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Singapore Teachers Overworked

  • eagle

    By the way, if anyone thinks there's school holidays for teachers, my gf had to give remedial lessons

    And this morning, she has to go for a CCA camp over at Ubin till Sunday evening. Weekend is spent like this.

  • UltimaOnline

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    sarah on June 4, 2010 at 1:22 am

    i have been teaching for the past 15 years…
    when i first joined teaching, i do look forward to plan all my lessons and carried out the lessons with great joy. Now if you ask me, I drag my feet to work…There are tonnes of things to do; pre, during & post…Single session school means teachers are working from 7am to 5pm …planning lessons, setting papers, CCA , lesson observations, pleasing ur RO, principal,vice principal, HODs,recess duty, long hours of level reviews, departmental meetings,meet the parents sessions, book checkings…etc…etc…etc. As teachers, we are also expected to stay healhty with zeroes MCs and must refrain from taking childcare leave as all these will affect our perfomance ranking..;(
    Now with perfomance bonus, teachers are working round the clock just to fatten up their portfolios…Need I say more???



    Honey on June 4, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Teachers are definitely overworked. As a working mother, I find it really tough to balance work and family commitments. I just feel guilty about spending so much time on school work that my own children are neglected. And it’s very upsetting that despite schemes introduced like the part-time teaching scheme to help teachers with young children, schools are still not giving the much needed support. MOE doesn’t have any guidelines on what makes up a 3/4, 2/3 or 1/2 workload. As such, schools are left to decide and work out the workload that best meet the needs of the school and not the teachers. Many times, we are always told that school needs come first. Then, when are our needs met? I was told not to be calculative even though I’m on a 3/4 workload (3/4 workload = 3/4 of the salary). I ended up doing more than what was agreed on before I started on the part-time teaching scheme. My Principal even suggested that I should consider other options like doing contract or flexi-adjunct teachers programme. But to be a contract or flexi-adjunct teacher, I need to resign from the service. It really shows how much I’m valued as a teacher in the school. It is not surprising that many teachers are leaving the service. MOE should really look into the needs of working mothers like myself. It is quite sad that many experienced teachers are leaving the service not because they have lost the passion but to fulfill the needs of the family. More should be done to actively support work-life balance which is clearly lacking.



    Sangeetha on June 4, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Honey, i understand your pain. i am a single mom. My son is on a wheelchair and i need a part-time maid to look after him. i pay my maid by the hour and she also has other houses to go to so her hours are quite fixed. But my school keeps coming up with last minute meetings and duties. This was a financial and mental drain for me so i spoke with my principal about it, requesting that at least i get a one week advance notice before said duties. And you know what she said i should look into other avenues like get my neighbours to help or maybe even put my son in a hostel !



    Dekayedkat on June 4, 2010 at 2:26 am

    I say give this a rest already. It is fairly obvious that most of the comments posted were from teachers and it is more obvious that MOE is not hearing this for the first time. As a young teacher, I feel betrayed by the Ministry. All the advertisements on smiling teachers and pupils are just bollocks. As a teacher, I am underpaid, unappreciated and definitely overworked. I have allowed three years of my youth past me by, slogging my arse off, meeting deadlines and pleasing everyone else except myself.

    At the end of the day, I get a measly email thanking me for my effort (usually by the Principal and the HODs), or if I am lucky, a Performance Bonus which they dangle like a carrot in front of me, just to spur me to do more work.

