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    • Originally posted by Veganisfalse:

      You must learn to be frugal with your spendings. Starbucks and Coffee Beans are already very expensive and other cafes are even more expensive.That type of prices can buy you a cheap mp3 player already.

      If you want to go for inexpensive cafe, normally public institution like community centre and polytechnic's cafe are in reasonable price. I remember there is one cafe in Republic Polytechnic in ground level which is quite good. Not sure if it still there.

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    • Food not cooked, so bride & groom ask radio station to tell guests:


      DON'T            COME



      to our wedding reception



      GONE TO WASTE: (Above) Six packets of raw chickren and mutton being thrown away.


      SUPPORT:  (Left) Guests came to give moral support even though there was no food for them. Mr Alimuddin Senin and Ms Siti Nurfitri (above) are grateful to these guests.




      IT WAS to have been their big day on Sunday, celebrating their wedding with relatives and friends.

         Instead, Ms Siti Nurfitri Hanafi, 21, and her husband, Mr Alimuddin Senin, 24, had to suffer the embarrassment that their wedding reception had been called off.

         Then they spent the next day going to a police station, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) and the Subordinate Courts to file reports. All because their wedding planner. Enchanted Wedding, had allegedly not fulfilled what was promised in the $15,000 wedding package the couple had booked.

         Among their complaints: The stage was not set up properly, there was not enough food on Saturday, and worse, the food was not even cooked for the main celebrations on Sunday.

         The couple, who had registered their marriage in August, had no choice but to call off the reception.

         And to make sure that their guests did not show up, they asked Malay radio station Warna to announce on air that the reception had been cancelled.

         Their woes began on Saturday afternoon when the families first saw the wedding decorations at a multi-purpose hall at Block 772, Woodlands Drive 60.

         Mr Alimuddin's mother, Madam Noraini Sabtu, 51 told The New Paper yesterday in a mix of English and Malay: "They promised that the dais would be nice, but when we saw it, it looked like it would collapse any time.

         "The cloth was torn and dirty. The chairs for the bride and groom were rusty and looked like they had been used many times."

         Ms Siti said the chairs for the guests had not arrived and the tablecloths were left in a heap on a table.

         "It was very embarrassing for me to let the guests see the place in such a mess," she said.

         At 5pm, when about 150 guests had arrived, the 30kg of sup tulang (mutton bone soup) that was promised was nowhere to be found.

         Mr Alimuddin, an auxiliary police officer with Singapore Airport Terminal Services, said: "We didn't see any food being cooked. From then on, we knew the ceremony wouldn't go on perfectly."

         He said they had signed up for the My Fair Wedding package last September and had paid $13,000 of the total fee of $15,200.

         The package included invitation cards, a wedding cake, dais and banquets on Saturday and Sunday.

         The couple claimed that only 50 per cent of the package was fulfilled.

         Madam Noraini said that Ms Fiza Azmi, the owner of Enchanted Wedding, had promised to prepare 30kg of sup tulang for Saturday but the cooking had not even started at 5pm.

         Ms Fiza left at 5pm and returned only at 7pm with about 10kg of sup tulang in seven packets she had bought from a stall at Beach Road, said Ms Siti.

         "We didn't want to confront her at this point because we didn't want to make a scene during the celebrations," explained Ms Siti.

         Madam Noraini said: "Imagine this, nothing was happening in the kitchen. The fire was not even lit, the ingredients were not ready and there was no gas."

         She had to cook some dishes herself at home and bring them to the wedding venue as the sup tulang was not enough to feed the guests.


      Turned up with raw food


         The cooking for Sunday's banquet was supposed to have started just after midnight. But Ms Fiza had taken off, saying said she would be back only at 1am, Madam Noraini said.

         Ms Fiza turned up at 1am with raw ingredients, such as chicken and mutton.

         Madam Noraini, who works as a production operator, said: "The cook, an elderly woman, came only at 2am. By this time, Ms Fiza was gone again. At 3a.m, when she came back, the cook suddenly fainted.

         "Fiza kept calling her 'mak =, mak' (Malay for mother) to wake her up. That was when I found out she had asked her mother to cook.

         "It seemed that the regular cook had quit."

         The elderly woman returned home after refusing to seek treatment for her fainting spell.

         Madam Noraini was upset to see her son's wedding celebrations in shambles.

