signed by Jordan Rhodes in August and debts of £36m increased with the striker’s £8m transfer from Huddersfield.

        They are ninth in the Championship and it is not good enough for a club with Rhodes, Pedersen, Paul Robinson, Nuno Gomes, Danny Murphy and David Dunn at their disposal.



        Chance: A new boss will be given time to settle - but not too much

        Chance: A new boss will be given time to settle - but not too much


        Venky’s have promised financial support, footing the bills in return for a manager who can win promotion this season. That is Singh’s immediate target but convincing fans who waved ‘Venky’s out’ banners last season is another priority.

        Sir Jack Walker, the steel magnate who pumped money into his hometown team, is the benchmark at Blackburn. Nearly 20 years on from that title- winning team and 12 years after he passed away, Walker is still revered in the area.

        Singh said: ‘When there is a change in ownership there are expectations and only time will allow my bosses to be spoken of in the same breath as Sir Jack. That is the owners’ ambition and, if we can surpass it eventually, that would be something.

        ‘Managers want to be remembered like Sir Matt Busby or Bill Shankly, owners want to leave a legacy for the supporters and the town.

        ‘We hope we can stand alongside him. We already have a stand in Ronnie Clayton’s name. If we get promoted, it will be too soon to think of naming “The Shebby Stand”.’

        If they don’t make it, he knows it may be his last stand.

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      • I don't care what Pulis thinks! Unrepentant Suarez blasts back in growing diving row

        Back home: Luis Suarez (left) in training with the Uruguay squad in Montevideo

        Back home: Luis Suarez (left) in training with the Uruguay squad in Montevideo


        Back home: Luis Suarez (left) in training with the Uruguay squad in Montevideo 

        Luis Suarez has hit back at Tony Pulis in the row over his 'dive' against Stoke, saying he doesn't care what the Potters boss - or anyone else - thinks about his behaviour.

        The controversial Uruguay striker has attracted huge criticism for going down the penalty area in the stalemate at Anfield last Sunday.

        Pulis branded Suarez an 'embarrassment' while a host of other high-profile figures in the game have queued up to hammer the Reds frontman.

        Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has leapt to his defence, however, insisting his man had been unfairly 'vilified' for his theatrics.

        But Suarez, preparing for his country's World Cup qualifying double-header against Argentina and Bolivia, claims he is unaffected by the growing row and is focused purely on helping Liverpool improve on a poor start to the new campaign.

        'Any manager can say what he wants about me but it doesn’t affect me,' said Suarez.

        'I am not worried about what they say. Let them carry on talking.

        'In the meantime I will continue to play football and to concern myself with my team and with what I do. Nothing else matters.'


        Vilified? Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says more attention should have been paid to a 'stamp' by Robert Huth on Suarez (left) than the apparent 'dive' (right) against Stoke at Anfield last Sunday

        Vilified? Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says more attention should have been paid to a 'stamp' by Robert Huth on Suarez (left) than the striker's apparent 'dive' (right) against Stoke at Anfield last Sunday


        Rueful smile: Suarez reacts after his appeal for a penalty against Stoke was turned down

        Rueful smile: Suarez reacts after his appeal for a penalty against Stoke was turned down



        Among the high-profile figures taking issue with Suarez's behaviour this week has been FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce, who labelled diving a 'cancer' within football and called for guilty players to be banned retrospectively.

        Boyce, who is Great Britain’s representative on the FIFA board, said: ‘I have seen several incidents recently and I watched the latest Suarez incident two or three times. To me it is nothing less than a form of cheating.

        ‘It is becoming a little bit of a cancer within the game and I believe if it is clear to everyone that it is simulation then that person is trying to cheat and they should be severely punished.'

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        Last man standing: Brendan Rodgers must hope Luis Suarez, left, does not suffer any mishap in Uruguay  



        Suarez will line up against Argentina and he has admitted for the first time to a South American newspaper that he will have to change his ways on the pitch.






        LUIS SUAREZ has conceded he must improve his attitude on the pitch if he is to stop courting controversy as an injury to Fabio Borini left him as Liverpool’s only recognised striker.