    The whole system is draining the patience and most importantly passion in us teachers. One day, you will realise that all your good teachers are gone and you will only have yourself to blame.



    new girl on June 4, 2010 at 2:27 am

    i just wanna teach. if i had wanted to run a CCA, i would have trained to become a coach or a trainer or sth fancy like that. if i had wanted to do admin work i would have become a clerk or secretary. if i had wanted to plan an anniversary dinner or a concert or sth like that, i would have become an event planner. i want none of all that. i only want to teach. that is why i signed on the dotted line. that is why i wanted to be a teacher. why must MOE complicate the sweet simplicity of education by wearing teachers down with so many other responsibilities? is any good coming out of all these? can teachers, who started with so much passion, deliver and really really teach, and provide quality education when they are weighed down with so mny other duties that has NOTHING to do with teaching at yhe very first place? maybe the ministry is just happy with the data-and-information-regurgitating-students that schools churn out year after year. we want to NURTURE students. we want to give them quality education. we want them to really learn. we want them to experience. maybe our wants and the ministry’s wants are just not one and the same.

    my NIE lecturer once told me that every year, during the induction ceremony, when the education minister announces that he is proud to have xxxx numbers of teachers join the system that year, and the audience will applaud, my lecturer will be the only man shaking his head. his reason? for every xxxx number of fresh faced clueless newbies that join the system, the xxxx number of teachers are actually dashing out the back door.

    I am a newbie and I have barely started but i am definitely counting down to the end of my bond.

    and dun tell me to quit if i aint happy coz the amt of $ to pay back for breaking a bond isnt a few dollars and cents.

    i was a tutor before and i was happy back then. because i PURELY teach.

    i do not want my family life to become a wreck because of an under appreciated job. it already went a lil crazy during practicum. and that was just practicum. no cca or committee meetings, yet. it scares the hell out of me thinking how it would be like when i get the “full load”

    i do not want to miss out on watching my toddler grow and be part of his life – just cause i am too busy with “work”.

    i just want to teach. please.



    The One Who Got Away on June 4, 2010 at 2:33 am

    I was a primary school teacher for 5 years. The workload, as everyone knows, is heavy and requires long hours at the expense of family time. At the same time, the working environment is very bad in most schools. As teachers compete for head of department posts, they resort to underhanded methods to put their competitors down. Teachers who are the principal’s pets always get away with everything and get promoted repeatedly while the rest get bogged down with more and more work as instructed by these ‘pets’. MOE encourages this harsh environment because complaints are reverted to the principal and the teacher who complained will ‘get it’ from the principal. I remember being asked by the principal whether I really needed to go for my honeymoon just because a favourite ‘pet’ of hers slotted me in for an extracurricular duty at the last minute during the school holidays. I had to shorten my trip to only 4 days inclusive of the travelling time to Europe. I arrived in Singapore at 6+ am and was back in school at noon. I saw an older colleague lose her mind in the teachers’ room. She was warded in IMH and has never been the same since her discharge. We always fear our appraisals and get threatened about losing our performance bonus.In my final year of teaching, I did not get my performance bonus because amongst other things, it was claimed that I did not talk much to my colleagues. I didn’t agree with her view as I thought that I did socialise as much as I could given that most times I don’t even have time to go to the ladies in between classes and during recess time. The principal wondered out loud to me as to why I wasn’t upset like my other colleagues who had lost their bonuses. I told her that it was just money and I will not rush out of her office crying like the others. I quit as soon as I finished my bond. Till this day, when I dream that I am still teaching, I wake up in relief that I am now free from the nightmare of teaching. In order to make life better for teachers, MOE should look into the quality and character of the principals as a well balanced principal who believes in the right values will inculcate the right working environment for happy teachers.



    Ellyas on June 4, 2010 at 5:05 am

    As the son of two teachers, I rarely get to see my parents at all. Ever since my secondary school days, they have been in school from 7 to 7, 5 days a week. Overworked is a severe understatement as I have seen firsthand how much work teachers have. For example, when there are no lessons during the school holidays, they are sent for workshops, courses etc, most of which I find redundant.

