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Sure anot!! Consume GM Food = Higher chances of cancer?

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    • Hey, recently read an article on this website http://www.ghorganics.com/GM%20food%20can%20cause%20cancer.htm.

      Extracted from the website:

      EATING genetically modified (GM) food could give you cancer. That is the stark warning today from one of Scotland's leading experts in tissue diseases.

      Dr Stanley Ewen, a consultant histopathologist at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, says that a cauliflower [mosaic] virus used in GM foods could increase the risk of stomach and colon cancers.

      Holyshit, then how often do you consume GM foods? Do you think eating GM food is really dangerous?Comments please....


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    • No lah, GM food = General Manager's food ie rich people's food

      Poor people in 3rd world countries eat organic food.

      Actually, rich people in Singapore are afraid of dying now, so they now like to eat the poor people's food ie organic food only.

      When they buy vegetables, chicken and drinks, they asked "Is it organic ?"

      What an irony.

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    • Genetic modified food.

      Yes, I came across such reports.

      Mainly due to the uncertainty on how newly modified genes express themselves.

      As much as molecular science has come so far, there is still little knowledge on how genes interact and communicate to switch one another on and off. 

      I think the west is going for transgenetic crop in a big way. Starting from the UN sponsored crops in Africa. 

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    • GM rich meh, all struggling to make money inorder to enjoy what the real rich are having.

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    • true, i agree with 4sg ...i also saw another article whereby it stated nowadays scientist are focused only on the genetic modified food and the outcome itself.....not much out there are experimenting with consumer health (the side effects on human)

      that's why most of the consumer are still worried about the side effect.

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    • GM food is good.............it will trigger your domant DNA into active mode..................


      for girls.............boobs will get bigger and firmer...........

      for guys...........dicks will get thicker and longer..........and stiffer.............balls also get bigger........

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    • this question has always been a debate...I've got no comments.

      Most of the food that we consume have chemicals added during their growing process..

      If you guys really wanna be safe, stick to organic food which is rather expensive.


      Otherwise, be a vegetarian

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    • Got anything to do with politics??? Wrong thread lah...

      Anyway, in my opinion, just eat fresh foods whenever you can. Its like Vitamin C pills. Why eat them when there's an orange waiting for you in the supermarket? Why waste money when pills cost more than a fresh orange.

      Why eat genetically modified food and organic foods? Scared of becoming ill? Actually you are stepping into your own grave....Cos our bodies need to be resistant against dirty, unhygenic food and also bacteria. If everything is so clean, so healthy, anything bad that comes in your body cannot take it, you die immediately.

      Its like health supplements, the more you take them, the weaker you become. End of the day, your body needs these supplements to keep you alive.

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    • Well, there are reasons why the food industry has resisted GM-labeling in most countries. In Singapore, it isn't practiced. Obviously, there are huge money interests at stake here and CASE is not doing their job.

      While research on GM-food has not been widely publicised, they have been linked to birth defects, here and here, long-term sterility, are toxic to mammals. In fact, they have been found to have no effect on yields as most proponents like to assert. Most GM-foods have been engineered either to be resistant to certain herbicides/ pesticides, like Monsanto's Roundup-ready products, or engineered to last only 1 generation so that farmers cannot save their seeds and have to go back and buy seed from MNCs like Monsanto.

      And it's obvious that such a tactic has only the company's profits in mind, not the food security of any country or the world in mind- profit maximisation through food monopoly. More often, getting involved in GM crops cost farmers more money in terms of the herbicides/ pesticides used, water usage, expensive, patented seeds that there is huge stress caused by the financial burden.

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    • @freedomclub Yes, i think what you you said are true, most of them only think of profits that they earned.  

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    • Originally posted by l3ong91:

      @freedomclub Yes, i think what you you said are true, most of them only think of profits that they earned.  

      Right, it's a sickness that permeates throughout our entire social structure, and is the prime reason why our world is so messed up.

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    • For GM food you have to look at what the report is targeting....particularly what proteins are produce thru GM.

      There are report that certain rare protein previously not found is found in organic vegetable are found in GM food as such there are risk in allergy and side effect.....

      Long term side effect may only be certain after 10 yrs of ingestion.

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    • TS

      Wonder why your thread is in this forum! scratch head! Laughing

      Probably aunty is away on holiday Laughing

      Will not add further comment 'cause from the postings, clearly not many ppl understand the meaning of gene expression, ligation and more importantly mutative genetic defects.  

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