        Suarez has spent the week under attack following his well-publicised dive against Stoke City. FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce branded such action “a little bit of cancer within the game” which in turn prompted the Uruguayan FA to write to FIFA president Sepp Blatter claiming his deputy had “encouraged and provoked hostility” towards their player.

        It is the latest rumpus to engulf Suarez, who is currently in Uruguay ahead of tonight’s high-profile World Cup qualifier with Argentina, and the forward appeared to accept that the responsibility for improving his image lies with him.

        “As the years go by you realise what you have to correct,” he said. “I am 25 and there are things I must improve, like my attitude on the pitch.

        “But that is how I have played since I was a kid. I try to correct it, but there are times when my anxiety makes me play that way. Everyone knows I gesture a lot, talk and protest, and those are things I must improve on.”

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      • Borini breaks foot in Italy leaving Liverpool boss Rodgers with just ONE fit striker


        Injury blow: Liverpool striker Fabio Borini

        Injury blow: Liverpool striker Fabio Borini




        Liverpool's stuttering season has been dealt a fresh blow after Fabio Borini broke his right foot during training with Italy’s Under 21s.

        The 21-year-old was preparing for his country’s Euro 2013 play-off with Sweden in Pescara when he suffered the injury to his scafoide bone and taken to hospital for X-rays.

        There is no diagnosis yet of how long Borini, who was signed for £10million from Roma in July, will be out but it could be that he is sidelined for months rather than weeks.

        It leaves Luis Suarez as Liverpool’s only fit striker for the foreseeable future and leaves Brendan Rodgers fretting that his leading scorer will return from Uruguay’s World Cup qualifiers unscathed.


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      • Del Piero: I rejected Reds because of Heysel

        Del Piero claimed he rejected interest from Liverpool in September because he felt it would insult the memories of the victims of the Heysel disaster.



        Sydney FC striker Alessandro Del Piero has admitted rejecting an approach from Liverpool out of respect for victims of the Heysel disaster.

        Thirty-nine Juventus fans were killed before the start of the 1985 European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels – with hundreds injured – after Liverpool fans broke through a fence and caused a wall to collapse.

        A 10-year-old Juve fan at the time of the tragedy, Del Piero went on to make 705 appearances and score 290 goals on his way to becoming a Nerazzurri legend.

        But after 19 years with the Turin giants, 11 of those spent as captain, the former Italy international was not offered a new contract at the end of last season.

        Ambitious Australian outfit Sydney FC emerged as the frontrunner for his signature but that did not dissuade Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool from making a late bid for the 37-year-old's services.

        But Del Piero revealed that a move to Merseyside was never likely given the strength of feeling at his former club.

        He told the Gazzetta dello Sport: “The negotiations with Sydney were already at an advanced stage and then I thought about what happened at Heysel.

        “Juve and Liverpool have worked hard to mend their relationship, but for a lot of people it’s something that can never be forgotten.

        “I wasn’t interested in money. I’ve won everything there is to win so another Champions League campaign would have done nothing for me.

        “I came to Australia to experience something new and I want to make the most of this new adventure.

        “Above all I just want to play football.”

        Del Piero also took time to recall the emotions he felt in his final game for Juve, a 3-1 league victory over Atalanta at the Juventus Stadium in May.

        He added: “The fans went above and beyond that day.

        “No one had actually told me that I would never play for Juve again, but I knew that was the case.

        “I saw the board go up with my number on it and asked myself ’Do I really have to say goodbye? Do I have to leave the stadium for the last time?’.

        “I bowed to all four stands and waved to my family. I wanted to take it all in but I remembered where I was and told myself ’Ale, get off, it’s over’.

        “But the fans made me come back out onto the pitch. I did two laps of honour and they threw hundreds of scarves at me, and every now and then I paused to savour the moment.

        “I saw people crying. I suppose it went well, but goodbyes always leave a bitter taste in the mouth.”