    Family time is severely affected, as growing up I rarely saw my parents despite their best efforts to spend time with me and my brother. Before the 5 day work week was implemented a few years back, Saturdays were eaten up as well by the school.



    john on June 4, 2010 at 5:45 am

    it is true, teachers in singapore are overworked

    the government needs to act fast so the children do not get affected.



    limpei on June 4, 2010 at 7:40 am

    Teachers, NEVER ever sign up for half-load scheme or be flexi-adjunct. Most schools have no idea what on earth that really means. They will end up giving you 80% load or even full load at 50% pay. At least 3 of my colleagues learn it the hard way.
    If you want to spend more time with your kids, this is how you do it; do a half-assed job and get a ‘D’. A D-grader full-time teacher will earn more than a flexi-adjunct teacher or a C-grade teacher on half-load.
    If you already thinking of half-load or flexi-adjunct, why you care so much about the D-grade?
    95% of all unhappiness in the school can be traced to the teacher’s fear of the ‘D’ grade? If she not scared of D, she would have long ago told off the principal or HOD for unprofessional conduct or unreasonable demands on the job.



    Arshad on June 4, 2010 at 7:59 am

    I just do not understand why MOE isn’t giving a solid solution to this problem.My friend from NIE is about to enter teaching but even before that, she has set her plans- resign in 4yrs time.I’m not blaming her.Many of my previous teachers have done that. I’m a student from NUS pharmacy.I had always wanted to join teaching and even wanted to apply for a MOE scholarship. But that was before I went back to my JC to seek advice and it was enough to make me reject teaching. My teachers looked in bad shape even though I only graduated 1yr back.I could see that stress is damaging their lives significantly.Yes, I agree that every job has its stressful periods, but teaching seems to occupy one of the top ranks in stressful jobs. It will be good if MOE shows the public what are the plans it has in the upcoming years. I am aware that allied educators are recruited,but the public does not know how many allied educators are present in each school and whether the system is working as planned. SPEAK UP MOE!



    Ministry on June 4, 2010 at 8:10 am

    MOE has overworked teachers and has short-changed their youthful energy and spirit, riding on the mantra that this job is a calling. Over the years, they’ve remove your pension and replaced it with CONNECT PLAN. The CONNECT Plan is not meant to replace your retirement as it is heavily reduced. They removed your pension and REPACKAGED it into a heavily reduced CONNECT PLAN (reducing cost for them in the expense of your welfare) and now tells you its an incentive for you to stay longer in service. HOW DEVIOUS IS THE GOVERNTMENT INDEED!
    Then they get the teachers to be overtaxed and bonded. This again reduces cost. To suck more blood from teachers, MOE introduced the EPMS system to supposedly recognise teachers’ effort.. Rather every teacher in MOE knows this is not the case. It has been the experiences of many a teacher that the EPMS is introduced to get teachers to do more and pay them less for these additional work. When the EPMS was introduced, more and more initiatives from MOE came into schools. Now, many teachers find these initiatives laudable but they’re impractical as a teacher has only 24 hours in a day. MOE introduced EPMS to increase the productivity of the teachers at a reduced cost and knowing that many teachers would not be able to take on so much garbage, they decide that the teachers should be ranked.
    They pitted each teacher against another teacher and ranked them. And they call this activity – appraisal. Dirty politics is rife in schools now. Ask your typical VP, he should know. As no teacher wants to have an ugly grade, teachers were easily made to conform to ANY MOE initiatives without resistance.
    MAny teachers are repressed from the EPMS. And this repression in pouring out today. I know very well MOE is listening. If it doesn’t respond, rest assure foreign press will pick up on this. It is not that difficult since it was only recently that MOE screwed up by not allowing a deaf American to do her presentation. They eventually backtracked when pressure was surmounting from the american people and fellow teachers in Singapore and America.
    Take your time, MOE. Again, more heart, less propaganda and machinations.



