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    • Originally posted by Myneo:


      I've been seeing a lot on MLM - both good and bad things.

      I've always been skeptical about it because it almost always sounds too good to be true. But recently, I saw an article on TODAY that mentioned the MLM World Ventures.

      A trusted mainstream media newspaper - (comments about being govt mouthpiece aside), I don't think they would promote something that is dodgy/write about something that is questionable.

      Anyway, that has definitely piqued my curiosity a bit more and I am keen to learn more about it. Any idea how I can attend a talk? 

      To be clear, I just want to attend a talk without being forced to sign-up first, and I will make my own decisions later. I've read some comments that the MLM people are very insistent and will try and force you to do so. 

      Do you know how I can attend one of these talks/seminars? Must I pay to attend it? Do I need someone to invite me to it? 

      Hope you can answer my queries. Thank you very much.




      You need to be invited to the seminars. Usually, when a World Venture member invites you to the seminar, he/she wouldn't even tell you that its a WV seminar. They say that its suppose to be a surprise? They taught me this "trick" when I was a part of World Ventures.

      You don't have to pay for the seminar, but if you want to avoid those pushy sales talk, just leave right before the seminar ends. But, that depends on the person who brought you to the seminar. If its someone whom you know, then it might dampen your relationship with that person.

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