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    • Originally posted by bowah:

      People eats nicely with family and childrens at the family dinner table, talk and laugh over jokes and the day events, we taxi driver end up makan roti or packet rice alone while Q at taxi stand or AP…you said, cham or not??? even animal also find a good place to eat their food..

      To each his own

      Everyone chose their way to live their own life, blame no one, others shouldn't critisized them

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    • wow, nowadays cdg and smrt also got flexi driving scheme, can book by the hour leow

      suits my lifestyle best, as i drive only 3 to 5 hrs each session only

      this is the way taxis should be driven, suka suka drive, suka suka dun drive, when driving should put in 100% effort , when resting 100% rest

      now can toggle between different companies leow, haha

       when there's pax drive, no pax time why waste energy ?

      taxis are money making machine, not pay money to maintain vehicle for others ...

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    • Dear Hirers

      We write to thank you for your strong support for maintaining the job volume at 34 million bookings in 2016. We also like to share our plans and measures to help drivers as the economy slows and competition increases.

      Flexi-Rental Schemes 
      We have various rental schemes where we share with drivers the revenue and business risk. Under these schemes, drivers save on rental when business is weak.

      Company takes the responsibility of finding booking customers for you and takes the risk for passenger no-shows.

      Suitable for low mileage drivers who will pay a rental according to their mileage clocked.

      Fares Sharing 
      Suitable for drivers who have concerns on low fares collections.

      Corporate Jobs 
      Drivers can choose to pay either half rental or no rental in exchange for 2 hours or 4 hours of their time to do corporate jobs assigned by the Company.

      All these schemes are also open to both OMO and 2 shift drivers. We have been reaching out to drivers in batches to explain the schemes. So far, over 1,000 have joined the schemes. If you are interested to join our briefings, please email us at dro@cdgtaxi.com.sg.

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      ION ORCHARD will be giving out $3 to ComfortDelGro cabbies for picking up passengers from their taxi stand (including call booking jobs) during the following periods:

      Date: 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 & 30 Jan 2017 (3 dadys)

      Time: 5pm to 11pm

      Total: 1400 redemptions will be given out for the whole period.

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      JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, located at 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763 (access by Nicoll Highway) will be giving out 1 red packet containing $5 Fairprice voucher and Mandarin oranges.

      Details of this give-away are as follows:

      Date:        26 January 2017, Thursday 
      Time:        9:30am to around 12noon

      This will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and limited to the first 400 drivers only.

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    • how about taxi company implementing a taxi free day


      taxi is a major pollutant contributor, when plying empty

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      Upcoming Car-Free Sunday dates: 22 January, 26 February, 26 March & 30 April


      Join in a fun-filled day of activities with your friends and family at the upcoming Car-Free Sunday SG on 22 January 2017. Walk, jog, or cycle around the Central Business District and the Civic District to experience our city in a whole new way! We have expanded our route and it will include Cecil Street and the Telok Ayer Conservation Area!We will flag off at 8am in front of National Gallery steps!


      Car-Free Sunday SG turns part of our city into a pedestrian and cyclist friendly precinct and creates a 5.5 km route of closed roads in the heart of the city. It is part of the larger movement towards a car-lite Singapore, envisioning our city with fewer cars.


      Car-Free Sunday SG takes place on the last Sunday of every month, with exciting line ups of activities for each edition!


      Download map [PDF, 851KB] 


      Road closures


      In response to public feedback, the duration and route for the road closure for Car-Free Sunday SG have been extended and will take place rain or shine. However, our lineup of activities may be suspended in the event of  heavy rain or lightning. Please come prepared and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, ponchos and water bottles to stay hydrated! Follow the #CarFreeSundaySG Page on Facebook to get the latest updates.


      For walkers, joggers and cyclists




      Closure period


      CBD Loop


      Robinson Road

      Cecil Street

      Collyer Quay


      8am – 11am


      Telok Ayer Loop


      Telok Ayer Conservation Area


      Civic District Loop


      Esplanade Drive

      Stamford Road


      Civic District Loop


      St Andrew’s Road

      Connaught Drive

      Fullerton Road


      8am – 12nn


      We hope you will take public transport or cycle to the event. Find out more about Tower Transit,SMRT and SBS Transit’s bus diversions.  










      Privacy StatementRate The WebsiteTerms of UseSite Requirements


      Last update on: 11 Apr 2016


      © 2017 Urban Redevelopment Authority


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    • also another one titled : THE FINAL JOURNEY

      too much casket thingy dicuss here already haha

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    • Originally posted by foolsh_2000:

      at airport,T2,normally hide @ T2arrival near the bend into last taxi taxi stand,is it?some of the hirers they still want to charge full rental of $60+

      that one no good , only easy access to T2, somemore its double zigzag, u muz find one that easy access all 3 terminals

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    • OK , guys lets face it , everything about taxi is diminishing , the numbers, the fares, the trips, the paxs, the earnings, etc

      A couple of mths ago already started driving both taxi and uber as a super relief , cos nowadays a lot of hirers throw keys some become reliefs some join private hired.

