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Comment Talking Santa Claus The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 4 1,000 21 Jan `18, 12:32PM by Terrywongxue view
Comment - NEW GAME - Talking Cat Tina The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 2 540 13 Jan `18, 5:33AM by Wilsonchan112233 view
Comment Neon Hockey The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 0 240 12 Jan `18, 6:10PM by wanderer1479 view
Comment Talking Animal - Lion The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 2 1,390 24 Nov `17, 4:14PM by Iancheng100 view
Lock Looking for PS4 or Wii U Consoles Rental (Need Games also) The Gaming Paradise GhastlyWank 15 5,110 18 Oct `17, 7:06PM by Storepro3 view
Lock Create Your Robot The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 0 1,000 18 Oct `17, 6:00PM by wanderer1479 view
Lock Virtual reality arcade a reality in Singapore The Gaming Paradise FireIce 11 4,720 11 Oct `17, 4:48PM by solusifinansialku view
Lock Mental Math Calculation The Gaming Paradise wanderer1479 0 1,340 21 Sep `17, 4:39PM by wanderer1479 view
Lock Study Says Pokemon Go Makes Players Happier and Friendlier? The Gaming Paradise Tohapply 9 3,470 20 Sep `17, 8:33PM by Yokkie view
Lock Why playing video games can actually be good for you The Gaming Paradise FireIce 13 4,090 05 Sep `17, 6:29PM by wanderer1479 view
Lock Attack on Titan 3rd Season is officially confirmed to premie The Gaming Paradise HelloTM 3 1,390 05 Sep `17, 6:21PM by wanderer1479 view
Lock Translator Gator The Gaming Paradise singfail 3 2,900 15 Aug `17, 4:08PM by wanderer1479 view