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Free Kung Fu Tour – True or Not?

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    • Hey, guys
      You will never believe what news I have got from a friend. It is said that TQ digital, the leading Chinese Online game developer, has a sweet offer to all the fans of their classic F2P Kung Fu MMO, Conquer Online-A free trip to China!
      And he send me this too as a proof:

      A free trip to Chinese Song Mountain? A place where real-life Shaolin Temple exists? Somebody must be joking! (But as I know, TQ digital is a big company. I guess he does not dare enough to make such a cheat!)

      But who will be the lucky guy to win such a 7-day trip to China? Wow, I still can’t just believe it. How about you? You think it true? Are you interested in Kong Fu trip?

    • Attention, guys

      I have got more detailed information from my friend (a TQ staff). And here i would like to share this first-hand information with you which they haven't released outside yet. As he said, any CO player

      who has reached level 100 above can sign up for this event during Mar. 1st – Apr. 30th, 2011.

      To my surprise, they will pick 3 winners not only 1 as i expected! Oh, most important part is about 'free'. It seems that each winner will be awarded a free trip to China which includes visa expenses, 1 round trip airfare from the home country to China, transportation & accommodations, scenic location admission and all other service expenses during the visit in China. 

      By the way, winners can invite friends too~

      Sounds like a real free trip. Uhm, not bad for me. I have planned to China for a long time~

      How do you think about it?

    • Wow, attention guys
      Have you noticed that the scenic spots of first stop (Fuzhou City) have been revealed???
      Wow, pics and introductions are impressive~

      Oh, you can visit their official site for confirmation:



    • http://co.91.com/content/2011-03-07/20110307022819785.shtml

      Conquer Online's Free Trip to China - Beijing Stops Revealed

      Great Wall:

      Forbidden City:

      Summer Palace:

      Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

      Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)





    • CO's Free Trip to China - Last Stops Revealed!

      Shaolin Temple:

      Longmen Grottoes:

      The Yuntai Mountain Geological Park


    • With nearing the date China trip starts, the winners have been pronounced publicly by TQ Digital. 3 winners, from North America and Europe, will travel to China to experience this unprecedented trip. And this trip is slated to get underway midway through this August, it’s a 7-day luxurious trip, is it eye-candy to some extent? I think so, you can gain more knowledge of this event at :


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