         At around 4am, she and her husband decided that the reception could not go on.

         Calls were made to relatives and at 8am, Warna announced that the ceremony had been called off.

         This is not the first time complaints had been made against Enchanted Wedding. (See report above.)

         TNP reported in January about another couple's big day that was ruined when Enchanted Wedding allegedly failed to provide enough food for their guests and what was served was stale.

         Ironically, Ms Siti had worked at Enchanted Wedding for two years and chose Ms Fiza to plan her wedding because she trusted her as a friend despite the complaints.

         "She assured me that she was not going to repeat what had happened in previous weddings that received complaints," she said.

         Ms Siti and her husband were grateful to the 500 guests who turned up on Sunday to give them moral support despite knowing there was no food.

         "For now, we have decided not to have a wedding reception. This incident has really opened our eyes to be more alert in case such things were to happen again," she said.

         Attempts to contact Ms Fiza for comment yesterday were unsuccessful.


      Salvaging the situation


      1 The goom, Mr Alimuddin Senin, cleared the multi-purpose hall which was in a mess.

      2 His mother, Madam Noraini Sabtu, fried noodles as the seven packs of "sup tulang" (mutton bone soup) were not enough to feed the guests on Saturday.

      3 Mr Alimuddin bought packet drinks for the guests as beverages had not being prepared.

      4 The couple chatted and entertained their guests to make them feel comfortable and to compensate for the lack of food.

      5 On Sunday morning, an announcement was made by the couple on local radio station Warna to inform their guests that the main wedding dinner was off.


      Case received complaints against wedding planner before




      THERE have been five complaints against Enchanted Wedding to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) this year, compared to two last year.

         Case executive director, Mr Seah Seng Choon, told The New Paper in an e-mail that it is unfair practice for businesses to make claims that their services are of a particular quality or standard when they are not.

         "A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event for most consumers, and they expect the highest standard of service from the wedding planner.

         "Consumers who engage the services of the wedding planner have placed their trust in the company and count on its ability to provide the service as promised," he said.

         "In this case, the company in question did not live up to its promises, such as providing a proper lunch reception for the guests.

         "The failure to deliver is unacceptable and consumers have a right to seek redress under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act."

         Enchanted Wedding, which has been around since 2009, was set up by a couple, Mr Ejay Reyzal and Miss Fiza Azmi, who are in their 20s.

         Their Facebook page can no longer be found but their website indicates that "making a momentous moment to the bride and groom are always (their) slogan in business."

         Case reported a total number of 31 cases involving the bridal industry last year and nine so far this year.

         Madam Roslina Juri, 41, owner of Wedding & Romance, a wedding consultancy established in 2005, warned those planning to tie the knot to be wary of vendors who offer "under-one-roof" packages.

         "For packages, you must know who your subcontractors are so you will know who is working (for your wedding)," she said.


      News, The New Paper, October 1 2013, Pg 2-3

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    • Originally posted by daylight004sg:

      ya .....nowadays its getting more common ...i heard alot of failed  marriages  and divorces  from my own friends and other people too .....just now  the  vietnam woman call but my husband dont dare to answer her call...i think he knows i knew it ....because i started hinting but in a really nice talking manner .....dunno  what i should do.... dunno is its really true once men cheat once they will always cheat again and again ... i would really like to maintain the  marriage...think alot of women will say i am stupid 


      Try this method then : http://www.memecenter.com/fun/2222345/good-parenting


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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:

      For young Singaporean business people who are interested in opening up business outside Singapore, my advise is that you should live in whichever country that you have setup you business. Do not depend on your foreign partners to run the business for you. If you really determine enough to be successful and apply whatever business knowledge / experiences you have gain as a young entrepreneur in Singapore, chances are you will become a successful business person. In this matter, your paper qualification is not an important factor but rather your courage to face whatever obstacles you will be facing while doing business overseas. Don’t be afraid and willing to take risks are the main criterias as a business person and to become a successful business person.

      Talk is very cheap lah! I have just watch an TV programme from Discovery Channel name "Son of Guns" session 4 episode 4  and the gun manufacturer Will Hayden he is facing problem with his gun manufacturing project because he cannot get his part for that rifle and if the client could not get their order in time or maybe this customised rife at all, Will will not get the revenue and not issue the 'salary' to his worker.