    What I had to do to be happier me on June 4, 2010 at 9:57 am

    “We always fear our appraisals and get threatened about losing our performance bonus.In my final year of teaching, I did not get my performance bonus because amongst other things, it was claimed that I did not talk much to my colleagues. I didn’t agree with her view as I thought that I did socialise as much as I could given that most times I don’t even have time to go to the ladies in between classes and during recess time. The principal wondered out loud to me as to why I wasn’t upset like my other colleagues who had lost their bonuses. I told her that it was just money and I will not rush out of her office crying like the others…”
    I know how you feel.
    This is precisely what is the psyche of many unenlightened teachers who have been manipulated by P and HOD who saw a loophole in the EPMS system. If Singapore had guns, you’ll see many killing cases like you see from US schools.
    My advice to teachers. Take the D and earn cash outside. Don’t depend on the PB and leverage on a second income. You will be pissed initially but then you’ll be happy because the control doesn’t work on you as you are NOT IDENTIFIED with their cunning way of getting you to be a hypocritical and pretentious money luster. It takes courage to have a work-life balance in MOE schools but it’s courage that is worth investing it for a healthier you. Don’t worry about labels. You spent more time seeing the kids than your HOds or Ps. The kids are a better judge of your performance. Keep your conscience clear.
    I always made it clear to them, “I don’t suspect your intentions, and I hope you don’t suspect my intentions either. But there are things on which we disagree. Do you want me to agree on everything with you? — whether you are right or wrong? Are you absolutely certain, that you are right? If you are not so absolutely certain, then give me the freedom to decide for myself. At least I will have the pleasure of going
    wrong on my own decision, and I will not make you feel guilty and responsible.”
    But most importantly do not fall into the trap that MOE inadvertently has created, i.e. never allow the implicit pressure of the environment in your school and the politics played by some nutcracks thats making all our lives crazy, to get you to be identified with a D. This is dirty labelling. Just get on with your work. As you gain and see how a more and more balanced life does to you, you”ll start asking for D gradings. This happened to me in my school. I asked for a D grading during the annual meetings in end JUne or end December. As I was clear that I love teaching and I think MOE has gotten the fundamentals of teaching wrong. Why should I follow the crowd when I know they’re wrong? Why should I succumb to implicit and unthinking pressure? I’m an intelligent teacher. And I love to live my life intelligently.



    Money cannot buy salvation on June 4, 2010 at 10:18 am





    Just a private on June 4, 2010 at 11:08 am

    My heart is heavy to hear of teachers who miscarry or go IMH (not for the sake of early retirement) but because of real mistreatment in the system or abuse of power. And it’s not just about bonuses or work life balance but what the P, Vp or Kp have done to their fellowmen while they are holding office. What values or truth are MOE upholding? Would a Supt or P wants his wife, children to miscarry? Remember an unborn foetus is also a living being. Would a Supt or P wants his own children to be teachers in a school where there is mismanagement? Would a Supt, P, VP or Kp want to land in IMH? Anyway, they probably won’t. To end off, here’s an ancient wise saying for all the Supts, DOE, Ps and VP, KPs,
    Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money. Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Be humble leaders. Do the right things to others when you are still breathing. Your 5-figure salary can’t save you from the grave. Morbid but true. It’s alright if teachers, ex-teachers, aspiring teachers have been oppressed or taken for a ride because there’s justice and justice will prevail. We may be privates in MOE and not generals in rank but who has the last laugh in life we do not know.



    Marathon Runner on June 4, 2010 at 11:48 am

    @iras: Better off, your head lor! You just ask any teachers who are in service for more than 10 years. They are the best people to tell you whether easier or not. And to begin with, you think teachers dare to complain. The loved ones AROUND them can’t stand it anymore and spoke up! It’s people like you, who think you understand the NATURE of the job, that frustrate the hell out of teachers. You think we’re dealing with numbers? Dealing with paper? Dealing with words? Dealing with several unreasonable adults? We deal with LIVES! Hundreds of individuals a year!

