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Comment I'm new here last Chit Chat Hmyc001 1101 229,460 18 Apr `18, 9:30PM by gapyearguy view
Comment Hi guys! last Chit Chat Ockz 116 25,740 16 Apr `18, 7:59PM by Hamizah view
Comment Water purifier at home last Chit Chat Draco Rin 49 15,250 01 Apr `18, 10:53AM by HOTEL WORK JOB SG PR LTVP view
Lock Why do girls wear safety shorts under their skirts/dresses? last Chit Chat Tomlee8188 67 24,360 10 Oct `17, 10:40PM by Teddy_97 view
Lock 25yo still virgin am i a loser ? last Aunt Agony panadolmax 144 59,870 02 Sep `17, 5:31PM by Bartfafa view
Lock Feeling hopeless and I can't see any way out of my situation last Aunt Agony Princessisland2001 35 21,120 18 Jul `17, 10:32PM by Ch3nyong view
Lock Advice on courting this girl last Aunt Agony Mapleguy1995 43 20,320 12 Jul `17, 5:54AM by Herkkie view
Lock What is your ideal age for retirement? last Chit Chat Shorter ninja 553 122,020 04 Jul `17, 10:52AM by damn_cheats_2017 view
Lock Neighbor getting more annoying last Aunt Agony Mugen Benoit4real 54 14,860 01 Jul `17, 6:16PM by Fabiangoh22 view
Lock I caught my husband cheating .. He don't have any remorse. last Aunt Agony Bubblyl3 52 23,150 01 Jul `17, 6:04PM by Fabiangoh22 view
Lock WHY IS FINDING A DECENT JOB IN SG SO HARD last Aunt Agony Shxmy 38 18,210 01 Jul `17, 5:27PM by Fabiangoh22 view
Lock The word"BFF" is a damn lying bitch last Aunt Agony Grace 123 59 35,150 19 Jun `17, 9:08PM by vanquishevil view
Lock Life hacks: Do they really work? last Chit Chat FireIce 31 9,210 06 Jun `17, 11:20AM by 1orange2apple view
Lock Everyone comes to me & tells me their frustrations last Aunt Agony Mr Milo 29 16,750 04 Jun `17, 12:45AM by Mugen Benoit4real view
Lock Which one is the most attractive to you? last Chit Chat orzcomsg 40 11,570 18 May `17, 12:31AM by mkjr_ view
Lock After A levels, private uni or poly? Homework Forum clairellawong 8 5,700 07 Apr `17, 7:32PM by Legolaslee99 view
Lock How to get over a loved ones's death? last Aunt Agony Hope4singapore 26 22,710 07 Apr `17, 7:11PM by Legolaslee99 view
Lock ::20一起 CrapBox:: last Chit Chat FireIce 2008 208,750 06 Apr `17, 9:42PM by FireIce view
Lock My brother's a drug addict Aunt Agony Kayenne 2 8,740 20 Mar `17, 12:04PM by Pharma view
Lock Nintendo released Super Mario Run for iPhones Chit Chat FireIce 13 4,480 13 Mar `17, 3:48PM by Savagedwings view
Lock URGENT need help: someone reported me for harrassment Aunt Agony lollipopsyay 12 12,560 09 Feb `17, 2:31PM by Kayenne view