      Although not sure this is another reality tv gimmicks, the moral of story : a million of things might go wrong and if you have workers working for you, that kind of 'leverage' will add higher risk to business owner and rest assure that if boss choose not to pay their workers regardless of what vaild business problem, chance are you will run into problem with labour's law and maybe hopely 'god' can save you or your business.

      Finally another common 'risk' that the boss will faced would be their workers WILL demanding for pay rising. I'm sure you know what happen to the local SMRT bus drivers' strike and at least Singapore is run by legal system it is considered an 'rare' case, in other countries like US, currently the fast food workers is on strike to 'fight for 15' dollar : http://fightfor15.org and mind you, they have the 'right' to do that.

      You give in to their demand, you will have low profit margin, if you didn't, your business 's operation will be ruined. Also the US government is considered taxing the rich which will make these companies looking for elsewhere for opportunity. So if you feel that the above 'risks' is considered to be an successful entrepreneurship, then maybe you should 'follow' your successful advise and faced these problem yourself instead? *:)) laughing

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    • Er... what is blue chip stocks?


      Where do you see this?

      In stock market articles and investment literature.


      What does it mean?

      These refer to time-tested stocks, which represent security and steady growth.

         The name "blue chip" is traced to the game of poker in which there are three colours of chips: blue, the highest value; red, next in rank and followed by white, the lowest value.

         Some examples of blue chip stocks here include Singtel, Singapore Press Holdings and the three local banks.


      Why is it important?

      Blue chips are usually the stalwarts of the stock market, and are usually companies which are household names. They possess a history of good earnings performance whether markets are up and down. They also have a history of cash dividend payment, with a consistent dividend payout policy.


      So you want to use the term. Just say...

      "I am quite risk averse, so I like to buy and hold my stocks for their dividends, and my portfolio consists mainly of blue chips."


      Invest, The Sunday Times, September 29, 2013, Pg 33

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    • Like the news report mentioned, I thought he used to be an property agent, why have a sudden change of heart to give up $40K a month commission?

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    • Jobs: MOM announces Fair Consideration Framework


      It will give S'poreans fair chance




      COMPANIES like scrap metal firm Kim Hock Corporation prefer to hire Singaporeans, but end up hiring more foreigners instead.

         It could be due to a poor qualification fit or different expectations of salary.

         Or it could be that certain positions are just not popular with locals, said Joyce Lim, the human resources administrative manager at Kim Hock Corporation.

         "There's a certain stigma attached to some of these jobs, like welders and mechanics," she said.

         "Even for positions like engineers, we receive twice as many applications from foreigners than Singaporeans."

         The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) yesterday announced the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF).

         This comes after feedback from Singaporeans during the MOM's Our Singapore Conversation.

         The FCF aims to allay the concerns of Singaporeans who have shared anecdotes of companies favouring foreigners over locals for various reasons.

        Explaining the context of the FCF, which will come in effect in August next year, Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said: "What we are doing is to put in place measures to nudge employers to give Singaporeans, especially our young graduates and professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs), a fair chance at both job and development opportunities."

         In a blog entry, Mr Tan acknowledged that the FCF is not a "silver bullet" to solve the problem.

         Industry experts point out that the lack of legislation may mean that companies can still get away without giving much thought to hiring locals.

         But at the end of the day, the whole idea of the FCF is "really to tell the employers not to be biased", said Mr Chan Chong Beng, the president of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.




         "The FCF is to tell employers to give (Singaporeans) the priority. And if you really cannot get it, the ministry will try to help you out," he said.

         Mr Ho Meng Kit, the chief executive officer of the Singapore Business Federation, agreed, adding that the effectiveness of the framework will be "very small".

         "The FCF is merely the Government's way of signalling to employers, to remind them to consider hiring Singaporeans instead of taking the easy way out and hiring foreigners," Mr Ho said.

         He added that the framework is part of the Government's baby steps towards a long-term plan.

         "The PMEs will grow to make up two-thirds of the workforce in less than 20 years' time.

         "The Government thus wants to use this FCF to signal to companies that you need to put in effort to create a Singaporean core in the workforce."

         A negative impact that could spin off from the FCF is that Singaporean may think that the Government is trying to protect them, Mr Ho pointed out.

         But Mr Tan emphasised that the FCF is not about "hiring Singaporeans first" or "hiring them only".

