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[Refer] BMT POP Posting Orders FAQ

  • rid3ordi3

    hey dear forumers , kindly advise thanks !


    Your Posting Order is listed below:

    1. You are posted to 2 SIG BN.

    2. Your vocation is AFV OPR - ATTC.

    3. Your are to report to 
    Kranji Camp II, Blk 920, #02-02, S(688256).

    Reporting Date/Time: 14/01/2013 at 0800 hrs
    Person to report to: S1
    Contact Number: 64272007

    You are required to report in smart no.4 uniform (PES E recruits to be in No 3 uniform), except for those assigned to Police Force.

    4. Special Instruction:

    No Camera Handphone is allowed. You are not required to bring along the SAF issued items given during BMT, except for PT Kit. Check with your unit whether you are required to stay in.


    do i need to stay in ? and what do i do now ? thanks