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Comment Sticky: How often do you think of sex??? last SgSexForums 798 1123 408,413 26 Jun `17, 2:25AM by Gangbangthisslut view
Comment How does one strengthen his penis? last SgSexForums Mr Milo 41 14,690 23 Jun `17, 9:12PM by reddirector view
Comment Is Singapore really as expensive as we think it to be? last SG: Life in a dot narkiz 801 114,860 09 Jun `17, 1:47PM by DoublyDoubleD view
Lock Sticky: SG: Music in a dot last SG: Life in a dot Chew Bakar 2094 362,310 29 Nov `16, 12:47PM by Clivebenss view
Lock Sticky: GE2015 Results last Election Strategy FireIce 364 60,650 29 Jan `16, 12:07PM by FireIce view
Lock Govt will work for all S'poreans no matter who they voted News Discussion Lounge QX179R 21 9,720 20 Nov `15, 10:00AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock FMSS has been 'grossly profiteering' off AHPETC: MND last News Discussion Lounge QX179R 37 7,160 05 Nov `15, 11:20PM by kmzacs view
Lock Govt Promises Spend $3 billion on elderly, 30 times increase SG: Life in a dot SJS6638 11 6,080 28 Sep `15, 4:01PM by Hejiawei4 view
Lock HDB records more than S$2b deficit in FY2014/2015 News Discussion Lounge QX179R 5 1,490 19 Sep `15, 11:57PM by βέτά view
Lock GE2015: 11 Sept last Election Strategy FireIce 540 54,090 11 Sep `15, 9:33PM by minx view
Lock No one left behind in Singapore: Chan Chun Sing News Discussion Lounge QX179R 6 1,750 11 Sep `15, 3:10PM by lce view
Lock National Day Rally 2015, 23 August Speaker's Corner FireIce 10 21,190 10 Sep `15, 10:35PM by Athenaliew6 view
Lock In Deep Debt. Aunt Agony Dingdongs 6 3,940 04 Sep `15, 6:35PM by FireIce view
Lock GCT:CHECK & BALANCE IS LIE,WE PAP ARE OUR OWN CHECKS SG: Life in a dot SJS6638 9 3,360 02 Sep `15, 11:01PM by charlize view
Lock Pre-Election Propaganda last Election Strategy βέτά 38 21,920 31 Aug `15, 8:17AM by SJS6638 view
Lock ::What Songs Are You Listening To Now - Part X:: last ::Noiseology:: laurence82 2003 109,200 01 Jul `15, 12:08AM by laurence82 view
Lock Temperatures to hit 35 deg C on some days in next two weeks last Chit Chat FireIce 26 3,300 18 May `15, 2:39PM by DataAnalyticsHR view
Lock CPF Minimum Sum To Be Raised To $155,000 From 1 Jul last News Discussion Lounge FireIce 31 11,170 16 Jan `15, 4:32PM by Walterchern view
Lock Ridiculous HDB Prices last Speaker's Corner VivId CrItiQuE 2131 328,517 29 Nov `14, 7:16PM by charlize view
Lock Acid nom-nom Adventure~~~ last Club 30 ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ 203 43,257 27 Nov `14, 9:23AM by cassie view
Lock Core principle of pricing new flats - affordability: Khaw last SG: Life in a dot Clivebenss 339 23,130 17 Oct `14, 9:16PM by charlize view
Lock Paul Krugman talks rubbish and TODAY publishes it. Speaker's Corner bic_cherry 6 4,470 24 Aug `14, 2:20AM by bic_cherry view
Lock GST linked property taxation for Singapore. (Akan Datang?) Speaker's Corner bic_cherry 11 4,110 19 Apr `14, 9:46AM by charlize view
Lock CPIB probe: NUS law student allegedly had sex with Prof last News Discussion Lounge FireIce 251 25,390 26 Jun `13, 4:59PM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock Accepting more immigrants will not solve the ageing problem last Speaker's Corner kira.sg 211 17,170 18 Jun `13, 7:25PM by sgdiehard view
Lock Rain Lo! Rain Lo! 收衣服 Lo! last Chit Chat FireIce 647 60,080 31 May `13, 6:00PM by shirt_less view
Lock 51 to be charged with having commercial sex with minor last News Discussion Lounge QX179R 216 62,500 18 Apr `13, 7:08PM by QX179R view
Lock Increase in property tax for HDB 3-room flats and above last SG: Life in a dot troublemaker2005 69 5,590 20 Mar `13, 10:52PM by charlize view
Lock SMRT drivers' strike last Singapore Buses Seowlah 802 48,840 28 Feb `13, 7:45PM by iveco view
Lock Sticky: Creationism, Intelligent Design & Evolutionism last Reason for the Hope BroInChrist 193 4,770 23 Feb `13, 11:34AM by BroInChrist view