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      • <!-- Can pick up the first element because is searching for author name -->

        Being Liverpool Watch Brendan Rodgers' bizarre psychology as he tries envelope mind game on players

        Anfield manager's methods set for more scrutiny as new reality show clip is released



        Got it licked: Stevie G looks into the distance as Rodgers unveils mind game
        Got it licked: Stevie G looks into the distance as Rodgers unveils mind game




        Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has opened himself up to more scrutiny after being filmed playing a bizarre psychological game on his players.

        The new Anfield boss has been criticised for allowing TV cameras into his club for reality TV series Being Liverpool, which is being screened in the UK by Channel 5.

        And fans will be astonished by the latest episode, which will be shown this Friday.

        In it, Rodgers is seen addressing an eve-of-season team meeting while holding up three envelopes.

        The former Swansea boss tells his squad he has written in them the names of three players who "will let us down this season".


        Being: Liverpool - Ep 4: Brendan Rodgers 'Three envelopes' speech

        What's he on about?: Players look stunned by Brendan Rodgers' 'three envelopes' speech  



        Captain Steven Gerrard looks stone-faced as Rodgers then tells players "don't be one of those names". Other players appear similarly baffled.

        The clip was filmed the night before Liverpool opened their season with a 3-0 defeat at West Brom.

        Rodgers - embarrassed when the show revealed his home featured a large painting of himself - is known for embracing new forms of man-management.

        This one is a variation on a technique used by Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United won their first league title for 26 years in the 1992-93 season.

        Fergie told his squad that he'd put the names of three players that would let them down the following season into an envelope as a means of making his squad deal with success. He admitted in his biography that there actually was no envelope.

        Comment below to let us know the names of the three players you think Rodgers might have named in his envelopes.

        That is, if he's actually written anything in them at all...

        Being Liverpool is exclusively on Channel 5 on Friday at 9pm.         

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      • It’s so Wong

        Toon under fire for sponsorship deal

        Mike Ashley
        FANS' FURY ... owner Mike Ashley

        NEWCASTLE’S new sponsors took a kicking last night — despite giving the Toon Army exactly what they wanted.

        Controversial online money lender Wonga sealed a four-year deal worth £24million.

        And, importantly, the contract also means restoring the name of the stadium to St James’ Park.

        But in hard economic times, owner Mike Ashley has been blasted for getting involved with a company which offers loans at an eye-watering representative Annual Percentage Rate of 4,214.

        Incredibly, if Wonga loaned a punter £6m — the figure they will give annually to United — the repayment after 12 months at that APR would be £250m.

        Ashley sparked outrage last November when he rebranded the famous Geordie ground the Sports Direct Arena.

        Even though ‘payday lenders’ Wonga, who also back Blackpool and Hearts, will not appear on shirts until next season, sections of fans are already fuming.

        And the deal could also affect Toon’s devout Muslim stars Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse, Cheick Tiote and Hatem Ben Arfa who may refuse to wear any Newcastle shirt branded with the Wonga logo on religious grounds.

        Wonga’s controversial payday loan scheme infringes strict Sharia law.

        But boss Alan Pardew, who recently signed an eight-year deal, thinks the new money will enable him to sign new players.

        He said: “I’m a romantic. The stadium name was one of those business decisions you can’t get your head around, so to have it back as St James’ Park is great.”

        Wonga replace Virgin Money as sponsors and will plough £1.5m into the academy and Newcastle United Foundation Enterprise Scheme which helps local kids get a taste for business.

        But some are yet to be convinced.

        Players Inc fanzine editor Steve Wraith said: “As always with this regime, they create the negatives with every positive. Do they really want to be associated with a company like that?”

        Wonga founder Errol Damelin defended a move which city council leader Nick Forbes has branded “appalling”.

        Damelin said: “It’s a big club. It fits with our passion and ambition.”

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      • Shear nonsense! Liverpool boss defends Joe Allen after Shearer's criticism


        "So-called pundits who don’t know the dynamics of a team and how it functions" feel Rodgers' wrath as he predicts £15m man will prove a bargain

        <!-- Can pick up the first element because is searching for author name -->


        Special one: Unlike Shearer, Rodgers is unstinting in his praise of Allen
        Special one: Unlike Shearer, Rodgers is unstinting in his praise of Allen



        Brendan Rodgers has warned the critics who suggest he overpaid for Joe Allen: “You’ll be calling him the bargain of the season in a few months”.

