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Comment Sticky: How often do you think of sex??? last SgSexForums 798 1116 401,633 29 May `17, 11:43AM by jessi301 view
Comment I caught my husband cheating .. He don't have any remorse. last Aunt Agony Bubblyl3 51 12,300 28 May `17, 1:46AM by Hello Kitty view
Comment Everyone comes to me & tells me their frustrations last Aunt Agony Mr Milo 26 7,450 27 May `17, 8:09PM by Redvelvett view
Comment The word"BFF" is a damn lying bitch last Aunt Agony Grace 123 58 25,050 27 May `17, 7:45PM by Redvelvett view
Comment I just wanna make new friends last Chit Chat Pharma 56 4,400 26 May `17, 8:26PM by Airdrop pte ltd view
Comment adult blogs last SgSexForums Ssme 46 30,280 23 May `17, 11:14AM by FireIce view
Comment Tongkat Ali SgSexForums gekpohboy 25 7,030 23 May `17, 7:06AM by Seanrossduty view
Comment Why do girls wear safety shorts under their skirts/dresses? last Chit Chat Tomlee8188 47 11,600 22 May `17, 11:21AM by Textman view
Comment Boyfriend can only cum in squat position? SgSexForums Hunyul 15 3,860 21 May `17, 12:20AM by Tan T T view
Comment looking for friend last SgSexForums hello0o 43 16,650 16 May `17, 5:00PM by Gemmie_kirito view
Comment Is it unusual for me wear my JC uniform before getting laid? SgSexForums JCGurl 13 3,970 10 May `17, 2:25AM by Syaifizrail view
Comment 6 Interesting Hobbies You Can Pick up After Work Chit Chat FireIce 9 2,290 17 Apr `17, 6:15PM by incognitoo view
Comment My brother's a drug addict Aunt Agony Kayenne 2 1,940 20 Mar `17, 12:04PM by Pharma view
Comment Hello, anyone got nice pics of sggirls? last sgGirls.com Oakzaa 38 31,780 19 Mar `17, 6:03PM by Pharma view