    Case is very very simple. You overwork the machine, it will give you lousy products. And these lousy products cannot be detected until too late. Remember the milk powder incident in China? Those with brains go and think through lor… Some machines can continue to endure and work for many many years… but don’t assume all’s well. Remember the cause of Guatemala’s sinkhole?

    Who are the machines? Who are the products? I tell you, when I choose school for my children, I always ask a simple question – are the teachers teaching my children happy?



    SP on June 4, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    The fact that MOE is still silent on this issue of teachers being overworked is a blatant disregard to public sentiment. Teachers play pivotal role in shaping the character of our next generation. Teaching is a high calling, a noble vocation. If we want quality education in Singapore, then we have to cultivate quality teachers. Not one who work the most, but one who attend most to the needs of students. Let teachers do teaching. Anything more is diluting their professionalism.



    A Parent on June 4, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Hi Sir,

    I happened to come across lot of teacher’s feed back on their long working hours, no time for family situation. I feel really very sorry for them, I am an IT Professional i work very long hours. But still i feel sorry for the teachers bcoz they are the one bringing up the nation’s young generation. I feel they should be a very good state of mind to bring up their students. If some one mind set is in Toxic, they spread that to the students, it would never bring an atmosphere of high quality education.

    Singapore has always been achieving excel by making use of Foreign Talents / Methodologies/ Technology. I think MOE may consider the go to foreign to manage the schooling hours and teachers moral.

    As a parent I feel very sorry for my kid too. My daughter will have to wake up atleast at 5.30am to get to school. Her timing of food will be heavily impacted. Normal breakfast time for any one will be 7.30am – 9.00 am. By going to school early i am really concerned that her timing for breakfast and lunch is going to be very different from any common people.




  • sporty1

    i tot career as a teacher is exciting! most of my relatives became teacher becoz of good pay-bonuses, but why are they becoming stress-out?? teachers must enjoy what they are doing, at the end of the day they must enjoy life too!  i hate to see teachers going back home in the mrt marking papers while sitting down......you know they  bring back their work, teachers must take a  break and enjoy life!

    at the sametime, teachers must not be scrutinized by parents, teachers and parents and children must get along well, they must communicate! sometimes parents are just being selfish, they think that teachers are just someone who are from a very low class people and that they mistreated these poor teachers, i just dont understand....Teachers please take a break mannn....


  • UltimaOnline

    I don't wish to resurrect this thread (since it's now painfully obvious that Nothing Will Change).


    However, it should be made known that there have been (and there will continue to be) instances of ethical & social injustice, committed or perpetrated by government agencies; even if not directly, then indirectly, by their lack of humanity and ethical concern.


    Letter highlighting a real life case, published in Straits Times, 2005 :



    MOE's reply :

  • TTFU

    Looks like i will be in hell after i finish my ns.....

    Whats the grading system for teachers about ? How much exactly is this performance bonus ?

  • Jenri619june

    I am a student. I used to be the kind of bo chup student. Dunno why the teacher ask students to do sth. dun really care either.

    It was only when i got myself a class position when i start seeing the amount of effort teachers put in for the students. From preparing lessons to catching the lazy students to sit down and do work and weak students for consultation. Our teachers really truely care for us but sad to say i see how unappreiciative my class is. Talking bad about the teachers, complaining about the homework load...

    I feel really sad reading this thread...

  • wee_ws

    Hi Jenri619june,

      It is heartwarming to sense your concern :)

      The forum is a good outlet for teachers and the public to express freely without feeling intimidated.


    Wen Shih

  • Rock^Star
    Originally posted by UltimaOnline:

    I don't wish to resurrect this thread (since it's now painfully obvious that Nothing Will Change).


    However, it should be made known that there have been (and there will continue to be) instances of ethical & social injustice, committed or perpetrated by government agencies; even if not directly, then indirectly, by their lack of humanity and ethical concern.


    Letter highlighting a real life case, published in Straits Times, 2005 :



    MOE's reply :

    was the teacher given a 2nd chance? If she was given and failed again, then she should pay back damages.

    even airline cadets have to pay back if they fail their exams repeatedly.

