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Accident and Breakdown Thread 2011

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    • South Bridge Rd 124 EEV KUB was hit front and back by 2 cars at China Square...pretty big collision though nobody was hurt.

      Big jam though. Luckily I was taking bus from that stop itself so I wasn't affected that much by the jam.

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    • saw this on friend's fb

      Took place between Peninsular plaza and Coleman street junction this morning


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      A 54-year-old woman is in a coma after falling onboard an SMRT bus on Sunday night.

      It is believed that Madam Ding Weibo fractured her skull after hitting her head on a seat.

      The bus driver had apparently applied the brakes suddenly.

      Madam Ding and her daughter had just boarded bus service No. 167 at about 8pm at Orchard Road, near Heeren shopping centre, when the driver jammed the brakes.

      Both made a grab for the handrails, but the force of the brake threw Madam Ding onto the floor.

      She was sent unconscious to the Singapore General Hospital.

      Her daughter, Ding Xiao Sui, told Channel NewsAsia that Madam Ding suffered internal bleeding, and had to have an operation.

      She is still in critical condition.

      The family plans to lodge a complaint against the driver.

      Her daughter said: "I was so scared and panicked, I did not know what to do. I kept calling for her, but there was no response. She was fine in the afternoon, she was shopping, and now she is in this state."

      In a statement, SMRT said: "We are sorry the incident happened and investigations are on-going. We will be in touch with the family..."


      HE WAS in the middle of a business meeting in China when he received a phone call from his daughter.

      She told her father, Mr You Bujia, a business man, that his wife, Madam Ding Weibo, 55, a housewife, was in a coma after a horrific accident on a bus on Sunday night. Her skull had been fractured and she had bleeding in her brain.

      The mother-daughter pair had boarded SMRT bus service 167 along Orchard Road and were walking towards empty seats in the bus when the driver suddenly stepped on the brakes, causing Madam Ding to be thrown forward, her head hitting the side of a chair.

      More in The New Paper on Tuesday (Dec 20).



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    • Originally posted by Merczrox:

      Haha say whatever u want to say la sore loser..Its not going to affect me.But the MK3s r way better than your stupid new buses.U cant beat that fact. :)


      I was laughing when i saw this 

      i CAN. 

      I can see why the ah kong died when he fell of the steps of an MKIII in the past...

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    • 27/12/2011

      SBS9307H (BNDEP 31) broke down along Upp Changi Rd. All destos were taken down & breakdown triangle was placed at the rear of the bus.

      Time of spotting: 1543hrs

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    • Lorry driver dies in crash at Woodlands cross-junction

      A man died after the lorry he was driving collided with a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) and a bus, just past midnight on Tuesday.

      The MPV was making a turn in the opposite direction at the cross-junction of Woodlands Avenue 10 and Woodlands Avenue 7, by Sembawang Way, when the accident occurred at 12.35am.

      The lorry driver, who was in his late 20s, sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead by paramedics five minutes later. An off-service SMRT bus was also involved in the accident but the driver was not hurt.

      The driver of the car escaped with minor injuries and is now assisting in police investigations.


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    • SBS 712E (BBDEP SP) Sv 156

      Broke down along Boundary Rd towards Clementi around 630pm.
      Affected pax boarded back bus (2660H)

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    • 31/12/2011

      SMB30Z (AMDEP/YIBP 811/854*) broke down at Thomson View Condo b/s. EDSes were off, rear engine cover opened & breakdown triangle was placed at the rear of the bus.

      Time of spotting: 1525hrs

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    • TIB545C broke down ytd on 963 at BPJ Rd ytd afternoon.

      rear engine cover open.

      eds 963 habourfront 

      passengers still in bus

      no breakdown triangles seen =)

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