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    • Just came across the new expansion for Conquer Online, Jiang Hu: Chaotic Age from MMORPG, and found they introduced an option for players to customize their own skills. Does it means you can use an exclusive look of a skill and give a name you like to the skills then show it to the other players?

      If there's one game in whichwe can design and give a name to a skill for my own, that'd be super cool!

      Anyone ever played Conquer Online and tell me more details?

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    • Earlier this week, I lurked around and found an eye-catching article about NetDragon’s free-to-play new title Conquer Online 3. As a loyal gamer to the current version of Conquer Online a couple of years ago, I have some nostalgic thoughts about me and my friends having fun in the game. The main reason that kept me away from it is the uncountable and ridiculous updates, which actually ruined the essence of it.

      But in the article, NetDragon has it that the updates so amiss will be abandoned, which means Talismans & Battle Power will be removed. (Hooray!). The article also has it that the graphic will be improved upon, and most importantly compared to Diablo 3, which costs you 59.99 bucks and not yet has PvP feature implemented, this game stays free-to-play and has PvP actions! As a wizard in Diablo 3, I smelt some movements towards the RMAH update, so I would rather take a shot at this new title Conquer 3 when it’s released. What do you think?

      Oh, for the ones who show some interest in this ol’ new game, here’s the article:

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    • My favorite game, Conquer Online‘s new expansion & new class pirate were launched! I’ve been playing this game for several years still feel so excited about the new class. I have been playing for a while. And I will share you an awesome video first:


      I just read it from is homepage that Conquer Online is holding a Jolly Roger designing event and the winning prize is $3,500 USD, CASH & SHARE 50% PROFITS! Holly….That sound just like my event! Haha…You can come to my team and let us win cash. Maybe you want to read more about it, just simply open their homepage co.91.com and you will find details.

      See my great work-Jolly Roger below? How about my pirate? Isn’t it awesome? I bet the winner will be me! Haha, I need to go back to play now.

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    • Conquer Online’s fast-approaching new expansion, the Invasion of Pirates, set to be launched on Jan 11th, 2012, will get the players some cool new abilities. Take a few minutes to have a look at the latest skill video.


      The new class Pirate is equipped with rapiers and pistols. There are totally 10 skills available: 5 gun, 2 Rapier and 3 Bomb skills. I will show you two of them.

      Blade Tempest:

      Gale Bomb:

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    • I learned this news from the official website of Conquer Online that the game is going to expand in the spring of 2012 and the new class pirate is going to be released! I checked the picture, it looks very cool and I just wonder if there is anybody here in this forum playing Conquer too? I’ve quit for quite some time and this new class makes me want to come back. Gun, pistol, sword…what else? The female pirate looks so evil and sexy, a little bit…hahha I’ve also heard that there will be a new map of sea open up and new monsters crunching….ummm…so…I am gonna try it. You?

      This is a photo from CO COSer! She really got the pirate style!

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    • Source: http://news.mmosite.com/content/2011-09-27/wizardry_online_to_kick_off_open_beta_on_oct_7.shtml

      Outline of Wizardry Online's Open Beta Schedule:
      Kick-off Date: Oct. 7, 2011
      How to take part in: Log on the official website(http://www.wizardry-online.jp/) and register for membership.

      Playable Races in open beta:
      Human: for both female and male characters
      Elf: for both female and male characters
      Dwarf: for both female and male characters
      Porkul: only for male characters
      Gnome: only for female characters

      New contents & changes added in open beta:
      New playable races;
      New dungeons;
      New items & equipments;
      The price of some items has been modified;
      Some changes have been made to the monsters’ status and the dropped loots;
      Some adjustments have been also made to the character system and soul system in order to future balance the leveling and attributes.

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    • A recent contest held by Dragon's Call official(http://dc.gamedp.com) shows some interesting views about the game and sex. Many players intended to compare the game - Dragon's Call with their girlfriend and wrote a funny joke about it.

      Actually, game and sex are not two comparable topics, but it's pretty understandable for young adults to get everything related to sex during the adolescence. (Most young adults, especially male, have a sex impulse in every 30 minutes according to science research and personal experience.) A creative event theme would certainly call out their imagination and creativity in this aspect, just like this contest called "You know you've played too much Dragons Call when...” Players only need to scan the memories in their gaming life and complete this sentence to depict a real situation or a joke. So there we go, a player named Mammotherection wrote - You know you've played too much Dragons Call when...you say "One sec, Running Instances with my new apprentice" when your girlfriend is already naked in bed.

      Game or Sex?

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    • Parkour MMORPG - FreeJack

      Official Site: http://freejack.gamerkraft.com/


      FreeJack is a parkour racing game with slick cartoon-style graphics and innovative new gameplay mechanics based on the underground sport of free running.

