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Comment How to be happy? last Chit Chat Dancerteo 712 138,920 23 Nov `17, 2:16AM by Reansonsanim view
Comment Which brand of TV do you like? last Chit Chat allkosong 37 4,570 22 Nov `17, 3:53PM by Dineshshanz view
Comment fast money last Chit Chat Ben.adventurous 131 30,810 17 Nov `17, 12:45AM by Ernestdezoe view
Comment I'm new here last Chit Chat Hmyc001 1011 194,840 16 Nov `17, 10:05AM by SasaWong view
Comment CAROUSELL users, beware of scammer ! last SG: Life in a dot minx 49 22,250 31 Oct `17, 1:03PM by Sgseventszho view
Comment Anyone feels that SG is too crowded? last SG: Life in a dot allkosong 628 129,050 12 Oct `17, 11:06PM by Cycogod1989 view
Comment Is Singapore really as expensive as we think it to be? last SG: Life in a dot narkiz 817 148,850 05 Oct `17, 6:49PM by Sherilynchansg view
Comment Do girls feel horny watching... last Chit Chat spidey3 30 5,530 04 Oct `17, 11:53PM by Unlimitor2017 view
Lock Why do Japanese wear masks in winter? Chit Chat soron 17 5,120 12 Aug `17, 12:24PM by Kmsurveyss view