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    By NeverSayGoodBye on 25 Oct `14, 2:56PM in It's a Wonderful World
    (Indonesia) The area around Mount Lawu, an ancient volcano that has lied dormant for thousands of years, is fertile land ideal for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. Agricultural produce from Mount Lawu is sold to travelers around Grojogan Sewu waterfall or in the market in Tawan...
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    By Y_Shun on 25 Oct `14, 10:57AM in Aunt Agony
    Is it possible for a girl to have feelings for you yet not want to be with you after you confess? She says its because of the cirumstances. (Another guy (our mutual friend) confessed to her too) She says she dont want to hurt any of us thats why she dont want to choose.  But I th...
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    By Aik TC on 24 Oct `14, 8:44PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
      Searching for Meaning in Tibetan Wrathful Imagery Buddhistdoor International Tinley Fynn 2014-10-24 Tibetan Vajrayana imagery, for the most part, illustrates fantastical literary texts by reflecting metaphor and symbolism. Notions of aesthetic achievement and the sense of beaut...