      In FreeJack, players race head-to-head across the urban metropolis of New Jack City as one of four hip characters, bustin' stylish flips and tricks to increase their speed and gain access to hidden pathways and shortcuts. Players can personalize their character with fresh outfits and running gear and even customize their own unique in-game living space with cool furniture and accessories to show off to friends! FreeJack also supports online leaderboards, a club/clan system, in-game friends lists, and more!

      Game Modes

      Run solo in FreeJack's story mode to unlock secret hidden characters, or go up against other players in intense versus modes like speed and item.


      Overcome obstacles by chaining together special tricks and skills into combos. Build up your SP meter to get a serious burst of speed. Want more perks? Players can upgrade their character with ability cards to give them and edge on the competition!


      Customize your character with hip clothes and gear from the item shop. Players can even decorate their own room to serve as a lobby in between races! Start a club with other runners and customize your club emblem!


      In the JackSquare community area, you can mingle with other runners. Trade abilities and even play mini-games! The built in Messenger Phone makes contacting friends and rivals extremely easy!

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    • Dragon's Call is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG with stunning graphics and turn-based combat. The graphic are 2D, yet it's a magnificent medieval theme of art. The battle is text-based as default but we can switch it to animation which is flash based! What sets this game apart from other browser-based games of its kind is its rich gameplay content and visual appeal, and that it encourages players to get involved with the community in real-time. The game features hundreds of class-specialized pieces of equipment, events to promote player interaction, hundreds quests with thousands of lines of insightful NPC dialogue, hundreds of unique animated graphics, a distinct user interface with customizable elements, and several other systems to put twists into your otherwise ordinary RPG. It is highly addictive, with a vibrant community, and awesome random banter.

      DC just launched a new server. If you're looking for a more interactive game, this is a great time to come join Dragon's Call. 


      IGN: Weblegend  Hope to see you soon!

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      Data from: http://news.bbgsite.com/specials/adult/ (18+ and games info also be included). 



      Amazonika Rising

      Battle of the Valley



      Hittin' The Clubs

      Kiez King


      My Minx

      Narcotic Wars

      Playboy Manager

      Sexual Adventures

      Sin City Hustler



      Bane of Sin

      Bio Nightmare


      Blood Wars


      Carnage Blender

      City of Eternals

      Crimson Moon

      Darkness Rising

      Dawn of Kings

      Eternal Wars





      4x4 Country

      A1 Mafia

      Agents Target

      Alberta Gangsta

      Alberta Streets

      All Out Mafia

      Anarchy Island

      Armageddon Conflict

      Arts of War


      Awakened Lands


      Any addition? Post the game name.


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    • Source: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/503/200910/29/4,1.html?time=1261377782

      1.SP1 (Silent Plot1)

      Game Description:
      SP1 is a mysteries thriller MMORPG, which involves around the aftermath of WW2 (1990). Playable classes are "Blader", "Hitman" and "Blaster". The Quest Systems have Special Scenario theme in them, and there is a unique "Phone Booth Quest System". Monsters and maps involves around fantasy and zombie type of theme(Silent Hill, Resident Evil) and a few industrial and city/town settings. Overall SP1 is a great new game which players who also likes CABAL Online and such will enjoy.

      Developer: Silver Potion
      Publisher: Nexon
      Language: Korean
      Platforms: PC
      Genre: 3D Horror MMORPG
      Status: Close Beta


      Status: Closed Beta
      Publisher: Grigon Entertainment
      Developer: Grigon Entertainment

      Canhel the most anticipated MMORPG in Korea, is a Free to Play 3D Fantasy MMOPRG. Scheduled for the second closed beta test, themed Chapter 3: Battlefield Capriccio, to last one week from April 24th to April 30th. The game is currently in Korean language, when the English version of game is updated, we will pronounce it on the website.

      3.The Secret World

      Genre: 3D Horror MMORPG
      Developer: Funcom


      A new version of Korean p2p 18+ mmo A3, which is b2p and will be f2p soon.

      5.Mabinogi Heroes

      "Mabinogi Heroes" was announced on April, a teaser site for "Mabinogi Heroes" has been opened, its currently being developed by the Devcat studio. this game's genre is an action role playing game that has the improved graphics of "Mabinogi" they have the same world stories, though there are style and gameplay differences.

      Devcat studio chose Valve Corporation's Source engine and has modified many things to optimize the Performance of "Mabinogi Heroes" that is a 3rd grammatical person action game, due to this method "Mabinogi" heroes has materialized a high level of hitting sensibility, they have provided an interactive physical action environment that is considered to be impossible in an online game.

      6. Tera

      TERA stands for The Exiled Realm of Arborea and is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). TERA is developed to bring you thrills never experienced before in traditional MMOs with its action-filled gameplay and riveting visuals.

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    • MMOsite has listed a list of games that run well on Windows 7 and some not.



