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Lock CyberPioneer: Magazine Online QX179R 5 3,730 16 Feb `13, 3:52PM by nfshp253 view
Lock Gov seeks to make S’poreans serving NS feel more appreciated eac 3 3,640 15 Feb `13, 9:19PM by eac view
Lock MP Pushes for Proposal Extra Tax on PRs & Foreigners for NS eac 2 3,020 15 Feb `13, 9:17PM by SJS6638 view
Lock CMPB Medical Checkup: Declare Honestly/ Truthfully? How? Edwinez 7 6,690 10 Feb `13, 8:16PM by Jason1990 view
Lock Sign On: I'm Malaysian. Must Be PR? Security Clearance? How? Butler.loh 3 4,180 10 Feb `13, 3:25AM by merkava4 view
Lock CMPB: Triple Re-Confirm My Psychological Mental Well-Being? Nic Scal 8 4,660 10 Feb `13, 3:03AM by merkava4 view
Lock Reservist Call-ups Frequency: Dependable on My Own NS Unit? dotKite 5 5,410 10 Feb `13, 2:58AM by merkava4 view
Lock On MC. Can Go JB Shop/ Eat? SAF Check Checkpoint Records? abuddlah 9 10,080 10 Feb `13, 2:51AM by merkava4 view
Lock Sign On RSAF: Pilot/WSO. Wise @ 2nd Career Commercial Pilot? Kirin Frost 3 4,830 10 Feb `13, 2:48AM by merkava4 view
Lock NS Enlist: PES C9 BMT. Do What? Vocations? How? nichodemus 3 4,500 09 Feb `13, 11:27AM by eac view
Lock BMT: BMTC Tekong Resort 15 Feb 2013 NS Enlist Afiq sachok 5 6,770 09 Feb `13, 1:35AM by [J]ASON [L]EE view
Lock NS Defer: A Level. Call NS Hotline @ 1800-3676767? How? WJHY13 2 2,830 08 Feb `13, 10:22PM by eac view
Lock NS Defer for Further Studies: A Level/Poly Diploma/ITE? Can? Drageionel 543 10 17,040 07 Feb `13, 12:52PM by eac view
Lock Sing-Along: The BMT Song Justatinyreddot 0 2,820 02 Feb `13, 3:58PM by Justatinyreddot view
Lock ORD: PES C2L9 Do What in ICT Reservist? Revocation? How? Angel_Life01 4 7,580 01 Feb `13, 11:14AM by eac view
Lock ORD: If Fail IPPT,Must Take RT/IPT to Pass IPPT Till Age 40? boi_cant tahan 14 30,530 31 Jan `13, 2:19AM by eac view
Lock Sign On RSAF: Poly Diploma Bond Sponsorship. Wise? Worth? potatojay 2 3,770 26 Jan `13, 9:28PM by eac view
Lock Sign On RSAF: If Fail Chamber Test, How? Re-Test? Sign On? Jbwkz 0 2,910 26 Jan `13, 4:25PM by Jbwkz view
Lock Fail IPPT: Enhanced IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT) Program M the name 2 8,320 25 Jan `13, 7:39AM by a mugger view
Lock ORD: Reservist on Holding List. Wait for Posting to NS Unit? Jeff1385 7 6,160 24 Jan `13, 7:59PM by dusbal view
Lock NS Enlist Day: Overslept,So No Go. Military Police Catch Me? swedish cheese 11 10,410 15 Jan `13, 1:29PM by Bamboo Ocean Army21 view
Lock NS Adjustment Disorder: Seek Help/ Counsel from Psychiatrist Womad 6 7,090 14 Jan `13, 1:48PM by Womad view
Lock NS: I'm Selectively Posted to SCDF to be Officer Cadet. How? Zheng 248 2 7,330 13 Jan `13, 12:30AM by eac view
Lock BMT: Post to Guards Mono-Intake,I Don't Like. Can Go Tekong? NIHAO9 2 4,190 11 Jan `13, 12:52PM by NIHAO9 view
Lock NS: Are PRs Eligible for Officers/ Sergeants? Any Vocations? I.imba 5 5,670 10 Jan `13, 3:55AM by intelligenceman view
Lock Sign On: 'N' Level. Can Be Sergeant?Can Go Guards Unit? How? Ahoksteady 5 5,170 10 Jan `13, 3:55AM by troublemaker2005 view