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I’m a 36 year old Asian male and I just want to share a bit from my own personal experience.

I started experiencing thinning of hair in my 20s, and needless to say I started panicking.

I did quite a bit of research and ended up giving Propecia a try. This was pretty effective, and I remained on Propecia for around 5 years. I did experience its nasty side effect though, which was reduced libido and a loss potent erection.

I promptly searched for another solution and ended up trying a ginseng based solution from a branded hair care chain in Malaysia (Yun Nam). This was pretty pricey (USD4K+ for a treatment package), but it wasn’t effective and I quit after 10 months.

I’m currently on an Ayurveda based solution, by Cosmetology. Ayurveda is basically a traditional medicine system from India which has been around for eons, and this has been really effective for me. You can see the pics below (top is before, bottom is after). While the front scalp is slowly regaining hair, the top part is where the results came pretty quickly. Needless to say, I’m extremely pleased and still on this product for the past year.

You can find out more by visiting the website here – www.cosmetology.com.my.

Website: www.cosmetology.com.my

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