      Games That Worked List


      Dragon Oath



      Neo Steam

      Tales of Pirates


      Age of Wonders

      Champions Online

      Civilization IV

      Civilization III


      Crysis: Warhead

      CS: Source

      Call of Duty 4 and 5

      City of Heros

      Company of Heroes

      Dead Space

      Dawn of War + all expansions


      Dragon Oath

      Ether Saga Online

      EVE Online

      Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


      F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

      Farcry 2


      Freespace 2

      Ghost Recon 2


      GTA IV

      Gears of War

      James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace

      Lord of The Rings Online

      LUNA Online

      Mirror's Edge

      Mechwarrior: Mercenaries

      Mount and Blade

      Need for Speed Undercover

      Neverwinter Nights 2

      Prince of Persia (the new one)


      Raindbow Six Vegas 2

      Red Alert 3

      Runes of Magic

      Serious Sam 2

      Sins of a Solar Empire

      Sims 3,Maelstrom

      Starcraft & Diablo II: LOD

      The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

      Tomb Raider Underworld

      Titan Quest

      World of WarCraft


      Let us collect other games. List them below if they are not on list above.

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    • Quote from the article - My Top 5 Most Wanted Games To Film Adaptation(Link):


      5. Disciple World
      4. Fatal Frame Series
      3. Diablo World
      2. Warcraft World
      1. The Alara World


      I really agree with the author's idea, my list as follows:


      1. World of Warcraft
      2. Assassins Creed
      3. Call of Duty 4
      4. Half-life 2
      5. Guild Wars


      What about your list?

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    • Game Title: Jade Dynasty
      Genres: 3D, MMORPG, Fantasy
      Publisher: Perfect World International
      Official Site:  jd.perfectworld.com
      Area: NA

      Jade Dynasty is a 3D Asian fantasy MMORPG with a martial arts theme, based on the popular chinese love story novel in a superb game engine, concept and 3D graphics. The game has been well-received among domestic online game players since its launch in May 2007.

      Story: I didn't really pay much attention to the story, but its basically you going around to do some minor quests and eventually hitting lvl 15 to do a quest to join a clan. You have to do the quests in order for the next ones to appear otherwise you can't progress.

      Graphic: The graphics are pretty good. There are nice visual effects, much of the geography and mythical monsters in Jade Dynasty are based on Chinese legend which gives the game a unique feel.  It's a full 3D graphics game, but even some low-end computer specs can handle this game.

      Gameplay: If you've played Perfect World, you've probably played this game as well. The game is set up in the exact same way so that if you've played any of their previous games before, you can just jump right in and start killing. There are two unique features: Full 3D Pathing System and Flying Weapons maybe interest you.

      » Full 3D Pathing System
      The path finding system in the game is very nice. You can open up a transparent map, click on where you want to go, and your character will immediately start running to the location using the shortest route possible. Its very good for getting around places and you don't want to having to deal with running all the way to the other side of the map manually.

      » Flying Weapons
      In traditional Chinese martial art myths, flying a sword is the ultimate sign of a powerful warrior. Jade Dynasty: Journey to Immortality brings this fantasy alive in the game.

      Talisman Crafting is another good point in game. Talismans give you new skills and boost your stats. If you have a matching set of 2 or 3 talismans, they boost each other's stats and provide greater bonuses. You can level up some talismans by using the skills corresponding to the talisman. Its basically a way to force players to skill grind. Healers have no problem with this since they can keep casting it, but fighter classes have to spam it on mobs to level it up.

      Overall: Though it’s still on its open beta test, It has enough to keep it from being a bad game. The game creators need to improve on the design to make it as an outstanding game, but still, it is worth checking out, the final decision will come from the gamers decision.

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    • Source


      A nice-written article, though it's a ridiculous comparison between Dota and League of Legends because of the same creators.

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    • Rank some cute fanstasy MMORPGs i played for fun! Hope it's hopeful if someone wanna try this kind of MMO.

      NosTale: http://nostale.uforia.com/

      NosTale is a fantasy MMORPG with anime inspired graphics. NosTale is a simple game but has several interesting features. Players can catch various creatures and use them as pets, each of which can gain experience and equip certain items. NosTale allows players to build a home, manage property, build a family, and become a merchant.

      Trickster Online: http://trickster.ntreev.net/

      Trickster Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG with cute cartoony graphics and some in depth character growth options. Trickster has some interesting features which include drilling for items and EXP, a card battle mini game, and an instant messaging system.

      Pi Story:http://pistory.aeriagames.com/

      Pi Story is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG with cute anime inspired graphics and real time combat. Players meet up in towns but fight in instanced stages either alone or as a group. All players start as novices but can become Fighters, Mages, or Clerics upon reaching level 10.

      Endless online: http://www.endless-online.com/

      Endless online is a cute 2d anime style MMORPG, that has the distinct advantage of being free. Once playing this online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen. Endless Online has a real-time isometric third-person view with an online engine supporting hunderds of players.