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Xie Shao Guang & Qi Yu Wu are a couple???

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    • Came across a forum with a topic talking about their wedding in overseas.

      Here are some of the quotes from the thread

      ...but i've got a fren who happens to be Xie's fren and even attented the wedding at Malaysia some time ago. I doubt the local media reported on it. I was rather shocked when i heard the news initially. But still, wish them all the best.

      ...But well, i'm from the Media industry and this news have been spreading ard too..

      But died down after so long.. It was quite sometimes ago..

      i've got a fren who knows about this too just that he dunno who's xi shao guang's partner.. it's was said he went to msia to open a farm or wad but actuali he went dere to married..

      my buddy was hit on by 715 before. it was shocking to know he is into men.

      nevertheless, all the best to the newly wed.

      715 is gay. i have friends in media and confirmed this.

      They hv been a couple for the longest period of time.

      Yes,they got 'married' in Malaysia and not those ROM kind of thing la...obviously...
      jus a ceremony wher they declared themselves manNmanly

      All the best..they make quite a handsome couple..but 715 has broke my heart

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