      On my days which no taxi jobs , I will book a hourly rental type of private hired vehicle to operate to earn extra income , any bros interested can PM me , will try not to advertised it here

      Can say income as uber driving or taxi driving abt the same. With incentives and those boost and surges offered, PHD could earn more

      Both taxi driving and uber driving has got its pros and cons , will not devulged to much here,  if can take advantage of the system , driving would be a breeze

      One thing to note , I expecially like the Uber airport Q system , just park somewhere near and u are in the queue , can go toilet can makan, usually abt 10 mins it will be your turn if queue size is abt 30 , if queue size less than 10 , it would be quite immediate. No need to queue all the way to ECP, just park at a location which can easily assess to the 3 terminals, with taxi experience, it would be very easy to find this place , as  airport is actually a taxi driver's playground , haha ,  sorry again cannot disclose this location if not airport police will come and disturb

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    • yes cdg also have today

      a limo otang rental 700 plus, when accounts called to chase rental , uncle said no money , ask tow truck come and tow back mercs, guess what the accounts say ?

      she said , uncle nevermind u have how much pay how much, just continue driving

      lidat lor ... hahaha


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      Gov't: BR1M can be used to buy Proton Iriz to be Uber driver


      Kow Gah Chie

      5 Jan 2017, PM 4:42 (Updated 5 Jan 2017, PM 4:48)


       uber grabcar irwanserigarabdullah br1m




      Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) recipients who do not own a car can use the aid to buy a Proton Iriz, so they can generate income as Uber or Grabcar drivers, the government said.


      "This will be implemented in this year," treasurer-general Mohd Irwan Siregar Abdullah said at a press conference on the BR1M at Putrajaya today.


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      Submitted by farhan on Mon, 02/01/2017 - 11:52am

      Dear Sir/Mdm,

      I from Bangladesh come Singapore work for 5 years already, my friend tell me about this page ca talk about what I want to say so I want to say here, hope All Singapore Stuff will share and let public know what happen.



      I lorry driver working Singapore for 4 years already, but now I don't feel
      happy, on 1/1/2017 midnight around 2.30am I with 4 men from my same hostel go
      drive lorry go Boat Quay and Clarke Quay there got pick up some of my Indian
      and Bangla men friend. I drive and stop every 50 to 100 metre asking them
      where they going, because many drunk men and woman so want to help them get
      back home or hostel because taxi and uber men don't want pick, I got before,
      1 time my friend and I take blue taxi back from Clarke Quay back to Kranji,
      taxi men talk many many then my friend vomit in the taxi, no time take
      plastic bag for him, taxi men ask me pay him $100 so I pay he talk many many
      say his taxi cannot pick people because my friend vomit, and if I no pay,
      then taxi men going throw me and my Friend out on highway, then one time
      another of my friend take uber, uber man also talk many many when my friend

      So festive occasion and Sunday I drive out help to pick people taxi and uber
      man no taking then 1 Jan 2017, I travel along Clarke Quay there got 1 yellow
      taxi man and I think uber man come out take video and photo of me picking
      people and charging $10 each man back to Yishun many many are India and
      Bangla drunk men, and say I touting ask for me and my friends work permit,
      then the uber man ask me what I doing, how come got take money, I say my
      Friend charged my lorry ask me come, then the yellow taxi man say why
      different, he take picture of my work permit and want to go report to LTA and
      MOM. The 2 men then say I touting, I ask them why many car and Mercedes taxi
      picking and asking people they no catch, catch lorry, many van also touting
      they no catch. Why catch lorry?

      Then today my boss on holiday one call me say he might want to cut my pay by
      half because I anyhow drive lorry go pick people, he say the yellow taxi man
      his friend, tell him all about it and even say the taxi man and uber man want
      to write to MOM and LTA and get my permit and license cancel and cannot let
      me enter Singapore.

      I don't know why now Singaporean like that one, uber and taxi man very bad,
      drive anyhow, want us bang them then get us into trouble, now we pick people
      collect money also cannot. Our pay very less, work 14 hour only for 5 days
      pay only $1300, then now weekend and festival got chance for us earn pocket
      money also cannot.

      Sir and Mdm, help me share this, I want all driver man outside give us
      chance, don't like that. To the taxi and uber man take my photo and video
      one, how much money you want you tell me, I give but you no tell LTA or MOM.
      Please please help me. I got family in Bangladesh to feed.

      A.S.S. Contributor

      - More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/bangla-lorry-tout-pleads-sporeans-not-report-him-lta
      FB: http://fb.com/allsgstuff

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    • For the IT apps company, its all a sum game

      Mathematics expert inside

      Example uber existing fare can garner 1,000,000 riders daily , average trip S$8 , in commission uber can earn S$160,000 daily (20% of S$800,000 in fares)

      For this IT company  to earn more they just need to tweek the fare lower, when fares are lower by 20 % , their ridership increase to 2,000,000 , average trip becomes S$6.40 ,  in commission uber can earn S$256,000 daily (20% of S$1,280,000 in fares)

      Pax happy

      Above is just an example 

      For taxi company its directly opposite, to increase revenue, they need to up the rental, when rental up, fares need to increase so to retain drivers

      in this way , Pax unhappy ,

      so if got choice pax will choose cheaper fares, both transportation is from point A to point B , why must they pay more ?

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    • Originally posted by hammerhammer8888:

      Yes need to cover both peak as in grabcar peak not taxi peak. Around same hour as taxi but earn more due to incentives. Bo incentives buay sai eh. LJ fare see liao want to vomit. tongue.png

      Uber fares in Singapore have the potential to go lower ...

      Look at thailand fares 

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