        Unlike Rodgers, Newcastle legend Shearer does not think as highly of Allen's abilities. In a recent Match of the Day program, he criticised the Welsh midfielder for being too cautious in possession and urged him to attempt more attack-minded passes.

        Shearer's evaluation has angered Rodgers, Reds manager who brought Allen with him from former club Swansea in a £15million deal and admitted he would have paid "many more millions" than that if required - is staggered by that view.

        In response, he has branded Shearer a ‘so-called pundit’ who doesn’t understand the importance of keeping possession in the modern game.

        Liverpool chief Rodgers, who has drawn comparisons between Allen and Spanish great Xavi, blasted: “I saw something criticising Joe for not playing risk passes.

        “Unbelievable. Our so-called pundits who don’t know the dynamics of a team and how it functions. Joe will prove an absolute bargain.”

        “Joe’s role is to keep the ball. And that, in Britain, is a special talent. It is why Paul Scholes is still playing to his age. It is such a rare talent for a midfielder to rarely give the ball away.



        On the attack: Shearer questioned whether Allen does enough to create goals



        “People have talked about him and his fee, but in time he will be an absolute bargain.”


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        You’ll Never Dive Alone

        Taiwan TV mocks Suarez antics

        Luis Suarez and Tony Pulis star in animated news report
        PU ARE YOU KIDDING? ... Luis Suarez and Tony Pulis star in animated news report
        Published: 09th October 2012

        LUIS SUAREZ takes another dive — and gets a kicking from Tony Pulis.

        But this is not a replay of Liverpool’s match with Stoke from Sunday — it’s Taiwanese TV’s take on the duo’s antics.

        Furious Pulis blasted Reds striker Suarez after he tried to win a penalty against the Potters.

        And online channel NMA TV — famous for their animated news clips — have mocked Suarez in their latest report.

        They also stuck the boot in on Stoke defender Robert Huth who stamped on the Uruguayan ace early in the game and got away with it.

        Watch the hilarious news report on our video player below:



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      • Everton and Moyes has shown you don't need to spend alot to have a good fighting squad. Newcastle too in fact. The point is attitute. How the players react in a match can tell you their motivation levels, commitments and mental toughness. These are all instil by the manager if he is able to do it.

        Everton have proven that you don't need to spend really big pot of cash to be in the upper level in the league, in fact they may have surplus from players transfer almost every season.


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      • Originally posted by Bus&Soccer l0v3r (VO3x 1):


        the divers group

        Sergio busquets (Leader)
        Ashley Young


        Ronny and Drog cut out their diving act long before they left the PL. Young, he is not a frequent diver, i kind of remember only on 2 occasions.

        Suarez is a different breed... Cos unlike the rest, he is a habitual diver... So you can't find many in his group... icon_lol.gif

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      • You're ruining the game: Stoke's Kightly slams Luis Suarez for diving


        Pulis wants him banned but Rodgers insists his man is picked on - now Michael Kightly says he is sick of Suarez "screaming like he has broken his leg"

        <!-- Can pick up the first element because is searching for author name -->


        Is he hurt? Luis Suarez screams 'in pain' after a tackle against Stoke
        Is he hurt? Luis Suarez screams 'in pain' after a tackle against Stoke
        Clive Brunskill


        Stoke winger Michael Kightly has waded into the diving debate by insisting that players like Luis Suarez are ruining the game.

        The Uruguay international was heavily criticised by Potters boss Tony Pulis after falling theatrically in Sunday's goalless draw at Anfield.

        Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers leapt to the defence of his star striker, claiming the criticism of Suarez is unfair.

        But Kightly continued the attack saying: "When you get a little touch and he is screaming like he has broken his leg you do think 'is he hurt?'


        "But nine times out of 10, he's not. It is something we are trying to get out of the game. Referees have to try to stamp down on it.

        "There is a difference between winning a penalty and just diving.

