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Replacement for SAF "Light" Tanks

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    • Originally posted by lionnoisy:
      We have close to some 300 SM1.


      I think most of us know about this already.. Rolling Eyes

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    • See SM1 until sian. Count until sian.

      I want to see something else!

      I want to see the L2A4 lehz...they better chop chop ship them over.

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    • Hi,

      whet your appetite in the meantime. Video clip of Leo II going through it's pace.


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    • Development of Bionix MBT has been terminated.


      The procurement of Leopard MBTs has, finally, upgraded our present SAR units into true armoured units. SM-1 is not a MBT, per se.

      But are we going to phase out light battle tank from SAF orbat entirely?

      Would it make sense to upgrade some infantry brigades/division into mechanized units? ie., equipe them with, say, light battle tank and Bronco? Overall firepower and mobility will be improved for the Army. With the introduction of network-centric warfare doctrines into the tri-service, all army assets need to be able to keep up with rapidly developing battle scene. I doubt 3-tonner laden infantry units can keep up with the battle management system commands.

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    • Not sure if this was pointed out b4, but IMHO the SAF should have considered using the Russian BMP3 with a 125mm gun as a replacement light tank for the SM-1. Heck, even in it's IFV version, the 100mm cannon combined with 30mm automatic cannon would have offered much more firepower than the SM1's 75mm vintage cannon. It is also amphibious & at less than 19 tons(loaded), I think it might be possible to transport it via C130. Its internal might be pretty packed, as are most Russian armored vehicles, but then again, so is the Bionix II. If Russian reliability is an concern, STK could perhaps assemble the machines locally under license.

      If a heavier armored "light" tank is required, the German TAM should fit the bill, provided that it's upgraded with better Fire control & sights. At 30.5ton, it's just slightly heavier than the Primus SSPH.

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    • Hi all, not sure if i'm posting this coorectly.

      Pls help advise what's the intention for the numbers on yellow circles found at front of all MID vehicles. Thanks.


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    • Its the MLC...it is a unit to calculate the max weight in tons.

      Most western armies in the world have this.

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    • Wow thread necro bad but at least it’ relevant info. The number is the weight of the vehicle in tons. So the M113 is 13 and SM1 is 18. BX 23/6. It’s also used to calculate how many vehicles can fit on a low loader for transport.

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