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to bao-toh or not?

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    • tmd...my colleague left early again (more than half an hour)

      he join the company for less than 2 months already chut pattern

      currently me and him outstation at client premises one.

      bloody piece of shyte!

      got once he need to go to another location, but couldnt enter because a lack of security clearance. Then hor he sit at the common area and idle one whole day instead of returning to office.

      how? Mad

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    • Originally posted by Darkness_hacker99:
      DO you company have whistle-blowing channel?

      not that i know of...

      at most is to hint hint my boss ?

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    • Yap, tell yr boss but tell it in a way not offending him. Cover backside. Laughing

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    • i'm also onsite at customer's place. but the customer watches us like we are prisoners. Mad

      don't even think of going off early. even go anywhere they also want to know, come a bit late also make noise. no freedom at all. Mad

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    • aiyo.... best lor... eat snake with him lah....
      as long as can get the job done ... can liao

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    • Confront him & do some straight talking coz one fine day. his non-performance will affect yours as well, particularly so when you two work as a team......... Wink

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