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Worr about cannot find job

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    • Next week will be my last week in current company. Haven’t found a job yet, no opening. I need to serve 2 months notice so I tender without a job to increase my chance of getting a new job. But almost last day of tender still cannot find job.

      What is the longest period you had without a job when you change job ?

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    • You still need a job?

      I have a position for you to consider.

      PM me for more details.

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    • You can try here, as this is the biggest opportunity for you. Work as Tuition Coordinator. Don't hesitate just PM me.

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    • Agreed, always secure before tendering! I risked it once and it didn't feel good, was living in worry every day :/


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    • You can always find a job in singapore, it is only a matter of how much are you willing to be paid for the job ? As most jobs in singapore are not highly paid.

    • mid to low paid jobs have lots of competition from locals and too many foreign immigrants, thus will affect the pay significantly

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    • Hi Earthcosmic2


      I hope this message finds you well. I'm Kris Sia and I work for Appen as a Staffing Specialist. 


      "Appen was named in Forbes as one of the Top 100 Companies Offering Flexible Jobs in 2014" 


      Appen is looking for candidates who can do Crowdsourcing tasks online with flexible schedule. We are offering a part time freelance opportunity for a very wide range of projects. 


      I'm just taking this opportunity to inform you about the project that we are working on, hoping that you, or someone you know will be interested. 


      The only requirements are: 

      1. Fluent in English

      2. Currently residing in Singapore. 

      3. Has a computer with Windows vista or higher 


      Tasks included are: 

      1. data annotation 

      2. multimedia 

      3. sentiment analysis 

      4. search engine result evaluation 


      Crowdsourcing runs on the belief that more heads are better than one. Instead of obtaining ideas or opinions from a small number of employees, our crowd utilizes the internet to help researchers collect data that is used in projects ranging from audio transcription to user experience and content evaluation. This mix of so many different people also means that the results are of exceptional quality and help our clients’ products become even better. 


      How will you be paid for this task? 

      · Tasks are assigned a rate per HIT. Typically ranging from $0.01-$0.15 per HIT submitted. These tasks can quickly add up. With the right amount of dedication our top earners are able to make over $25/hour. Payment is sent after a $50 USD minimum is met. Payments are made monthly. 


      · Work is done at your own pace, with no requirement of a minimum number of hours or tasks completed. Incentives are provided for some tasks. For example, you may earn a bonus by submitting a certain number of HITs on one task or delivering very high quality work. 


      For more information about APPEN, please visit our website,



      If you're interested, please click on the appropriate link below to view the Project Details.




      You can also share this opportunity to your friends, relatives and contacts.


      Hope to hear from you soon. 


      Thank you 


      NOTE: This is just an extra task for your extra time if you want to be more productive. 


      Best Regards, 


      Kris Michelle A. Sia 

      Staffing Specialist 


      16840 Bothell Way NE, 

      Lake Forest Park, WA 98155 

      [email protected] 



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    • Guys if you are looking for a job that is fun, interesting and they reward their stuff with pay for traveling trip. Do give me a msg at 81572298 (Terrence) 

      With your name, Age, and work experience. Singaporean / PR only.
      Ps: There is only 3 opening.

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    • Finding a job is todays maket will be more difficult with the growing age. That is why it is very important to plan for secondary income when a person is young. Have you thought about selling something on online? Looking around, many people have started. Me and my group of friends too have been selling items on the internet for 1-2 years. Not that it makes us rich but it does double as another income. It did not take me as much time as i thought it would.. actually come to think of it, it was relatively easier compared to my job having to OT late nights and face pressure from customer. I started with zero income to $200+ then in one year to $2000+ per month. Now i am around $6000+ per month profit. That is why it is not rich wealth for me but with my current job I am having a very comfortable life. My wife is the same... so our total income per month is around $25K.

      If you know how to start then start today, if you do not know how to start can pm me. I can share how i got started but end of the day talking dreaming is useless. For me i found it very true - shut up and just do it.

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    • Hi, I am finding malaysian Linguist for 6 months contract


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    • My client has some openings:

      Sales executive. - basic 3k-5k. depending on experience (at least 2 years of sales experiences) with commission and incentive.
      Minimum diploma holder and above 21 yo.

      Wealth manager

      Freelance boardgame promoter

      Event co-ordinator.

      All the above must have at least diploma and above 21yo. anyone need a job may feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected]

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    • i dun think it's very difficult to find a job in Singapore. Find a job that you like lo

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    • Part-Time cleaners are wanted for basic house cleaning assignments. We have a pool of customers island-wide and you can choose to work near your home!

      Earn up to $14/hour on weekdays and $17/hour on weekends [B](NO Agent Fees).[/B]

      Singaporeans and PRs above 18 are welcome to apply. [B]Applicants with prior experience will be given priority.[/B]

      Call or SMS 85356678 (Mr. Vin) to apply now :)

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    • URGENTLY  LOOKING FOR : Warehouse Assistant / Supervisor - Up to $1,600 - East, Bedok (VW2305)

      Position : Warehouse Assistant / Supervisor

      Location : East, Bedok

      Working hours : 5.5 Days/ Office Hours 

      Salary : Up to SGD$1,600

      Duration: Perm



      Main Responsibilities:


      •         Responsible for overall stock control system

      •         Liaise with transporters & customer on logistics





      •         PC literate, good communication verbal & writing skills

      •         Candidates with no experience are welcomed as training will be provided

      •         Bilingual in English and Mandarin to liaise with Mandarin speaking associates

      •         Physical work required




      If you possess the above qualities, take the next step today to launch your new career!

      How to apply:


      Send in your comprehensive resume with your qualifications, work experiences, current & expected salaries, earliest starting date and contact details to in MS WORD FORMAT to [email protected] or feel free to call Vickii at 6679 5898 for more information.


      Likes us on FB for career tips and more job opportunities: https://www.facebook.com/search.personnel


      *We don't charge our candidate any referral fee.


      Licence no. 13C6684

      EA Personnel ID: R1435761

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    • 8 months. It really depends on the industry and the expectations. If the demand for the job is high, employers sometimes may overlook relevant experience. (usually only small companies do this)

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    • there are so many agencies and forums to hunt for jobs, i am sure you will find it eventually. keep looking!!

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    • why not try to be an entreprenuer? Actually if you have a flair of what items to sell then you need about $600 seed fund and the steps. The steps you can get for several forums but if you want to save time then you can get from onlinebusinessworkz.blogspot.com.

      i am now selling ladies wears... with the correct guide it is quite easy. This is why so many young people are selling online... make money is not that difficult.

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    • Hey Earthcosmic2,

      It's Natalie here, I'm the founder of dilivr.it an on-demand courier/concierge service. In the meanwhile you could consider joining our freelance courier/concierge team. You can either be on foot, on bike or even on car to commute for the job.

      The job* will be both islandwide and within same area, and here's the rough idea of the payout (depending on the urgency and distance of the job):

      9am-1pm : SGD 14-43 

      1-5pm : SGD 11-34

      5-9pm : SGD 14-43

      9pm-1am : SGD 20-60

      1-9am : SGD 22-68

      *This is for both weekend and weekdays.

      If you are interested, please email us at [email protected] and tell us where you hear about this opportunity, or sign up at www.dilivr.it.



      Don't just sit, go dilivr.it ;)

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