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Comment Looking for female companionship SgSexForums JonLoves 21 3,440 23 Sep `17, 4:26AM by toot2016 view
Comment People in SG interact less often with neighbours SG: Life in a dot FireIce 5 3,050 21 Sep `17, 1:02PM by Chowcb123 view
Comment I'm new here last Chit Chat Hmyc001 983 180,640 19 Sep `17, 11:47AM by BLURKID123 view
Comment How to be happy? last Chit Chat Dancerteo 695 128,320 18 Sep `17, 12:41PM by BLURKID123 view
Comment Does Singaporean Masturbate? last SgSexForums CursedDevil 68 35,250 12 Sep `17, 10:14PM by CuriousDude view
Comment fast money last Chit Chat Ben.adventurous 107 26,160 11 Sep `17, 3:12PM by Rambu Durian view
Comment One day job(atleast once per month) part time Jobfinders Damienfeath 6 270 11 Sep `17, 3:06PM by Rambu Durian view
Comment Do girls feel horny watching... last Chit Chat spidey3 29 4,110 09 Sep `17, 9:38PM by Damienfeath view
Comment What makes men horny? last sgGirls.com Jennifer.conrad.lee 56 29,470 09 Sep `17, 9:05PM by Damienfeath view