         "What the Government is doing is to help them get a fair opportunity. Singaporeans must still prove themselves able and competitive to take on the higher jobs that they aspire to," he said.


      What is FCF?


      THE Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) is a set of rules that requires employers to consider Singaporeans fairly before hiring Employment Pass (EP) holders.

         Under FCF, firms will have to put up job vacancies on a national jobs bank for at least 14 calendar days before making an application for an EP, which is for foreign professionals working in managerial, executive or specialised jobs.

         The jobs bank, which will be in place by the middle of next year, will be administered by the Workforce Development Agency.

         Companies with 25 or fewer employees, or are hiring for jobs paying $12,000 and above a month, will be exempted.

         Besides the advertising rule, firms will come under greater scrutiny by the Manpower Ministry if:

      • they have fewer Singaporeans holding professional, managerial and executives jobs compared to others in the industry, or

      • they have had repeated complaints of discriminatory hiring practices.

         Companies can also expect a longer review period for EP applications and may have work pass privileges curtailed.

      News, The New Paper, Tuesday, September 24 2013, Pg 6

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    • Originally posted by the Bear:

      some kid in China slit his teacher's throat after the teacher confiscated his mobile phone because he was playing with it during class.. the phone was returned after class but the kid hung around and when the teacher was grading papers, the kid sneaked up behind him and slit his throat



      Student slits teacher's throat


      Confiscated mobile phone said to be behind attack


      KILLED : Mr Sun Wakang, who was attacked by a student in his classroom, died at the scene.


      A TEACHER in China paid the ultimate price for trying to discipline a student.

         The teacher had his throat slit by a grade 12 (equivalent to junior college) student with a fruit knife on Sept 14 after he confiscated a mobile phone.

         Britain's Daily Mail reported that the student, named only as Lei in local news reports, had been found playing with his phone by his teacher, Mr Sun Wakang, 32, during a chemistry lesson at a middle school in Fuzhou, in China's eastern Jiangxi province.

         The following day Lei went to Mr Sun's classroom where the teacher was marking papers, and slit his throat.

         The father of a one-year-old daughter died at the scene as the student fled.

         The report said the student called the local emergency number on Sept 17 and confessed to the crime before turning himself in to police in Shanghai.

         Mr Sun had worked as a chemistry teacher at Linchuan No. 2 Middle School for five years before his brutal murder, school official Xiong Haishui said.

         He was a well-loved teacher, and had even coached a student who won the National High School Olympics Chemistry competition.

         In China, the six years of middle school are similar to secondary school and junior college here.

         The report said that through the teacher had taken the student's mobile phone, it had been returned at the end of the day.

         Lei attacked Mr Sun just four days after China's Teacher's Day which was celebrated on Sept 10.

         Officials say a fellow teacher heard Mr Sun's scream and called emergency services, but the 32-year-old was dead before an ambulance arrived.

         Linchuan No.2 Middle School is one of the best schools in Jiangxi Province and has one of the highest university acceptance ratios in the region.


      News, The New Paper, September 23 2013, Pg 15

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      Er... what is tapering?


      Where do you see this?

      Media reports, especially those relating to economics and financial markets.


      What does it mean?

      Tapering refers to the cutting back of the United States Federal Reserve's massive money-printing measures. The central bank has been pumping in US$85 billion (S$106 billion) monthly by buying bonds, and this is aimed at aiding US economic recovery.

         Tapering was widely expected to be announced earlier this week, but the Fed surprised many by saying that the US economy was still not strong enough for that to occur.


      Why is it important?

      The removal of these measures mean that the US economy is strong enough to stand on its own feet. However, it is also expected to rock financial markets in the short term.


      So you want to use the phrase. Just say...

      "The Fed's tapering of its massive bond purchases is expected to start soon, thereby causing short-term volatility in stock markets."


      invest, The Sunday Times, September 22 2013, Pg 34

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    • Property boom in Iskandar Malaysia


      74% of foreign buyers S'poreans


      SINGAPOREAN buyers make up 74 per cent of non-Malaysians who have purchased properties in Iskandar Malaysia developed by UEM Sunrise.

         Most of these Singaporeans are people who go to Johor frequently for business and those seeking a weekend home, said UEM Sunrise chief executive Wan Abdullah Wan Ibrahim, reported The Straits Times Online.

