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    • Originally posted by Chunghong2004:

      I loved comedy movies but recently can't find any.

      People recommended me "the 40-year old virgin", "Epic movie", "Scary movie"... doesn't seems to be able to make me laugh loud, scary movie is not very funny and make not sense for the story line.

      Something like "badboys" and "Rush hour" or perhaps stephen chow style will be good.

      Does anyone recommend any movie that is really funny?

      u seem to like comedy with action thrown in.

      have u watched tropic thunder?

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    • The last show to really make me keep laughing was the first Shrek movie.

      Slapstick comedies like the Scary Movie series or 40yr old virgin didn't match up for me.

      Sometimes, comedy is personnel preference.

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    • Hi first time post here,

      For mi is Rush Hour 1,2,3 All veri funny coz of Lee and Carter (Rush Hour 1,Cater ask him know how to speak English?) and some S*xual Reference

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    • Office Space

      Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

      Wedding Crashers

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    • Southpark.... watch season 1-11

      all funny..

      one season inside got about 15ep.

      surely make you laugh like hell

      got one pac laugh until 8 pacs i tell yo

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    • yea man 'whos line is it anyway' is the BOMB!! for movies, id go with american pie naked mile, band camp and beta house. beta is the best though. harold and kumar cmes next, both parts

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    • Wow...and I thought Singaporeans are only into slapsticks and stuff, guess I need to stop mixing around with 14 year olds :D


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