        "Sometimes players know a tackle is coming in and ride it and go down. That's good play, winning a penalty.

        "But sometimes, when you just dive with no touch at all, that's not good for the game."


        Must be stopped: Michael Kightly says diving is bad for football

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      • The most ridiculous dived ever... :lmao


        Dive: No Stoke defenders appeared to be near Suarez as he went down


        Dive: No Stoke defenders appeared to be near Suarez as he went down


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      • The most ridiculous dived ever... :lmao


        Dive: No Stoke defenders appeared to be near Suarez as he went down


        Dive: No Stoke defenders appeared to be near Suarez as he went down

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      • Liverpool 0 Stoke 0: Fall guy Suarez Kops it as dive even has his own fans laughing


        Nowhere to go: Luis Suarez tries to keep the ball away from Dean Whitehead

        Nowhere to go: Luis Suarez tries to keep the ball away from Dean Whitehead


        Frustration: Suarez was feeling hard done by after being brought down

        Frustration: Suarez was feeling hard done by after being brought down





          It says much for the underwhelming nature of this afternoon that one of the most dramatic acts was saved until 30 minutes after the final whistle.

          Asked for the second time about Luis Suarez’s apparent dive in the Stoke penalty area 15 minutes from time, visiting manager Tony Pulis invited the assembled media to draw their own conclusions and swept suddenly from the room rather like the diva we all know he isn’t.

          In the moments beforehand, however, Pulis had already said enough.

          ‘I don’t know how many times he has fallen over but the one in the penalty box is an embarrassment and how he has not been booked I just don’t know. Retrospective  decisions are made on a Monday by the FA and they should be looking at this. Give him three games and he will stop falling over.

          ‘He puts pressure on the referee and every time he goes down you’ve got 40,000 Liverpool fans getting after the ref and I don’t think that’s right.’ Pulis had a point.  

          On another difficult afternoon for Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool, Suarez had given everything. Indeed he should have been awarded a penalty when Robert Huth shoved him in the back with a handful of minutes remaining.

          Who is ever going to award the Uruguayan anything when he falls over in the manner he did when challenged by Marc Wilson 10 minutes earlier? As acts of simulation go it wasn’t even well executed. It was so obvious that even some of the home supporters chuckled.

          ‘I didn’t see it,’ said Rodgers afterwards. ‘Whatever Luis does will always be a problem, whether it’s with the media or refs, but I thought he was terrific today.’

          One imagines that when Rodgers does see the incident on playback, he may speak to Suarez. The Liverpool manager has enough to contend with as he tries to get his team’s season off the ground.

          Despite his team scoring five at Norwich a week earlier, Rodgers can’t find a Barclays Premier League win in front of the Kop and his team rarely looked like delivering one here. One step forward, two steps back.

          This was a poor game. Liverpool struck the frame of the goal four times and Stoke had six players booked.

          To suggest that Liverpool were unfortunate and Stoke too physical would not be accurate, though. The home team were no more deserving of three points than the visitors, while referee Lee Mason fell into the trap of believing that every time Pulis’s team make a tackle it had to be a foul.

          Stoke were the happier side at  full time. Having enjoyed the better of the possession in the first  half-hour, they were gradually pushed back by Liverpool but looked fairly comfortable.



          Making his point: Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has a word with referee Lee Mason

          Making his point: Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has a word with referee Lee Mason



          This unfamiliar-looking Liverpool team has some promising footballers in it. Joe Allen looks a good player, even in a modest team, but they rely too heavily on Steven Gerrard and Suarez for energy and drive.

          Rodgers is still being hampered by Liverpool’s peculiar conclusion to the summer transfer window. His squad looks desperately thin and he will be glad to see January.

          Stoke, on the other hand, continue to work to a clear strategy. They were very much in this game from the first moment to the last.

          Rodgers likes to encourage his players to pass the ball inside their own half but Stoke’s energetic pressing made that difficult and Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina twice had to save in the first half, from Charlie Adam and Michael Kightly, when his back four gave away possession.

