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Singapore Armed Forces

NSF, NS-Men, Regulars, or Pre-enlist? Come to our forum and get to know more info or even share with us your pass experiences.
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Lock NS Clerk: Admin Support Asst (ASA). Good Life? Office Hours? Vonturn 0 4,530 21 Jul `13, 3:23PM by Vonturn view
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Lock GCC: Guards Conversion Course/ Guardsman/ Advanced Infantry Okazaki 14 12,210 20 Jul `13, 10:26PM by SBS494J view
Lock Got NDU VA, BUT Want CDO VA: Appeal @CMPB? Call 65676767? rudebeer 2 4,080 18 Jul `13, 12:13AM by Y_Shun view
Lock 2PDF @ ASU: Armoured Support Unit. Drive What? Do What? How? AFV_Driver 4 3,270 17 Jul `13, 9:43PM by temasek_green view
Lock RIP: SAF Regular Found Dead by Rope in Training Area 16 July FireIce 3 3,990 17 Jul `13, 12:57PM by FireIce view
Lock Direct Enlist: Mono-Intake & ORD also same NS Unit till ROD? Jedimaestro_alsyafiq.91 2 3,480 17 Jul `13, 11:17AM by eac view
Lock ORD: NS Reservists/ Friends/ Acquaintances Outing Gathering? Ahmad AJ 3 2,870 15 Jul `13, 1:52PM by FireIce view
Lock Founding of Singapore Armed Forces/Defence Ministry: Why NS? Ahmad AJ 3 4,050 13 Jul `13, 12:51PM by eac view
Lock What is Purpose of Defence Ministry/ Singapore Armed Forces? Ahmad AJ 2 3,520 13 Jul `13, 11:41AM by ditzy view
Lock Sign On: Aircrew Sergeant. Worth? Wise? Outside No Job? How? Violet2013 0 2,980 09 Jul `13, 4:50PM by Violet2013 view
Lock Sign On: I'm Girl. Worth? Wise? Civil Svc/ Outside No Job? Caramelgreens 6 6,010 07 Jul `13, 7:17PM by Redna view
Lock MINDEF Feedback Unit Ahmad AJ 2 4,340 07 Jul `13, 11:12AM by Dalforce 1941 view
Lock Camo Cream Allergy: How? Go Report Sick Get Excuse Camo On? Ojtocjgl 3 4,240 07 Jul `13, 12:17AM by Ojtocjgl view
Lock Old NSman: Ex-V200 AFV Driver: Retrain to Drive New Vehicle? AFV_Driver 0 3,050 06 Jul `13, 6:20AM by AFV_Driver view
Lock Rank Promotion @LCP/CPL: S1 Br Send Superior to Approve 1st? Lnte 2 3,940 02 Jul `13, 8:21PM by 105090 view
Lock SAF Military Medicine Institute (MMI) @ DSO (Kent Ridge)! Matteo3 2 39,970 01 Jul `13, 10:33PM by eac view
Lock SAF Ward @Alexander Hospital: For NS Psychological Patients? AoDxD 6 9,040 01 Jul `13, 8:56PM by Matteo3 view
Lock Summary of a Life of a Storeman (Supply Assistant) iamaboybye 2 5,530 29 Jun `13, 3:44PM by BobJones view
Lock SAF Day,1 July: Offers to NSmen. Will U Wear No.4 in Public? M-avenue 2 6,400 29 Jun `13, 12:22AM by Redna view
Lock Sign On: 'A' Level. Non-Scholar = Slow Promotion?Worth?Wise? Loner96 0 3,220 28 Jun `13, 10:00AM by Loner96 view
Lock NS Defer: Private School/ Post-Secondary Studies. How? Daren88 4 3,680 27 Jun `13, 1:10AM by eac view
Lock ORD: What's Next? Study/ Work/ Play/ Rest&Relax/ Travel?How? Ahmad AJ 4 3,930 25 Jun `13, 11:01PM by SadLifeAsUsual view
Lock Can Only Renounce Citizenship after Must Serve 2 Years NS? Nick williams 5 10,410 25 Jun `13, 11:27AM by ditzy view
Lock NSman: Reservist Rank Promotion? ICT Performance Appraisal? Lao Peh 3 3,670 24 Jun `13, 11:45AM by eac view
Lock To Get PES F: Check-In IMH/ SAF Psychiatrist @SAF Ward? How? Matteo3 6 11,080 23 Jun `13, 9:45PM by eac view
Lock SAF Basic Airborne Course for Commandos & Regulars Eegoh 0 3,610 18 Jun `13, 9:56PM by Eegoh view
Lock BMTC School Companies: Equal? Siong? Heong? Welfare? Cheong? AsdLogic 6 5,120 17 Jun `13, 11:13PM by eac view
Lock ICT: How to Medical Excuse? Show MC to Medical Officer? How? jh8 4 4,480 17 Jun `13, 11:38AM by eac view