  • Wish (:

    Woah so many comments- I didn't read thru all tongue.png

    I think it all boils down to the environment of the school that the teachers are working in. 

    I had played with the thought of becoming a teacher- then decided against it after a short teaching stint. 



    1. I think it is quite difficult to leave this profession. It's hard to get another job because employers apparently do not treat the years spent in the teaching profession as work experience. 

    2. Office politics. Though it's everywhere, I think it's especially stressful for it to be happening in a school. I have heard about teachers bitching about other teachers. [like, omg. I've always thought that teachers are supposed to be tolerating and stuff like that. sorry for stereotyping them]

    3. It's pretty much a thankless job. Students blame teachers for not doing a good job. A girl actually asked me why the questions I gave them for revision did not come out for the examinations. That really left me speechless. Another asked me to let her pass. And another told me to leave her alone during lessons for her to do her own stuff because she has been failing since P4 and it's too late now to do anything. Whereas for parents, they just kept pestering teachers for the whereabouts of their kids. One teacher told me that one of her student's parent always call her during weekends to ask where her child is. Another sad thing I have faced is that I had spent much effort preparing for remedial lessons for those who had failed their tests to go through the important concepts again but yet the students would just skip them on purpose. Also, during lessons, some would ask me to repeat my explanations only to talk to their friends/do other stuff while I attempt to explain again.

    4. Too much admin work and the ridiculous number of schemes put in place to revamp teaching methods. 

    Sad, no?


    I had initially treated teaching as my first option, not because I had nowhere else to go. But since my experience had not been very good, I've decided to shelve this and perhaps look at other options. 

  • eagle

    Hi Wish,

    of the 4 reasons you listed, the 3rd and 4th reasons are the very main reasons my gf is quitting next year right after her bond ends.

    And I believed you have understated the severity of reason 4 :)

  • VexTeen92

    Never read everything in this tread. But to the topic, Absulotely!!!

    I am not a teacher, but when i see some of my teacher work, i feel so indignant for them. Especially when they are a very kind teacher and have patience to teach (can teach type).

    Not only need to tolerate bullshits from rebellious students and also stupid admin works like collecting donation for charity.

    This is what happen: the school issue a small envelope by some organization for charity. And note this is a DONATION. And being student (teens), alot of them will either lose they're envolope or choose not to donate. Meaning either they lose the envelope or they hand up the envelope empty or with the envolope filled with 10 cent coins.

    THEN, this stupid school is not happy with the amount of donation. And the HODs begin to stress my poor teacher, they keep chasing us for $. my teacher was so stressed. Then some of us questioned, we can either donate or NOT right? so we don't want to donate, why keep chasing??? Then my teacher explained... blah blah blah... but still students are not satisfied and end up she became more stress. The HODs are such a pain in the neck. My teacher broke down to tears a few times in class.

    A series of stupid incidents happened too, lazy to type them all out.

    Not only need to tolerate shits from HODs, rebellious students and office politics, the teacher's personal life gets affected as well. Being in such stressful environment, need to prepare this prepare that for the students, do this do that, like a mistreated nanny.  Bad mood will affect lovelife and so on and on... then on the crucial year, my O level year, my teacher could not take it anymore. she went overseas to catch up with her lovelife. And i was so devastated, coz she taught very well. And my class kept on changing teachers, coz the was a short of teachers. Students studies was affected greatly as the teachers was not stagnant, today ms A tmr change to ms X. =.=...

    My teacher was kind enough to tell me whats going on in her life... and i stopped whining (coz she was leaving and i was so unhappy there will be a change in teaching) coz i feel so bad when i know what she has been thru. she even apologize for not able to teach anymore. So much for being a dedicated teacher... 

    She now had return to teaching again. Coz she just love to teach. I hope she gets a promotion. Hope she is well.  And MOE should definately do more to credit their teachers....