         "They have been buying both landed homes and strata developments. The landed houses are in our East Ledang development and the strata units are at our high-rise developments in Horizon Hills, Puteri Harbour and East Ledang," he said at a briefing on Thursday.

         The high numbers of investors flocking to Iskandar has pushed prices up considerably, Mr Abdullah said.

         Prices of bungalows at UEM's East Ledang development have surged 44 per cent on average in the resale market since 2011.

         Even so, prices in Iskandar are still much cheaper than in Singapore, he added.

         The price of a 1,500 sq ft three-bedroom unit at the upcoming Marina One condominium in Singapore is likely to be "in the region of 11 million ringgit", he said.


      Swimming pool villas


         "For 11 million ringgit, you can buy two swimming pool villas in East Ledang. These are villas of 5,500 sq ft, each with a swimming pool and sitting on a land of about 10,000 sq ft.

         "You can buy two and still have some change left over for a penthouse at our Teega condominium in Puteri Harbour, and still go for a tour around the world with your family."

         UEM Sunrise is partnering Mapletree Investments to manage Marina One, developed by M+S, the joint venture between Khazanah Nasional and Temasek Holdings.


      New Watch, The New Paper, Friday, September 20 2013, Pg 14

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      Auditor 'shouldn't shoulder all blame'




      AFTER 20 days of hearings, the second part of the City Harvest trial drew to a close yesterday.

         Auditor Foong Daw Ching (right), who had spent eight days on the witness stand, gave his testimony for the last time yesterday.

         During re-examination by the prosecution, he agreed that the auditor should not shoulder all the blame if senior people in an organisation conspire to commit fraud and hide the traces.

         Chief Prosecutor Mavis Chionh had read out part of a judgment of a case involving one of Mr Foong's auditing firms, TeoFoongWongLCLoong (Tfwlcl), where they were sued for being negligent in their audits of US multinational firm JSI Shipping.

         The firm had failed to spot that a former director was siphoning company funds into his pay package. The case later went up to the Court of Appeal, where Tfwlcl was made to pay JSI Shipping $273,386 in damages.

         Mr Foong said that in fraud cases where senior people conspire, it would be "very highly unlikely" that auditors could uncover the fraud no matter what tests they used.

         But earlier in the day, former church accountant Serina Wee's lawyer sought to prove that Mr Foong knew of the alleged fradulent transactions and had in fact given them advice.

         Mr Andre Maniam produced an e-mail exchange showing the City Harvest group's reluctance to deal with Baker Tilly engagement partner Sim Guan Seng, preferring to go to Mr Foong instead.

         In a missive between Wee and her fellow accused Tan Ye Peng in June 2009, Wee said it will be difficult to talk to Mr Sim about Xtron Production's accounts because they were concerned about showing overly close links between the company and City Harvest Church.

         Tan then asked Wee to meet Mr Foong for an "off the record" meeting so he could advise her on what to tell Mr Sim at a separate meeting, to ensure he would not ask too many questions.

         During earlier parts of the trial, it was revealed Mr Foong told the City Harvest leaders he was the "consultant partner", a title he created to make the church more comfortable in approaching him, instead of the assigned engagement partner, any tme they needed help.

         But when re-examined by the prosecution, Mr Foong repeated an oft-heard refrain over the past days, saying that he had given the City Harvest group "personal and professional" advice.

         Using the analogy of a doctor, Ms Chionh said a doctor wouldn't be able to diagnose a patient if he was not told all of the patient's symptoms. Mr Foong agreed.

         Earlier in the trial, during cross-examination by the defence, it emerged that the accused would seek advice from Mr Foong on Xtron bonds on a number of areas.

         Xtron was the former management company of church founder Kong Hee's wife, Sun Ho. It also has close links to the church.

         Kong and five of his deputies, including Wee and Tan, are accused of misusing more than $50 million of church money to finance Ho's singing career and trying to cover up the amount.

         As the day came to a close, Mr Foong seemed visibly relieved when he was finally released as a witness. This means that he will now be allowed to discuss the case with others, except other potential witnesses.

         Mr Foong was later seen talking to all the accused outside court, with the exception of former investment manager Chew Eng Han.

         The trial is expected to continue on its third leg in January next year, lasting till March with a small break in between. Four witnesses are set to testify, with at least three being auditors from Baker Tilly.


      News, The New Paper, Saturday, September 21 2013, Pg 10

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