          In the first half Liverpool found it hard to keep possession long enough to develop any momentum. Gerrard brought the best from Asmir Begovic in the Stoke goal in the 27th minute while Daniel Agger poked a chipped pass from Suso on to the outside of the far post two minutes later.

          It wasn’t until the  second half that Liverpool caused Stoke sustained problems. Twice full back Glen Johnson came close — once when working Begovic from distance and again when nudging a shot over the bar.

          Occasionally, the game threatened to boil over. Liverpool were becoming agitated by what they thought was Stoke’s reliance on the physical, while Suarez’s dive did little for the atmosphere or his reputation.

          Rodgers was sanguine. ‘Stoke are a team of big lads but we stood up to them,’ he said. ‘I have no complaints’

          Late in the game Raheem Sterling struck the post, Suarez hit the angle and Martin Skrtel hooked a shot across the face of the goal.

          It was a relatively rousing conclusion to an uninspiring afternoon.






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          Terry a ‘liar’

          FA panel: He's 'not credible'

          The key findings

          1. John Terry’s defence that he had only been repeating words he thought Anton Ferdinand had accused him of saying and had not racially insulted him had “no credible basis” and was “improbable, implausible and contrived”.

          2. Character references made it clear that Terry was not racially prejudiced.

          3. Questions were raised over Ashley Cole’s statement supporting Terry’s version and the role played by Chelsea club secretary Dave Barnard in later changing that statement.

          4. Terry’s stature as England captain at the time was an aggravating feature in the case and that his “conduct undermines the FA’s efforts in combating racism through the Kick it Out campaign”.

          5. The Commission’s decision was “on the balance of probabilities”.

          6. Terry did not give evidence in person and no witnesses were called on his behalf.

          7. The Commission’s written reasons total 63 pages in length, 14,765 words and contain 55 mentions of the word c***.


          CLEARED ... Terry was found not guilty of racial abuse by Westminster Magistrates
          Terry found guilty of racial abuse


          ALL hell broke loose when the 63-page document detailing the reasons for finding John Terry guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand went public.

          The FA disciplinary report stressed Chelsea skipper Terry was not a racist.

          But that was the only bit of good news for Terry, his team-mate Ashley Cole and Blues’ club secretary David Barnard.

          Terry, 31, was systematically ripped to bits by the disciplinary panel which fined him £220,000 and banned him for four games for calling Ferdinand a “f****** black c***”.

          It said there was “no credible basis” for Terry’s argument that he was repeating the phrase he thought Ferdinand had accused him of during last October’s QPR versus Chelsea clash.

          The panel ruled the defender’s arguments were “improbable, implausible and contrived”.

          And they added: “We are quite satisfied, and find on the balance of probabilities, that the offending words were said by way of insult.”

          Not to beat about the bush, they accused Terry of being a liar and of deliberately insulting Ferdinand.

          His reputation, already tarnished from past misdemeanours, was shredded beyond repair.

          Terry, who quit playing for England before the hearing when he failed to get the case dropped, chose NOT to give evidence to the FA commission. It meant the panel had to use evidence he gave at Westminster Magistrates Court where he was cleared of racial abuse three months ago.

          Terry had argued that having been exonerated by the court, the FA should not be pursuing him. He felt they were on a witch-hunt. But that cut no ice with the FA’s panel.

          They also heard from the FA that Terry’s position as England captain — as he was at the time — had undermined their efforts to combat racism in football.

          And the report also stated how the FA had highlighted inconsistencies in Terry’s explanations over the red card he got in last season’s Champions League semi-final in Barcelona.

          Terry has 14 days to consider an appeal and remains aggrieved over the whole episode.

          A Terry source said: “John is totally focused on the match against Norwich and nothing else. Only when the game is over will he then turn his attention to the FA Commission’s report.

          “He will look at it in detail early next week along with his lawyers and advisers.

          “There’s no need to rush — we have 14 days to respond. We can make a considered decision although it’s unlikely we will need the full 14 days to do that.”

          If Terry appeals, he runs the risk of his ban being increased. It is hard though to see how his reputation could be damaged any further, so he may feel he has not got much more to lose.

          The commission had more than Terry in their sights. Cole was also in the firing line.