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    • Hi, 

      I've been seeing a lot on MLM - both good and bad things.

      I've always been skeptical about it because it almost always sounds too good to be true. But recently, I saw an article on TODAY that mentioned the MLM World Ventures.

      A trusted mainstream media newspaper - (comments about being govt mouthpiece aside), I don't think they would promote something that is dodgy/write about something that is questionable.

      Anyway, that has definitely piqued my curiosity a bit more and I am keen to learn more about it. Any idea how I can attend a talk? 

      To be clear, I just want to attend a talk without being forced to sign-up first, and I will make my own decisions later. I've read some comments that the MLM people are very insistent and will try and force you to do so. 

      Do you know how I can attend one of these talks/seminars? Must I pay to attend it? Do I need someone to invite me to it? 

      Hope you can answer my queries. Thank you very much.