Four kinds of lovers

Dr Helen Fisher, a world renowned biological anthropologist and expert in the science of human attraction, has devised an extensive scientific study which reveals there are four personality types when it comes to love. Take the test, discover which one you are and who you'd be best suited to.

Love is a beautiful thing - but it can only really be successful and long lasting if we manage to find our perfect partners. Psychologist Dr Helen Fisher has discovered four main personality traits which each of us can fit into - and which can help us out when trying to find that special someone.

The four main types of people...

Traits: Seek novelty, risk taking, spontaneity, energy, curiosity, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, flexibility, spontaneous generosity, autonomy, liberal, untraditional, irreverent, get bored easily, adaptable, many interests.  
Words: 'Adventure' is the word most often used by Explorers as they describe themselves and what they are looking for in a mate.  The other nine of their top ten most-used words (in descending order) are: venture, spontaneity/ spontaneous, energy, new, fun, travelling, outgoing, passion and active.  

Friends: Adventurers 

Doodles: Modern, off centre, open, active.   

Foods:  Spicy Foods: Mexican, Indian, Barbecue. Exotic foods:  Indonesian, Ethiopian. Sugary foods: candy, chocolate. The body changes protein into tyrosine and then dopamine.  The sources for building blocks for dopamine include:  Apples, beets, blue-green algae, celery, chicken, cucumber, fish, leafy green vegetables, honey, cheese, sweet peppers, tofu, watermelon, almonds, avocados, bananas, dairy products, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds. Alcohol, sugar and caffeine all reduce dopamine. If I were cooking a meal for a group of Explorers I would try to make it somewhat exotic, highly flavoured, untraditional, colourful and varied. I might cook Moroccan beef stew, with couscous, Indian relishes, yogurt, and dark chocolate, figs and candied fruits for desert, with plenty of  exotic liquors.  

Exercise:  Dangerous, novel, exciting things, like mountain climbing, sky diving, car racing, scuba diving;  and action oriented things like sailing, swimming, kayaking and running. 

Dieting:  Explorers may adopt crazy diets, such as 'just carrots,' or 'just meat,' or the 'drinking man’s diet'. 

Income: Highest of the four groups 

Education: Most of the four groups 


Traits:  Cautious but not fearful, calm, social, popular, networking, conventional, traditional, guardians, managerial, loyal, persistent, literal, fact oriented, fond of rules and schedules, orderly, conscientious, community oriented.  

Words: 'Family' is the most-used word by Builders.  Following this: honesty, caring, moral/morals, respect, loyal, trust, values, loving and trustworthy.  Friends: Social crowd.  

Doodles: Repetitive, grids.  

Food: Rice, potatoes, pasta, breads, crackers, cereal and fruit, all of which produce serotonin. Builders probably also like to eat turkey and other poultry, milk, cottage cheese, eggs and nuts, especially almonds.  All loaded with tryptophan, the building block of serotonin.  Other serotonin promoting foods include: avocados, bananas, eggplant, pineapples, plums, tomatoes and walnuts. For dessert, cakes and pies and lots of milk fats.  If I were cooking a meal for Builders I would make it very conventional, such as roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, and cake. 

Exercise: Social sports, such as golf which is relaxing, meticulous and social; also weekend baseball, basketball, volleyball. 

Dieting: They may go for the whole grains diet, giving up meat and fats.  They may meticulously research different diets too.  And they may count calories.