  • Wish (:

    Hi eagle!

    I think I have understated the severity of all four reasons :P

    I have only taught for a few months, but I was really grateful for this experience as I had always thought that teachers only need to be able to teach well and that's about it. This was because I had been in 'above average' schools so there weren't much disciplinary issues and the parts about office politics and admin work were not apparent to me until I tried teaching myself.  

  • qdtimes2

    hmm.. what if a teachers\ confront their HOD and principal about their flaws? will the teacher get a grade D forever?

    my school teachers seem so friendly to each other...what is the office politics in schools really about?

  • mlmersrlosers

    hawkers have to wake up at 4 am to buy and prepare ingredients, open stall at 8 am, closes stall at 11 pm. Hawkers have the most difficult jobs in the world and people still despise them.

    My fren's maid woke up at 5am sleep at 1 am. LOL

  • eagle
    Originally posted by Wish (::

    Hi eagle!

    I think I have understated the severity of all four reasons :P

    I have only taught for a few months, but I was really grateful for this experience as I had always thought that teachers only need to be able to teach well and that's about it. This was because I had been in 'above average' schools so there weren't much disciplinary issues and the parts about office politics and admin work were not apparent to me until I tried teaching myself.  

    I'm grateful that my gf shared her experience with me... Really opened my eyes on both teachers and students

  • fully understood

    School will start next week and bodyaches are more frequent, the nearer to school reopening-body starts to stress alr. Hols are over just like that...but is it a hol with so many days of going back to sch, attending meetings, workshops that boss 1 n 2 want us to, where majority do not 'catch any ball'. y all those meetings to learn about systems, management, direction, frameworks etc etc...?? spent precious 11 days at school for remedial, marking, cca, workshops, meetings that most do not understand what we are listening to, don't forget running many errands u can't do during term, doc's appointments for famliy for self. did not even get to bring kids for any short trip... so depressed that there's still so much sch work pending/arising, house not tidied, personal matters unfinished, kids who did not get to travel afterall, even if they had just begged to travel for a few days... really want so much to take a longer break...

  • fully understood

    really really want, really really really really really wish to take a longer break to breathe, yes to breathe without  feeling the stress, the heart pumping fast when so much is coming so fast. or can we JUST TEACH n mark n set test, worksheet, exams, academic packages for maths for english  for science, preparing for bosses to observe, mentors to observe, sup to observe...AND WE DON'T do any ad-hoc committee duties-national day, deep celeb, cny celeb, hari raya celeb, open house, orientation,pz giving, friendship day, racial harmony day, kindness day, trs day, children's day, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, welfare comm, subject comm, national edu comm, sel comm, holistic comm, school duties like guarding gates, grounds, design notice boards, do visual displays, attend hours of meetings listening to stuff we don't understand is it for the management coz we really don't understand...... please we have a family too. can i get home and stop. can i just work 8 to 6 please please IF not can MOE allow us to go no pay and rest for a few months without insisting that we must have medical grounds or whatever compassionate reasons. so depressed monday is arriving soon, very very very very...

  • fully understood

    ur maid rise at 5 and slps at 1. i have 3 hrs of sleep frequently during term time... given to my work, not my kids, family or myself.

    her work is cooking, tidying etc which is tough too.

    mine is tough physically like hers but also mentally, emotionally drained... bearing all the body pains, worsened with stress ... let me choose if condition allows, i will change my job...if circumstances allow

  • Hello Kitty

    r u passionate abt teachin?

    i knw of a few who went frm priv sect to teachin & they're feelin less burned out.

    there are a few others who have been happy enough to stay on since graduating.

    dun teach juz coz u nit a job.



  • Hello Kitty

    also, diff ppl handle stress differently.

    sum juz can't do it betta than the rest.


  • Rooney9

    teach your students how to think creatively better. we dun need robots