29 Jul, 08:43PM in sunny Singapore!
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    By Funnyjunny on 29 Jul `14, 5:21PM in Chit Chat
    It's interesting to read some inspiring stories of Singapore written by our youths! The youths wrote some stories just in time for National Day. Are you inspired?   http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/young-writers-celebrate-singapores-upcomin...
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    By The Code on 29 Jul `14, 4:38PM in Are you good at programming?
      Kurt Guntheroth   Custom Exception Types   Yes, there are alternatives to std::exception   It is a recurring design pattern that infrequently occurring event can prevent performance of some operation, and the code that responds to this failure is in high-level l...
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    (Africa) In Kinshasa's Gambela market shoppers can find insects for every occasion -- from unctuous white weevil larvae for fancy dinners to crispy caterpillars and snacky termites that stick in your teeth. They may be an unbeatably cheap source of protein, but DR Congo's many ...