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banned from exams

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      Ok, I haven't been attending classes lately as I had been very depressed, and the school banned me from taking exams and also sent a letter to my house. In the letter, it was stated very clearly that I am being banned from taking exams. And as I am not allowed to take exams anymore, I am being kicked out from the school as well, and my parents knew about it because they have read the letter. I saw the letter being opened so I knew that they have seen the letter.
      My mother has hinted to me about the warning letter but she didn't know that I have secretly read the letter.

      Anyway, I was talking to my mother just now and she told me to buy some new clothes before school reopens.
      Doesn't my mum know that I have already been banned from exam and has been kicked out of school? Why did she still mention, "before school reopens"?
      What's going on?

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    • *me goes into Professor X mode and tries to read your mother's mind*



      Nope, sorry can't read her mind.......

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    • banned from exams not equal to kick outta sch

      why not u scan and show us the letter?

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    • to have to force the school to kick you out, you mus have done something very seriously wrong.

      MOM always ask the school to seek for forgiven and repent, but if the school are force to kick you out........... something is wrong with you.

      you create a suitation where the school are force to kick you out, and now you are to face the own yr own action.

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    • I dunno the details, but I believe that proper Depression is an illness....so doctors should be able to diagnose?

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    • if you have been  banned from exams, you just have to retake or remodule.


      Being banned from the exams does not equate to losing your place in school.

      I suppose you don't have a very good command of English that's why you misunterpreted the letter.

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